22 Best Ballet Schools in Los Angeles & What Each Offers

Weight-bearing exercise like ballet builds muscles, supports strong bones, and burns calories. Ballet is excellent for strengthening all of the muscles in the body as well as improving cognitive abilities like coordination and focus. Los Angeles ballet schools want to assist you in accomplishing that!

Best Ballet Schools in Los Angeles

Here’s a list of some ballet schools in Los Angeles:

1. CF Dance Academy 

The CF Dance Academy was established in 1984. It can be regarded as one of the ballet schools in Los Angeles because it offers ballet for children years 2-4, ballet and tap for children ages 3–10, ballet and pointe for children ages 4.5+, electives for children ages 8+, hip-hop for children ages 3–8, contemporary for children ages 6+, and more classes are available.

Jazz for children 5 and up, tap for ages 7 and up, and break dancing for ages 6 and up are among the many lessons offered by CF Dance Academy. 2016 Orange County Hotlist Best Dance Studio for Kids Award winner, the school.

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2. Dance 1

In its eighth year of operation, Dance 1 in Redondo Beach is a thriving dance school. Under the direction of Principal Francesca Stern, a RAD-trained dancer, the school provides a pre-professional ballet syllabus and as a result, has made it to our list of ballet schools in Los Angeles.

They also offer a dynamic and extensive jazz syllabus, as well as contemporary, lyrical, tap, hip-hop, combo, and a full calendar of adult classes for all skill levels.

The school works to offer dancers a variety of performance opportunities throughout the year, from local festivals to one-shot film production, and offers the possibility to join their award-winning performing groups.

Redondo Ballet, a non-profit ballet group that creates two full ballets annually, is also happy to call Dance 1 home.

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3. Larchmont Ballet

Larchmont Dance, originally Outback Studios, is one of the ballet schools in Los Angeles that was established in 1982.

The institution offers small, private courses for up to ten pupils. Adults, teenagers, and kids can all take ballet dancing classes at the studio.

One of the best Balanchine ballets of the 20th century featured original parts and performances by the famous ballet teacher Jennifer Nairn-Smith.

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4. Ohana Dance

Ohana Dance is a dance school in Los Angeles that provides instruction to both adults and kids.

Both ballet and hula are taught to adults and as such can be regarded as one of the ballet schools in Los Angeles.

. Ballet, break dancing, contemporary, dance conditioning, hip-hop, hula, jazz, lyrical, musical theatre, Ohana Dance Company (the competitive squad), and Tahitian are among the classes offered for kids.

Professional dancers who teach with love and provide solid technical training are featured in Ohana Dance’s staff of critically recognized dancers.

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Ohana was established in 2015, and in just their first competitive season, they have already won numerous tournaments and claimed national titles.

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5. Grace Ballet Los Angeles

This is one of the ballet schools in Los Angeles that provides ballet instruction is provided by Grace Ballet to both adults and children in and around Los Angeles.

The ballet studio features Geraldine Grace Johns, a professional ballet dancer and coach, who launched Grace Ballet in 2016.

Enchanted Movement Ballet lessons are available for children as young as two years old, Pre-Primary Ballet for kids as old as five, and Primary Ballet for kids as old as six.

Her studio also offers both studio and residential ballet lessons. New York is home to a Grace Ballet studio as well.

 For more information, visit their website here for more information.

6. Westside School of Ballet

Westside School of Ballet is one of the ballet schools in Los Angeles that provides classes for kids in the fall and spring, lessons for boys only, jazz, adult classes, adult ballet basics workshops, classes for solo study, and training in the MindBody database program.

In addition to the school’s students and parents being mentioned in a KPCC Public Radio report about Ballet Summer Intensives and the changes in the ballet industry, the studio has been highlighted on NPR.

The Westside School of Ballet was named one of seven institutions in the nation that develops great talent by Pointe Magazine in 2011.

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7. Gotta Dance Studio

Owner Cindy Gebelein established Gotta Dance Studio, a dance studio in Granada Hills, in 1995. Jazz, tap, ballet, pointe, hip-hop, song and dance, modern, lyrical, leaps and turns, and children’s combo classes are all available for students aged three to adults.

Adult ballet, tap, jazz, and hip-hop courses are also offered in the evenings at the facility. Red Tricycle Awesome Awards for 2011 and 2012 go to Gotta Dance Studio.

 For more information, visit their website here for more contact information.

8. Marat Daukayev School of Ballet

Marat Daukayev School of Ballet, a ballet schooling Los Angeles was established in 2001 by Marat and Pamela Daukayev.

Pre-ballet and creative movement, intermediate levels 1-4, advanced levels 5-6, boys’ levels 1-4, summer intensive lessons, and adult classes are among the studio’s ballet offerings.

At the Los Angeles Youth America Grand Prix in 2016, Marat Daukayev was honored as an Outstanding Teacher.

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9. San Pedro Ballet School

San Pedro Ballet School is one of the ballet schools in Los Angeles with classes in ballet, tap, jazz, modern, contemporary, hip-hop, gymnastics, and other kid-friendly activities.

It is situated in San Pedro. All ages of pupils receive instruction at the institution.

The San Pedro Ballet School passionately believes that its teachings are meant to teach pupils life lessons as well as the art of dance.

 For more information, visit their website here for more information. 

10. Dance Studio No. 1

Dance Studio No. 1 is a dance school that was established in Los Angeles in 1992. The school offers classes for adults as well as young children, open classes, and a pre-professional ballet curriculum and as a result has made it to our list of ballet schools in Los Angeles.

A syllabus ballet program, a pre-professional ballet program, and placement classes are all included in the ballet programs for children ages 5 to 19. Dance Studio No. 1 has quickly grown and prospered as it earned a reputation for having a top-notch Young Children’s Program in the neighborhood.

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For more information, visit their website here.    

11. Los Angeles Ballet Academy

The owner, Andrea Paris-Gutierrez, established the Los Angeles Dance Academy, a ballet school in Encino, in 1992. Ballet, contemporary dance and pilates are all offered as dance classes at the institution.

This is one of the ballet schools in Los Angeles whose ballet program includes open classes, intensives, and students. Classical ballet, pointe technique, pas de deux, repertoire, pilates, master classes, RAD examination preparation, and performance possibilities are all included in the Academy’s programming.

The staff of the Los Angeles Ballet Academy is fortunate to include some of the city’s best choreographers and teachers of jazz, tap, modern, and hip-hop.

For more information, visit their website here for more information.

12. Santa Monica School of Dance & Music

A music and dance school can be found in Santa Monica. Its name is Santa Monica School of Dance & Music. Ballet, jazz, hip-hop, tap, preschool dance, and mommy and me lessons are also taught at the facility.

Additionally, this is one of the ballet schools in Los Angeles that specializes in teaching songwriting, piano, voice, violin, guitar, and bass. The Argonaut named Santa Monica School of Dance & Music “Best of the Westside” in 2013.


1. Sophie Dance

They provide dancing lessons starting at 18 months, including Tapper, Mini Groovers, and Tip-Toes (Pre-school Ballet). For fifteen years, LA’s children have been served by Sophie Dance.

Ages 2 to 18 can take ballet, tap, hip hop, and jazz classes. You can also profit from camps and events in addition to classes.

2. Tippi Toes

The Tippi Toes® Dance Company, a ballet school in Los Angeles starts off with stretches and warm-ups as well as games that inspire both boys and girls to use their imaginations.

Then, to further their understanding of the discipline, they present ballet, tap, jazz, or hip-hop methods utilizing dance vocabulary and illustrations. To enhance their dancing, they use their own creative dance music.

They teach the kids dances in each session that will be performed at various events all year long. Depending on the dancer’s age, they provide a variety of classes.

Visit their website.

3. Toe Toe Ballet

The main ballet school in Los Angeles in the Korean community is the Toe Toe ballet.

Since it was first founded in 2014, it has been operating for eight years and has been teaching ballet to students of all ages.

It is made up of accomplished ballet-trained teachers. Ballet aficionados in Korean Town are being given their best efforts to maintain good posture and health.

For more information, visit their website 

4. Miss Cherylann’s Little Feet Dance Academy

Since she was selected as a teaching apprentice out of numerous applicants at the age of 14, Miss Cherylann has been instructing dance. She had her own profitable classes by the time she was 17 years old.

Miss Cherylann enjoys instructing students of all ages in a variety of genres, but she focuses on teaching tap and preschool dance to children aged 18 months to six years.

She has completed the preschool program at the Royal Academy of Dance, for which she has received a certificate of completion.

Additionally, she has written her own curriculum for Mommy n’ Me – for 9 years.

She is a versatile natural performer with Off-Brooklyn credits for shows like Tony N’ Tina’s Wedding and numerous musicals at H.B. Studios in New York City.

She has also had the benefit of moving around as a performer for the Walt Disney Company. Book classes.

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5. Petite Feet Dance

Petite Feet is a ballet school in Los Angeles that teaches kids about ballet positions, dancing, and musical ideas via innovative and inventive activities, games, and stories.

Students who take Petite Feet classes learn to dance, think critically, and stay creative and active.

Through engaging and imaginative instruction, Petite Feet dance lessons offer dance terminology and technique while establishing links between movement education and regular classroom instruction.

Incorporating storytelling, unique and well-known music, and creative games, the emphasis is on fostering self-esteem and self-expression while honing dancing techniques.

For more information, visit their website  

6. Creation Station Dance

For toddlers to teenagers, Creation Station ( a ballet school in Los Angeles) offers highly imaginative dance workshops and movement-based programming.

There are enjoyable ballet, tap, and hip-hop classes available for kids ages 16 months to 16 years.

Children can also participate in classes and summer camps seven days a week to have fun outside of the classroom.

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7. Twinkle Toes Dance Company

” A dance teacher helps their students find the song in their heart, the beat in their feet and the passion in their life,” is the belief of the instructors in Twinkle Toes Dance Company. 

“Twinkle Toes is the best dance studio for your emerging dancer! My daughter started there around 2-3 years old and has learned SO much!

All of the instructors have been awesome and the owner, Ashley, truly cares for the kids- always going above and beyond! We love our Twinkle Toes Family,” a parent said. 

For more information, visit their website

8. Michelle’s Dance Academy

Michelle’s Dance Academy, a ballet school in Los Angeles was established by Michelle DeAngelis, a professional ballerina, and teacher, with the intent of organizing and educating a community of people who all have an interest and a common love of motion and dance.

Their mission at Michelle’s Dance Academy is to give students a safe atmosphere to express themselves through artistry and creative movement.

They strive to promote eternal love and gratitude for dance for the younger generation. 

They offer a variety of dance classes ranging from ballet, jazz, hip hop, tap, tumbling, and adult classes.

Classes are given to students 16 months and older. Each and every one of their teachers has professional dance knowledge and is excited to share their love of dance with the next generation.

For more information, contact; michelledeangelis1@gmail.com

9.  Dance for Kids

Dance for Kids and the Brentwood Academy of Dance has been elected one of the best 100 dance schools by Dance Magazine.

Students begin as young as age 2 with the Mommy & Me class and take lessons all the way through their senior year in high school.

The loving and safe environment allows their world-class teaching staff to infuse a love for the art of dance in all of the students.

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10. GroovinKids

Their major focus at GroovinKids is attracting fun into the learning process while motivating their students to outshine and grow at their own pace.

GroovinKids is delighted to declare openly its collaboration with Leo Manzari. Originally from Washington DC, Leo is a Lucille Lortel award-nominated tap dancer, starring in numerous productions.

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More than 70% of the average humans in the world have postural defects. Ballet classes enable them to develop and rectify thief everyday posture thereby improving balance and coordination.

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