12 Best Autism Schools in Georgia You Must Know

Autism is a neurological variation in humans that is genetically based. Current research suggests that the main difference between autistic and non-autistic neurology is that autistic brains are distinguished by particularly high levels of synaptic connectivity and responsiveness.

The complex set of interrelated traits that distinguish autistic neurology from non-autistic neurology is not yet fully understood.

In this article, we consider the best autism schools in Georgia but before that, we learn a thing or two about autism.

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This makes the subjective experience of an autistic person more intense and chaotic than that of a non-autistic person because the autistic mind tends to register more information on both the sensorimotor and cognitive levels, and the impact of each piece of information tends to be both stronger and less predictable.

Since autism is a developmental disorder, it starts in utero and affects development on many different levels across the lifespan. Autism causes individuals to think, move, interact, and process sensory and cognitive information in distinctive, unusual ways.

One comparison that is frequently used is that people with autism have a different neurological “operating system” than people without the disorder.

There are currently between 1% and 2% of autistic people in the globe, according to estimates. Even though the number of people receiving an autistic diagnosis has been rising steadily over the past few decades, evidence points to an increase in public and professional knowledge of autism rather than a rise in the prevalence of the disorder itself.

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Despite having same neurological underpinnings, autistic people differ greatly from one another. Some autistic people have remarkable cognitive abilities.

However, autistic people are nearly always impaired to some extent, sometimes rather visibly and other times more subtly, in a society that is built to meet the sensory, cognitive, developmental, and social demands of non-autistic people.

One setting where autistic people frequently experience disability is social situations. The sensory worldview of a kid with autism is more intense and disorganized than that of a child without autism, and as a result, the continual job of navigating and integrating that worldview consumes more of the autistic child’s attention and energy.

The youngster with autism, therefore, has less attention and energy to devote to concentrating on the complexities of social interaction. The social rejection that arises from struggling to live up to non-autistics social expectations exacerbates social challenges and prevents social growth.

Because of this, folks who are unaware of the fact that social difficulties faced by autistic people are just effects of the intense and chaotic character of autistic sensory and cognitive experience frequently mistake autism for being fundamentally a collection of “social and communication deficiencies.”

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The neurodiversity paradigm, which contends that autism and other neurocognitive variances are merely part of the natural spectrum of human biodiversity, much like variations in ethnicity or sexual orientation, has challenged the widespread belief that autism is a “disease” in recent years (which have also been pathologized in the past).

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In the end, classifying autism as a diagnosis is more of a matter of opinion than actual science.

Best Autism Schools in Georgia

Below are some of the best autism schools in Georgia. Links are provided so you can learn about each school and decide which is best for your child.

Alexsander Academy

The academic success and social and emotional independence of children with learning difficulties and special needs are encouraged at the fully accredited and specialized Alexsander Academy.

Their teachers personalize the academic curriculum and provide individualized social, emotional, and independent support for each student rather than concentrating on programs. By being flexible, they can meet students right where they are and guide them in the direction, we know they can go. Find more information here.

Matthew Reardon Center for Autism

The Matthew Reardon Center for Autism is a distinctive institution in Savannah, Georgia that provides preschools for all young children, including those with autism, and a certified, ABA-based year-round day school for autistic kids, teens, and young adults.

Their academies are cutting-edge, fact-based learning settings where each child is respected and cherished. Additionally, their advocacy team supports self-advocates and families in southeast Georgia who have children with special needs. Find more information here.

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The Hirsch Academy

Hirsch students have sensory, motor, and communication difficulties, therefore their learning and communication needs frequently call for novel and ground-breaking methods. They never let a student’s differences act as a roadblock to their education.

The Hirsch Academy’s educational ethos is founded on the idea that individual diversity ought to be acknowledged, nurtured, and appreciated. Find more information here.

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MDE School

A K–12 non-profit private special needs school, MDE School helps students with developmental impairments who struggle in a conventional classroom. By offering specialized instruction, enrichment opportunities, and training in life skills in a caring setting, they assist individuals with special needs in realizing their full potential. Find more information here.

ClearWater Academy

For kids with learning disabilities, ClearWater Academy is a private, 501(c)(3) cutting-edge school. ClearWater Academy is a leader and innovator in the state of Georgia and a nationwide model for how students with learning difficulties should be educated. It is in Fayette County, south of Atlanta between Tyrone and Peachtree City.

Each student’s education at ClearWater Academy is individually personalized. To allow, enhance, and enrich students’ education and lifelong skills, it blends cutting-edge, research-based advancements in education with assistive technology, social-emotional growth, career guidance, and therapies. Find more information here.

Other top autism schools in Georgia are listed in the table below:

Special Needs Schools of GwinnettWebsite
New Heights AcademyWebsite
Cumberland Academy of GeorgiaWebsite
The Lionheart SchoolWebsite
Benjamin AcademyWebsite
Joseph Sams SchoolWebsite
Jacob’s Ladder SchoolWebsite

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