12 Top Autism Schools in Arizona & Their Websites

A complex neurobehavioral disease called autism is characterized by impairments in communication, repetitive and stereotypical patterns of behavior, interests, and activities, as well as impairments in reciprocal social interaction. In this article, we look at the best autism schools in Arizona.

Symptoms usually start to appear before the age of three. Diagnosticians refer to a “spectrum” of disability since each person’s level of impairment in the specified domains and the distribution of impairments vary.

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A person’s ability to perceive and feel emotions, their ability to initiate and maintain social interactions, and their ability to interpret and understand the thoughts and feelings of others are all affected. Lack of useful communication skills is one sort of communication deficit, as is having very advanced linguistic skills but limited social language use.

The perseverative behaviors such as intricate routines, the significant difficulty adjusting to change and transition, and peculiar movements such as hand flapping or whirling are examples of repetitive and stereotypical behaviors.

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition, which was just released, lists one disorder, autism spectrum disorder (DSM-5).

Asperger’s Syndrome and Pervasive Developmental Disorder-Not Otherwise Specified are no longer included in the diagnostic category as separate diagnoses. Social Communication Disorder is a separate but similar diagnosis category in the DSM-5.

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Autism spectrum illnesses, once thought to be extremely rare, are now thought to affect as many as 1 in 59 people (one in every 59 children).

The List of Autism Schools in Arizona

Below are some of the best autism schools in Arizona. Links are provided to each of these schools, so you can learn more about them and decide if they are the best fit for your child.

Victory Autism Academy

A group of specialists committed to dealing with children on the autistic spectrum makes up the Victory Autism Academy. Their staff is very skilled in working with kids on the autism spectrum and genuinely enjoys what they do.

In addition to skill sets, they choose employees that are passionate about dealing with special students. They take satisfaction in cooperating not only with one another inside their walls but also with parents, the community, and all stakeholders. Find more information here.

Autism Academy for Education & Development West Valley Campus

Their teaching staff is prepared and qualified to provide a learning atmosphere using various and adaptable curricula, small group instruction, structured classrooms, schedules, and a range of extras to maintain students’ interest in learning.

Every day, students work together, communicate, think, experiment, and reflect. The techniques used by their personnel are intended to give students the information and abilities to make decisions, succeed academically, and open avenues for career advancement.

Academic, behavioral, and social development among AAED students is discernible. They are developing strong principles, making friends, finding work, and continuing their studies. Find more information here.

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Hope Academy for Autism

From Kindergarten through the 12th grade, this private institution offers special education to kids. They can direct each child in the appropriate manner to achieve their academic, social, and behavioral goals by meeting their individual needs. Find more information here.

PS Academy Arizona

To provide a comprehensive program for kids with autism and other special needs from kindergarten through 12th grade, PS Academy was established in 2008.

In a disciplined and pleasant learning atmosphere, they employ cutting-edge and creative teaching methods. The main objective of PS Academy is to provide what public schools are unable to. Find more information here.

Chrysalis Academy

A group of parents whose kids attended their summer school programs asked for the establishment of Chrysalis Academy, which was then known as Play ABA, in 2002. The school opened its doors in the fall of 2003 with just 7 outstanding staff members and 8 autistic students.

For children with ASD and similar conditions, Chrysalis Academy is currently a private school that has received approval from the Arizona Department of Education. They have about 50 staff members working for them and serve over 50 pupils. Chrysalis School has contracts with more than 12 different school districts to educate the children in those districts. Find more information here.

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Abbie School

Autism, ADHD, learning disabilities, OHI, or other sensory processing disorders are diagnosed in most of their students. Flexibility, specialized training, and the desire to be adored, esteemed, and accepted for who we are all benefit from an Excellent education. Find more information here.

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Beyond Autism

Instead of teaching them things that will only help them in a classroom, their goal is to teach them things that will help them in many other aspects of life.

They can concentrate on skills that have a direct influence on their capacity to participate in a variety of activities in the family, community, and workplace by switching to a functional track. Find more information here.

Other autism schools in Arizona are listed in the table below:

Arizona Autism Charter School
Lexington Life Academy K-12Website
The United SchoolWebsite
Gateway AcademyWebsite
Autism F.I.T.S. AcademyWebsite

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