Autism Schools in Pennsylvania

16 Top Autism Schools in Pennsylvania: Best Guide

Autism Schools in Pennsylvania offer tailored programs and services to address the unique needs of students with autism, helping them achieve their full potential.

This article provides an overview of the Top Autism Schools in Pennsylvania, along with links to their respective websites, so you can access further information.

Upon enrollment at Autism School in Pennsylvania, students receive a personalized program designed to meet their specific needs and achieve the goals outlined in their Individualized Education Program (IEP). 

Small class sizes are maintained and they offer one-on-one support to students, while also providing opportunities for social skill development through group learning. 

In addition to incorporating Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) programs into each child’s program, Autism Schools in Pennsylvania also collaborates with Speech-Language Pathologists and Occupational Therapists to address additional needs. 

Autism schools in Pennsylvania play a vital role in providing specialized education and support for individuals on the autism spectrum. Read on to find out more. 

The List of Top Autism Schools in Pennsylvania:

The Pathway School 

The Pathway School is a nonprofit private special education school that caters to students with special needs, including those on the autism spectrum. 

They provide comprehensive educational programs, behavioral interventions, speech therapy, occupational therapy, and transition services.

Pathway serves students ages 5–21 with mild to moderate Autism Spectrum Disorder, intellectual and significant learning disabilities, emotional challenges, and neurological impairments such as ADHD or Mood and Anxiety Disorders. 

Pathways special education and therapeutic professionals support individual students to acquire practical life skills to help them thrive in their communities now as children, and later as adults.

Visit the Website for more details. 

The Benchmark School 

Benchmark School is an independent school for children who have been diagnosed with dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, auditory processing, or other learning differences (Grades 1-8). 

They offer programs tailored to the individual needs of the student with an exclusive approach that goes beyond basic reading programs. 

The Benchmark School serves students with dyslexia, ADHD, and related learning differences, including autism. They offer a research-based, individualized curriculum, specialized instruction, and a supportive learning environment.

Visit the Website for more details.

The Watson Institute 

The Watson Institute offers specialized education and therapeutic services for children and young adults with autism and other special needs (Ages 3-21). 

They provide individualized instruction, behavior support, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, and social skills training.

At the Watson Institute, children with special needs and their families receive support through exceptional individualized special education school programming, resources, transition services, and mental and behavioral health services.

Watson’s services include:

  • Special Education Services

  • Training and Consultation Services

  • Behavioral and Mental Health Services

  • Special Education Transition Services

Visit the Website for more details. 

The Woods Services 

The Woods Services is a nonprofit organization that offers educational and therapeutic services for individuals with autism and intellectual disabilities (Ages 6 to 21).

They provide comprehensive programs, vocational training, life skills development, and transitional support.

Treatment models are grounded in providing the structure and support necessary to help each feel safe, both physically and emotionally.  

Supportive Services and Treatment Components include:

  • Behavior Therapy

  • Psychiatry

  • Residential Programming

  • Special Education

  • Therapies (Occupational, Physical, & Speech Therapy)

Visit the Website for more details. 

A Step Up Academy 

A Step Up Academy (ASUA) is a private, non-profit, co-educational, and non-sectarian school for children with autism. They serve children in Preschool through 12th grade.

A Step Up Academy prepares students to become engaged participants in society by developing innovative academic, social, emotional, and behavioral programming as well as impactful community partnerships.

Visit the Website for more details. 

Timothy School 

The Timothy School is one of the oldest non-profit approved private schools in Pennsylvania devoted exclusively to teaching students with autism.

They work to develop an understanding of autism, recognizing the strengths and uniqueness of each child, and offering specialized methods needed to expand their educational opportunities.

The program emphasizes Structured Teaching, Applied Behavior Analysis, Functional Communication, and Positive Behavioral Supports as core components of the curriculum. 

They provide individualized education, behavioral support, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, and social skills training.

Visit the Website for more details. 

The Springtime School 

The Springtime School is a private school,  developed to meet the individual needs of children (grades 1-12) with autism and other developmental disabilities. 

Students are taught in a year-round setting with one-to-one attention, using the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).

They offer small class sizes and work with students one-on-one, while also providing opportunities to further develop social skills through direct instruction (group learning). 

In addition to ABA practices that are built into each child’s program, students at The Springtime School also work with Speech-Language Pathologists and Occupational therapists to address other needs, as stated in their IEPs.

Visit the Website for more details. 

Devereux CARES (Center for Autism Research & Educational Services)

The Devereux (CARES) is a licensed program in Pennsylvania that provides educational and behavioral services to students (Ages 5-21), diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and other developmental disabilities. 

CARES offers an environment that focuses on teaching each student based on his or her unique strengths and needs. 

Programs are focused on increasing independence for each student, particularly in the areas of Communication, Social skills, Self-care routines, Community inclusion, Domestic skills, Employment, and more.

They also offer services for; Emotional and Behavioral Health Challenges, Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities, Brain Injuries, and more. 

Visit the Website for more details. 

Vista Autism Services 

Vista Autism Services is a leading expert focused on data-driven approaches to improve the lives of individuals with autism and their families. 

Vista provides an array of specialized services through different programs and services to help individuals reach their unique potential.

Their curriculum focuses on academic instruction, applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy, speech and language therapy, vocational training, and life skills development.

Through comprehensive programs and specialized services, they empower adults with autism spectrum disorder or comparable symptomology to reach their unique potential and find their place in the community.

They also offer early diagnosis and behavioral interventions for autism spectrum disorder for children to give them the best chance of reaching their unique potential.

Visit the Website for more details. 

Green Tree School & Services 

Green Tree School & Services is a full-time school, for students with autism and emotional support needs. 

Programs are built upon an interdisciplinary approach, and they offer educational, behavioral, and clinical services to support students through an all-inclusive approach to special education.

They work closely with families, other community partners, and the student’s home school team to develop an individualized program that will meet each student’s needs.

Green Tree supports the development of each child, by providing: 

  • Applied Behavior Analysis

  • Speech Therapy 

  • Occupational Therapy 

  • Behavioural Services

  • School Counseling 

  • Nursing Services 

  • Special Education Classrooms  

  • Community Integration 

  • Service Learning, art, music, and more. 

Visit the Website for more details. 

Kinney Center for Autism Education and Support 

The Kinney Center for Autism Education and Support at Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, PA, is a community-facing service, education, and research organization. 

They provide comprehensive and caring individualized support for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder and their families (Ages 2-77).

The Kinney Center supports and serves individuals and families affected by autism across the lifespan, offering a robust array of innovative programs and services individually. 

All services are designed to satisfy clients and help them develop to reach their goals.

Visit the Website for more details. 

Mercy School For Special Learning 

Mercy School For Special Learning provides children and young adults with special needs comprehensive programs tailored to reach their utmost potential.

Programs are designed for students (aged 6 to 21) who have intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. Students are placed into classrooms by age to best meet their individual needs.  

They use a variety of educational techniques including  speech therapy  as well as occupational and physical therapy in addition to academic and life skills programs, 

Visit the Website for more details. 

Y.A.L.E. School Philadelphia

Y.A.L.E. School Philadelphia is a school for students on the autism spectrum and those with behavioral/emotional disorders or learning disabilities (Ages 1-21).

They offer a comprehensive, and creative curriculum that motivates students  — academically, socially, and emotionally.

With a highly qualified team of special education teachers, they work collaboratively to support student progress and provide specialized programs. 

Visit the Website for more details.

Davidson School 

Davidson School is a private school, licensed and approved to offer services and programs for students aged 3 to 21 diagnosed with developmental problems. 

Some of these include; autism spectrum disorder, neurological impairment, vision and hearing impairment, intellectual disabilities, behavioral challenges, and medically fragile conditions. 

Students receive individualized services according to their specific needs in highly-structured classrooms with a low student-to-staff ratio.

Services offered include speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, psychological services, parent support and training, vision services, school health services, and much more.

Visit the Website for more details. 

Capstone Academy 

Capstone Academy provides effective education services to individuals with Autism through Applied Behavior Analysis and multi-disciplinary collaboration. 

Capstone Academy helps individuals reach their maximum potential in all areas, including academic achievement and community and family participation. 

They offer speech therapy services, occupational therapy, and more to support all areas of development for students.

Capstone Academy also contributes to the field of Autism and education by conducting research and partnering with universities and local hospitals to educate future professionals.

Visit the Website for more information.


Merakey provides care and services to individuals with autism throughout their lifespan. They offer education and therapy services to help children, adolescents, and young adults.

This is achieved through Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) embedded within all autism programs to teach basic skills and maximize communication.

They offer services to help with Autism, Emotional Support Needs, Communication, Behavioral Health  

Programs : 

  • In-District Specialized Classrooms 
  • Autism and Education Centers 
  • Transition Services 
  • ABA and Specialized Therapies 
  • Adult Autism Housing Services
  • Adult Autism Services 

Visit for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do autism schools in Pennsylvania support students with autism?

Autism schools in Pennsylvania offer individualized education, specialized therapies (such as ABA therapy), speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, and social skills training to support students with autism.

Can students with autism transition to mainstream schools from autism schools?

Depending on the individual’s progress and needs, some students with autism may transition successfully to mainstream schools with appropriate support and accommodations.


All children can learn and achieve success. However, even with excellent educators, a child’s progress may be hindered if their unique strengths and weaknesses are not acknowledged. 

Every child is unique, regardless of any diagnosis. Autism Schools in Pennsylvania prioritize the individuality of each child, regardless of any diagnosis.

Visit their websites, individually, and gather more information about these schools, including their curriculum, therapeutic approaches, admissions process, and support services for students on the autism spectrum. Check out the 10 Top Autism Schools in Oklahoma.

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