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12 Top Autism Schools in Oregon You Must Know

Welcome! Join us as we explore educational options for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in Oregon.

This article serves as a guide to explore these special needs schools in Oregon, highlighting their offerings and providing direct links to their websites. 

Autism schools are specialized educational institutions that cater to the specific needs of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). 

In Oregon, families of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) have access to specialized educational institutions that cater to their unique needs. 

Autism schools in Oregon provide comprehensive programs and support services designed to enhance the academic, social, and emotional development of students with ASD. 

These special needs schools in Oregon provide tailored programs, therapies, and support services to help students with ASD excel academically and develop social and life skills.

Let us have a look at some of these top autism schools in Oregon and know what they offer to students and their families. 

The List of Top Autism Schools in Oregon: 

Portland Autism Center

Portland Autism Center, LLC Works with teens and adults with high-functioning autism and related conditions.

This center provides treatment services for adolescents and adults on the autism spectrum with co-occurring conditions including anxiety, depression, ADHD, and executive functioning challenges.  

They are dedicated to meeting the needs of children and their families, by providing psychological treatment, therapy, and autism-specific evaluations for teenagers and adults with high-functioning autism (ASD Level 1-2). 

Visit The Website for more information. 

Park Academy

Park Academy is a special needs school in Oregon offering programs and academic curricula specifically designed for students with dyslexia and special needs.

With the use of evidence-based methods Park Academy handles students who struggle with Dyslexia / Language Processing Difficulties, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Executive Functioning / Organization, Memory Processing, and Processing Speed Difficulties

They aim to empower students with diverse learning challenges to reach their highest individual potential. Visit The Website for more information. 

Trillium Charter School

Trillium Charter School is a special needs school in Oregon. They offer an inclusive education program for students with diverse learning needs, including those with autism. 

The school is focused on project-based learning, differentiated instruction, social-emotional development, and individualized support services.

They strive to create an academically rigorous, constructivist learning environment that engages each student’s unique spirit and intellect. Students work independently, and in small groups, engage in whole-class discussions, and have daily opportunities to learn.

Visit the Website for more information.

The Bridgeway House

Bridgeway House is a nonprofit organization that offers treatments, developmental therapies, enrichment courses, and support to children and families of all income levels with autism and related abilities. 

Programs are designed to help diverse groups of children meet the challenges of living with autism as well as help their parents and caregivers too.

Services include ABA therapies, social skills groups, academic support, developmental therapies, enrichment courses, support to children and families, parent education and support, and more. 

Visit the Website for more information.

Serendipity Center

Serendipity Center is a therapeutic school in Oregon that offers treatment services to children with special needs. 

The school has a goal of equipping students with the knowledge and strategies they need to continue learning throughout their lives.

They offer special education programs with 4 core areas of primary focus on emotional and behavioral growth. This includes; Education, Transition, Mental Health, and Wellness.

Visit The Website for more information. 

Adventures with Autism

Adventures with Autism is an ABA therapy center for children with autism In Oregon. 

This autism center in Oregon offers focused ABA therapy led by Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs). These autism specialists teach the skills children with autism need to succeed.

These services include social skills groups, adapted activity groups, sensory activities for kids with autism, sensory-sensitive community events for children with autism, IEP and school consultations, parent training, and support.

Visit The Website for more information.

Centennial School District Autism Program

Centennial School District Autism Program is a district-based program that serves students with autism. 

They provide specialized instruction, social skills development, communication support, and behavioral interventions within the inclusive school setting.

The Centennial School District provides oversight and leadership for various student support functions, such as counseling, social work, and nursing. 

This program also supports the community of parents by addressing concerns and providing information on various topics within the realm of student support. Visit for more information.

Learning Tree Farm School

Learning Tree Farm School is an inclusive educational program that serves students with autism and other learning differences. 

They offer hands-on learning experiences, personalized instruction, social-emotional support, and therapeutic interventions.

They host and educate school children, homeschool groups, parent groups, gardening clubs, families, and community members of all ages throughout the year with a variety of events. Visit the Website for more information.

Victory Academy

Victory Academy (Victory) is a private school, serving children, teens, and young adults affected by Autism and related learning differences.

They offer comprehensive, educational, and therapeutic programs, achieved through customized academic plans. 

The victory also offers additional therapies and courses, specifically designed to meet the learning profiles of students with Autism (age 7-21).

Some of which include: 

  • Applied Behavior Analysis

  • Adapted Physical Education

  • Alternative and Augmentative Communication

  • Development/Occupational Therapy and Physical therapy 

Visit The Website for more information.

Edison High School

Edison High School is a special need private school in Oregon serving students with complex learning differences or learning disabilities. 

Edison High School offers individualized support that meets each student’s unique needs and maximizes their ability to learn. 

Visit The Website for more information.

Seven Stars

Seven Stars is an autism boarding school in Oregon, helping teens ages 13-17. They are focused on providing therapeutic support for autism spectrum disorder, processing issues, and ADHD. 

Students are provided with a nurturing environment where they can work towards reaching their goals and feeling successful. This is alongside a wide range of academic activities tailored to individual needs. 

Visit The Website for more information.

New Focus Academy 

New Focus Academy, is an autism school in Oregon that helps teenagers ages 13-17 that are struggling with autism spectrum disorder and other developmental disorders. 

This school addresses each student’s specific needs and strengths for an individualized treatment plan. 

With skilled professionals, they support the needs of teens on the spectrum, providing a compassionate and safe environment for teens with neurodevelopmental disorders.

Programs range from Academics to Coaching, Therapy, and more. Visit The Website for more information. 

How do autism schools in Oregon differ from traditional schools?

Autism schools in Oregon are specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of students with ASD.

They offer individualized instruction, specialized curricula, behavior management strategies, and therapies aimed at developing academic skills, social interactions, and independence.

Are there any financial assistance or scholarship options available for families seeking autism schools in Oregon?

Some autism schools in Oregon may offer financial assistance or scholarships. It’s recommended to inquire directly with the schools or explore organizations that provide funding support for children with special needs.

What is the typical student-to-teacher ratio in autism schools?

The student-to-teacher ratio can vary among autism schools in Oregon. However, many schools strive to maintain small class sizes and low student-to-teacher ratios to provide individualized attention and support to students with autism.

Do autism schools in Oregon provide support for transitioning students to post-secondary education or employment?

Many autism schools in Oregon offer transition support services to help students with autism successfully transition to post-secondary education, vocational training, or employment.

These services may include career exploration, job skills training, and guidance for accessing community resources.

Can parents or guardians be actively involved in the education and therapy process at autism schools?

Yes, the involvement of parents or guardians is often encouraged and valued in autism schools. Schools may offer opportunities for parental participation, such as parent education workshops, collaborative goal-setting, and regular communication channels between school staff and families.

Are autism schools inclusive or separate from mainstream education?

Autism schools in Oregon can vary in their educational models.

Some schools may offer inclusive programs where students with autism are integrated into mainstream classrooms with appropriate support.

Others may provide specialized separate classrooms or programs specifically for students with autism.


In Oregon, autism schools play a crucial role in addressing the unique educational needs of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). 

These schools offer comprehensive programs, therapeutic interventions, and individualized instruction to support students with ASD in their academic, social, and emotional growth.

By exploring the websites of these schools, families and individuals can gain valuable insights and make informed decisions regarding the most suitable educational options.

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