Belly Dance Classes in Los Angeles

13 Best Belly Dance Classes in Los Angeles

Bellydance is an exciting and fun way to get your body moving! Are you seeking a new connection with your body, style, and confidence through belly dance?

Search no more, as you will find belly dance classes in Los Angeles to choose from in this article.

Los Angeles, also known as L. A is known as the sunflower state. It is easy to locate as It’s in the Middle of the United States of America.

Dance is a soul language used to nourish our bodies to ignite the divine spark within us all. We use dance to create a connection to our past, ground us in the present, and inspire a future of love. 

Belly dance is one of the most popular styles of Middle Eastern dance that originated in Egypt. It is a complex movement centered around the midsection or torso. Various famous artists like Rihanna, Beyoncé, Fergie, and Shakira have used it.

Los Angeles has many belly dance classes and opportunities to develop and perfect your dancing skills. If you are a lover of varied styles of music and dance, there are options to choose from.

You will learn the beauty and elegance of dance and the principle of happiness. Recently, belly dancing has been used to entertain guests at wedding receptions, private celebrations, or parties.

Let this article guide you on the different belly dance classes in Los Angeles to develop your dancing skills.

Belly Dance Classes in Los Angeles

  • Los Angeles Bellydance Academy
  •  Europa Belly Dance
  • Aisha Ali Belly Dance
  • Luscious Maven Pole Studio
  • Evolve Dance Studio
  • Mésmera’s Red Magic Dance
  • Ya Harissa Belly Dance Company
  •  Ninyshka Belly Dance 
  • Katrina Ji 
  • Hollywood Dance Centre
  • Phamily Steppers
  • L A rueda Academy 
  • Rangeela Dance Company

Los Angeles Bellydance Academy

The Los Angeles Bellydance Academy, also known as L. A bellydance is a dance studio that offers instruction for dance and music for all ages and all skill levels.

Its founder, Stefanya in2011, founded The L.A. Bellydance Academy with business partner Katya Malaya.

A core foundation of their curriculum is using Middle Eastern music and dance as they enrich students’ minds by teaching modern applications of historical dance traditions.

Through dance workshops, live performances, and educational information, the Los Angeles Bellydance Academy strives to assist students in achieving their dance goals.

There are experienced instructors who are passionate about belly dance and will help you learn the basics of this beautiful art form in a welcoming and supportive environment.

You can opt for the in-person belly dance classes for $17.50 for a single class or an online class for $9 per class.L. A. Bellydance Academy offers weekly classes perfect for new dancers called Introduction to Bellydance. 

  • Phone:(310) 854-3500

  • Address:1644 S. La Cienega Blvd.

  • Los Angeles, CA 9003


Europa Belly Dance

Europa holds belly dance classes in Hollywood, California. They are devoted to providing top-quality dance classes focused on rich Arabic art, music, and history.

They teach students to strengthen and condition body and soul so they can serve as an instrument of communication.

Address:2062 Ivar Ave, Los Angeles, CA, United States, California.

  • Contact:+1 323-646-9895


Aisha Ali Belly Dance

Aisha Ali, the founder of Aisha Ali Belly Dancing Company, is recognized internationally for her Egypt and North African dances. 

She directed the Aisha Ali Dance Company for over twenty years. Aisha Ali holds teaching classes at her Los Angeles studio, gives lectures on belly dance at universities, and conducts workshops and master classes worldwide.

Some of the dances being taught by Aisha are Egyptian Raqs Sharqi (oriental dance), Egyptian Ghawazi (gypsy style), Tunisian shaabi, Algerian Ouled Naïl, Moroccan Shikhat, Turkish belly dance, Khaliji (Gulf), Persian Motreb, Jardances, Saidi cane dances, Zeffah and Zar (trance dances)

In-person classes are held weekly, and reservations by email, telephone, or text are required before p.m. on the day of the class.


  • Tel: (310) 474-4867

Luscious Maven Pole Studio

Luscious Maven Pole Studio is a dance studio. It was centered inclusively on women over the past ten years.

They are committed to accessing the well-being, fitness, creativity, and fun of the students through the art of pole and dance movement.

People of all fitness levels, ages, sizes, shapes, genders, and backgrounds are welcome to join Luscious Maven Pole Studio and discover their passion for dance, fitness, and pole.

You are eligible to join if you have yet to gain prior knowledge, as from your first pole class, you will begin to build strength, flexibility, dance skills, and endurance. Fees for a single Class is $25, and returning Students pay over $30.

  • Address:11135 Weddington St, Unit 113

  • North Hollywood, CA 91601

  • Contact: (818) 824-4091

  • Email:

Evolve Dance Studio

Individual talents are being developed at Evolve as the dance and fitness program builds strong character with a clean, safe, home-like creative space.

Evolve Dance Studio is on a mission to educate not only great dancers but also great people about the value of teamwork, commitment, dedication, passion, and work ethic. 

There are highly respected and well-trained teaching staff offering several methods of dance and fitness for all with a curriculum that builds character and great dance skills.

Evolve Dance Studio has a 6750 square foot facility with four fully equipped dance rooms, one gymnastic sprung tumbling studio with state-of-the-art equipment, high ceilings, a large waiting area, and individual changing stalls.

  • Address:231 N Bolingbrook dr. suite d

  • Bolingbrook, IL 60440

  • Phone:(630)442-2789


Mésmera’s Red Magic Dance

Mésmera’s Red Magic Dance class was founded by Mésmera for over 40 years, offering classes, workshops, and DVDs for home study.

Mésmera discovered modern dance in High School; her passion for dance became her passion for life after she saw her first bellydancer ten years later.

Ever since her desire to give out articulate vocabulary in Bellydance that will enable and inspire people to express their creative and artful selves has been known.

She offers an in-person Class, which is limited to only six students. 

  • Address: PO Box 291014, Los Angeles, CA 90029

  • Contact:(323) 669-0333 

Ya Harissa Belly Dance Company

Ya Harissa Belly Dance Company is one of the most exciting Middle Eastern dance companies in Southern California and is being directed by Amaya.  

She trains the dancers and choreographers from the beginning through advanced classes in a relaxed and supportive environment. She also makes the company” s costumes.

Amaya has been passionate about teaching dance for over 25 years; she offers private instruction and coaching for teenagers and children and challenged individuals, including expectant mothers, as she has a background in emergency medicine and midwifery.

  • Contact:1(310)401-038

Ninyshka Belly Dance 

Ninyshka Belly Dance is taught by a traditional and fusion style dancer, Ninyshka, in Los Angeles, CA, who has trained with top Middle Eastern dancers in California, Las Vegas, and Washington.

Ninyshka is passionate about the dance form, and she thrives to represent it in its utmost honorable way. 

She teaches beginning to intermediate bellydance every week with a curriculum based on Middle Eastern dance techniques, which focuses on body conditioning and self-empowerment and encourages everyone on their journey as they work at their own pace to achieve their personal goals.

In-person costs $10 per class (1hr), and private lessons can be scheduled at $60-100. You can register by emailing, calling, or texting (626) 430 8984, email:

Katrina Ji 

Katrina Ji is a renowned international touring dancer and choreographer specializing in Rajasthani Folk and Bollywood dance and arts.

She is a member of the International Dance Council CID – UNESCO. 4Culture Touring Arts Roster. She is the Artistic Director of Culture Shakti from Seattle, WA & based in Los Angeles, CA, USA, and Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India.

She has been a certified Bellydance Instructor since 2007, providing her students a lifetime experience.

She offers live/in-person classes, certification classes, and private classes.

  • Contact: +1 206 322 9500

  • Address: Los Angeles, CA

Hollywood Dance Centre

Hollywood Ballroom offers a variety of dances and lessons throughout the week and all year around; it is one of the largest ballroom dance venues in suburban Silver Spring, MD.

To maximize dancing comfort, it is made up of an authentic floating dance floor.

They offer beginning, intermediate, and advanced dance classes for teens, singles, couples, and groups featuring social, American, and international dances, West Coast Swing, and Salsa/Bachata dance workshops, and special events at affordable prices.

They have friendly and highly qualified dance instructors who are encouraging and patient in helping students achieve their dancing goals.

Phamily Steppers

Phamily Steppers offers dance classes as an instructional system to establish a vibrant stepping community by sharing knowledge and skills, leading to competence and confidence in dance, thereby promoting health and self-expression.

Phamily steppers teach people to study like scientists and dance like artists. They offer weekly classes, group lessons, boot camps, workshops, and seminars.

  • Adress:5426 Crenshaw Blvd Los Angeles 

L A rueda Academy 

L A rueda Academy was established by Gokhan, who, at an early age, grew a passion for music.

He started sharing his learnings with people after training and performing for years with various master dancing instructors. He recently moved to Los Angeles to contribute to the growth of this amazing community.

He travels extensively to teach and participates in events worldwide, including Taiwan, Mexico, Peru, Serbia, England, Croatia, and Turkey. 

L A Rueda Academy offers three different levels of classes on Cuban salsa and Rueda de Casino in Los Angeles.

  • Address: 1618 corner ave, Los Angeles, ca 90025

  • Contact:847-840-2177

  • Email:

Rangeela Dance Company

Rangeela Dance Company is a leading South Asian dance company founded by Priyanka Jain Vora in 2016 in Los Angeles to cultivate a community that celebrates and shares South Asian culture.

Priyanka Jain Vora is a trained classical Indian dancer and Bollywood dance choreographer who continued her passion for dancing, teaching, choreographing, and performing. 

Rangeela Dance Company makes dance accessible to all individuals through group and private dance classes for kids and adults, performing and visual arts for special events, and private choreography service.

Their talented group of instructors and dancers have professional expertise in a variety of styles of dance.


  • Contact: 781.738.0108.


Where is the origin of belly dance?

The art and culture at the heart of the belly dance stem from the Arab nations. Countries like Egypt, Lebanon, and Morocco are famous for their belly dance artists.

What are the musical instruments used in belly dance?

To create music for belly dance, many peculiar instruments are used. The instruments include wind instruments such as nay, saxophone, trumpet, and accordion. Percussion Instruments include duff, tabla, and riq. Strings instruments such as violin,qanoun, and oud. The keyboard is used most often.

What are the Custume Used for Belly Dance?

The costume most commonly used for belly dance is the ‘blah,’ which includes a fitted top or bra, a fitted hip belt, and a full-length skirt or harem pants. Beads, sequins, crystals, coins, beaded fringe, and embroidery may be decorated on the bra and belt.

Dresses range from closely fitting, highly decorated gowns.

Are all Country’s Belly dance styles and customers the same?

Custume and Dance styles may vary based on the country, but Egyptian styles and costumes have been the most recognized worldwide. 

What are the Styles of Belly Dance?

Some styles used in belly dance are American cabaret, Gypsy, Persian, Tribal Fusion, and Egyptian Folkloric.

Famous belly dance festivals and competitions

  • Belly Dance Masters 2017
  • World Belly Dance Festival
  • Orient el Hob (International Belly Dance Festival, Varna 2017)
  • International Summer Belly Dance Festival Contest 2017

What can one wear during a belly dance practical session in class?

Wear something comfortable to move in, no tight jeans or mini-skirts. Choose workout clothes, yoga pants, or a skirt and top. A scarf or coin belt tied at your hips is a simple way to spice things up and helps you see and feel your hip movements.


Belly Dance as an art form has come to stay, and as it continues to gain more popularity, other parts of the world have begun to learn everything about this ancient style of dance.

Whether you’ve never set foot on a dance floor before or you’re an accomplished dancer, Now is your chance to dance and join Bellydance classes in Los Angeles to experience for yourself the joy of belly dancing and get a chance to develop your dancing skills through collaboration with professionals. 

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