Belly Dance Classes in Atlanta

15 Top Belly Dance Classes in Atlanta With Details

Belly dancing is one of the oldest forms of dance in the world, and it’s still popular today. If you’re interested in this form of dance, it can seem overwhelming to choose where to learn how to belly dance when there are so many studios available throughout the country.

Whether you’re living in Atlanta or just visiting on vacation, here are some awesome places to take belly dance classes in Atlanta.

The List of Belly Dance Classes in Atlanta

1. Bhangra Bellydance

Bhangra Bellydance classes teach traditional Indian dancing techniques, but with a belly dancing flair.

If you’re looking for something different than your typical Americanized nightclub music, Bhangra Bellydance is sure to satisfy you.

Beginners are welcome. There is a $6 drop-in fee. They also host special events, like movie nights and holiday parties. Visit them at 1725 Clairmont Road NE or call their customers to call line.

2. Bellydance Center of Atlanta

Chances are that if you’re looking for belly dance classes in Atlanta, you’ve heard of Bellydance Center of Atlanta.

There’s a reason why they call it the world’s busiest belly dance studio, as CCBA offers a variety of classes on an almost daily basis.

They have multiple studios throughout Gwinnett County and North Fulton County and have been teaching students from all walks of life for over 15 years.

3. Arabesque Dance Company

Arabesque Dance Company has all kinds of dance classes, from belly dance for kids and teens to shimmy classes for adults and more.

Located on Peachtree Street, it’s easy to get to by car or MARTA and there’s free parking available behind their studio if you drive. They also have additional classes available online.

4. Blossom Bellydance

Located at 1380 Cascade Drive, Blossom Bellydance is a great option if you’re looking for something a little farther away from town than other studios.

4. Rose City Bellydance

The best place I’ve found for beginner belly dance lessons is Rose City Bellydance.

It’s an excellent studio run by an instructor named Suhaila Salimpour, and it’s full of professionals who teach both basic and intermediate classes with a fair amount of variation (also great for seasoned dancers!).

The best class there is Belly Dance Basics, which focuses on posture, balance, technique, and movement basics.

If you want to get your feet wet with some fun moves but don’t know where to start or what you should be doing at first, try out their Intro to Egyptian Style class it covers all of these things in a fun way that will keep you motivated.

5. Middle Eastern Dancesport USA

Whether you want to add a little spice to your social life or you’re looking for a fun, physically active hobby that will help you get into shape and meet new people, belly dance is an activity that has something for everyone.

Middle Eastern Dancesport USA (MEDUSA) brings all of these elements together at their weekly gatherings.

These events are open and available for anyone with an interest in belly dancing.

Women and men can learn from each other and practice together; MEDUSA does not discriminate based on gender.

6) Sharq Movement Arts Academy

Put your passion for dance into play and start belly dancing today.

Located at 5490 Peachtree Industrial Blvd. NE, Suite C204, they are conveniently located near Chamblee-Dunwoody Rd.

Their expert staff will teach you everything you need to know about belly dancing, including history and Arabic music.

And don’t forget that they also have a variety of other dance classes available. Sharq Movement Arts Academy is where you should take your first belly dance class.

7. Inshallah School of Islamic Dancesport & Culture Section

Located on Ponce De Leon Avenue, Oasis, Inshallah School of Islamic Dancesport is a fantastic place for those seeking instruction in traditional and tribal belly dance styles.

In addition to their classes, they also offer workshops for dancers of all levels.

The staff there is incredibly welcoming and encouraging, and you’ll find yourself having an awesome time no matter your skill level or experience with belly dance.

8. Oasis Belly Dance Studio

If you’re searching for a fun and unique class, belly dance may be it.

The dance originated in Egypt thousands of years ago and is frequently thought of as an exercise more than a performance art.

If you’re looking for belly dance classes in Atlanta, Oasis Belly Dance Studio may be just what you need.

Located near Emory University, they offer intensive and beginner courses year-round.

They also host monthly performances that are open to anyone who wants to come out and support local dancers.

You can learn more about their upcoming performances on their website.

9. Atlanta Belly Dance Studio at Brookhaven

It’s hard not to fall in love with belly dance classes. There’s something about these exotic dances that makes you feel sexy, feminine, and just happy.

And if you live anywhere near Atlanta, GA, there are several places for you to take belly dance classes.

Schedule an appointment with Atlanta Belly Dance Studio at Brookhaven today.

10. Sultana Dance Productions LLC

Sultana Dance Productions LLC is an excellent place for new dancers. Located in Decatur, GA, Sultana offers workshops and classes that are affordable, family-oriented, and welcoming.

You’ll get a solid belly dance foundation with choreographies to help you progress throughout your dancing career.

The staff is great at adapting their lessons to meet students’ needs. Plus, there’s plenty of parking! I definitely recommend Sultana for both new and experienced dancers.

11. Atlanta Belly Dance at Kirkwood

If you’re looking for an opportunity to meet new people and challenge yourself, Atlanta Belly Dance at Kirkwood is your place. There are multiple classes offered seven days a week, so no matter what your schedule looks like, it will work for you. You can take many classes at Kirkwood and each of them has been unique in its own way.

The teachers are talented and knowledgeable about belly dance, but also make sure that everyone feels comfortable with their movements.

The studio itself is beautiful it overlooks Piedmont Park and has high ceilings with exposed beams that make for a great atmosphere.

It can get crowded sometimes, but if you don’t mind being around other dancers or just want to get out of your house once in a while, then Kirkwood is definitely worth checking out!

12. Belly Dance with Aziza Nawal

Learning belly dance with Aziza Nawal can be a lot of fun, classes at her studio, you get an authentic cultural experience along with serious exercise. The studio is located on Cheshire Bridge Road, just off I-85 and 10 minutes from downtown.

For $10 per class or $95 for a month-long pass, you can work out in large groups of women or sign up for one-on-one private lessons with Aziza herself! Private sessions are available for $25 per hour.

No prior dancing experience is necessary; however, if you have had some instruction before, it will help make your learning process easier. If you are interested in learning how to belly dance from a certified instructor, contact Aziza Nawal via email or phone today.

13. Fuego Y Hielo Dance Company

Fuego Y Hielo does it all: classes for all ages and skill levels, plus performance opportunities, special events, and even a teacher training program.

Located in Midtown, Fuego Y Hielo is an internationally-recognized belly dance company that’s been wowing audiences since 1992.

From beginner to professional level, there’s something for everyone at Fuego Y Hielo. The staff is friendly and helpful, and they go out of their way to make sure you feel comfortable with each new move before progressing to more advanced steps. And if you want your child to learn belly dance, this studio offers fun kid’s classes as well.

14. Jazzle Dance Studio

Jazzle Dance Studio is a full-service dance studio that offers a variety of classes for every level. Jazzle teaches bellydance, jazz, and hip hop in their 2,500-square-foot facility.

Jazzle has been open for over five years, with over 12 years of combined experience! If you’re interested in belly dance classes in Atlanta then be sure to check out Jazzle.

15. Secret Garden Pole Fitness Boutique

Secret Garden Pole Fitness Boutique is one of those hidden treasures that you only discover once you start searching for belly dance classes in Atlanta.

The studio offers a variety of classes, including bellydance, hip-hop, and aerial silks.

In addition to these fabulous fitness classes, Secret Garden also offers erotic dance parties just make sure your husband or boyfriend doesn’t read about them on Facebook.


While there are lots of places around Atlanta where you can take belly dance classes, these eight were especially recommended.

If you’re interested in learning how to belly dance, try visiting one or more of these studios you might even find that a new hobby has started.

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