Oil and Gas Companies in Bahrain

30 Top Oil and Gas Companies in Bahrain:Best Guide

When you’re looking to invest in the oil and gas industry, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle. There are thousands of oil and gas companies around the world, with thousands of employees and an enormous amount of resources at their disposal.

There are hundreds of oil and gas companies in Bahrain alone! How can you possibly sort through all of those details to find one that you feel comfortable investing in?

The List of Oil and Gas Companies in Bahrain

1) The Bahrain Petroleum Company (Bapco) Refinery

The 2030 Vision for the Economic Vision for Bahrain, launched by His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa in October 2008, is a set of goals for the continuing development of the Kingdom’s economy that starts with a goal of creating a better life for every Bahraini.

The ongoing Bapco Modernization Program (BMP), one of Saudi Arabia’s most significant developmental projects, is going to produce newer product streams and broaden the company’s supply chains. It will also offer many employment opportunities, as well as promote a long-term vision.

2) Gulf Sea Petroleum

Gulf Sea Petroleum, based in Bahrain, is the most diversified company in its industry, specializing in commodity brokerage, lubricating oils and greases, liquefied petroleum gas and compressed natural gas, automotive specialty products, and more.

They provide Fuel Oil (CST-180 / CST-380), D6 Virgin Fuel Oil, Automotive Gas Oil, Aviation Kerosine (JET A-1, TS-1), Russian Origin Gas D2 Oil, Russia Origin 54 Jet Fuel Oil, Russian Origin Mazut M100 Oil, Russian Export Blend Crude Oil, Ultra-Low Sulphur Diesel (50 PPM / 500 PPM), Russian Liquefied Natural Gas, Russian Liquefied Petroleum Gas, European Diesel (EN 590), Petroleum Coke, Bonny Light Crude Oil, Gasoline, and Base Oil.

3) Kais Middle East International Trading Company

KAIS is a major supplier in the marine, offshore supply, marine equipment, and petroleum industry and has years of experience in meeting the demands of their customers with quality supplies like marine, offshore supplies, marine equipment, valves, and pipeline equipment.

An extended worldwide network composed of 15 branch offices, each equipped with expert staff and warehouses, guarantees their delivery of your goods to wherever and whenever. Their logistics service, storage, and handling will fulfill the needs of any customer.

They are a provider of top-class construction materials, and one of the most reliable in our line of business.

Due to the measures in place at our company – they are sustainable, credible, and prosperous, so much so that they stand a good chance in business with manufacturers world-wide-they enjoy the perfect venue in which to transact.


AGAS is one of Bahrain’s main suppliers of used lubricant re-refining, operating a state-of-the-art plant with a production capacity of 30,000 MT per year. In addition to its involvement in oil trading, AGAS also possesses licenses for imports and exports. AGAS has ventured into the business of Private Equity and Venture Capital and also holds equity in oil and gas exploration and production, IT, and telecommunications sectors in various regions around the world.

5) MTQ Oilfield Services WLL

In 1969, MTQ Engineering Pte Ltd., the subsidiary of MTQ Corporation Limited, was first established in Singapore and has since grown in scope and diversity to become a trusted and leading engineering solution provider for oilfield equipment and drilling contractor companies around the world.

Along with its subsidiaries and MTQ Equipment Rental Pte Ltd, MTQ Engineering offers an integrated range of services which includes the fabrication of steel structures, component manufacturing, advanced coating, and equipment rental services, apart from their demonstrated competencies in the repairs and refurbishments of oil drilling equipment.

6) Petrochemical & Bitumen (MERCO)

MERCO is the largest producer and trader of bitumen and oil derivatives in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Through a vast array of operations from raw trading to custom fabrication, MERCO dominates the field. They are able to offer you various different kinds of bitumen, including types that meet the specifications that are needed.

They are a market leader, with our status as one of the largest private sector independent firms of bitumen, petroleum products, recycling, and trading steel, oil recycling, and importing goods from the Kingdom of Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

They purchase items from Sabic and Aramco and they trade them here and there too. Market-leading expertise and innovation delivered through a global network to be a preferred supplier for world bank projects, the united nations, and other global leaders in the development and implementation of public service programs.

7) Enerflex RC-08

Enerflex Ltd. is an international company with over 2,300 highly skilled customer-focused personnel who are part of successful teams that are specialized in operations, drilling, maintenance, and all kinds of energy-producing markets all over the world.

The Enerflex platform includes a broad range of solutions in the natural gas and oil infrastructure market. Whether one or two elements or several, all of the elements work together to better complete your project.

8) Lashari Group of Companies

As one of Bahrain’s leading construction companies, Lashari Construction offers a wide variety of construction and related services to meet the needs of our clients. The construction solutions they provide are all based on their core values and ethics; they never compromise on their core values and ethics when undertaking any project.

9) Al Masaood Oil & Gas

Al Masaood Oil & Gas was founded in 1971 and is a leading oil and gas supplier and contractor. The company has over 48 years of experience in upstream and downstream operations and employs over 900 people throughout the UAE, Middle East, Africa, Eastern Mediterranean, and South Asia.

In addition to its headquarters in Abu Dhabi, the company has subsidiaries in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Algeria, Cyprus, and Pakistan, in addition to foreign affiliate ventures in Egypt, Lebanon, Greece, and Montenegro.

10)Tatweer Petroleum

The Tatweer Petroleum Company is an oil company based in Manama, Bahrain. The Tatweer Petroleum Company focuses on deep-water exploration. The company was founded by Captain Abdullah Nakhid Al-Khalifa, a former officer of the Royal Navy.

In April 2009, TATWEER PETROLEUM (Bahrain) signed a joint venture agreement with US-independent EOG Resources to develop three offshore blocks in Bahrain.

In February 2010, TATWEER PETROLEUM (Bahrain) announced that it had discovered gas condensate at its North Dammam Block 1 well. In May 2010, TATWEER PETROLEUM (Bahrain) announced that it had discovered gas condensate at its South Dammam Block 1 well.

11) Nogaholding

Noga is an integrated oil & gas services company serving upstream oil & gas companies operating in EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) region. The Company provides a range of facilities management services that encompass Engineering, Procurement and Construction, Fabrication, Heavy Equipment Hire, Rig Management, and Barge Management.

These services are provided for onshore/offshore drilling rigs as well as for production facilities, both onshore and offshore. Nogaholding is headquartered in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia with operations across North Africa (Algeria), Eastern Europe (Ukraine), South Asia (India), West Asia/Gulf Cooperation Council countries (Saudi Arabia), Caspian Sea Basin Countries (Azerbaijan) and West African Countries(Senegal). The Group employs more than 1,000 people across its operations.

12) Nogaholding

Noor Investment Group (Nogaholding) is a large, full-service investment holding company with portfolio companies covering a variety of industries. Founded in 2003, Nogaholding owns interests in sectors such as industrial & manufacturing, retail & wholesale trade, real estate development, and hospitality.

Nogaholding was founded by Sheikh Hamed Bin Suhaim Al Noaimi along with Mohammad Ahmed Al Bastaki, who serves as its current Chief Executive Officer. The group’s main headquarters are located in Manama, Bahrain. It also has offices in Dubai and London.

The company is an active investor in a variety of sectors including manufacturing, retail & wholesale trade, real estate development, and hospitality. Nogaholding operates through three different business segments: As of 2015, Nogaholding had a total net asset value (NAV) of $3 billion USD. The company’s portfolio consists of over 30 companies that employ over 6500 people across nine countries.

13) Bahrain LNG WLL (ORF)

The Company has been awarded an exclusive contract by a customer to transport LNG from RasGas’ LNG plant at Qatargas for 15 years. The contract calls for 2 vessels of 174,000Cbm each per annum with delivery expected beginning in 2014. These new builds will be a big improvement from FLNG’s current fleet which was built between 2003-2007.

At that time there were no ships over 100,000 Cbm on order anywhere in the world. In fact, FLNG is one of only two shipyards building ships larger than 100,000 Cbm today (the other being Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering).

This is significant as it means that FLNG is perfectly positioned to take advantage of future demand for large gas carriers as they come online over the next few years.

14) Exterran – Station C

The largest of Exterran’s gas plants, Station C has a processing capacity of 30 million standard cubic feet per day. It will be used to process condensate from offshore oilfields like West Bahr al-Arab, which also serves as Exterran’s headquarters.

The plant is located about 20 kilometers north of Manama. Currently, it produces more than 11 billion cubic feet of natural gas annually. In 2012, it was announced that two additional trains would be added to bring total output up to 60 million scf/day by 2014.

15) Chevron

While it’s one of many oil and gas companies based out of state, Chevron is undeniably a dominant name. The massive firm has been around since 1911, including through numerous mergers. In fact, most people these days are more familiar with its brand than any other.

As such, when it comes to active drilling operations in Bahrain, few others can come close to matching Chevron’s reach. Not only does it have a number of rigs operating within Bahrani waters, but it also has an established network of pipelines transporting oil and natural gas across the country.

Its efforts even extend into neighboring countries like Qatar. All told, Chevron operates roughly 2,000 wells across four countries. Some of them have been operational for decades; some were just drilled last year.

All told, they help generate billions upon billions in revenue each year and keep thousands employed as well.

Other Oil and Gas Companies in Bahrain:

  • 16. Phillips 66

  • 17. Sinopec

  • 18. Schlumberger

  • 19. Indian Oil Corporation

  • 20. Lukoil

  • 21. Petrobras

  • 22. PetroChina

  • 23. Eni

  • 24. Valero

  • 25. Bharat Petroleum

  • 26. Kuwait Petroleum Corporation

  • 27. Marathon Petroleum

  • 28. Oil and Natural Gas Corporation

  • 29. Baker Hughes

  • 30. Qatar Petroleum


There are several businesses, large and small, operating in Bahrain’s oil and gas industry. These companies’ operations range from offshore drilling to refinery services. Many of these companies operate within other parts of the Gulf region as well.

If you are looking for a business that offers innovative solutions to today’s energy challenges, consider working with one of these thirty oil and gas companies in Bahrain.

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