Autism Schools in London

25 Top Autism Schools in London: Complete Guide

Parents of children with autism are no different from other parents in wanting the finest education for their children.

There are special education programs for kids of all ages, regardless of whether you’ve known for a while that your child is on the autistic spectrum or just got the news.

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For many years, many autistic children were not given the help they required in conventional classrooms.

Most frequently, this was brought on by a dearth of knowledge and resources.

So, is a school that specializes on autism the answer? We get to find out in this article, as we also find out about the best autism schools in London.

Autism and Its Symptoms

A discrepancy in a child’s brain development is caused by autism spectrum disorder. Children with autism may struggle to comprehend their surroundings.

A child with autism may struggle:

  • Conversing and discovering word meanings.

  • Forming friendships or blending in.

  • Adjusting to changes such as tasting new meals, having a sub in the classroom, or having objects moved from their usual locations.

  • Dealing with a crowded environment or loud noises.

Additionally, children may flail their hands or move in odd ways or repeat the same actions (like saying the same word).

A child with autism may struggle somewhat or significantly with these tasks. Some children need very little aid, while others may require a lot of assistance with learning and performing daily tasks.

Causes and Diagnosis of Autism in Children

People with autism are born with it. Nobody is certain of the actual cause. It most likely has to do with a child’s DNA and additional factors that alter how the brain develops.

At every examination, doctors look for indicators of autism in infants and young children. A parent might inform the doctor if they believe something is wrong. The youngster can be old enough to speak yet is silent. Or a child plays in an unusual style or doesn’t seem interested in other children.

When a doctor suspects a child may have autism, a team of specialists is assembled to determine whether the child actually has autism or not.

Autism cannot be cured, although treatment has a significant impact. The younger the child is when treatment begins, the better.

Children can learn to talk, play, and study with the assistance of doctors, therapists, and special education teachers. Additionally, therapists assist children in learning how to share, take turns, and get along.

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Advantages & Disadvantages of Specialized Schools for Autistic Kids

Whether your child is neurotypical or on the autism spectrum, you want the finest education possible for them. Autism-specific specialized schools provide a distinctive educational experience that many families find appealing.

Many public schools, however, are changing how they educate autistic children, mainstreaming them into regular classrooms with individualized help rather than segregating these students into special education programs.

These choices present parents with challenging decisions because they each have advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider a specialized school in case you are having trouble choosing.

  • Children with autism receive particular care and specific attention. They are able to provide a customized program to support your child’s education and personal development because of its smaller class sizes and committed autism community.

  • Classes are frequently smaller, allowing students to concentrate on their skills and areas of interest. Smaller class sizes can aid in reducing additional anxiety or excitement that may often result from a crowded classroom in addition to giving each student a better level of attention.

  • Specialists with extensive training are available to children. The specialists are qualified to give your child the care that will benefit them.

  • Children have access to resources that adults would not often have, which can significantly impact how they develop. The growth of your children is crucial to their education. The resources offered will ensure that each educational requirement is met for your child to be successful.

  • They will benefit more from their educational experience because they won’t have to spend as much time concentrating on the social interactions of their neuro-typical peers. This gives your youngster the freedom to devote the majority of their attention to learning new information through educational programs.

Cons of an Autism-Specific School

  • Your child’s requirements won’t be met by all schools, so you’ll need to partner with an autism school that provides a wide range of programs and resources. Additionally, not all schools have teachers that have the requisite patience to teach your child. This is just another aspect to think about.

  • If they don’t collaborate with a group that recognizes their difficulties and supports them in overcoming them, children cannot learn to adjust to certain conditions as readily as they would if they did.

Also, keep in mind how crucial it is for your child to grow up in a community that encourages them to learn how to adapt to problems they may face in the real world. To aid in your child’s social development, make sure they are exposed to peers and age-appropriate role models.

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The List of Autism Schools in London

Consider enrolling your autistic child at a school that only accepts students on the spectrum if they are not succeeding in regular education classes.

Special education is a fantastic option if your child has issues, your child’s teacher has raised worries, or you want your child to experience a more immersed, inclusive school environment. Below are the best autism schools in London.

Park House School (A Beyond Autism School)

Address: 48 North Side Wandsworth Common, London SW18 2SL, United Kingdom

Find out more information here.

Tram House School (A Beyond Autism School)

Address: 520 Garratt Lane, London SW17 0NY, United Kingdom

Find out more information here.

The Holmewood School Lower School

Address: 88 Woodside Park Rd, London N12 8SH, United Kingdom

Find out more information here.

Kestrel House School

Address: 104 Crouch Hill, London N8 9EA, United Kingdom

Find out more information here.

TreeHouse School

Address: The Pears National Centre for Autism Education, Woodside Ave, London N10 3JA, United Kingdom

Find out more information here.

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Netley Primary School and Centre for Autism

Address: Netley Campus, 74 Stanhope St, London NW1 3EX, United Kingdom

Find out more information on their website.

The Bridge SEN School

Address: 148-150 &, 167 Old Kent Rd, London SE1 5TY, United Kingdom

Find out more information here.

Abingdon House School & College

Address: Broadley Terrace, London NW1 6LG, United Kingdom

Find out more information here.

Snowflake School

Address: 46a Longridge Rd, London SW5 9SJ, United Kingdom

Find out more information here.

Leaways School

Address: 18 Theydon Rd, London E5 9NZ, United Kingdom

Find out more information here.

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Queensmill School

Address: Askham Family Centre, 1 Askham Rd, London W12 0NW, United Kingdom

Find out more information here.

Octavia House Schools, London – Vauxhall

Address: Vauxhall St, London SE11 5LG, United Kingdom

Find out more information here.

Ambitious College

Address: Clyde Rd, London N15 4FY, United Kingdom

Find out more information here.

Side by Side Special School

Address: 9 Big Hill, London E5 9HH, United Kingdom

Find out more information here.

Burlington House School

Address: Bishop’s Ave, London SW6 6EG, United Kingdom

Find out more information here.

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TCES North West London

Address: 85 Old Oak Common Ln, London W3 7DD, United Kingdom

Find out more information here.

Roehampton Gate School

Address: Priory Ln, London SW15 5JJ, United Kingdom

Find out more information here.

Haymerle School

Address: Haymerle Rd, London SE15 6SY, United Kingdom

Find out more information here.

Centre Academy London

Address: Haymerle Rd, London SE15 6SY, United Kingdom

Find out more information here.

Aurora House

Address: 22 Kennington Park Gardens, London SE11 4AX, United Kingdom

Find out more information here.

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Eagle Park School

Address: Park Pl, Chiswick, London W3 8JY, United Kingdom

Find out more information here.

The Grove School

Address: Downhills Park Rd, London N17 6AR, United Kingdom

Find out more information here.

Brick Lane School

Address: Bacon St, London E2 6DY, United Kingdom

Find out more information here.

Oakleigh School

Address: 280 Oakleigh Rd N, London N20 0DH, United Kingdom

Find out more information here.

Cavendish School

Address: Lady Gomm House, 58 Hawkstone Rd, London SE16 2PA, United Kingdom

Find out more information here.

How to Cope With Autistic Children

It can be physically, financially, and emotionally taxing to care for a child with autism. There are physical aches and pains associated with managing autistic fits, therapy sessions that can occasionally cost a “arm and a leg,” as well as the emotional turmoil of having to witness your child battle the grim realities of autism, sometimes with no hope in sight.

These all have the potential to induce tiredness and pessimism. While it’s necessary to understand your child’s special needs and to provide them all the love they deserve, it’s also crucial to maintain your own stability, health, and wellness.


Everyone needs a healthy outlet for uncomfortable feelings because suppressed anger, fear, worry, sadness, etc. can be a major barrier to mental health.

Repression has been connected to a number of illnesses, including Asthma, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, and general poor health, in addition to the accumulation of stress.

When you’re feeling overwhelmed, it’s alright to cry; holding it in may worsen the situation. Take the vacation you need, and give the wall your fists if you need to! Simply let it go!

Reinvent, Refocus & Then Re-fire

Boredom is a drawback to your daily schedule and child care schedule that is just as problematic as stress. You must maintain your inspiration and optimism to avoid losing your fervor to boredom.

Try to add some spice to your life by doing something for yourself: traveling, reading, visiting with an old friend, trying a new recipe, learning a new skill, etc.

The objective of this is to rekindle your inner fire and give you a renewed sense of devotion to seeing your child get better, not to make you forget about your difficulties. When caring for a person with autism, keep in mind that every child requires love and care, therefore don’t forget your inner child.

Get Professional Assistance

You probably need counseling as well, not only for your autistic child or patient. Your comfort and appropriate perspective on things, including the reality that autism is not a death sentence, can be found through counseling.

It is a neurological difference, and with the right treatment, your child can be encouraged to develop greater independence and autonomy. You must hear this from a person in a position of authority if you want to relax.

Assign To a Support Group

As much empathy is required for parents, guardians, and carers as for the people on the spectrum they are looking after. No one can relate to you when things get difficult more than people who have been in your position; they know the agony and pressure of what you are going through like no one else can.

You can learn a lot from the encounters and perceptions individuals who have come before you have made while navigating the complex world of autism.

Be a Little Vulnerable

When you feel overwhelmed, don’t be hesitant to share your struggles with your loved ones. Avoid coming off as distant while presenting a strong, independent image. Whenever they offer to help, accept it.

It’s crucial to understand that you can succumb to the stress of raising a child with autism; trying to handle everything on your own can eventually result in burnout, and as we’ve previously covered, stress is an enemy in this environment. Your child or ward needs you, therefore you really don’t have the luxury of “breaking down.”

Can Autistic Children Go To Normal Schools in the UK?

Every child’s life revolves around education, but in England, too many autistic children do not receive the assistance and education they require. Although there are special schools available, 71% of autistic children attend regular schools.

How Much Do Special Needs Schools Cost UK?

In London, a day school for dyslexics may cost you £30,000 a year. In the provinces, a residential SEN school for a child with autism may cost between £60,000 and £100,000 per year.

What Age Is Autism Most Common UK?

Even though many parents claim to have noticed indicators before the age of two years, it is uncommon for health professionals to make an autism diagnosis before this. The average age of diagnosis, according to a significant UK study, was over 5 years old.

Why is Autism So Common Now?

The prevalence of autism is rising globally as a result of significant advancements in public education and public health initiatives. Even underrepresented regions like Africa and the Middle East have improved their abilities to measure the frequency of autism. Children are now more likely to be diagnosed sooner.

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