7 Audio Engineering Schools In Georgia: Best Picks

Do you have a passion for music and you want to pursue a career in audio engineering?

Well, Georgia might just be the perfect place for you as it’s known for its bustling entertainment industry. 

From thriving cities like Atlanta to other lively cities scattered across the state, Georgia is known for its various genres of music.

So, if you’re looking to start a career in music, or it’s your desire to record songs or master the acoustics of events and concerts, the audio engineering schools can be of good help to you.

During your journey in any of the schools in Georgia, you’d be able to grasp from experts with a reputable background in music as well as new technologies that will provide you with the skills and know-how to succeed.

There’s a lot to learn from the Audio engineering schools in Georgia. You’d be fully grounded on mixing and mastering techniques as well as getting a full grasp of the principles of audio engineering.

Another advantage of audio engineering schools is that you’d get hands-on – experience.

You’d be able to work with local artists, bands and performers. Thus, these practical experiences will be able to make you understand what music in the real world is like as well as challenges and solutions as well.

So as you begin this thrilling journey in Georgia, be committed and put in effort so as to achieve your desired goal. There are lots of opportunities that the audio schools in Georgia have to offer.  

Shall we Begin?

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What is the duration of an audio engineering program? 

The duration of the curriculum varies depending on the degree.It generally requires two years to earn an associate’s degree in audio engineering whereas it takes four years to earn a bachelor’s.

 Do Audio Engineers Make Money?

Up to $167,000 might be earned annually in the finest positions for audio engineers. The creation and recording of audio, sound, and music are the responsibility of an audio engineer. 

In a studio, some audio engineers assist with the recording of musical or vocal performances. During live concerts, others control the sound output.

What kinds of jobs are there for audio engineers?

Audio engineers employ electronic audio equipment to record, mix, or reproduce sound. The field is fairly vast because it is employed in music, television, film, and other media. Audio engineers can work in a number of settings and with different artists or clients.

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How is the Job Market for Audio Engineers in Georgia?

Georgia has a 3.57% cheaper cost of living than the national average. This is perfect for those who don’t want to spend a lot of money just to get by. Cities like Atlanta provide a lot to their residents.

Additionally, it means that if your income is above the national average, you will have a lot more money to save and invest.

Georgia’s average yearly pay, which is around $37,000, is ranked 50th out of all the states in the US. They therefore earn the lowest yearly wage of any state.

An audio engineer in the state may expect to make about $69,000 per year. This is almost two times what the average Georgian earns.

This implies that you can make a good livelihood as an audio engineer and yet have money to spare for savings and investments.

The List of Audio Engineering Schools In Georgia

  • Atlanta Institute of Music and Media
  • SAE Institute Atlanta
  • Georgia State University
  • Georgia Institute Of Technology
  • Georgia Piedmont Technical College
  • Savannah College of Art and Design
  • Emory University

1. Atlanta Institute of Music and Media

If you are interested in learning how to edit, mix or create different sounds then the music production and engineering music program in the Atlanta Institute of Music is best for you.

You would learn different sound effects in this school, as well as how to properly sync and alter these sounds to fit a specific media format.

Although creating different sounds for use in media can be challenging, this institute will help you on your way.

Some of the processes you’d learn include; 

  • Music Editing 
  • Sound Effects Editing and Design 
  • Production Dialogue Editing 
  • Mixing
  • Foley Recording 
  • Automated Dialogue Replacement (ADR)
  • Music Composition

This institute will develop your musical skills and auditory awareness in order to better prepare you for what may turn out to be a very lucrative and successful profession in the field of your choice.

Professors at the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media include some of the top musicians in the world. Only the greatest teachers are used to teaching their rigorous curriculum.

These specialists from the field have a wealth of knowledge, which they have mastered to blend with their “real world” experience to teach the most advantageous set of courses and degree programs a music institution in the Decatur region could provide.

Students not only receive a distinguished arts education, but they also network to forge business connections with these eminent engineers, producers, and musicians who are at the top of their fields and regularly asked to showcase their ability with a variety of events that are available.

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2. SAE Institute Atlanta

This audio engineering school provides industry-standard equipment and a practical method of learning so you may develop the skills necessary to work in the media and entertainment sector.

The audio technology program at SAE Georgia is available to students. It is a 900-hour curriculum that includes 360 hours of in-studio time where you can practice the skills you have learned in class.

Students are invited to use the studios as much as they wish for free, unlike in other colleges. The school also offers a fantastic job placement program that can assist you in getting a foot in the doorway of employment. 

Making your own professional network begins with joining a group of like-minded people. You will be standing side by side with audio engineering experts and students when you earn a degree in audio.

You may build the base for a prosperous career with an audio degree from SAE Institute. The programs they offer are designed to prepare you to start something fresh.  

Also, each course gives you the chance to master a vital skill, technique, or idea that is crucial to the audio profession. Furthermore, there are options for topics and education at a higher level based on the program you select.


3. Georgia State University

A Bachelor of Music degree with a focus in Music Technology is available from Georgia State University’s School of Music. The course covers a wide range of subjects, such as studio management, recording methods, and music production. Additionally, students get exposure to cutting-edge recording facilities and tools, plus the chance to work with other musicians and artists.

Students who major in music production and audio recording are prepared for careers in the creative, technical, or producer/engineer fields in the music and music-related media sectors. For careers as audio engineers and music technicians, students receive both artistic and practical training.

Through courses and a capstone internship, the Bachelor of Science degree strikes a balance between the development of artistic and creative skills and a solid understanding of technical expertise. 

You will gain knowledge in sound production, synthesis, and recording.

They also have about six recording studio labs that are outfitted with cutting-edge digital audio workstations running Pro Tools and a variety of other software applications.  Genelec high-level monitoring, SSL consoles, Universal Audio hardware and software, a large selection of microphones, and important analog and digital sound production tools are all included.

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WEBSITE: https://music.gsu.edu/mpar_department/

4. Georgia Institute Of Technology 

This Institute offers a Bachelor of Science in Music Technology curriculum that covers a variety of subjects, such as computer music programming, audio recording, and editing. 

Additionally, students who complete the degree will be prepared for professions in audio engineering, sound design, and music production.


5. Georgia Piedmont Technical College

A career in audio engineering can include working with live sound, sound recording, studio engineering, field recording, producing beats, audio for gaming, sound for film and television, and sound for interactive applications like animation, multimedia, and web audio. 

Sounds amazing right?  The Recording Arts Technology associate degree program can show and teach you all of these being mentioned. 


6. Savannah College of Art and Design

Another excellent institution in Georgia for audio engineering is the Savannah College of Art and Design. Students that enroll in their Sound Design degree will be prepared for professions in gaming audio, film and television sound design, and music creation.

Furthermore, Procedures for recording, creative sound design, mixing, and mastering are only a few of the many areas covered in the course of study. 


7. Emory University

This university provides a Bachelor of Arts in Music with a Music Technology specialization. The course includes a wide range of subjects, such as production methods, structure, and music theory. 

Additionally, students get access to cutting-edge recording facilities and tools, as well as the chance to work with other musicians and artists.



Some of the greatest audio engineering schools in the country are located in Georgia. These institutions provide extensive curricula that encompass everything from music production and studio management to sound design and mixing.

 In this article, we’ve listed some of the best colleges in Georgia to look into if you’re interested in a career in audio engineering. So, pick the one that best fits you and start your amazing journey in the music sector.

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