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17 Top Dance Schools in Manchester-Best Guide

If you have decided to attend the dance schools in Manchester, then we have the perfect list to consider. Dancing is a performing art form. It transmits culture and emotions, tells stories, and can be a testimony of a historical moment or a place of origin.

Dance allows people to be more active and social, as well as develop creative and physical skills.

Some of the benefits of dancing are:

  • It improves the condition of the heart and lungs.
  • It increases aerobic fitness.
  • It helps in weight management.
  • Better coordination, agility, and flexibility.
  • Stronger bones and reduced risk of osteoporosis.

Dancing is so much appreciated in Manchester. They have an annual festival by children, called Molly dancing. To promote the culture of dancing, many dance schools have been established in Manchester.

The List of the Dance Schools in Manchester

  • Zero Gravity Pole Studio
  • Tiva Pole Dance Studio
  • Jagers Dance& Events
  • Northern Ballet School
  • GFFdamian Dance Studio
  • TDS Studio
  • Studio 25
  • Flixton Academy of Performing Arts
  • KNT Danceworks
  • Davidson School of Dancing
  • Shey Dance Studio
  • Rachel Almond Dance Academy
  • Sunshine Studio
  • Debut Academy of Performing Arts
  • Miss Joanne Darnell School of Dancing
  • South Manchester Dance School
  • Cloud Aerial Arts

Zero Gravity Pole Studio

Zero Gravity Pole Studio was founded by Nicola Thomas.

Reviews from the academy students show that the Studio is a reliable one.

Many talented dancers have graduated from this academy with more dance skills and efficiency.

Zero Gravity Pole Studio is a pole dance studio with trainers who teach classes step by step.

The studio is equipped with poles, mirrors, exercise equipment, and anything one needs to dance.

They offer classes in pole skill, essential, pole skill intermediate, pole flow, flexibility, strength&conditioning, mobility, aerial hoop, area hammock, open practice, and workshops.

No matter your fitness level, Zero Gravity Pole Studio brings the feeling of being confident, strong, and beautiful to you.

It is regarded as one of the best dance studios in Manchester.

At Zero Gravity Pole Studio, they teach correct pole techniques, they also have a good teaching approach.

Tiva Pole Dance Studio

Tiva Dance Studio offers the following dance services:

  • Street Dance
  • Dancercise
  • Break Dance
  • Hip Hop
  • Modern exam class
  • Cheer Dance
  • Street Moves
  • Pole Dance

It is also one of the best dance schools in Manchester.

GFFdamian Dance Studio

GFFdamian Studio is one of the best dance schools in Manchester to get dancing lessons.

They specialize in the following:

  • Pole fitness
  • Latino
  • Commercial
  • Contemporary
  • Dancehall
  • Zumba
  • Aerial hoop
  • Contortion and stretching classes

 TDS Studio

TDS is one of the best dance schools in Manchester.

TDS Studio trains well-rounded dancers who grow into successful adults. 

Their dancers learn proper strengthening, stretching, and technique from certified and experienced teachers.

They teach their dancers to carry themselves with grace, poise, and confidence.

All of the TDS classes are designed to meet the different levels of ability of each dancer.

The curriculum of all their classes is tailored to meet the various skill levels of the dancers.

TDS has a class for dancers with no experience or skill.

TDS offers evening lessons in Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Lyrical, Contemporary, Pointe, Hip Hop, and Acro.

KNT Danceworks

KNT Danceworks is an established dance school in Manchester with over 10 years of experience.

There is no doubt that they are one of the best, considering their long-term experience.

Their classes are open to adults of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds. Their classes include Ballet, Pointe work, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, and Progressing ballet techniques.

They also provide classes for children from the age of 3-16 years. Children’s classes are only held on Tuesday and Saturday.

Studio 25

Studio 25 is a luxurious modern complex, with 8 studios of the highest quality. Each studio is fully equipped with sprung floors, mirrors, air conditioning, and integrated sound systems.

Studio 25 offers a wide range of classes from early afternoon to late evening, during the week, and weekend classes.

Studio 25 has classes, including ballet, street dance, commercial, marital arts, fitness and more.

Flixton Academy of Performing Arts

 FAPA is registered with the I.D.T.A and the U.K.A associations of dance. All their teachers are qualified to a very high level as well as being CRB checked.

Flixton Academy of Performing Arts is popularly known as FAPA. It is an academy that prides itself on the delivery of excellent tuition for all branches of Performance Arts.

They offer a wide range of classes for both adults and children.

FAPA is one of the best dance schools in Manchester.

BbJagers Dance& Events

Jager Dance Studio offers Ballroom&Latin dance classes for adults and children.

They offer social and competitive dance in various styles.

Northern Ballet School

Northern Ballet School is an international center of excellence in training for classical ballet and musical theatre.

They give specialized professional training in all performance styles, focusing on classical Ballet and Jazz.

Davidson School of Dancing

Dance provides another lens through which to interpret the world.

Students who take classes in dance and pursue a dance minor immerse themselves in a program that envisions dance as an integral part of the rigorous, liberal arts curriculum at Davidson School of Dancing.

Dance classes at Davidson focus on theory as well as practice, incorporating the varied physical, cultural, historic, and social attributes of the subject into each course.

Classes are open to students of all backgrounds and at all levels of experience.

In addition to their work in class, students are encouraged to participate in the various master classes and workshops offered on campus, as well as to pursue summer study or internships at national dance festivals.

Davidson School of Dancing also invites dance artists to teach their students.

It is one of the best dance schools in Manchester.

Shey Dance Studio

Shey Dance Studio is an Afrobeats, Kizomba, and Reggaeton dance company based in Manchester. 

Their classes are taught by dance tutors with a combined experience of over ten years in choreography, freestyle, and backup dancing.

Rachel Almond Dance Academy

Rachel  Almond Dance Academy is owned by Rachel, who is a I.D.T.A fellow and examiner.

Rachel Academy offers the following dance service;

  • Adult Dance Classes
  • Ballroom Dance Classes
  • Street Dancing
  • Freestyle Dancing
  • Latin Dancing
  • Rock and Roll
  • Sequence Dancing
  • Children’s Classes
  • Line Dancing
  • Latin Line Dancing
  • Wedding Choreography
  • Social Dances
  • Tea Dances
  • Baby/Toddler Dance Classes
  • Professional Coaching

Rachel Almond Dance Academy is one of the best dance schools in Manchester.

Sunshine Studio

Sunshine Studio founded by Jerry Tse is an international dance organization with classes, courses, and studios available in Manchester.

The studio offers a variety of workshops and nearly 100 classes per week. These include:

1. Urban art

2. Live music

3. Hip hop, ballet, tap, jazz, salsa, pilates, pole dancing, flamenco, cheerleading, contemporary dance, breakdancing, and other forms of performing arts.

Debut Academy of Performing Arts

Debut Academy is the number one performing arts school in the North-West with over 25 years of experience and a national reputation for excellence.

All classes are delivered at the studio building, with more performances and professional opportunities than any other school.

Debut Academy is a popular choice for new dancers of all abilities and those wanting to take their dance training to the next level.

Debut Academy teaches syllabus work under the I.D.T.A(International Dance Teachers Association) and U.K.A(United Kingdom Alliance) under which students can take exams twice a year.

 Debut Academy has experienced and professional teachers, who have the highest level of teacher training.

They also have professional performance experience including West-End Musicals, Cruise ship production shows, TV shows, commercials, Hollywood films, and Huge Music Artists.

 Miss Joanne Farnell School of Dancing

Miss Joanne Farnell School of Dancing offers dance styles and performance opportunities for all pupils.

They produce their own dance show, which has gone from strength to strength, and every pupil plays a significant part in the success of these shows.

Classes available at Miss Joanne Farnell School of Dancing are:

  • Ballet
  • Tap
  • Jazz
  • Contemporary dance
  • Latin classes
  • Performance work

This dance school is one of the best in Manchester.

 South Manchester Dance School

South Manchester Dance School tuition is in three genres, ballet, modern, and tap, which is offered from age 3 up throughout the week.

Adult recreational ballet classes are held on Monday and Wednesday evenings.

Some RAD syllabus is taught from the vocational grades.

They have fully qualified RAD and ISTD teachers.

They also offer fitness classes.

Positive reviews from the students have shown that South Manchester Dance School is one of the best dance schools in Manchester.

 Cloud Aerial Arts

Cloud Aerial Arts offers various aerial, circus dance, and acrobatic classes in Manchester city center.

 Cloud Aerial Arts offers the following dance services:

1. Pole classes

2. Silks: This is a beautiful circus art that will build strength, flexibility, and coordination.

3. Aerial hoop

4. Trapeze

5. Yoga

6. Rope

7. Acrobalance&Acroyoga

8. Gymnastics

   Other best dance studios/dance schools in Manchester are;

1. The Studio Dance Academy

2. La Suerte Dance School

3. Break Dance Manchester

All these dance schools in Manchester have been doing well and Dance Associations duly recognize them.

They have trained dancers who are now professionals.

They are the best dance schools in Manchester.

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