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10 Best Adult Dance Classes in Houston:The Prices &Duration

Sometimes as adults, we lose connection with life because we have crushed spirits or are stressed out from the worries of life.

Research has shown that dancing is a key factor that can help reduce stress. Dancing can be more relaxing than going to a spa.

Are you an adult in Houston who is interested in taking dance classes? Do you want to relax your mind after a hard day or a hard week at work? 

The List of Adult Dance Classes in Houston

Here is a list of the top 10 adult dance classes in Houston for you:

1. Diva Dance Class 

Studio Nia Moves, 

508 Pecore Street, Oy 

Houston, TX77009, 

The United States. 

Diva dance class is one of the adult dance classes in Houston, Texas, for women who want to use dance for relaxation after a long and stressful day at work and for women who want to learn how to dance. The school has top-notch facilities and a serene environment. 

Diva Dance Class offers the following: 

  • Heels class 
  • Cardio dance class 
  • Choreography 
  • Beginner’s dance class 
  • Jazz dance class 
  • Funk movement 
  • Hip-hop dance class 

Classes can be taken either online or offline. 

Tuition fees and packages:

Diva Dance Class has various packages and tuition fees for its students, depending on their choice. 

  • New client special: $49, which. 
  • A single drop passes $20, and it expires 45 days after purchase expires 30 days purchase. 
  • 10 class pass: $180 expires one year after purchase. 

Membership package:

  • Platinum membership package: $89, and it offers unlimited access to online and offline classes for one year. 
  • Gold membership package:$109 monthly offers unlimited visits for six months and online and offline classes. 
  • Silver membership package: $129, offers unlimited visits, and is a 3-month commitment. 
  • Month-to-month membership: $149 monthly for unlimited visits and allows access to online and offline classes. 
  • Monthly online unlimited plan: $29 every month offers unlimited visits and unlimited access to pre-recorded online classes. 

For more information, visit their website or call +1936 2289 3584. 

2. So-real Dance Studio 

14520 Memorial Drive, 

APT59 Houston, 


United States 

The so-real dance team was established in 1998 for adult dance classes in Houston and is known to be one of the biggest adult dance classes in Houston.

Some of the choreographers have worked with artists such as Beyonce, Janet Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, Missy Elliott, Justin Bieber, and many others. 

Apart from working with artists, the dance team has participated in dance competitions and came first place in the first-ever world dance competition in 2008. They have also received numerous awards for their work in Houston. 

So-real Dance Studio has the following adult dance classes: 

  • Adult dance classes 
  • Advanced class 
  • Beginners class 
  • Intermediate class 
  • Dance performance 

Tuition fee 

  • 1 hour walk-in-class:$15 

unlimited class membership 

  • One month $125 
  • Two months $199
  • Three months $250 

Private lesson or membership which includes: 

  • 4 x 1-hour private tutoring $400 monthly. 

Classes are held every day from Monday till Saturday. 

For more information, visit their website or call +128 1741 8613. 

3. Inner me Studio 

2206 Emancipation Avenue, 

Houston, Texas 77003, 

The United States. 

Inner me Studio is a dancing studio that offers adult dance classes in Houston. The school was established in 2009 and has been open to adults of all sizes, shapes and ages. The school was ranked the first dance studio in Houston, Texas, in 2019. 

The studio majorly takes pole dance classes but, in addition, also takes other dance classes. Inner me Studio has seasoned, experienced dance instructors who make dancing fun and relaxing for adults. In addition, the studio is located in a friendly and conducive environment. 

One of the added features of the studio is it allows its students to host their birthday parties at the studio. 

The studio offers the following classes: 

  • Pole dance class 
  • Hip-hop dance class 
  • Twerk class 
  • Stiletto dance class 
  • Belly dance class 
  • Chair dancing class 
  • Zumba dance class 
  • Burlesque dance class 
  • Solo salsa dance class 
  • Deep stretching class 
  • Beginner pole dance class 
  • Advanced pole dance class 
  • Aerobic dance classes 

Tuition fee

  • New students offer $59. 
  • Basic unlimited monthly pass: $99 
  • Standard unlimited monthly pass: $139 
  • Beast mode unlimited monthly pass:$179 
  • Four basic limited monthly class:$69 
  • Four premium limited monthly class:$99. 

Private dance lessons 

  • $75 per hour for one person 
  • $60 per hour for two or more people. 
  • $325 for five private dance lessons 
  • $460 for custom group choreography 

All classes can only be booked by appointment. 

For more information, visit their website or call +1713 533 1455. 

4. Ballet Centre of Houston 

Ballet centre of Houston offers exceptional adult dance classes in Houston to adults who are interested in learning ballet. Adult ballet classes help adults relax, stretch and tone their body muscles. 

The ballet class are traditional and therefore do not require a dress code. Adults can come with whatever they feel comfortable in, which is also appropriate for ballet. Ballet fee 

  • $14 per class. 
  • $40 for three classes, and this expires two months after purchase.
  • $70 for six classes, and this expires three months after purchase.
  • $140 for 13 classes, and it expires five months after purchase 

Ballet Center of Houston offers free trial classes for all first-timers. For more information, visit our website or call +128 1859 5514. 

5. River Oaks School of Dancing 

2621 Shepherd Drive Suite 200, 

Houston, TX 77098, 

United States 

River Oaks School of Dancing is an adult dance school owned by Antonia and Kimberly Conde. River Oaks School of Dancing takes adult dance classes in Houston. The school offers the following classes:

  • Ballroom dance class 
  • Wedding dance class 
  • Partnership dance lesson 
  • Showcase 
  • Group dance class 
  • Friday dance parties 
  • Latin dance class 
  • Social dance class 
  • Competition 
  • Foxtrot dance class 
  • Waltz dance class 
  • wild dance class 
  • Tango dance class 
  • Zumba dance class 
  • Cha-cha dance class 
  • Swing salsa dance class 
  • Merengue dance class 
  • Two-step dance class 
  • Samba dance class. 

The dance school also takes private classes, online classes and physical classes. Dance Fees 

  • Newcomer special lessons: $59 
  • Group class is $25 
  • Practice parties $10 
  • Private lessons are $105 -$135. 

For more inquiries, please visit their website or call +171 3529 0959. 

6. Break Free Hip-Hop School, South-East Houston 

9191 Winkler Drive suite F, 

Houston TX77017, 

The United States. 

Break Free Hip-Hop School is an institution that offers adult dance classes in Houston. The dance school teaches students about the four elements of hip-hop, which are:

  • Breaking 
  • Mc’ing 
  • DJing 
  • Virtual art

Break Free Hip-Hop School was founded by Moises “B-boy Moy”, a renewed and best hip hop dancer in Houston. 

He has won numerous Awards, such as the Out For Farm in Los Angeles, CA, the Spy Award from Rich “Crazy Legs” Colon of the Legendary Rock Steady Crew”, all in 2010, amongst many other numerous awards. 

In 2018, the school opened a branch in North-East Houston. The school has a serene environment with great staff and wonderful facilities. 

For more information, visit their website or call +1832 649 8096. 

7. Hunter Dance Center 

747 N Shepherd, 

Suite 100, 

Houston TX 77007, 

The United States. 

Hunter Dance Center is a dance school that provides adult dance classes in Houston. The dance center provides exceptional dance training in the following classes:

  • Beginner adult dance class 
  • Adult ballet class 
  • Vinyasa yoga class 
  • Modern dance class 
  • Intermediate adult ballet class 
  • Adult tap class. 

Hunter Dance Center is open to beginners and professionals to explore the dance world in the state-of-the-art dance studio. 

Dance fees:

  • Unlimited: $30 for 30-day drop-in class. 
  • $20 single drop-in class 
  • $200 10 class card 
  • $150 10 class card for dance source Houston members and HISD teachers.
  • $99 for a 30-day unlimited drop-in class pass 

For more information, visit their website or call +1832 9628 982. 

8. Houston Metropolitan Dance Center 

1916 Main Street,

Suite 100, 

Houston TX 77002, 

The United States. 

Houston Metropolitan Dance Center is the best dance school. It offers a wide range of dance classes for adults in Houston. Houston Metropolitan Dance Center was established 26 years ago and has been dedicated to supporting the cause of dancing in Houston and its environment. 

The center is focused on raising talented dancers who can pursue a career in dance by providing good dance instructors and a conducive learning environment for its students. The instructors are there to ensure that every adult feels as comfortable as possible 

Houston Metropolitan Dance Center is one of the most popular places in Houston, where most adults enroll in dance classes. The center offers the following dance classes: 

  • Beginners ballet dance class 
  • Latin dance class 
  • Contemporary dance class 
  • African dance class 
  • Introductory tap class 
  • Jazz class 
  • Choreography dance class. 

For more inquiries, visit their website or call + 171 3522 6375. 

9. Academy of City Ballet of Houston 

1331 Upland Drive Bldg, 

#6 Houston TX 77043, 

The United States. 

Academy of City Ballet of Houston is a world-class ballet school that offers adult dance classes in Houston, Texas. Students have the opportunity to train with their tutors and take the following dance classes: 

  • Adaptive dance class 
  • Classical ballet class 
  • Pointe ballet class 
  • Pas de deux ballet class 
  • Repertory ballet class 
  • Intermediate ballet class 
  • Tap and pre-ballet class
  • Contemporary dance class 
  • Jazz dance class 
  • Modern dance class 
  • Zumba dance class 

The school is committed to training the next generation of adult ballet dancers. For more inquiries, please visit their website or call + 134 6701 7275. 

10. Frame Dance Studio 

2426 Bartlett Street, 

Suite D 

Houston TX 77098 

The United States. 

This adult dance class in Houston has been designed to help adults feel more relaxed after a hard and stressful day by allowing them to dance and free their bodies. The school has the following classes: 

  • Adult modern class 
  • Adult tap class 
  • Adult ballet class 
  • Adult dance class. 

Dance fee:

  • Drop-in adult: $22 
  • Five adult class punch card:$90 
  • 10-class adults punch-card $180 

For more inquiries, visit their website or call +134 6708 1555.

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