Autism Schools in Melbourne

15 Top Autism Schools in Melbourne: What They Offer

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a lifelong condition that affects 1 in 100 Australian children, impacting a comparable number of Australian families.

Autism Schools in Melbourne strive to address these needs and even more. In this article, you will find 15 top autism schools in Melbourne and what they offer.

The Australian Medical Association defines autism as “developmental disabilities marked by significant challenges in social interaction, communication difficulties, limited and repetitive interests and behaviors, as well as heightened sensory sensitivities.” 

ASD is a term acknowledging that the challenges related to autism exist on a spectrum, affecting individuals to varying extents.

Melbourne, a vibrant Australian city, is home to a variety of specialized schools dedicated to supporting children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

These Autism Schools in Melbourne provide tailored educational programs and a nurturing environment for students with unique learning needs.

15 Top Autism Schools in Melbourne

  • Southern Autistic School 
  • Giant Steps Melbourne 
  • Western Autistic School
  • Jacana School for Autism
  • Northern School For Autism 
  • Puzzle Box Academy 
  • Autism Partnership Melbourne
  • Kamaruka Education Centre 
  • Jennings Street School 
  • Lyrebird College
  • Autism Specific Early Learning and Care Centre (ASELCC)
  • Belmore School
  • The Currajong School 
  • Coburg Special Development School 
  • Sunshine Special Developmental School

Southern Autistic School 

Southern Autistic School (SAS) is a specialized institution dedicated to the education of children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and notable language deficits. 

The school’s primary mission is to deliver evidence-based educational programs tailored to meet the unique learning needs of children with ASD.

SAS currently serves approximately 290 students ranging in age from 3 to 18 years and operates with small class sizes of six to ten students, each with an individualized learning plan. 

The teaching staff at SAS consists of class teachers who are supported by teaching assistants. Additionally, speech pathologists contribute to the development of individualized communication programs, while occupational therapists complement the comprehensive educational team. 

Contact Info: 

  • Visit the Website: 
  • Phone: (03) 9563 8139
  • Email: 
  • Address: Southern Autistic School, 12 Margaretta Street, Bentleigh East Vic 3165

Giant Steps Melbourne 

Giant Steps Melbourne was established in Kew in January 2016, initially serving a cohort of 11 children, in response to a significant demand for specialized education for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in Victoria,

Giant Steps Melbourne operates with a trans-disciplinary team that provides comprehensive support from Foundation to Year 12. 

This team includes teachers and therapists specializing in Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, and Music Therapy. 

Together, they design and implement innovative and personalized education and therapy programs for each student, aligning with the Victorian Curriculum and encompassing all key learning areas.

Contact Info: 

  • Visit the Website:
  • Phone: +61 3 9853 9578
  • Email: 
  • Address: Giant Steps Melbourne, 11 Malmsbury Street, Kew VIC 3101

Western Autistic School 

Western Autistic School is a government-funded institution that offers an early years program catering to over 400 young children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, ranging from Prep to Grade 3 (ages 4.5-9).

Their primary focus is to prepare students for successful integration into more diverse educational settings. They achieve this by emphasizing functional communication, social-emotional development, language skills, literacy, and numeracy. 

Their approach involves intensive and personalized teaching at the beginning of each child’s schooling journey, enabling them to apply these skills in integrated settings. The school’s Inclusive Education Teacher (Outreach) supports students in their transition to these mainstream schools.

The school operates with teaching teams supported by expert therapists, working closely with small groups of children. They develop individualized learning plans for each student, created in collaboration with the child, parents, and the teaching team.

Contact Info: 

  • Visit the Website: 
  • Phone: (03) 9097 2000
  • Address: Western Autistic School, 1 Burnley Street Laverton VIC 3028

Jacana School for Autism 

Jacana School for Autism, a Victorian State Government specialist school, is dedicated to serving the educational needs of students with Autism. 

Established in 2013 to address the growing demand for Autism-specific education in North Western Victoria, the school currently enrolls 212 primary, middle, and secondary students aged 5 to 18, with classrooms consisting of eight students of similar age.

The school’s multidisciplinary team includes speech and occupational therapists, specialist teachers, leading teachers, and a school psychologist, all working collaboratively to provide a comprehensive education program. 

This program features differentiated learning across core curriculum areas tailored to each child’s abilities and needs.

Contact Info: 

  • Visit the Website:
  • Phone: 03 9309 6258
  • Address: Jacana School for Autism, 19 – 39 Landy Road, Jacana Victoria 3047

Northern School For Autism 

The Northern School of Autism is dedicated to achieving excellence in education and support for its students. Their primary goal is to empower students to reach their personal and educational potential, fostering their roles as valuable contributors to both family and community life.

The school structures class groups with around eight to ten students of similar age but grouped based on developmental and educational needs. 

Staff work collaboratively to provide support, with teachers overseeing the design, delivery, and evaluation of classroom activities. 

This collaborative effort extends to speech and occupational therapists, specialist teachers, and leading teachers, who work together in teams of two or three within each classroom.

To facilitate educational programs, the school offers a range of specialized services such as speech pathology and occupational therapy, along with access to student well-being staff. 

These services are integrated into classroom settings, promoting a collaborative and consistent therapeutic approach led by both teachers and therapists.

Contact Info: 

  • Visit the Website: 
  • Phone: 03 9462 5990 / 03 9460 8058
  • Email: 
  • Address: 16-18 Gertz Avenue, Reservoir VIC 3073

Puzzle Box Academy 

Puzzle Box Academy, located in Melbourne, Florida, specializes in providing tailored educational experiences for children facing exceptional developmental challenges such as ADHD, Autism, and special needs. 

Their approach is dedicated to unlocking the full social and academic potential of each child.

In addition to its primary offerings, Puzzle Box Academy extends its educational and social programs to junior and senior high students through its Legacy High campus in Melbourne. 

These programs are designed with a strong focus on individualization, allowing students to follow personalized education tracks. 

Contact Info: 

  • Visit the Website:
  • Phone:: 321-345-4232
  • Email:
  • Address: 125 East Nasa Blvd Melbourne, FL 32901

 Autism Partnership Melbourne

Autism Partnership is a prominent provider of therapy and assistance for children diagnosed with autism. 

With a dedicated commitment to fostering independence and opportunities for every child, they have been supporting autistic children and their families for over 24 years.

Their approach is grounded in evidence-based therapy and services, encompassing early intervention programs for children with autism, starting from their early years and extending into their school life. 

The primary objective is to deliver personalized and collaborative therapy and support, ensuring each child has the essential foundation and tools to achieve developmental milestones and cultivate a lifelong love of learning. 

Autism Partnership places great emphasis on collaborating with families to establish practical and meaningful goals that can be integrated into everyday life.

Contact Info: 

  • Visit the Website: 
  • Phone: 1300227981
  • Address: 27-31 Munster Terrace, North Melbourne, VIC 3051

Kamaruka Education Centre

Established more than two decades ago, Kamaruka stands as an independent and specialized school dedicated to educating neurodivergent boys. 

Their core mission revolves around cultivating a secure and nurturing environment that fosters students’ ability to establish respectful relationships with others.

Kamaruka primarily caters to neurodivergent students from Year 2 to Year 10, including those with conditions like ADHD, ASD, ADD, OCD, ODD, and more. 

Key features of Kamaruka’s educational approach include small class sizes, specialized programs tailored to individual needs, and a commitment to creating positive learning experiences for their students.

Contact Info: 

  • Visit the Website: 
  • Phone: 0398260330
  • Email: 
  • Address: 52 River Street South Yarra

 Jennings Street School

Jennings Street School is a specialized institution catering to students from Prep to Year 12, with a primary focus on Autism. 

Established in 2015, Jennings Street School quickly reached its full enrollment capacity of 120 students in 2017. 

The school has a detailed Enrolment Policy outlining eligibility criteria. Its staff includes teachers, support personnel, and a multidisciplinary team of therapists working together to address the diverse needs of the students.

The school is organized into three learning centers, each tailored to students as they progress through various learning stages. It offers specialized programs in Physical Education, Art, Music, and an innovative STEAM Program. 

These programs evolve to equip students with skills and knowledge for post-school life. Jennings Street School embraces the Positive Behavior Support Framework to foster a safe and collaborative culture.

Contact Info: 

  • Visit the Website: 
  • Phone: 03 9360 9322
  • Email: 
  • Address: 4 Jennings St, Laverton VIC 3028

Lyrebird College

Lyrebird College, located in Coldstream within the Yarra Ranges, is an independent school with a primary mission to excel in educating children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, from foundation to year 10.

The school specializes in providing the utmost support for children with diverse needs and strives to offer them a high-quality education with a strong focus on achieving meaningful outcomes. 

Their educational approach is facilitated by a team of expert staff members and centers around a tailored Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) program, representing a significant step forward in their commitment to providing comprehensive support.

Contact info: 

  • Visit the website: 
  • Address: 5/12 Kelso Street, Coldstream, Vic, 3770, P.O. Box 254
  • Phone: 0407 175 507

Autism Specific Early Learning and Care Centre (ASELCC)

The Autism Specific Early Learning and Care Centre (ASELCC) is dedicated to meeting the needs of children with autism and their families through an inclusive and evidence-based program. Their approach involves a professional team supporting each child’s potential.

Located within a Community Children’s Centre on a scenic University Campus with bushland, ASELCC has achieved an ‘exceeding’ rating in the National Quality Standard. Their emphasis lies in inclusive practices, play-based teaching, and incorporating daily routines.

A specialized team consisting of teachers, educators, allied health clinicians, and researchers provides education and care across essential developmental areas, using the Early Start Denver Model (ESDM), a play-based and relationship-based approach. 

Contact Info: 

  • Visit the Website:
  • Phone: (03) 9479 2122
  • Email: 
  • Address: Bundoora VIC 3083, Australia

Belmore School

Belmore School, located in Balwyn, Melbourne, is a government specialist school focused on providing expert education, care, and support for students aged 5 – 18 with various disabilities, including physical and intellectual disabilities, autism, visual impairment, or complex health issues.

Their comprehensive learning program, aligned with the Victorian Curriculum, fosters intellectual, physical, and emotional development in each student. 

Belmore School’s mission is to enhance students’ independence, competence, and confidence across functional and behavioral aspects of daily life.

The school’s dedicated staff, including highly qualified teachers, collaborate with a multidisciplinary team to deliver personalized and engaging learning experiences for these special students.

Contact Info: 

  • Visit the Website: 
  • Phone: 03 9859 8762
  • Email: 
  • Address: Belmore School 49 Stroud Street, Balwyn VIC 3103

The Currajong School 

The Currajong School in East Malvern, Melbourne, serves a wide area and offers specialized education for primary-aged students with social, emotional, and behavioral needs. Founded in 1974, it fosters a community atmosphere and provides an inclusive, positive learning environment.

The school focuses on excellence in specialist education, integrating digital pedagogies, and promoting lifelong learning. Dedicated teachers and strong parent-school partnerships contribute to students’ success.

Programs emphasize English, Mathematics, and diverse specialist subjects, encouraging analytical, creative, and reflective thinking. The school aims to prepare students for the new millennium while supporting those with social, emotional, and behavioral disorders.

Contact Info: 

  • Visit the website: 
  • Phone: (03) 95717869
  • Email: 
  • Address: 90 Darling Road, East Malvern, VIC 3145

Coburg Special Development School

Coburg SDS is a dynamic Special Developmental School located in Melbourne’s North Western region. 

They offer a friendly and caring environment that supports the learning, personal growth, and well-being of students with moderate to profound intellectual disabilities, sensory and physical impairments, and autism spectrum disorder.

The school serves families from the northern and western suburbs, focusing on building students’ independence, communication, and relationships. 

Coburg SDS employs a child-centered learning approach, fostering active participation in the school and broader community. They prioritize preparing students for life after school and creating a positive, safe, and engaging learning environment.

Contact Info: 

  • Visit the Website: 
  • Phone : (03) 9354 4366  
  • Email: 
  • Address: 187-195 Gaffney St, Coburg VIC 3058 Australia 

Sunshine Special Developmental School

Sunshine SDS is an educational facility catering to children with complex needs, enrolling 200 students with moderate to severe intellectual disabilities. 

They emphasize student-centered, inclusive learning environments, believing that all students can excel when given the right support and resources 

The school community shares a vision of excellence in education for every student, striving to provide top-notch facilities, resources, and teaching staff. 

The staff members of the school are committed, experienced, and well-qualified to ensure that each student’s educational program is tailored to their individual needs and that students are actively engaged in learning. 

Individualized learning plans, developed collaboratively with parents/guardians, guide each student’s educational journey, ensuring tailored support and monitoring of progress.

Contact Info: 

  • Visit the Website: 
  • Phone : (03) 9311 4804
  • Email: 
  • Address: Sunshine Special Developmental School – 5267, Ivory Crt, Sunshine West, VIC 3020


In Melbourne, autism schools play a crucial role in empowering children with ASD to reach their full potential. 

These institutions offer not only education but also a sense of belonging, understanding, and the promise of a brighter future for both students and their families.

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