Autism Schools in Texas

12 Best Autism Schools in Texas to Get Into

A complicated neurodevelopmental illness called autism spectrum disorder (ASD) usually manifests in the first three years of life and impairs the growth of social interaction and behavior.

In this article, we look at the best autism schools in Texas.

The “spectrum” of symptoms experienced by each person with ASD varies from moderate to severe. Many previously recognized designations, including autistic, autistic tendencies, Asperger Syndrome, Pervasive Developmental Disorder, and PDD-NOS, are now included in the diagnosis of ASD.

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As so much of our daily connection with our environment depends on adequate conversational and social abilities, communication problems are frequently a source of great concern. People with ASD frequently speak in a distinctive way and may show signs of struggling to uphold social norms and limits.

This does not imply that people with autism spectrum disorders are not social; rather, they frequently behave differently in social situations.

Each ASD symptom falls within the severity range. This means that each individual with ASD presents differently across a range of domains, including cognitive, social interaction, communication, behavior, sensory, and motor.

One youngster with ASD might communicate verbally very infrequently, whereas another might do so frequently and with a sophisticated vocabulary.

While some kids may dislike being hugged or caressed, others may actively seek out and appreciate it. People with ASD have different ways of processing information and reacting to it. Challenging behaviors might exist in situations.

Numerous studies have shown that the sensory-nervous systems of people with ASD behave differently. Their senses may be over or underactive, causing them to react differently to sights, tastes, and sounds. ASD affects more boys than girls and can occur in people of all racial, ethnic, and national backgrounds.

Some of the behaviors listed below may be shown by those who have autism spectrum disorder:

  • Have a hard time talking about their own emotions or comprehending those of others.
  • Prefer not to be hugged or snuggled, or they may only cuddle on their terms.
  • They don’t seem to notice when others talk to them but react to other sounds.
  • Absence of displaying and highlighting interesting objects (the point at an airplane flying over).
  • Fail to look at objects when someone points at them, have difficulty relating to others or have no interest in people at all.
  • Want to be alone and avoid eye contact.
  • Repeating what was said to them, echoing it, or using it in place of natural language (echolalia).

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  • Having problems verbally or physically expressing their demands.
  • Exhibit peculiar reactions to the tastes, smells, looks, feels, or sounds of things.
  • Lose the abilities they formerly possessed (for instance, stop saying words they were using).
  • Be really interested in people but have no idea how to interact with, or even have fun with them.
  • Repeatedly performing the same action.
  • Strongly favor acting in their own best interests.
  • Struggle to adjust when a routine is changed

The List of Best Autism Schools in Texas

Below are some of the best autism schools in Texas. Links are provided so you can learn about each school and decide which is best for your child.

Texas Autism Academy

ASD Hope, Inc. is aware of the difficulties that families of autistic children encounter daily. Children with autism who need an excellent education created using a research-based curriculum and a scientifically proven behavior model can attend this school.

Texas Autism Academy will design a cutting-edge environment that appeals to and accommodates every child at every level of development. Find more information here.

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The Westview School

Children with autism spectrum disorder between the ages of 2 and 15 can attend the private, nonprofit Westview School. The two primary pillars of its curriculum are academics and social communication/social skills.

The demanding, well-rounded curriculum at Westview places a heavy focus on social communication and social skills in addition to a broad range of academic programs.

They provide chances for extracurricular activities, real-world experiences, and the pursuit of the arts. Students can succeed as community members by developing proper behavior and improving their sense of self-worth. Find more information here.

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One For Autism Academy

One For Autism, Inc. was founded to provide a comprehensive, tailored curriculum for children, teens, and adults of all functional levels with the goal of developing language and communication, social, play, intellectual, and independent living skills.

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) has authorized One for Autism as a nonpublic day school with which qualified school districts may enter into a contract for special education services. One for Autism offers private 1:1 ABA therapy, day programming (The Academy), and after-school programs. Find more information here.

The Arbor School

For children aged six weeks to eighteen with a variety of developmental challenges, The Arbor School, a charity, provides the most thorough special needs education program in Houston. Children with severe special needs and their families are the focus of The Arbor, which aims to educate, empower, and foster hope. Find more information here.

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The Briarwood School

The only organization in the greater Houston area that provides services to people with moderate to severe autism from the age of 3 to the end of their lives is Avondale House.

They accomplish this via a range of programs, such as a year-round school, an adult day program, a supported job program, and group homes that emphasize family. Find more information here.

Other top autism schools in Texas are listed in the table below:

Avondale HouseFind more information here.
The Vine SchoolFind more information here.
The St. Anthony SchoolFind more information here.
True Knight AcademyFind more information here.
Jane Justin SchoolFind more information here.
The Monarch School and InstituteFind more information here.
Bynum SchoolFind more information here.

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