12 Barber Schools in New York City: Best Guide

If you want to express your creativity and build a stable future for yourself, enrolling in a barber program can be a great way to do it, whether you are a high school student or a working adult wishing to change careers. 

In this article, we look at the top barber schools in New York City.

Barber schools give you the chance to study more than simply how to cut hair; also, you can become familiar with the traditional barbering methods that are more in demand than ever.

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The school will instruct you on how to become a skilled barber who can increase their clientele and develop as a pro in the beauty and grooming sector. Make an appointment at any of the following schools if you’re looking for a new and rewarding profession.

If you were thinking you could skip school, you may rest confident that going to barber school has several advantages.

The optimal sanitary measures are covered in a section of the barber school curriculum. You’ll get some practice cleaning typical barbering implements like scissors, razors, and trimmers. while gaining knowledge on how to safeguard the health and safety of your prospective clientele.

Barber schools frequently provide a practice state board test. Feedback on your areas for improvement is also provided. You can then enter your exam with more assurance knowing that you have the relevant abilities.

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A hands-on component of the exam for a Class A barber license requires you to perform work on a real client in front of a panel of professionals. Real-world experience working with clients is helpful to perform well on this part of the exam.

While an internship may involve cleaning tools or washing hair, it is much less likely to give you the opportunity to perform more complex tasks like cutting or coloring hair. Attending barber school allows you to gain practical experience that you can’t obtain anywhere else while being guided by knowledgeable, seasoned professionals.

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Do you lack contacts in the barbering industry? By putting you in touch with new people, attending barber school can aid in your search for an internship. Also, it gives you a strong foundation that will make you more appealing to working barbers from whom you want to learn and gain experience.

The anatomy and physiology of the scalp and hair, as well as basic scientific principles, are all included in the general curriculum of barber schools.

These are skills that you are unlikely to learn through a simple barbershop internship. This knowledge will not only help you pass the written and practical tests for Class A Barbers, but it will also improve your ability to cut, style, color, and care for various hair types.

Barber Schools in New York City

Below are some of the top barber schools in New York City. If you are interested in becoming a certified barber and you reside in New York City, you can visit any of the link provided to be able to decide the school that’s best for you.

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American Barber Institute

The goal of the American Barber Institute is to offer top-notch instruction that will equip students to successfully pass the New York State Board of Barbering Licensing exam and obtain a Master Barber license.

The American Barber Institute will also enlighten students by providing them with the foundational knowledge, professionalism, and excellent business ethics required to succeed in the barber industry. ABI will provide students with the training they need to join the New York labor force. Find more information here.

Tribeca Barber & Beauty School, LLC

Specialists in the cosmetology, hairdressing, and beauty industries have been trained at this institution for many years. The growth of students across their whole curriculum is the goal of their practical training programs. Theory and practice are interrelated.

You will learn how to use numerous tools, gain the knowledge you need to excel in the beauty industry, and graduate from this program with an educational degree. You will be completely ready to pass the Master Barber Operator tests required by New York State in order to become a licensed Master Barber or Barber Apprentice. Find more information here.

Westchester Barber Academy

Everyone can get a range of services at Westchester Barber Academy. The Westchester Barber Academy invites anybody wishing to receive a haircut, become a barber, or learn a new trade. It is situated on the opposite corner across from Western Beef Store on South Fulton and 3rd street. Master barbers with years of experience can teach you directly or simply freshen you up. Find more information here.

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ARROJO Cosmetology School

Compared to a standard barbering program, the ARROJO Cosmetology School Barbering Program is more innovative and fashion-forward.

Beyond clipper work and fading, they also instruct in traditional and innovative styles and methods, such as military-inspired looks, scissors over comb, razored layers, freehand dry cutting, square and lean shapes, and the development of texture and taper. Find more information here.

Mastercutter Academy

For stylists of all experience levels, from novice to seasoned, Mastercutter School offers a variety of hands-on hair-cutting workshops. Laara Raynier has hand-selected Live Models for these interactive sessions. Find more information here.

Other top barber schools in New York City are listed in the table below:

Barber and Beauty Institute of New YorkFind more information here
Empire Beauty SchoolFind more information here
Paul Mitchell The School NYCFind more information here
Robert Fiance Beauty SchoolsFind more information here
Brittany Beauty Academy ManhattanFind more information here
Total Image Beauty AcademyFind more information here
Formula B Parisien Beauty SchoolFind more information here

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