20 Bad Things About Living in the UK

Britain is one of the most popular immigration destinations in Europe for a reason. There are other compelling arguments against moving there, though.

Therefore, in this article, we will be looking at the bad things about living in the UK.

The United Kingdom provides its citizens with a country that is largely free of natural disasters, free healthcare, and thousands of years of wonderful history; but, there are also many bothersome things that people must put up with. Among the worst aspects of living in the UK are football hooligans and never-ending rain.

List of Bad Things About Living in the UK

Do not misunderstand; living in the UK is still a wonderful experience. It has a high level of living and some of the greatest colleges in Europe as one of the most developed nations in the world. 

While migrating to the UK has many benefits, there are just as many drawbacks.

Dreadful weather 

In the UK, it’s frequently chilly and rainy, and there isn’t much sunshine. The winters are long and gloomy, while the summers are brief and dismal. You should avoid the UK if you want any sunshine in your life.

This is particularly true if you’re moving from a warmer region because you’ll find the UK’s frigid weather to be very alarming. It frequently rains, and storms also occur frequently.

Although there are distinct seasons in the UK, it’s not unusual for snow to persist until spring or even early summer. The gloomy weather is one of the main causes of people leaving the country because it is something that not everyone can get used to.

Strict Visa requirements 

If you’ve never applied for a visa before, the procedure may seem difficult the first time.

At least six weeks before the day you want to enter the UK, you should begin the process of applying for a work visa.

You may wish to start the procedure several months in advance if you think there may be any lingering criteria you need to fulfill, such as getting a lost birth certificate back before you can get a passport or other forms of identification.

This will buy you some time in case your initial application is turned down.

High cost of living 

Compared to the rest of Europe, including Canada, the UK has a higher standard of living cost. In particular, the housing situation is terrible. Recent college graduates frequently continue to live with their parents well into their 30s because they cannot afford to rent an apartment of their own.

For young people just starting their professions or for children, rental prices in major UK cities like Manchester and London are at an almost prohibitively expensive level.

Due to the UK housing demand being enhanced by Downton Abbey’s representation of rural life, property or home prices are likewise absurdly high. 

Since public transportation is expensive, many people opt to leave the city and commute every day, but this isn’t necessarily a better option. If you don’t have a car, good luck attempting to get one; renting or purchasing a car in England and other UK nations is famously challenging.

On the other hand, taxis are infamously costly. In fact, a lot of people decide to reside close to their places of employment to save money on transportation. 

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The Consumer Prices Index (CPI) indicates that consumer prices increased 5.4% between 2021 and 2020. This indicates that the cost of living has increased significantly over the past ten years and will continue to rise. Consequently, it would be impossible to provide for a big family. 

Wealthy buyers who can afford to pay exorbitant real estate prices for various homes, including storey buildings, have already priced out many people from their preferred neighborhoods.

Competition on the employment market 

It’s really difficult to find work in the UK, especially for new grads. Finding a solid job is difficult, and getting your foot in the door frequently requires years of networking and your own experience. Statistics show that the typical graduate spends three years hunting for work following graduation.

It’s even harder if you haven’t just graduated because most businesses want someone who has so they can shape them into their ideal candidate. If you’re not from the United Kingdom, things become more complicated.

Along with dealing with cultural differences and linguistic challenges, you’ll also have to deal with racism that still exists in some institutions. 

Even though the majority of people in the UK speak English, it could be difficult for you to understand them if English is not your first language. 

London has a particularly difficult job market because of the high cost of living and intense competition there. Once they land a job, most people opt to leave London in order to save some money, but this isn’t always feasible.

Long lines for medical appointments

Health care is accessible and reasonably priced in the UK.

The wait time to visit a doctor, nurse, or other professional could be several weeks.

Even doctors and registered nurses do not make as much money as they would in the United States or other nations with private healthcare systems.

Bizarre laws

In England, there are many regulations, and locals frequently have to follow oddly archaic legislation. The British government views attaching a postage stamp on a letter while it is upside down as a treasonous act.

Although most nations appear to have a few odd and out-of-date laws, the United Kingdom unquestionably tops the list

No good food

British food is typically uninspired and tasteless. Even though the classic British roast dinner of meat and potatoes may sound appetizing, it is nothing more than a calorie-laden meal with little nutritional benefit.

Other widely consumed foods, such as shepherd’s pie or fish and chips, lack flavor as well. You won’t find anything spicy if that’s what you’re looking for. It’s quite tough to find Italian specialties here, so good luck.  

According to research, Europeans’ healthiest citizens are those who live in the UK. This is probably because of the subpar food and eating customs offered, as well as the population’s general lack of activity. The current obesity percentage is 27%, which is very concerning.

Rude and unfriendly people 

British people are notoriously distant, especially toward visitors from other countries. It will take some time and a lot of work on your behalf if you want to make friends or are looking for someone to talk to in the UK.

You must first master proper English speaking if you are from a non-English speaking nation.

The British have a reputation for being the most polite people in the world, but this is only because it’s difficult to discern whether they’re furious or angry because they are so quiet and cold.

Just take a look at how much rioting and protests takes place to see how much tension and hatred actually exists beneath the surface.

Despite the freedom of speech in the UK, you won’t encounter any verbally hurtful remarks, but you won’t ever feel at home among the English. 

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You shouldn’t expect to find an inviting, warm community in the United Kingdom like you would in America.  Even approaching women who you might assume to be affable by nature can be intimidating. Don’t bother moving here if you don’t like the nightlife in the UK, where you have a little better chance of making friends.

Frequently Delaying Travel

Trains frequently experience this.

When you are in a rush or en route to work, it might be frustrating to have a route canceled on you occasionally.

There are also delays.

Short-air flights also do not tend to have delays or cancellations as frequently, but they occasionally do.

Flying can occasionally be more practical than taking the train because it does not snow as much in the UK.

But the train is more tranquil.

 Massive traffic jam

In the UK, traffic jams can last for hours due to the country’s terrible congestion. When you’re trying to get somewhere essential, this can be difficult. 

Taking the train is the only way to entirely avoid traffic, but even that option can be incredibly congested and unreliable.

Statistics state or demonstrate that, on average, Britons are detained in traffic for 101 hours each year.

Additionally, you’ll have to deal with rude drivers and road rage because individuals often become very irate while driving. Driving in the UK is not recommended; this is not the place to learn to drive.

Strict Visa restrictions under a Constitutional Monarchy

The UK government has tightened immigration restrictions since Brexit occurred for a number of reasons other than politics. Who is allowed to enter the nation and how long they may stay are now subject to rigorous regulations.

For those wishing to study in the UK, especially from an EU country, Brexit has made things more challenging in addition to supposedly leading Prince Harry to flee from his royal obligations. For instance, if you wish to study abroad in the UK, you must first apply for a Tier Four Student Visa.

It may take three or more months to complete this process, which is a long period given that most institutions begin their courses in September or October.

The average salary is less (outside of London)

In contrast to the city, the average wage outside of London is quite low. If you’re used to living in a more expensive city, like Paris or New York, this can come as a bit of a shock.

The average income for a full-time employee in London is £39 per year, compared to just £26 for an employee outside of London.

Propensity for Binge Drinking 

UK revelers occasionally have a tendency to binge drink.

This is particularly true in Blackpool, where bachelor and bachelorette parties (stag and hen parties) are common.

Stoke-on-Trent, Sunderland, and Norwich are other areas with high rates of binge drinking.

Other cities that made the top 50 but had slightly lower drinking rates are Chesterfield, Nottingham, Newcastle, and Middlesborough. Sunderland is also among them.

Deference to rich and titled

It’s interesting to read about titled people, royal families, and all the elitism that seems to go along with the English nobility, but it’s quite another to really experience it. 

There is a stifling amount of respect shown to those with titles, and this overzealous admiration may irritate someone who isn’t used to a strict hierarchy of social classes.

Compulsory Television Tax

If UK residents watch live television broadcasts, they must pay a tax. When the tax was last modified in 2010, the rate was £145.50. 

Although English broadcast programming is regarded as some of the best in the world, many individuals dislike paying this levy. A criminal infraction would be nonpayment of the tax

Anti-immigration Movement 

The class system in England already causes societal issues, but the flood of immigrants has widened a chasm that has sparked protests and acts of violence against newcomers. 

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There have been proposals to limit new immigration since there has been a lot of animosity toward immigrants from Islamic nations.

Everything has a line 

There are lines everywhere in England, and locals often believe that there are lines for everything. Almost all activities in England require standing in a queue, whether it is to use an ATM or board a bus. 

There are lineups for everything that can draw tourists as well as routine tasks like boarding public transportation because tourism is one of England’s largest industries.

High Tax 

Rich people in the UK pay a lot of taxes, and prominent Britons frequently leave their homeland to escape having to pay such high taxes to Her Majesty’s government. 

The top combined income tax rate in the UK is 50%, which is 15% higher than the rate of income tax that the top earners in the US must pay.

Small houses

In comparison to the typical size of American homes, the British are forced to put up with some of the smallest homes in all of Europe. 

According to certain typical home size data given by the BBC, a house built in the United States on average since 2003 is about 2,300 square feet. In contrast, the typical size of a home constructed in England would be just 947 square feet.

Paparazzi and Tabloids

The paparazzi in the UK are among the most intrusive in the world, and the tabloids are utterly brutal in the way they pursue their stories. The British have an intriguing relationship with their tabloids. 

The majority of people are quick to criticize how pernicious newspapers are, but publications like “The Sun” receive 12 million readers daily. Contrarily, The New York Times has a circulation of only 1.5 million on average.


How much does it cost Nigerians to live in the UK?

Depending on your lifestyle, the cost of living in the UK for Nigerian students can vary substantially. These are anticipated to cost between £1,215 and £1,755 per month in 2022–2023.

What benefits come with residing in the UK?

To a certain extent, the UK provides free access to healthcare and education for everyone who resides within its boundaries. 

By residing and working in the UK, immigrants would also have access to high-quality medical care when they need it and would only need to pay a small amount for routine checkups for which the government provides subsidies.

How long may a Nigerian citizen remain in the UK?

sixty days

As a Standard Visitor, you are able to travel to the UK for leisure, business, education (for courses lasting up to six months), and other authorized purposes. The typical length of stay in the UK is six months. In rare situations, such as when you need to receive medical care, you may be eligible to apply to stay for longer.

Should I become a citizen of the UK?

If you wish to vote in local elections or if you require a British passport, you might want to even if you don’t necessarily need to.

You will also gain if you are able to leave the UK anytime you like without forfeiting your right to do so or granting British citizenship to your offspring, if they were born abroad.


Living in the UK is not all fun as we picture most times and sometimes out of desperation we move. This article has brought you the bad things about living in the UK not just to discourage you but to keep you informed.

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