12 Top Autism Schools in CT to Check Out

Do you want to know more about autism and autism schools in CT? Then this article is for you. The disease known as an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), which can range in severity and manifest itself very early in a child’s development, is marked by poor social skills, communication issues, and repetitive behaviors. 

The ability of afflicted people to operate in social, intellectual, and professional situations may be hampered by these problems. Additionally, psychological issues such as anxiety, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and eating disorders are more prevalent in those with ASD.

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People with ASD begin to exhibit impaired social skills between the ages of 1 and 2; they frequently feel more at ease interacting with objects. Affected people have trouble reading and interpreting non-verbal social cues such eye contact, gestures, and body language.

Affected people have trouble understanding others’ emotions or effectively expressing their own when they are unable to perceive and use these signs.

ASD behavioral symptoms, such as diminished eye contact and social interaction, can occasionally be identified before the age of two. But the illness is frequently identified between the ages of 2 and 4, when more sophisticated social and communicative abilities, like learning to interact with others, typically start to emerge.

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Simple gestures like rocking, flapping one’s hands, or repeating words or noises are examples of repetitive behaviors in ASD (echolalia). Perseveration is the term used to describe the conduct of affected people who frequently linger on or continually express specific thoughts.

People with ASD have a tendency to be strict about their regular routines and may adamantly oppose disturbances like changes in schedule. Additionally, they could find it difficult to tolerate sensory stimuli like loud noises or bright lights.

ASD is characterized by odd behaviors, social and communication challenges, and a range of cognitive and linguistic abilities in those who are affected. While some ASD patients have ordinary to above-average IQ, most of them have mild to severe intellectual disabilities.

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Some people have certain cognitive skills—often in the fields of music, math, or memory—that far exceed their level of functioning. Some people with ASD are completely verbal while others are not.

Fluent speakers with ASD, however, frequently struggle with verbal communication. They may choose weird conversational themes, speak monotonously, or exhibit unusual vocal tics.

The List of Autism Schools in CT

Below are some of the top autism schools in CT. Links have been provided to each school to ensure you can access their official website and decide if you want to send your kid to the school after making inquiries.

Benhaven Academy & Social Learning Center

Students with developmental disabilities and autism spectrum disorders can receive educational services at Benhaven Academy. Social, communication, coping, and executive function abilities are the kids’ top demands.

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For kids who learn best in small, personalized settings, Benhaven Academy aims to offer a warm and demanding academic atmosphere. Parental representatives, officials from the school district, Academy staff, and students, if necessary, are all involved in the constant collaborative person-centered framework that shapes programs for children. Find more information here.

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River Street Autism Program – Birken Campus

Children with autism spectrum disorders aged 3 to 15 are offered rigorous year-round school-based behavioral intervention through the River Street Autism Program in Bloomfield, Connecticut.

In terms of day length (up to 8 hours) and academic year length (up to 240 days), the intensive program is highly personalized and can be tailored to satisfy IEP criteria. Find more information here.

Gengras Center

The University of Saint Joseph established The Gengras Center in 1965. It is a private, state-approved special education school that serves kids with exceptional needs aged 5 to 21 and acts as a training ground for USJ’s education and social services majors. Find more information here.

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Solterra Academy

Students aged 5 to 21, who need intense intervention due to emotional, behavioral, cognitive, developmental, and/or learning issues can receive comprehensive special education services at Solterra Academy, a therapeutic day school.

Autism Spectrum Disorders, Developmental Disabilities, Emotional Disturbance, Multiple Disabilities, Specific Learning Disabilities, Traumatic Brain Injury, and Other Health Impairments are among the disabilities that are served. Find more information here.

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Intensive Education Academy

The goal of IEA is to provide a supportive and personalized learning environment so that every student can realize their full potential.

As distinct people, students are taught to accept and value themselves in a learning atmosphere that will inspire, challenge, and fulfill each student. Students are encouraged to realize their innate potential through assessment and the creation of tailored education programs to get ready for the future. In a friendly and encouraging environment, IEA fosters a love of learning. Find more information here.

Other autism schools in CT are listed in the table below:

Focus Center for Autism – Fresh Start SchoolWebsite
ACES Center for Autism Spectrum and Development DisordersWebsite
Meliora AcademyWebsite
Stamford Education 4 AutismWebsite
Futures SchoolWebsite
Ben Bronz AcademyWebsite
Woodhouse AcademyWebsite

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