8 Top Life Science Companies In San Diego

One of the top drivers of the San Diego economy is life science, research, and technology. Over the past decades, there has been a positive increase in the number of life science companies, especially biotechnology, biomedical, biopharmaceutical, and pharmaceuticals.

San Diego is home to some of the world’s most renowned biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, such as Illumina, Pfizer, Dexcom, and many more. All these companies are leading giants in the fight against chronic diseases, cancer, genetic diseases, and more, while some play major roles in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Life science companies in San Diego provide technology and science services that will better the health of humans. Some contributing factors to San Diego being one of the countries to establish life science companies include a vast network of scientific investors, affordable laboratories, and an efficient bioeconomy.

Notable examples of life science companies in San Diego are Pfizer, Illumina, Dexcom, and Ajinomoto, to name a few. Diego. There are also private companies making ground-breaking research and discoveries, some of which are funded by Venture Capital Companies (VC) such as Takeda Ventures and Boxer Capital LLC. 

List of Top Life Science Companies in San Diego.

  • Illumina
  • Recludix Pharmaceuticals
  • Pfizer
  • Curematch 
  • Ajinomoto 
  • Dexcom 
  • AG Scientific 
  • Nuvasive 

1. Illumina

Illumina is a biotechnology company that was established in 1998 in San Diego. Illumina is a leading technology company known for its genomics research.

The company specializes in the manufacturing and development of life science through services that help in the sequencing and analysis of genetic variation in research projects.

Through their advanced technological tools, there has been a reduction in the cost of sequencing human genomes. Illumina has a list of notable genomic products that can sequence genomes faster and deliver accurate and error-free sequences. Some examples include:

  • MiniSeq Sequencing System
  • Scan Array Scanner 
  • Nova Seq Sequencing System 
  • NextSeq Sequencing System.

In addition to genomic products, they have other products such as clinical research products, in vitro products, laboratory prep kits, molecular biology reagents, microarray kits, sequencing reagents, and flow cells. Illumina has a wide range of clients and customers, including clinical and medical researchers, biotechnological and biotechnology organizations, academic research institutions, pharmaceutical institutions, and genomic research centers.

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Through their genomics research, there has been a breakthrough in reproductive diseases, infectious diseases, and oncology.

  • Website: www.illumina.com
  • Phone:+18582024500
  • Address: 5200 Illumina Way, San Diego, CA 92122

2. Recludix Pharmaceuticals Inc

Recludix Pharmaceuticals is one of the foremost pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in San Diego that was established over 30 years ago. They focus on developing drugs and care for patients with cancer, inflammatory diseases, and immunological conditions.

As of today, Recludix, in collaboration with a prominent global pharmaceutical company, is making waves for the development of Signal Transducers Activator of Transcription 6 (STAT6). STAT6 is an inhibitor useful in the treatment of cancer and inflammatory disease.

In addition to partnering with other companies in the development of Signal Transducers Activator of Transcription 6 (STAT6), they have a 100% wholly-owned development program Signal Transducers Activator of Transcription (STAT3) inhibitor for the treatment of cancer and inflammatory diseases.

  • Website: www.recludixpharma.com
  • Phone: +18582585445
  • Address: 3545 John Hopkins Court, Suite 150, San Diego, CA

3. Pfizer Inc

Pfizer is a world-class research and biotechnology company located in San Diego. They specialize in research development and manufacture of biopharmaceutical products.

Pfizer is also known as one of the first biotechnology companies to develop some of the world’s famous vaccines and drugs. One notable example is the Covid-19 vaccine, amongst others.

Pfizer uses AI, machine learning, and automation to streamline and modify drug production processes. As a giant pharmaceutical and biotechnology company, Pfizer sets itself apart from other components in San Diego by applying science to the enrichment and impact on people’s health and lifestyle.

In doing so, they promote personalized and needed therapies to patients. They have spent over $150,000 in research Institutes to extensively research autoimmune diseases, genetic disorders, chronic diseases, immune deficiency diseases, and metabolic disorders.

  • Website: www.pfizer.com
  • Phone: +18586227950
  • Address: 10555 Science Centre Dr, San Diego CA, 92121

4. Curematch

Curematch is a biotechnology company that uses the knowledge of precision medicine and AI to create a better approach to saving lives.

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This biotechnology company was established in 2015 in San Diego to design personalized treatments for individual patients.

With the aid of AI and precision medicine, oncologists can provide personalized treatment and therapy for each oncology patient based on their molecular profile.

In the past, most oncologists used the drug administration approach in large doses, chemotherapy, radiation, and more to treat cancer. However, in-depth research proves a more personalized treatment, which involves creating combinations based on each cancer patient’s molecular profile, is more successful.

One of the primary goals of Curematch is to provide support for the oncology community through the Curematch Proprietary Personalised Combination Platform (CPPCP). This platform uses AI and NGS(next-generation sequencing data) to develop a detailed report on every patient.

This helps doctors to acquire information that can help them select genomically targeted drugs for hormone, immuno, and chemotherapy for cancer patients.

  • Website: www.curematch.com
  • Phone: +1852840488
  • Address: 9920 Pacific Heights Blvd Suite 150, San Diego, CA, 92121

5. Ajinomoto Biopharmaceutical Services

Ajinomoto Bio-Pharmaceutical Services was established in 1998 and has several branches worldwide, including San Diego.

As a biopharmaceutical company, Ajinomoto is concerned with the manufacture and packaging of medicine, vaccines, and therapeutics from biological sources that are non-toxic to humans.

Common examples of diseases that Ajinomoto Biopharmaceutical company targets are liver disease, chronic diseases, cancer inflammatory disease, cardiovascular diseases, and genetic disorders. Other services offered by

  • Website: www.ajinomoto.com
  • Phone: +18588820123
  • Address: 1040 Roselle St, San Diego, CA, 92121.

6. Dexcom

Dexcom is a biotech company that was founded in 1999. They provide an automated system, Dexcom G6 CGM, for patients with diabetes to monitor their blood glucose levels. The technology provided by Dexcom is faster and less cumbersome than the conventional method of fingertip testing.

With this automated sensor for diabetic patients, it can monitor their blood glucose levels every 5 minutes to regulate their blood sugar levels.

As part of their commitment to the management of diabetes, Dexcom has an interactive community Dexcom Warrior’s program that educates and highlights the importance of starting diabetes management early, amongst others.

  • Website: www.dexcom.com
  • Phone number: +18582000200
  • Address: 6290 Sequence Dr, San Diego, CA 92121, United States
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7. AG Scientific

AG Scientific is a biotechnology company established in 1997 in San Diego. AG Scientific is a life science company that specializes in the area of drug development through innovative means. They are also associated with other fields of life sciences, such as nucleic acid perforation, cancer research, fermentation, medical device development, and more. 

AG Scientific is the best choice for purchasing antibiotics, biochemical enzymes, inhibitors, buffers, growth media, and detergent for preclinical and clinical research purposes. They are also major distributors of diagnostic test kits. They offer OEM services, contract fermentation, and antiseptic solutions.

  • Website: www.agscientific.com
  • Phone: +18584529925
  • Address: 9950 Scripps Lake Dr, Suite 104, San Diego, CA 92131

8. Nuvasive

Nuvasive is a top biotechnology company with a range of software for surgical instruments, navigation systems, and implants.

The goal is to ensure that pre-surgical and surgical spinal procedures are much easier, less invasive, less traumatic, and have more excellent outcomes.

To ensure this becomes a reality, Nuvasive is constantly working behind the scenes in the area of research to ensure they provide the best services to surgeons and patients.

  • Website: www.nuvasive.com
  • Phone: +18589091800
  • Address: 7475 Luk Boulevard, CA 9212


Life Science companies in San Diego are one of the biggest flexes of San Diego’s economy. They have positioned San Diego as a city for innovation and advancements. The establishment of renowned life science companies such as Pfizer, Illumina, and Dexcom have created channels for other companies to develop.

Life science companies pave the way for better healthcare, research, drug development, and diagnostic services worldwide. The contribution to the healthcare industry does not go unnoticed as, over the years, there have been breakthroughs in the treatment of cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and other medical conditions. In addition to their contribution to healthcare, these industries extend beyond the economy by providing job opportunities to foreigners and locals.

However, in spite of San Diego having a blossoming economy, there are challenges that life science industries in San Diego face, such as the high cost of living and the need for more investors.

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