12 Top Junior Colleges In Texas With Baseball

Get ready to explore an exciting world of junior colleges in Texas that provides lots of opportunities for growing players to sharpen their skills and at the same time look out for their academic goals.

Texas is not only known for its beautiful sceneries and culture but it’s also known for its booming Junior college baseball activities.

Additionally, Texas is perhaps one of the top states in the United States when it comes to junior college baseball.

Every year, all teams, regardless of category, participate at the national level.

Read on to find out the Junior Colleges In Texas With Baseball.

Junior Colleges In Texas With Baseball 

The following are junior colleges (JUCO)  in Texas with baseball. In this section, we shall give detailed information about each college.

  • San Jacinto College 
  • Grayson College 
  • Howard College 
  • McLennan Community College 
  • Ranger Junior College 
  • Galveston College 
  • Hillsborough Community College 
  • Navarro College 
  • North Central Texas College 
  • Northeast Texas Community College 
  • Paris Junior College 
  • Panola College

1. San Jacinto College

The San Jacinto Gators have a reputation as one of the top junior college programs in the nation. With 5 National Championships and 27 JUCO World Series appearances, San Jacinto College Baseball is one of the most illustrious and successful baseball programs in the nation. 

Playing in Region XIV, San Jacinto College has a history of developing outstanding collegiate baseball players who go on to play at four-year universities as well as those who continue their careers at the professional level.

18 baseball players from San Jacinto College have been chosen in the past five years’ MLB First-Year Player Draft.

The San Jac Baseball team is dedicated to giving back to the community in addition to its on-field accomplishments. 

The squad takes part in a variety of activities both on and off the field every year. Baseball student-athletes at San Jacinto College are conscious of the impact they have on their community, which is why they participate in community service projects like visiting sick children in hospitals and the annual Play Pink game to raise breast cancer awareness.

When it comes to finding players for the big leagues and elite colleges, San Jacinto is regarded as the diamond of the south.

Visit Website: Baseball | San Jacinto College

Phone number: 281-998-6150

2. Grayson College 

This College is a school located in Denison, Texas, and has been the winner of the Juco Baseball World Series three times in the past which was in 1999, 2000, and 2008. So their baseball team was really top-notch to be champions in those three years.

The team has been one of the best JUCO college baseball teams in Texas and it is also known as Vikings.

They are considered one of the top baseball teams as they rank high in the best programs in junior college baseball.

They play their home games at Dub Hayes Field, a nice baseball field on the Grayson College campus, where they practice and compete.

For many athletes hoping to continue their baseball careers at four-year schools and institutions, Grayson acts as a starting point.  The program has a history of sending athletes to professional baseball clubs and Division I universities.

Additionally, baseball athletic scholarships are available from Grayson College. For student-athletes, there are need-based and academic scholarships available. For the NCAA Division I, NCAA Division II, NAIA, and NJCAA, athletic scholarships are offered and 34% of all student-athletes receive athletic scholarships, on average.

Learn more about the school, the academic programs it offers, and key coaches if you want to be recruited by Grayson College Baseball. 

The first stage in the application procedure is to become acquainted with the baseball program.

Visit Website: Grayson College

Phone Number: 903.465.6030

3. Howard College 

One of the Texas colleges for baseball is Howard College, which is situated in Big Spring. The Hawks have taken home two NJCAA baseball titles.

The baseball team at Howard College, which was formerly known as Howard County Junior College until changing its name to Howard College in 1974, won the Junior College World Series for the first time in its history in 2009.

The team’s excellent 2009 season record of 63 wins and just one loss cemented their superiority. 

Howard University’s baseball department has gained a reputation for quality and developed gifted individuals who have achieved success at the highest levels.

Visit Website: Howard College 

Phone number: 79720 (432) 264-5100

4. Panola College

The Panola College baseball team participates in the Junior National Division I World Series. The facility is situated in Carthage, Texas.

When they won the NJCAA Division I College World Series championship in 1969, it was one of their most notable victories.

At the Panola Baseball Fields, which are located on Ball Park Road, the squad represents their college with pride.

Panola College has since its founding created a number of notable players who have competed in Major League Baseball (MLB).

Visit Website:  Panola College

Phone Number: 903.693.2000

5.Northeast Texas Community College 

In 1996, the baseball team from Northeast Texas Community College, better known as the Eagles, won the NJCAA Division 1 National Championship.

Since it was founded, the public community academy in Mount Pleasant, Texas, has had a deep love for baseball.

The Eagles play their home games in front of their ardent supporters at Eagle Field, a playing field with 1200 seats that acts as the team’s stage.

When Greg Henry’s team from Northeast Texas won the World Series in 1996, it was the state’s greatest accomplishment in the history of college baseball. Robert Vaz, among other players, had a spectacular season that led the Eagles to victory.

Furthermore, baseball players from Northeast Texas Community College compete in the Region XIV Athletic Conference, which is held in Mount Pleasant, Texas.

Additionally, baseball athletic scholarships are available at Northeast Texas Community College. Student-athletes can apply for need-based and academic scholarships.

For the NAIA, NJCAA, NCAA Division I, and NCAA Division II, athletic scholarships are offered. Athlete scholarships are awarded to 34% of all student-athletes on average.

Visit Website: Northeast Texas Community College

6. Paris Junior College 

The baseball team of Paris Junior College participates in the Region XIV Athletic Conference conference and is based in Paris, Texas.

There are baseball athletic scholarships available at Paris Junior College. For student-athletes, there are need-based and academic scholarships available. For the NCAA Division I, NCAA Division II, NAIA, and NJCAA, athletic scholarships are offered. 34% of all student-athletes receive athletic scholarships, on average.

Learn more about the school, the academic programs it offers, and key coaches if you’re planning on being recruited by Paris Junior College Baseball.

These are the people you need to get in touch with. The first stage in the selection procedure is to become familiar with the baseball program.

Visit Website: Paris Junior College

7. Navarro College

The 2011 JUCO Division I College World Series champion is Navarro College. The institution was established in 1946 by a group of locals in Corsicana, Texas.

Since its founding, Navarro has grown to become one of the best universities in the province in terms of academics and athletics.

When the Navarro Bulldogs baseball team won the 2011 NJCAA Junior College World Series and defeated Central Arizona College in a titanic game, they wrote a tale of valor and success. 

Additionally, Navarro College has turned out a number of famous baseball players who have made an impact in Major League Baseball.

For student-athletes, there are need-based and academic scholarships available. There are athletic scholarships for NCAA Division I, NCAA Division II, NAIA, and NJCAA.

Visit Website: Navarro College

8. Hillsborough Community College 

Division I of the 1988 NJCAA JUCO Baseball Tournament was won by Hillsborough Community College. The university may be found in Hillsboro, Texas.

Hills College won its first junior World Series title in 1988 thanks to players like Chris Hanks and Southern Idaho. 

Many great baseball players who graduated from the program went on to play professionally. Pitchers and position players were among the HCC athletes who were chosen in the Major League Baseball (MLB) Draft.

David Richardson, James Mallard, Bruce Pugh Jr., Bryan Lavastida, Chase Ingram, and numerous other notable alumni have made it to Major League Baseball.

A year after Mallard joined the Los Angeles Angels, Richardson signed with the Baltimore Orioles in 2010.

Visit Website: Hill College

9.Ranger Junior College 

Twice, in 1973 and 1978, Ranger Junior College won the NJCAA Division I College World Series.

The college, based in Texas, has a long history in baseball, with major accomplishments and gifted players leaving their imprint in the game.

In 1978, five years after winning their first junior national baseball championship, Ranger Junior College won a second championship thanks in large part to important player Jim Mick.

Ellis Burks Field is the team’s proud home, and it has special meaning for Ranger College. Ellis Burks, a successful Major League Baseball player who attended and received his degree from the college, is recognized by the field. 

A number of noteworthy players who made their impact in the Major Leagues came from Ranger Junior College. Jim Morris is one such player who later joined the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.

Visit Website: Ranger College

Phone Number: 254-647-3234

10. McLennan Community College 

JUCO baseball Division I champion McLennan Community College has won the title twice; the most recent victory was in 2021. 

Texas’ McLennan Highlanders are a force to be reckoned with in junior college baseball. In the world of baseball at the age level, the campus program has long been a dominant force. 

McLennan is a prestigious name in baseball and was founded in 1965. The college has a distinguished track record on the diamond and is situated in McLennan County, Texas.

The college’s baseball team won the JUCO World Series Division I championship in 1983 and 2021, establishing their status as a top team.

Aside from that, McLennan Community College has a strong history of developing talented players who have gone on to achieve glory in major league sports.

Visit Website: McLennan Community College

11. Galveston College 

In 1994, Galveston College won the JUCO Division I Championship. Jose Rosado played a significant role in the team’s championship run.

The Whitecaps baseball team is a representative of the community college, which is situated in Galveston, Texas. In regional and district contests, they have had success.

Galveston College gives students the chance to take part in intercollegiate athletic programs.  Men’s Baseball and Women’s Softball are the Whitecaps’ current Division I sports in the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA). They also compete in accordance with the rules and guidelines of the NJCAA and Region XIV Sports Conference because their sports program is a member of both organizations.

They are also permitted to provide students with fully financed scholarships because we are a Division I college. 

Additionally, their institution provides a university-parallel academic program that is intended to prepare students for transfer to universities. After finishing two years of candidacy and having graduated from Galveston College, their student/athlete transfer rate to universities or 4-year colleges is 100% (this however, does not include athletes who accepted professional options).

Visit Website: Galveston College 

Phone Number:  4099444242

12. North Central Texas College 

In 2001, North Central Texas College won the JUCO World Series Division I title. It was held at Sam Suplizio Field in Grand Junction, Colorado, from May 26 to June 1.

North Central Texas College and Dixie State College of Utah advanced to the final after a string of close matches.

In the end, North Central Texas College defeated Dixie State College of Utah, 7-6, after a hard-fought contest.

Gainesville, Texas-based North Central Texas College’s baseball team competes in the NJCAA Region 5 conference.

Baseball scholarships are provided by North Central Texas College. Student-athletes can apply for both academic and need-based scholarships. 

NCAA Division I, NCAA Division II, NAIA, and NJCAA all offer athletic scholarships. Scholarships for athletics are awarded to 34% of all student-athletes on average.

Learn more about the university, the academic programs it offers, and key coaches if you’re interested in being recruited by North Central Texas College Baseball. These are the people you need to get in touch with. Learning about the baseball program is a crucial first step in the recruitment process.

Visit Website: North Central Texas College

Phone Number: +19406687731


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After soccer in terms of popularity, baseball is the most popular sport in Texas. 

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Texas now has two teams in the major leagues. The Rangers and Astros, however, mostly followed parallel rather than converging trajectories over the first two decades of their shared existence.


As seen in this article, indeed Texas has lots of competitive Junior college baseball programs that are interested in sharpening skilled players while also pursuing their academic dreams. 

Texas’ vibrant baseball tradition can be seen through schools like Grayson College, Ranger Junior College, North Central Texas College and so much more. 

So if you’re an aspiring player seeking promising opportunities in baseball and even academically, you should check out these junior college schools in Texas.

Hope you found this article helpful. Check out the Top Junior Colleges in Texas with Football.

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