Barber Schools in New Jersey

12 Barber Schools in New Jersey And Their Details

You intend to train to be a barber, right? There is a lot more to learn in barber school than just how to trim men’s hair.

In this article, we look at the top barber schools in New Jersey.

The barber program offers all you need to know about customer service, expert business methods, and how to succeed in the highly competitive industry, from beard and mustache design to shop management and hairstyling.

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You are supposed to learn a variety of skills at barber school that you can use with confidence. There is no need to rush the process or be hard on yourself because there is still plenty of time to learn and build experience.

Depending on the institution or state in which you choose to complete your education, you may require a different number of hours to graduate. Depending on whether you are a full- or part-time student, you can anticipate working up to 20 to 38 hours per week at some academies. Your time to graduate may be extended if you decide to take extra courses.

The price of attending a barber school largely varies per institution. The total sum can include any materials, books, or other items you may need to support yourself while pursuing your degree. Many financial aid programs, federal student loans, VA benefits, and scholarships are available. Those who meet the requirements can receive financial aid.

It’s crucial to finish the minimum number of hours recommended by the state to graduate from barbering school.

The next step is to pass your state board exam, which entails both a written section and a practical test of the abilities you learned in school. Last but not least, fill out an application for a barber’s license in the state of your choice and pay the required money.

The List of Barber Schools in New Jersey

Below are some of the top barber schools in New Jersey. If you are interested in becoming a certified barber and you reside in New Jersey, you can visit any of the links provided to be able to decide the school that’s best for you.

Blanco’s Barber & Beauty Academy

Their knowledgeable educators and support team are ready to help you find your niche in the beauty business, whether you have an interest in hair, skincare, manicures, or all the above! You will receive the necessary instruction in a wide range of topics, including clipper, shear, texturizing, scissors over comb, razor, and innovative style techniques, through this extensive academy. Find more information here.

Shore Beauty School

The barbering program at Shore Beauty School comprises of 1,000 hours of instruction in the business, art, and science of barbering. By using razors, clippers, and scissors, you will learn how to style and trim your hair.

Also, you’ll discover how to shave, use hot towel treatments, create fades, and sharpen and stroke a razor. You will study the principles of barbering throughout the first 500 hours of the course through a combination of lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on practice with mannequins and one another. Find more information here.

Robert Fiance Beauty Schools

Students studying barbering at Robert Fiance can pick up contemporary barbering techniques. The program can give you the instruction and training you need to take the NJ State Board Test and can get you ready to work in the barbering industry.

With the barbering curriculum, students can cultivate positive work habits and attitudes, business ethics, and a passion for making other people look and feel their best. Find more information here.

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Innovate Salon Academy- Ewing

The Innovate Salon Academy Barbering Program incorporates education in barbering, business, and marketing, as well as traditional training methods. Graduates get the chance to learn hair-cutting techniques like fades, hairstyles, shaving, and much more through practical experience! Find more information here.

Total Image Beauty Academy

The mission of Total Image Beauty Academy, a school that is completely owned by Total Image Beauty Academy Inc., is to help people pursue successful careers in the Cosmetology Arts & Sciences.

Their instructors understand the importance of providing graduates with the right instruction and preparation for the working world. Their educational programs mix tasks in all the common trade categories with classroom theory. Find more information here.

Other top barber schools in New Jersey are listed in the table below:

Cutting Edge AcademyWebsite
Empire Beauty SchoolWebsite
Parisian Beauty Academy Paul Mitchell Partner SchoolWebsite
Final Touch Barber AcademyWebsite
The Salon Professional Academy HowellWebsite
Golden Shear Academy of CosmetologyWebsite
New Concept Beauty SchoolWebsite

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