17 Best Autism Schools in Sydney You Must Consider

Children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders may encounter difficulties in conventional educational settings. Autism Schools in Sydney serve as a means to address and mitigate these challenges. Below is a detailed list of the Top 9 Autism Schools in Sydney and what they offer.

In Sydney, students with disabilities frequently encounter substantial obstacles in gaining access to education within regular school settings.

Among the prominent challenges faced by students with disabilities is the limited accessibility within regular school environments.

Students were experiencing a form of “supervision” rather than active inclusion in educational programs, which impeded their progress in both academic and personal development. 

Initiatives like the recent NSW Government Inclusive Education Policy, have helped in addressing these needs, although there remains significant progress needed to attain genuine educational equity for these students.

With the provision of these Autism Schools in Sydney, parents of children with special education requirements can have access to Various learning environments better suited for their children. 

Although it would be optimal for all mainstream schools to offer exceptional inclusion programs, parents should be able to decide on the setting that aligns most effectively with their child’s needs, particularly when those needs are intricate.

List of Top Autism Schools in Sydney

  • Aspect Western Sydney School
  • The Joseph Varga School
  • Giant Steps
  • Woodbury Autism Education and Research
  • St. Lucy’s School – for Students with Disabilities
  • Arranounbai School
  • Warrah Specialist School
  • SDN Beranga Autism-Specific Preschool
  • Macquarie University Special Education Centre
  • KU Marcia Burgess Autism Specific Early Learning and Care Centre
  • Aspect South Coast School for Children with Autism 
  • Mansfield Autistic Centre, Statewide 
  • Aspect South East Sydney School 
  • Elouera Special School 
  • Eaton College 
  • Scarlett’s Autism Therapy Centre
  • Biala Special School

Aspect Western Sydney School

Aspect Western Sydney School, established in 1984, provides a safe and supportive learning environment for nearly 160 students on the autism spectrum in the Greater Western regions of Sydney. 

The school encompasses six primary classes and an administrative base, along with eight primary satellite classes and five high school classes operated within the NSW Department of Education and Catholic Schools.

The school is a leader in autism education, employing the Aspect Comprehensive Approach to cater to individual needs. Their education programs embrace students’ strengths, interests, and aspirations, fostering a collaborative approach with both the community and parents. 

Aspect Western Sydney School utilizes Individualized Plans (IPs) in conjunction with NESA syllabus documents to develop functional skills that enhance students’ transition and inclusion in less specialized settings and the local community. 

To support classroom staff, the school has a dedicated Learning Support Team, including the leadership team, a Psychologist, Speech Pathologist, Occupational Therapist, and teacher’s aides.

Contact Info:

Visit the Website:   https://www.autismspectrum.org.au/how-can-we-help/going-to-school/aspect-schools/western-sydney-school

Phone:(02) 8786 3000  

Email: [email protected] 

Address: 295 Victoria St, Wetherill Park

The Joseph Varga School

The Joseph Varga School (JVS) is a specialized educational institution catering exclusively to children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

JVS offers a nurturing, inclusive, and secure environment with a strong sense of community. Many students who struggled in mainstream schools have thrived in the unique setting of this school.

Their Commitment is to deeply understand each child as an individual, guiding them towards self-awareness and self-discipline as valuable members of society. 

This is achieved through a personalized approach, tailoring programs to meet each child’s educational and emotional needs.

The school boasts dedicated teachers, small class sizes, individualized holistic programs, continuous assessment and reporting, and access to a clinical psychologist. With a positive focus on personal development, they create a warm and welcoming atmosphere where students can flourish.

Contact Info: 

Visit the Website: https://josephvargaschool.nsw.edu.au 

Phone: 61+ 2 9398 5110

Address: The Joseph Varga School, 128 Alison Road, Randwick, NSW, 2031. Australia.

Giant Steps 

Established in 1995, Giant Steps is a prominent education center in Sydney that caters to children and young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). 

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Giant Steps employs a trans-disciplinary team, including teachers and therapists specializing in Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, and Music Therapy. 

They collaboratively create innovative, personalized education and therapy programs based on the New South Wales Curriculum, covering all key learning areas.

They offer tailored programs that address individual social, physical, and emotional needs while fostering student engagement and skill development.

Beyond education, Giant Steps focuses on building a supportive community around families dealing with ASD. They collaborate closely with families, considering the full 24-hour day to understand students’ functioning. 

Encouraging connections with the local community and providing opportunities for students to engage with diverse environments and people are priorities. 

Contact Info: 

Visit the Website: https://www.giantsteps.net.au/giant-steps-sydney/ 

Phone: +61 2 9879 4971

Email: [email protected]

Address: Giant Steps Sydney, 23 Punt Road, Gladesville NSW 2111

Woodbury Autism Education and Research

Woodbury Autism Education and Research is an independent, co-educational school in Sydney, dedicated to providing exceptional education and support for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). 

Their mission is to help these children thrive, grow towards independence, and realize their full potential.

The experienced team at Woodbury understands the unique challenges these children face and is committed to providing tailored support to foster growth and development.

Woodbury employs the use of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), which is proven to be a highly effective teaching method for individuals with autism. 

This evidence-based approach has demonstrated significant improvements in communication, behavior, and academic skills.

This vision is supported by a research-validated teaching methodology and a highly trained team specializing in behavior support, speech and language pathology, occupational therapy, and special education, ensuring that students receive the individualized support they require for success.

Contact Info:  

Visit the Website: http://woodbury.org.au/ 

Phone: 0296396152

Email: [email protected] 

Address: Woodbury School, Balcombe Heights Estate, 11/92 Seven Hills Road Baulkham Hills, NSW, 2153

St. Lucy’s School – for Students with Disabilities

St. Lucy’s is a special primary and high school situated in Wahroonga, Sydney’s North Shore, catering to children with various disabilities, including mild to severe intellectual disability, autism, and sensory impairments. 

Operating in the Catholic tradition, St. Lucy’s is dedicated to providing quality education to students residing in several areas, including Sydney’s North Shore, Northern suburbs, Norwest, Northern Beaches, Inner West, and Central Coast.

Their commitment lies in being a frontrunner in the education of children with disabilities, ensuring that both students and their families receive optimal support throughout their educational journey.

Contact Info: 

Visit the Website: https://www.stlucys.nsw.edu.au/ 

Phone: +61 2 9487 1277

Email: [email protected]

Address: St Lucy’s School, 21 Cleveland Street, Wahroonga 2076 Australia

Arranounbai School

Arranounbai School offers an Autism Intervention Program designed for students from Kindergarten to Year 2 with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). 

This program provides these students with a gradual transition to a mainstream setting over two years, with strong support from experienced staff. 

The maximum duration of participation in the program is two years, and many students transition to full attendance at their local mainstream school before this period ends.

During their time at Arranounbai, students work on targeted goals related to communication, social interaction, emotional regulation, and behavior, and cover all curriculum Key Learning Areas (KLA) and requirements. 

Class sizes are small, with a maximum of seven students, allowing for highly individualized learning. Academic programs employ positive reinforcement, social stories, and calming strategies to help students gain confidence in requesting assistance or managing challenging situations. 

Contact Info: 

Visit the website: https://arranoun-s.schools.nsw.gov.au/ 

Phone: 02 9452 3168

Email: [email protected]

Address: Arranounbai School, 5 Aquatic Drive, Frenchs Forest 2086

Warrah Specialist School

Warrah Specialist School, located in Dural, is an independent co-educational institution that provides high-quality, individualized education for students with various disabilities. 

This includes moderate to severe intellectual disability, autism, and complex learning needs (Kindergarten to Year 12).

They tailor individual learning plans, and academic learning is achieved through various traditional arts and crafts, and other key learning areas, including literacy, numeracy, science, physical development, and more.

The school benefits from a team of trained teachers, classroom assistants, therapists, and craftspeople. Additionally, Warrah offers Music Therapy, Therapeutic Eurythmy, and on-site spaces for NDIS-funded therapists to work with students during the school day.

Contact Info: 

Visit the website: 


Phone: 02 9651 2411

Email: [email protected]

Address: Warrah Specialist School, 20 Harris Road, Dural NSW 2158

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SDN Beranga Autism-Specific Preschool

SDN Beranga Autism Specific Preschool is part of SDN Children’s Services, a not-for-profit organization with a long history of providing high-quality early childhood education, child care, children’s therapies, and family support services. 

Their primary aim is to promote and enhance children’s well-being, learning, and development in inclusive environments.

This autism-specific preschool is committed to creating an environment where children and families are encouraged to contribute their voices and strengths to foster new experiences. 

SDN operates with a holistic approach that extends beyond the child, encompassing their family, environment, and rights. 

With a team of over 700 staff spread across 34 locations in Sydney, regional New South Wales, and the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), SDN is a well-regarded institution in the field of children’s services. 

They also offer therapy services to support children with disabilities and collaborate with parents to set goals that promote children’s thriving. 

Contact Info: 

Visit the Website: https://www.sdn.org.au/ 

Phone: 1300 831 445

Email: [email protected]

Address: SDN Beranga Autism Specific Preschool, Level 3, 19 – 37 Greek Street Glebe NSW 2037 Australia. 

Macquarie University Special Education Centre

Macquarie University Special Education Centre (MUSEC) serves as a research-oriented special school in Sydney, catering to students from Kindergarten to Year 6 who have various disabilities such as mild or moderate intellectual disability, autism, or language disability.

The school’s educational approach is firmly grounded in the latest research findings. Their primary goal is to foster each child’s development to their fullest potential, encompassing both academic and classroom self-management skills.

Key components of the MUSEC school program encompass intensive small-group instruction in literacy and numeracy, provided by specialist teachers. 

The curriculum is highly adaptable, responding to individual progress through ongoing monitoring to ensure a truly personalized educational experience. 

Additionally, the school offers support in cultivating classroom self-management skills, and speech and language development, and maintains an active collaboration with parents.

Contact Info: 

Visit the Website: https://www.mq.edu.au/faculty-of-arts/departments-and-schools/macquarie-school-of-education/macquarie-university-special-education-centre

Phone: +61 (2) 9850 7111

Address: Macquarie University Special Education Centre, Wallumattagal Campus, Macquarie Park NSW 21017

KU Marcia Burgess Autism Specific Early Learning and Care Centre 

The KU Marcia Burgess autism center provides education in a long day care setting, for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) from 6 weeks up to 6 years of age. The children’s program combines KU’s highly regarded play-based approach to early education. 

Children and families can also access a full range of specialist support services including Paediatrics, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Pathology, and Psychology. 

These services are delivered as a result of KU’s partnerships with Sydney South West Area Health Service, The University of NSW, and The Benevolent Society.

They provide opportunities for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders to engage and interact with their typically developing peers, daily,

Contact Info: 

Visit the Website: https://www.ku.com.au/news/a-reason-to-celebrate 

Email:[email protected]

Address:129 York Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Aspect South Coast School for Children with Autism 

Aspect South Coast School offers a range of services to support children on the autism spectrum and their families. It currently caters to approximately 113 students who are supported by a highly dedicated and knowledgeable staff.

Aspect South Coast School, located in Wollongong and surrounding areas, has been delivering specialized autism education programs for over three decades. 

Their primary site in Corrimal, along with satellite classes in various educational settings, offers a comprehensive approach known as the Aspect Comprehensive Approach (ACA). 

This approach tailors individualized programs for students on the autism spectrum, focusing on their strengths, interests, and aspirations. 

The school is committed to continuous improvement through professional development and collaboration among staff. Aspect South Coast School is registered and accredited by the New South Wales Education Standards Authority (NESA).

Contact Info: 

Visit the Website: https://www.autismspectrum.org.au/how-can-we-help/going-to-school/aspect-schools/south-coast-school

Phone: 0242852393

Email: [email protected] 

Address: Aspect South Coast School, 4 Wilford St, Corrimal

Mansfield Autistic Centre, Mansfield VIC 

Mansfield Autism, an independent not-for-profit organization, is dedicated to supporting individuals and families affected by autism in Victoria, Australia. 

They offer a comprehensive range of services designed to complement and enhance the quality of care for their clients. Located in Mansfield, they serve the entire state while maintaining a strong local presence. 

They collaborate with families, educational institutions, and service providers to foster understanding, confidence, and determination, ultimately striving to empower individuals with autism and their families.

Contact Info:

Visit the Website: https://autismmansfield.org.au/ 

Phone: 03 5775 2876

Address: Mansfield Autism  Statewide Services, 81 Highett Street, Mansfield VIC 3722

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Aspect South East Sydney School

Aspect South East Sydney School serves 184 students on the autism spectrum across eleven locations, with the main sites in Peakhurst, Loftus, and Marrickville enrolling about 68 students. 

The remainder participate in a satellite program consisting of specialized autism classes within mainstream schools. 

The school employs a person-centered approach, emphasizing individual strengths and celebrating diverse talents. 

Their primary goal is to equip students with skills for greater independence and facilitate their transition to less specialized settings. 

The school’s dedicated teachers provide a stimulating curriculum based on evidence-informed practices for autism. Programs are tailored to motivate learning and engagement, with differentiation to meet individual needs. 

Collaboration with parents is highly valued, with open communication guiding decisions about school activities and interventions.

Contact Info:

Visit the Website: https://www.autismspectrum.org.au/how-can-we-help/going-to-school/aspect-schools/south-coast-school

Phone: 0285565800

Email: [email protected] 

Address: Aspect South East Sydney School, Monterra Ave, Peakhurst South, Main Campus 

Elouera Special School 

Elouera Special School, located in Cootamundra, is renowned for providing exceptional education tailored to the unique needs of students with disabilities, ranging from Kindergarten to Year 12. 

This institution offers individualized programs, accommodating students from Kindergarten Early Stage 1 to Year 12 Stage 6 Life Skills Curriculum, and is fully registered with NESA.

Catering primarily to students aged 4-18 with moderate to severe disabilities, autism (with intellectual disability), or multiple disabilities, the school prepares students for transitions to work or community participation in their later years. 

Each student at Elouera Special School has an individual education plan designed to address their specific needs, with input from their families to maximize their potential. 

Contact Info: 

Visit the Website: 


Phone: (02)6942 2064, (02)6942 4464

Email: [email protected]

Address: Elouera Special School, Scott Avenue Cootamundra Australia 

Eaton College 

Eaton College, a specialized co-educational institution, addresses the needs of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in the Townsville region, where no dedicated ASD-specific school exists. 

In its initial phase (Stage 1), Eaton College can accommodate up to 40 students, with class sizes capped at 10. 

The school’s expansion plans include extending its offerings up to Year 10 through Stage 2 and Stage 3, allowing for the addition of 40 students per stage. 

Contact Info: 

Visit the Website: https://www.eatoncollege.qld.edu.au/ 

Phone:  07 4414 2850 |  

Email[email protected] 

Address: Eaton College, Raynesford Drive, Mount Louisa, QLD 4814 

Scarlett’s Autism Therapy Centre

Scarlett’s Autism Therapy Centre in Penrith provides exceptional, value-based Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy to children with autism while offering support to their families. 

They are dedicated to achieving high-quality outcomes and creating a welcoming environment for families.

Services provided by the center include assessment services, the SPARKS Parent Training Program, early intensive intervention, case consultation, Bayley Scales Assessment, and speech and language assessment.

Contact Info: 

Visit the Website: https://www.scarlettsatc.com.au/our-story 

Phone: (02) 9037 6599

Email: [email protected] 

Address: Scarlett’s Autism Therapy Centre, 5B | 61-79 Henry Street, Penrith, NSW 2750

Biala Special School 

Biala School, founded in 1969, originated due to parents’ increasing demand for better educational opportunities for their children with disabilities. 

Initially situated at Lighthouse Beach Surf Club in Ballina, the school moved to its current location on Fox Street, Ballina, in 1973.

The school has a rich history of delivering personalized education to students ranging from pre-kindergarten to Year 12, spanning ages 4 to 18. 

Biala School is uniquely tailored to meet the educational needs of students who face challenges in mainstream learning environments due to their neuro-developmental needs.

Their student body comprises individuals with diverse needs, including physical, and intellectual disabilities, and autism. All students require extensive educational support and intervention. 

This support is highly targeted, individualized, and continuous, it encompasses various adjustments to the standard educational program. 

Contact Info:

Visit the Website: https://www.biala.org.au/our-school/ 

Phone: 02 6686 3395

Email: [email protected]

Address: Biala School, 78 Fox Street, Ballina NSW 2478


Sydney offers a diverse range of autism schools and support services catering to the unique needs of individuals on the autism spectrum. 

These schools are committed to providing specialized education and therapies, promoting inclusion, and empowering both students and their families. 

With a variety of programs, teaching approaches, and supportive environments, Sydney’s autism schools play a vital role in helping individuals with autism reach their full potential and lead fulfilling lives.

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