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15 Best Belly Dance Classes Online You Must Consider

Belly dance is one of the most popular forms of exercise in the world, and with a good reason not only does it look amazing, but it also works your core, lower back, and hip muscles as well as upper body strength, stretching, and flexibility.

But where can you go to learn belly dance in person? Luckily, plenty of online classes are available that can teach you basic steps and moves and help you get started with your dancing journey. Check out these 15 belly dance classes online!

The List of Belly Dance Classes Online

1. Moon’s Dance Academy

This belly dance school is based in Hounslow, London. Whether you want to learn for fun or become a professional dancer, Moon’s Dance Academy has a course that will be perfect for you.

They offer classes for beginners as well as advanced students. Students can choose from regular weekly lessons, intensive courses, and workshops. All of their courses are taught by professional dancers and instructors with a vast experience in traditional Middle Eastern dance and music. Visit Moon’s Dance Academy online today to find out more about their services.

2. Bailamos Dance Company (BDC Lagos)

This dance group, Bailamos Dance Company serves as an outlet for African dancers to share their art. Although based in Nigeria, they welcome belly dancers from across Africa and around the world.

The troupe also hosts some workshops every year for new and experienced belly dancers to learn more about Middle Eastern dances. Every dancer is a special gift! says Adedeji Aremu-Lafe, leader of BDC Lagos. There is always something good that I could learn from each one of them.

3) Belly Dance Mumbai

This is just not any dance school, but one that focuses on spreading happiness through a variety of dance styles. They teach belly dancing classes in Mumbai which are fun and easy.

This school helps you enhance your health and overall fitness level by learning belly dancing techniques at home.

Also, it is an excellent way to get rid of that extra weight without going through rigorous physical activity or dieting. Simply learn some easy belly dance moves at home and make your body slim while having fun.

4) London Belly Dancing Classes

If you’re thinking about trying your hand at belly dancing, it can be a bit of a minefield knowing where to start. London belly dancing classes are easy to access online and across London.

There are different styles you can try too: cabaret, Bellydance, tribal or burlesque. You don’t even have to go outside there are plenty of virtual learning resources available too.

If none of this appeals, perhaps yoga is more your thing.

5) Hipsinc – Bellydance Class

Hipsinc offers belly dance classes for all ages. These classes are held by Romina who is experienced in teaching and performing.

The class begins with a warm-up of stretching, isolations, and working on your hip movements that are usually incorporated into belly dance moves.

Students then learn a variety of traditional moves from different Middle Eastern countries before learning choreography or creative Bellydance piece depending on their experience level.

6) Mayel Belly Dance

Mayel Belly Dance is an online learning platform that makes it easy to learn how to belly dance. The site teaches you everything from beginner steps to advanced dance routines no experience is needed.

It offers more than 10 belly-dancing tutorials, so there’s a style for everyone. In addition to its extensive video library, Mayel also gives you access to professional teachers who will help you develop your technique and master new moves.

7. Arabian Rose Belly Dance

This site contains both a store and a lesson section. The lessons here have a lot of value, but some are lacking in quality. Luckily, you can learn belly dance moves without actually having to join classes, so be sure to read up on what they offer.

Aside from videos and playlists, Arabian Rose Belly Dance has a wide variety of products available for purchase.

If you’re not looking for belly dance lessons specifically, there are plenty of other fun and interesting merchandise items to look at!

8. Colorado Belly Dance LLC

Colorado Belly Dance is a weekly class held at various locations around Denver, Colorado.

This class focuses on belly dance choreography and movements that are specific to Middle Eastern belly dancing.

Students will learn how to use their hips, hands, and arms in ways they never thought possible as well as learn how to move with grace and confidence.

In addition, students will be introduced to some of the music that inspires belly dancers all over the world.

A beginner-level class is offered every week along with an intermediate-level class for those who have taken a few belly dance classes before or have some experience in other forms of dance such as ballet or jazz.

9. Starbelly School of Dance

The Starbelly School of Dance is an online belly dance school that offers live instruction and free practice videos.

The founders have also created a variety of great instructional videos on YouTube. This website includes information on classes, workshops, and events, as well as downloadable materials.

If you’re just starting with belly dancing, Starbelly’s class structure is especially helpful, as it includes lessons for beginners. The school also offers a variety of classes and workshops that can help you improve your skills.

10. Belly Dance with Seyyide

Seyyide is a Turkish belly dance teacher that offers classes for both beginners and advanced dancers. Seyyide teaches in English, German and Turkish.

The site includes a full list of her upcoming classes so you can search according to your location or when she’s teaching near you.

This instructor has been dancing for 20 years and is currently dancing in Turkey, Europe, and elsewhere across the world, and her site provides many of her performances online as well as instruction on how to belly dance at home.

11. Nrityakosh – House of Classical and Contemporary Bellydance

Nrityakosh, headquartered in Delhi India is one of India’s premier institutes for contemporary and classical Bellydance. It is dedicated to preserving and promoting Bellydance as an art form worldwide.

The institute has a team of experienced teachers who have performed across India and abroad. They also offer workshops on Bellydance, which are conducted by professional dancers at venues across India and abroad.

12. Talaash Dance

Talaash Dance Company was established in 2003 with a vision to promote dance as a performing art and bring it closer to audiences through performance opportunities, workshops, festivals & dance education programs, etc.

The company is based in Mumbai and has been involved in organizing several successful dance events since its inception.

13. Deepa Naidu – School of Belly Dance

If you’re new to belly dancing, Deepa Naidu’s School of Belly Dance is a great starting point.

The site offers free tutorials on technique and even some valuable hints on staying healthy while dancing. You can also find plenty of instructional videos online from other belly dance teachers.

14. Maaybell Sarri – Bellydance Superstars

Maybell Sarri Bellydance Superstars is one of my favorite dancers, and her website features tons of information about getting started with belly dance.

She has an incredible amount of information about what it takes to get into shape for belly dance (including diet tips) and how to take care of your body once you start dancing regularly.

Her site also includes video clips where she demonstrates various techniques it is recommended to check out Maaybell Sarri – Bellydance Superstars.

15. SHEBA Belly Dance Classes NYC (Sisterhood of Eclectic Belly dance Art)

Sisterhood of Eclectic Belly dance Art provides belly dance classes in NYC. Sign up for group classes, private lessons, and more on their website.

Not only is belly dancing fun, but it’s also a great exercise for full-body toning and strengthening as well.

Be sure to wear loose clothing so that you have a full range of motion when learning how to belly dance, and don’t forget to bring your water bottle.

Can I learn belly dancing online?

It is possible to learn belly dancing online, although many resources can help beginners.

It’s important to find an instructor who has a solid background in belly dance so you have all of the information needed to start practicing with confidence.

The best way to learn how to belly dance is through live lessons, whether from a real-life instructor or one that does classes over Skype.

Can you learn to belly dance at home?

It’s possible, but it can be quite challenging. If you have a large mirror, a willing dance partner, and a little bit of space, you should be able to get started on your home belly dancing journey with ease.

Otherwise, consider looking for an online course or studio near you to ensure your success.

Can you lose weight by belly dancing?

The art of belly dancing, also called Raqs sharqi, is a centuries-old dance form that originated in Egypt.

In recent decades it’s been adopted by many as a fitness activity to lose weight and tone up. But how effective is belly dancing for weight loss?

And how can you make sure you get results from belly dancing and don’t just waste time spinning your hips?

Is belly dancing a good way to get abs?

While belly dancing is not a direct route to getting an ultra-toned tummy, it can help. Since belly dancing emphasizes core strengthening and posture correction, it certainly has fitness benefits.

But if you’re looking for a way to get those flat abs fast, belly dance might not be your best bet.

It takes more than just a few classes or some at-home practice to see results in that department. You have to commit yourself and stick with it to see results in any area of your body.

Do belly dancers wear shoes?

Belly dancing is a form of performance art. It’s also a very flexible type of dance, with unique movements.

As a result, belly dancers can wear all sorts of clothing depending on what type of show they’re preparing for and where they’ll be performing it.

This has resulted in two different styles: stage costumes and competition costumes.

Why do belly dancers have fat stomachs?

It’s all a part of learning how to belly dance and perfecting their moves, according to Al Jammal of The American University in Dubai.

Belly dancers have such a different body shape, she told From The Grapevine.

They have small, tight waists and larger hips and bellies because they need space to shake their hips.

But it’s not just about appearance, says Jammal. Having curves allows belly dancers to execute more precise moves.

What should I wear to my first belly dance class?

If you’re going to a studio class, make sure to wear something loose-fitting and comfortable. You’ll be moving around a lot and don’t want anything binding or restricting your movements.

Loose layers are also best for retaining body heat, which will come in handy if it gets chilly inside, so pack an extra sweater just in case!

If you’re taking a class outside of a studio, like at a festival or party, dress according to how much coverage you feel comfortable with; many dancers like to go without shoes so that they can feel more grounded.


Whether you’re looking to find belly dance classes online or in a local class, consider attending classes that are held at night or on weekends.

This will help you fit your belly dancing practice into your schedule and make it much easier for you to attend regularly.

It’s also helpful if you can find an instructor who understands your goals so that she can customize lessons specifically for your needs.

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