Autism Schools in Columbus Ohio

12 Top Autism Schools in Columbus Ohio

ASD is a chronic developmental disease. It has an impact on how people act and engage with their surroundings.

The brain does not develop as normally in those with ASD as it does in healthy individuals. Boys and girls with ASD exhibit it in different ways.

ASD is neither an intellectual nor a mental health disability. But some ASD sufferers will also have those issues.

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Children and adults with ASD may have intellectual disabilities, normal intelligence, or high intelligence. Autistic individuals will have a variety of difficulties in addition to their talents.

Autism and Asperger’s syndrome were once considered to be different diagnoses by medical professionals. They now believe that they are all affected by autism spectrum disorder, sometimes known as ASD. Every person with ASD will have a unique experience.

The signs of ASD typically appear in infancy. However, they might not become apparent until a child is 2 or 3 years old. Occasionally, ASD is discovered much later in life.

Most ASD sufferers can pick up the necessary skills to live independently or in a supported environment. Early diagnosis and treatment are crucial, according to research.

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A late ASD diagnosis may have negative effects. Without help, growing up with ASD can have an influence on a person’s mental health, development, schooling, and social life. They might discover that they are more likely to experience violence, abuse, and bullying.

The sooner your child is diagnosed with ASD, the sooner they can start receiving support. And the more probable it is that kids will acquire life skills, social skills, and communication skills.

The List of Autism Schools in Columbus Ohio

Below are some of the top autism schools in Columbus Ohio.

Links have been provided to each school to ensure you can access their official website and decide if you want to send your kid to the school after making inquiries.

Bridgeway – Academy and Therapy Center

A typical academic year calendar is used by the full-day, private Bridgeway Academy curriculum. For children in preschool to age 21, Bridgeway Academy offers small class sizes and historically low student-to-teacher ratios, creating an unrivaled learning environment.

Students participating in the Academy have the chance to receive therapies (Speech, Music, Occupational, and Physical) during the school day through the Bridgeway Therapy Center as part of their distinctive approach. Find more information here.

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New Story Schools Columbus

A group of special education institutions in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Virginia make up New Story Schools.

For students ages 5 through 21 who are experiencing social, emotional, educational, and behavioral challenges, Rivermont Schools in Virginia, New Story Schools in Ohio, and Pennsylvania, as well as New Story Schools in Ohio, all provide an academic learning environment integrated with behavior support services.

They collaborate closely with parents, school systems, and other professionals to provide a specific program particular to each student as an alternative educational setting.

Students with significant behavioral issues and severe educational needs are educated in their schools.

They offer the assistance required to assist children and their families in writing fresh accounts of achievement and development.

Find more information here.

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Columbus Special Education

The Office of Special Education at Columbus City Schools is committed to offering academic and behavioral support to students with disabilities so they can achieve academic excellence, develop independent living skills, and be ready for the workforce or post-secondary education as they enter adulthood.

Because every student has the right to a free, appropriate education that meets their specific needs, Columbus City Schools provides services to kids with a variety of special needs.

Find more information here.

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The Learning Spectrum, Ltd.

The Learning Spectrum was founded in 2005 by two special education instructors, a parent, and a community member who recognized the need for a wide range of services for kids with an autism spectrum disorder.

The Learning Spectrum’s overarching goal is to offer families services tailored to suit the unique requirements of children with autism and related services both inside and outside of the school environment.

It now serves children at four different locations as well as private schools across the city after experiencing significant growth over the past 15 years.

Find more information here.

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Oakstone Academy Preschool

In Central Ohio, there is a superb private school called Oakstone Academy. As a premier immersion school, its mission is to offer children from preschool through grade 12 the best academic and leadership opportunities via its distinctive vision rooted in their local community.

They provide a huge selection of recreational and curricular activities. Non-Traditional students can enroll in their college-level courses, which offer live, in-person instruction in real-time.  Find more information here.

Other autism schools in Columbus Ohio are listed in the table below:

The Childhood League CenterWebsite
Gahanna Special EducationWebsite
Summit Academy Transition High SchoolWebsite
Dahlberg Learning CenterWebsite
The Future Home of Bridgeway AcademyWebsite
Acacia CenterWebsite
Westerville Special EducationWebsite

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