12 Top Autism Schools in Colorado And Their Websites

The complex developmental impairment known as an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) affects a person’s ability to communicate and interact with others. Symptoms usually first occur in early childhood. ASD is a “spectrum condition” that affects people differently and to variable degrees. It is identified by a specific collection of behaviors.

Although there is no single known cause of autism, outcomes are considerably improved by more awareness, early detection, intervention, and access to the right services and support.

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Delay in language acquisition, difficulty maintaining eye contact or carrying on a conversation, problems with executive functioning, which is related to planning and reasoning, difficulty with narrow, intense interests, poor motor skills, and sensory sensitivity are some of the behaviors linked to autism.

Once more, a person on the spectrum may exhibit many of these behaviors, only a few, or a variety of other behaviors. The severity of each behavior is examined before the diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder is made.

From the ADDM autism prevalence report published in 2016 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in the United States, the prevalence of autism has increased to 1 in every 68 newborns, about twice as high as the rate of 1 in 125 in 2004, and to almost 1 in 54 boys, according to the report’s findings.

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As a result, there is now a national conversation about how to support families that must provide their children with lifetime services. Early prevention is essential. Take your child to the doctor immediately and start talking about it if you see anything strikingly odd about them. A lot can change with early therapy!

Autism Schools in Colorado

Below are some of the best autism schools in Colorado. Links are provided to each school’s official website, so you can learn more about the school to find out if it is the best for your child.

Temple Grandin School

More than just a school, Temple Grandin School is a community. Students can transcend their labels, build on their abilities, and fly to heights they never imagined possible in their safe, encouraging environment, which they offer.

For students with Asperger’s syndrome or other comparable learning characteristics, TGS offers a complete program to meet all their socio-academic demands. Find more information here.

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Havern School

It has been their goal for more than 50 years to support K–8 kids with learning difficulties in becoming self-assured learners who will graduate from Havern with the talents to succeed well outside of the classroom.

Their talented and caring teachers and therapists provide a thorough and cooperative team approach to meeting the complex learning demands of their student body through specialized, small-group education and integrated therapies. Find more information here.

Firefly Autism

Through education, assistance, and solutions, they are committed to honoring the lives of people with autism spectrum disorders.

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They accomplish this by creating unique, innovative programs and fostering deep, lasting connections with the people, families, and communities they serve. Find more information here.

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Halcyon School (Special Education)

Their day treatment program’s main goals are to give children a high-quality education and to offer students’ families therapeutic behavioral interventions and techniques.

To overcome obstacles to success, kids and their families work together at Halcyon to create and put into practice solutions that will ultimately help students succeed at home, at school, and in their community. Find more information here.

Cultivate Behavioral Health & Education – ABA Therapy for Autism

They work together to provide compassionate, engaging, tailored care at Cultivate Behavioral Health & Education.

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For autism therapy, they adopt a collaborative strategy. They offer effective ABA therapy that changes a child’s life while collaborating with family members and caregivers.

Their team of skilled therapists uses research-proven techniques to assist you and your family in identifying problem areas and establishing realistic treatment objectives. Find more information here.

Other autism schools in Colorado are listed in the table below:

Kishami AcademyWebsite
Aurora Special EducationWebsite
The GEM Center | ColoradoWebsite
JumpStart Autism CenterWebsite
Prospect AcademyWebsite
Humanex AcademyWebsite
Instructional Services CenterWebsite

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