15 Top Belly Dance Classes in Dubai With Details

Belly dance classes have become increasingly popular in Dubai over the past few years. Belly dancers are known for their graceful curves and seductive movements, which can be enjoyed by both women and men of any age, size, or background.

There are many belly dance classes in Dubai available today, but some come with more authenticity than others. If you’re looking to take up a new hobby and want a fun way to exercise that is also uniquely Middle Eastern, consider belly dancing.

Many gyms offer belly dance classes where you can learn about rhythm, choreography, and movement for an hour at a time. When enrolling in these classes, ask about instructors’ backgrounds; most should come from an Egyptian or Middle Eastern heritage.

If you’re interested in signing up for belly dance lessons, here are the top 15 belly dance studios in Dubai

The List of Institutions Offering Belly Dance Classes in Dubai

1. Belly Art Dubai

Belly Art Dubai offers a number of lessons and fun events for those interested in learning more about Middle Eastern dance.

If you’re looking to get into form-fitting outfits, perform publicly, or take photos while doing your favorite moves, then belly art is a great place to start.

They offer group classes, private lessons, and instructional sessions that are just right for everyone.

 They also offer an annual belly dance convention where you can compete with other dancers and take lessons on how to improve your moves.

In addition to formal belly dance classes, belly art also offers yoga classes and workshops for those looking for some extra fitness options.

There’s something to suit every skill level from beginners who want to learn their first few moves all the way up to experienced performers who need more challenging choreography and choreographers who want to perfect a routine they’re creating.

2. Nisha’s Bollywood dance classes

When it comes to dancing classes in Dubai, Nisha’s Bollywood dance school is one of the best.

As a businesswoman who moonlights as a belly dancer, Nisha shares her expertise with her students every Monday night at Sadaf Studios.

Whether you’re looking to increase your fitness level, tone up your abs or hips, or improve your balance and coordination, Nisha will take you through a full belly dancing class that’ll leave you glowing from head to toe.

 If you’re just starting out, Nisha recommends learning a few dance moves before showing up to class.

She also suggests bringing some comfortable clothing and cushiony shoes because classes are a mix of traditional belly dancing and modern fusion dance.

Even if you’re not planning on taking a belly dance class, it’s helpful to familiarize yourself with common terminologies like shimmy, snake arms, and slow hip drops.

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3. Ric Banks Dance Academy

There are dozens of belly dance classes around Dubai, with new studios opening every year. With so many options to choose from, it’s important to know what you’re looking for.

The Ric Banks Dance Academy focuses on intensive instruction and individual attention. Not only do you get a dedicated teacher, but also you don’t need to worry about other students taking up too much space or time during your class.

After class, Ric Banks does his best to make sure that each student gets a chance to practice their dance skills but also learns and perfects all of the movements from class, which is very helpful for students who are looking to take belly dance classes in Dubai.

His goal is for students to learn how to be comfortable on stage and have fun while doing it. Ric Banks’ passion for dancing shows through at every level of instruction. He loves what he does and it shows!

After taking several classes with other instructors, I decided I wanted something more challenging. My friend recommended Ric’s studio so I decided to give it a try.

4. James & Alex Dance Studios

James & Alex Dance Studios offers a range of workshops and belly dance performance classes. Whether you’re just beginning to learn or are looking to advance your studies, there’s a class for you.

James & Alex provides adult & children’s classical & oriental ballet, modern and more. Step up your game with signature Hip-Hop, street jazz, and contemporary dance classes taught by professional instructors.

James & Alex also offers dance workshops to interested individuals or dance troupes. Workshops on oriental, blues, jazz, and hip-hop are offered as well as belly dancing.

No prior experience is necessary for these classes, but you will learn a lot from them! James & Alex is one of Dubai’s premier dance studios that offer professional training in all styles of dance.

The studio has been around since 1999 and has a proven track record of success with students of all ages and levels.

From children’s ballet to hip-hop to ballroom dancing, their qualified instructors can get you started today.

5. Mad About Dance Studio, Greens

Belly dance is a popular art form in Middle Eastern culture, so it’s no surprise that one of Dubai’s largest belly dancing schools sits smack dab in the middle of Al Qouz.

You’re just as likely to find people from all over South Asia and Europe taking classes there as you are Emirati natives, making it one of Dubai’s most diverse (and welcoming) dance studios.

If you’re looking to start dancing, don’t worry if you can’t find a teacher right away. There are plenty of helpful resources online, including YouTube tutorials and tips from other dancers, so you can get started with what you have.

Belly dancing is also a fun hobby to take up with friends or even try as an alternative form of exercise, so don’t be afraid to give it a go! Just make sure you check out MAD ABOUT DANCE STUDIO, GREENS first.

6. Transformers Dance Studio – TDS

This dance studio offers belly dance classes for all ages and skill levels. They offer one on one coaching and also workshops with a master instructor.

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Workshops last about two hours. Prices range from Dhs 1,500 – Dhs 7,000 for a workshop depending on if you have an introductory class first or if you are a member of their belly dance collective program.

Transformers is open every day of the week with classes starting as early as 6 am.

They offer both outdoor and indoor classes, so you’ll find a class time that works for your schedule.

You can find their pricing list on their website or just call them on their call line to register.

7. ABCD Dance Studio Dubai

ABCD DANCE STUDIO DUBAI is a hub for all things Arabic dancing. This place offers a good range of classes for those who want to build core strength, develop their technique and get that runway-ready figure.

A one-stop shop for all things dance, ABCD is located at 6 Sheikh Zayed Road and is open from 8 am to 12 midnight daily. It’s definitely worth a visit, so head on over if you are looking to learn how to belly dance.

ABIGAIL RODRIGUEZ: Abigail Rodriguez has been teaching Bellydance since she was 17 years old, which means she has more than 20 years of experience under her belt!

Her passion for belly dance is evident in her performances and her classes; it’s no surprise that she teaches at some of Dubai’s most popular venues.

8. Pranavam Arts

A class for adults where belly dance is taught by one of their finest dancers, Parvathi Nambiar.

The classes are held at Pranavam Arts, a dance school located on Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Quoz.

They have been active since 1984 and have been teaching some of their students who’ve gone on to become famous professional belly dancers.

So don’t miss out on a class or two because you won’t be disappointed.

 All of their classes are fun and friendly and they have a great selection. In fact, they teach more than belly dance!

They offer Latin American dances like Salsa and Tango, as well as Ballroom dancing such as Waltz, Viennese Waltz, and Foxtrot.

9. Tempo Dance Centre

The Tempo dance center offers a wide variety of classes, including Egyptian, classical, Indian and contemporary belly dance.

They teach students how to move gracefully and tell stories through their movements. With three branches in Dubai, you have lots of opportunities to attend.

If you can’t make it during regular hours, they offer after-hours classes on certain nights too.

And if you want a one-on-one experience with some professional guidance, then a private session is for you.

10. Cafe De La Danse, Dance Class Dubai

Cafe De La Danse Dubai, a hip and bohemian boutique dance studio offers some of the most fun belly dancing classes in Dubai. What’s more?

They are led by an experienced professional instructor who has been teaching for over 10 years.

What makes Cafe De La Danse so unique is that it teaches both classic oriental dances as well as fusion genres like jazz and modern.

This means you can learn to master your moves at their workshops! The best part about taking belly dance classes at Cafe De La Danse is that they offer classes all day long.

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So whether you have time during your lunch break or late into the night, there will always be a class available to suit your schedule.

11. Palais De Danse Fitness

Palais De Danse offers belly dance classes designed to help students master fundamental movements.

Beginners can get a solid foundation here while more advanced dancers will have plenty of room for growth and improvement.

In addition, Palais De Danse teaches useful choreography that’s sure to make you stand out during performances or social gatherings.

12. Yalla Dance Studio

Yalla, an Arabic word meaning let’s go, sums up perfectly what they want you to experience when you attend their classes.

The studio is located near Al Barsha and offers belly dance lessons for all levels with a focus on the fusion of styles.

The classes are well-rounded and promote fitness through dance as well as pride and self-confidence.

Their class schedule is based on students, so if you have any specific needs or ideas about what you want to learn, let them know!

13. Ria’s Bollywood dance school

Ria’s has a small studio in Al Barsha, but it’s popular with Bollywood fans because of its affordable and accessible classes.

They specialize in learning Arabic-Indian fusion styles and also offer belly dance choreography for women and group classes for kids.

You can also hire their services to do a routine at your wedding or party just send them an email or call before you drop by.

14. Sharmila Dance Center

Sharmila Dance Center, located near Burjuman Centre, offers belly dancing classes for children and adults alike.

The center offers a range of courses that cater to all levels of skill sets, from beginner to professional.

This is one of Dubai’s top belly dancing schools! To get started on your belly dancing adventure, visit them today at any of their three branch locations across Dubai.

And who better to learn from than dance instructor, Sharmila Ghosh? She is a guru at Sharmila’s with more than 27 years of professional experience under her belt.

All levels are welcome, including kids between ages five and 12 years old!

These belly dancing classes can be taken at one of their three branch locations around Dubai or even at your home if you have a group of four or more students.

15. AIM Dance Academy

The aim dance academy is located on Omar Bin Al Khattab road.

The belly dance classes held here are perfect for total beginners who want to learn how to hip shake.

With two levels offered at Aim, you can choose between a beginner and an intermediate class, depending on your level of experience.

You’ll leave each class feeling energized and ready to take on another day. AIM Dance Academy


If you enjoy watching belly dance shows, why not learn how to do it yourself? Check out one of these top-rated classes and workshops.

Mastering one of history’s most mesmerizing art forms is simple with professional instruction from a trusted teacher.

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