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8 ACCRED Best Online Law Schools in Florida

If you are currently seeking leading Online Law Schools in Florida, you have come to the right page. In this article, we will highlight eight exceptional Law Schools/Programs in Florida, their academic quality, facilities, and more.

It is important to emphasize that all the schools listed herein hold accreditation from the American Bar Association (ABA).

Beginning a journey toward a legal profession involves the crucial step of selecting a suitable educational institution that aligns with your academic credentials. In the state of Florida, numerous esteemed institutions offer well-regarded online law programs, many of which enjoy national recognition.

Online law schools in Florida have gained popularity in recent years as they provide flexible options for individuals interested in pursuing legal education.

These institutions offer the opportunity to earn law degrees or specialized legal certifications through online platforms, allowing students to study and complete coursework remotely, often at their own pace.

Online law schools in Florida, aim to replicate the traditional law school experience by providing comprehensive legal education in a virtual setting. While the specific features and formats may vary among institutions, the core objective is to deliver quality legal education through digital means.

These programs typically employ a combination of online lectures, interactive discussion boards, virtual classrooms, and digital resources to facilitate learning. 

Students can access course materials, participate in class discussions, collaborate with peers, and submit assignments through online platforms. Some programs may also incorporate live webinars, video conferences, or scheduled virtual meetings with professors.

One of the significant advantages of online law schools is their flexibility. Students have the freedom to study from anywhere, eliminating the need for relocation or commuting to a physical campus. 

This flexibility is particularly beneficial for individuals who are unable to commit to full-time, on-campus programs due to work or personal obligations. 

Online programs often offer part-time options, allowing students to balance their legal education with other commitments.

While online law schools offer convenience and flexibility, they may not be suitable for everyone. Legal education typically involves active engagement, critical thinking, and practical skills development, which can be challenging to replicate solely through online platforms. 

Additionally, some jurisdictions or employers may have specific requirements or preferences regarding the type of law degree or institution from which it is obtained.

As with any educational pursuit, it is important to thoroughly research and consider various factors before choosing an online law school. 

Factors to consider include: 

  • Accreditation, 
  • Faculty Qualifications, 
  • Curriculum, 
  • Support Services, 
  • Bar Passage Rates, 
  • Career Services, and the Reputation of the institution within the legal community.

It is also advisable to consult official sources, contact the schools directly, or seek guidance from legal professionals or advisors to gather the most accurate and up-to-date information about online law schools and their offerings in your area of interest.

The List of Online Law Schools in Florida

Here are some top online Law Programs /Schools in Florida. Explore and start that online Law Program today from the comfort of your home. 

Stetson University College of Law

Stetson University offers a Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree through its part-time, online J.D. program.

With a practical, hands-on approach students are allowed to participate in over 350 clinic and externship courses and award-winning advocacy programs.

The Juris Doctor degree is a cornerstone of the legal profession and is required to practice law in Florida and beyond. 

Stetson Law has prepared students to become highly skilled, ethical lawyers and leaders. Stand out with a degree from a law school recognized for its commitment to advocacy and career readiness. Visit Site

The University of Florida Levin College of Law 

Founded in 1909, the University of Florida – Law is one of the oldest operating public law schools in Florida. UF Law offers five different degrees, including a Juris Doctor Degree

The degrees range from the well-known J.D. to post-JD. degrees, which offers students the ability to customize their law school experience. Levin College of Law is an ABA-approved law school. Visit Site.

Florida State University College of Law 

Florida State University College of Law has a hybrid Juris Master (J.M.) program, which blends online and on-campus instruction. 

FSU – College of Law is a renowned world-class faculty that gives students a wide variety of opportunities to gain legal experience. They prepare graduates to succeed in their careers. Visit Site

University of Miami School of Law 

The University of Miami School of Law offers an Online Master of Laws (LL.M.) Degree, allowing lawyers to specialize in various fields of law.

Miami Law offers eight award-winning LL.M. programs. Programs have flexibility, offer online options, and accept entering students in the fall, spring, and allow students to complete the program at their own pace. Visit Site

Nova Southeastern University Shepard Broad College of Law: 

Nova Southeastern University offers an online J.D. program called “NSU Law Flex J.D.,” which combines online coursework with occasional on-campus learning.

With degree and certificate programs for law students, paralegals, practicing lawyers, and professionals expanding their knowledge of the law, the NSU Shepard Broad College of Law equips students with the skills needed for professional success. Visit Site

Barry University Dwayne O. Andreas School of Law: 

Barry University School of Law is committed to helping students reach their academic goals in a caring and supportive environment.

Barry University offers an online Master of Laws (LL.M.) program for practicing attorneys who wish to enhance their legal expertise.

They strive to foster the skills and mindset needed for students to achieve their fullest potential and realize their successes. Visit Site

Florida International University College of Law

FIU Law offers a Paralegal Online Program through The Legal Studies Institute (LSI). LSI has served legal education needs for more than 30 years. 

With a focus on students, LSI provides exceptional legal training with a hands-on approach and an assortment of resources to help students excel both in and out of the classroom.

The paralegal Online Program is One year fully online program with 615 hours in 12 subjects and taught by highly-credentialed judges and attorneys. Visit Site

St. Thomas University School of Law 

St. Thomas University School of Law offers an Online Master of Studies in Law which is an AACSB International-accredited program.

The online Master of Studies in Law is a 21-month program that allows those who hold an undergraduate degree to earn a specialized graduate degree from anywhere in the world. 

The M.S.L. program is offered in partnership with the St. Thomas Opus College of Business. Visit Site.


It is important to note that online law schools still maintain rigorous academic standards to ensure students receive a high-quality legal education. 

Accredited online law schools meet the same educational requirements as their on-campus counterparts, and graduates from these programs are eligible to sit for the bar exam in their respective jurisdictions, provided they meet other state-specific criteria.

Please note that it is crucial to visit the official websites of these law schools or contact them directly to obtain more information about their online programs. Check out the 11 Top Grants for Single Mothers in Florida.

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