Belly Dance Classes in London

15 Top Belly Dance Classes in London & Their Details

If you are interested in belly dance classes in London, then this list of the best belly dance classes in London should come in handy.

I have personally tried and tested these belly dance lessons and can assure you they will help you find what you’re looking for. And that’s without even mentioning the many benefits belly dancing has to offer.

Belly dancing helps improve your posture and muscle tone, gives you an all-over workout as well as strengthening your core muscles, improves your breathing and concentration, gives you great body confidence, and much more, So check out the following 15 belly dance classes in London below.

The List of Institutions Offering Belly Dance Classes in London

1. Swing & Jazz Dance Classes

There are a variety of swing and jazz dance classes available in London, all to suit different levels of ability. The first lesson is free at most places, so if you’re interested, try several different ones and see which one suits your needs best.

As well as providing exercise (Jazzercise is often recommended for its health benefits), belly dance exercises help release tension from our everyday lives. This can be hugely beneficial for anyone whose job doesn’t allow them time to unwind during busy working hours.

There are hundreds of belly dance schools and lessons around, so it’s not difficult to find a place near you. Belly dancing is becoming increasingly popular, and with so much choice on offer, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding exactly what you want. Whether you want to join an established class or start one up yourself, you should be able to find people who want to learn in your area.

2. Melissa Belly Dance School

Melissa is a professional belly dancer and teaches courses for absolute beginners to advanced dancers at her own school in Central London. She offers a weekly schedule on her website. Sessions include warm-ups, stretch training, and technical work as well as choreography practice.

Melissa’s school also arranges overseas workshops for dancers who want to travel. On weekends, students train with other professionals from around Europe, improving their technique and building on their experience.

Melissa is known for her patience and understanding of belly dancing as a form of art, not just exercise. She explains that it’s important to remember that belly dance isn’t about looking good or being sexy; it’s about expressing yourself through movement.

3. Arabian Rose Belly Dance

Students at Arabian Rose Belly Dance learn to belly dance from professional teachers who’ve been performing for more than 15 years. The school has more than 100 students and offers beginner through advanced courses.

Beginners can take one class a week for 12 weeks; advanced students may be invited to join a performance group that travels both nationally and internationally. Arabian Rose is open Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday afternoons. In addition to lessons, it offers bimonthly workshops led by professional belly dancers on topics such as snake hips and veil work.

There is usually a monthly gathering of belly dancers that lets them show off their new skills, but no prior experience is necessary to attend. With only five years of experience as a teacher, instructors Sahar Fakhouri-Lacroix makes an effort to teach what she calls true Egyptian style which means authenticity and having fun above all else.

4. Hasina Belly Dance

Hasina Belly Dance is one of London’s top belly dancing instructors. She provides high-quality belly dance lessons and a variety of workshops around London, as well as hosting private parties for groups.

Her highly energetic and fun classes are suitable for all levels, from beginners to advanced dancers. Her classes are great for building strength, flexibility, and confidence.

Hasina is one of the few belly dancing teachers who really bring a high-energy vibe to her classes. She’s energetic, and enthusiastic and encourages all of her students to feel comfortable taking risks and pushing themselves outside their comfort zone.

Her core syllabus is mostly Egyptian-style and she’s very good at providing modifications for different skill levels. She also provides advanced dancers with challenging choreography, which gives them something new to learn each time they take a class with her.

5. Agni Belly Dance

This is a dance school that hosts many performances every year. They have groups for children, teens, and adults of all levels.

If you are just getting into belly dancing or want to further your art form, Agni Belly Dance should be your starting point! It’s conveniently located near Great Portland street making it easily accessible for those who live on or near the central line.

As well as classes and workshops there is also a studio where you can practice even when there isn’t a class being held.

6. Katie Alyce Belly Dancer

Katie Alyce Belly Dancer is a full-time belly dancer and has been performing professionally for over 7 years. She has performed across Europe, America, and Asia and with some of today’s biggest names including Ghada Ibrahim and Dina.

Katie’s style encompasses elements from several cultures such as Egyptian, Greek, Turkish, and Flamenco. Since 2011 she has been teaching both private clients and performing students of all levels at her own studio in north-west London.

Katie has won numerous accolades for her dancing and teaching and has helped to develop a new generation of belly dancers through her own company.

Her studio’s success led to an increase in demand from other dancers who wished to have private lessons with Katie, so she now teaches as well as dancing.

There are also several events organized throughout each year, making it possible for participants of all levels and ages to take part.

7. Belly Dance Classes by Leilah

Leilah has 15 years of belly dancing experience. She is an Egyptian-style dancer who focuses on beginners and intermediate-level dancers to give them a fun, enjoyable, and professional experience.

Her positive energy and friendly personality are contagious and will make you feel right at home whether you’re a first-timer or an advanced student. Leilah’s classes are affordable, fun, social, and great for all ages.

Whether you want to learn how to dance for fitness, entertainment, or competition she can help you achieve your goals! Leilah can also offer workshops and private lessons.

Her background as a professional belly dancer helps her understand what it takes to be successful in belly dancing whether it’s your hobby or your career. She has performed at weddings, events, festivals, and corporate parties all over Ontario.

8. Fleur Estelle Belly Dance

A professional, fun, and friendly environment to learn belly dance. With 10 years experience of teaching, Fleur Estelle Belly Dance can help you achieve a strong technique and body awareness whilst having lots of fun along the way.

Fleur Estelle Belly Dance was established in 2008. Fleur Estelle Belly Dance style is Egyptian but they also teach some Turkish moves as well as a little contemporary work.

There are many different styles of Belly dance which all have their own characteristics and Fleur Estelle aims at giving its students an insight into each one. There are 4 main styles: Egyptian, Turkish, American Tribal Style (ATS) & Fusion/Contemporary Belly dance.

Each style has its own flavor which attracts people from all over who want to try something new or just add another string to their bow. At FBE we welcome everyone from complete beginners to those who have danced for years.

9. Mayel Belly Dance

Mayel Belly Dance offers a variety of different belly dance classes for women. Classes range from how to get started with belly dancing, Bellydance for beginners, and Bellydance for all levels. Prices: How much it costs depends on what class you attend; however, most begin at £5 per class.

If you are interested in taking more than one class per week, there is also a discount available. Location: The location of each class varies depending on which teacher is hosting it; however, most are held at either St John’s Hall or Goldsmith’s College.

10. Dunya Belly Dance

Dunya is a dancer and instructor who has been teaching belly dancing for 3 years. She’s based out of North London and offers a range of individual, couples, and group belly dance lessons throughout both weekdays and weekends. Dunya’s focus is on keeping her students engaged, motivated, and having fun.

You’ll have access to videos (along with links to purchase them) of performances by her studio throughout your time studying with her.

 Her regular class schedule consists of a beginners’ workshop where you’ll learn about hip movements, shimmies, and body isolations. From there, you can choose between beginner or advanced group belly dancing classes.

Both these options take place weekly and are designed to teach students how to follow an instructor while they move their hips, shoulders, arms, and hands around.

11. Shallwebellydance

This is a company that provides belly dance lessons. They have been highly recommended by many people I personally know, and they currently have an excellent Yelp rating. This company offers private lessons and also runs belly dancing workshops.

The owners are friendly, professional, and well-experienced in teaching belly dancing, so you can expect to learn a lot if you take their classes or private lessons.

 They teach a variety of Arabic, Turkish, Israeli, and fusion belly dance styles. If you’re interested in trying out these different styles but don’t know which one is right for you, they will be more than happy to give you recommendations based on your personal taste.

12. Victoria Belly Dancer

Victoria, located in London and offers belly dance classes. You can discover more about them by visiting their website.

They also offer belly dancing lessons to students from around Victoria, BC. The school’s instructors are some of Vancouver Island’s finest dancers who will share their knowledge with you to help you learn as much as possible from your sessions with them.

They want to share with you all that they know so that you will become a better dancer yourself and have a great time doing it.

13. Small World Centre Bellydance

Being located on Clapham Common, you’ll never be far from a great belly dancing class. All of their teachers are fully qualified and experienced with over 20 years of teaching between them.

If you want to learn more about it, their belly dancing workshops are a great way to start learning about Bellydance for beginners! (Other locations also have ‘Bellydance for Beginners’ workshops, check here.) Small World Centre is open from 7:30 am until late every day.

14. Cairo Rose Belly Dance Studio

The focus of Cairo Rose is on teaching belly-dancing basics to children and adults, including instruction in veil work, finger cymbals, hip movements, and arms.

They also offer general belly dancing courses with some focuses: Focusing on Bellydance for Men Focusing on Bellydance for Couples Every Thursday from 7.00 pm to 8.00 pm Beginner level: 14 years + No Bellydancing experience needed!

15. Red Glass Sky Belly Dancers Samba Dancers Caribbean Dancers

Red Glass Sky is a group that performs Middle Eastern belly dance, Brazilian Samba, and Caribbean dances.

They are an energetic group that performs regularly across London, including at weddings, corporate events, and private parties. Their dancers have performed with stars such as Shakira, Jennifer Lopez, and Kylie Minogue.


Belly dancing is a fun and enjoyable activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Whether you’re looking to lose weight or simply want to learn a new skill belly dancing is an excellent choice, as it offers many benefits for your body and mind.

If you are interested in learning how to belly dance I would highly recommend taking classes at Belly Dance Classes London.

This business has been around for over 10 years and has helped thousands of people learn how to belly dance properly.

The instructors at Belly Dance Classes London are some of the best around; they have a passion for teaching others how to belly dance and truly enjoy helping their students achieve their goals.

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