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27 Best Art Schools in Singapore: Cost & FAQs

Are you looking for art schools in Singapore? Are you interested in studying fine arts or design? If yes, then you should consider enrolling at one of these top art schools in Singapore.

Singapore has long been known as a hub of creativity and innovation. The city-state is home to some of the world’s leading universities and institutions of higher learning. This means that students from around the globe come to study here.

There are several art schools in Singapore that offer courses in various fields of art. 

These include painting, sculpture, photography, illustration, graphic design, fashion design, interior design, architecture, and more.

The List of Top Art Schools in Singapore

NUS School Of Design

Without a doubt, the National University of Singapore is a well-known institution with a distinguished reputation for the caliber and repute of its academics.

This institution makes the claim that it can combine innovative engineering technology, the enterprising spirit of business, and the creative design culture of 3D design to produce the ultimate artist who can endure the challenging reality of contemporary Singapore.

Classical Realism SG (CRSG)

The “atelier” technique of art education serves as the foundation for teaching at the studio. In other words, each student works through a centralized curriculum at their own pace.

At CRSG, you won’t just be given a pencil or a paintbrush and told to “be creative” without any guidance. 

Instead, they provide you with in-depth training based on their unified curriculum in order to help you develop your abilities and realize your creative vision.

Lasalle College Of The Arts

The LASALLE College of the Arts offers 30 undergraduate, postgraduate, and diploma programs in the fine arts, design communication, interior design, product design, film, animation, fashion, dance, music, theater, arts management, arts pedagogy and practice, art therapy, Asian art histories, and creative writing.

To encourage the next generation of forward-thinking, globally engaged artists, designers, and leaders of the creative industries, LASALLE offers a supportive, interdisciplinary learning environment.

Little Artists Art Studio

 Little Artists Art Studio is a global fine art studio that was established in Singapore in 1997. 

For the past 20 years, it has fostered the creativity of children as young as 2.5 years old and as old as 17 years old, as well as adults of all ages. 

Their pupils are taught by creative fine art instructors and working artists with degrees in fine art and design from across the world who cover both creative and observational art.

Little Artists promotes a carefree, enjoyable environment that makes learning enjoyable. Families are encouraged to stop by the studio and speak with the instructors.

The Fort Studios

With the aid of top-notch supplies, Fort studios teach real art workshops to both kids and adults in a variety of drawing and painting mediums, abilities, and techniques.

You have found your people if you are looking for visual art inspiration, personal development, and career advancement. To discover more, simply click one of their class choices! .

You’ll enter the space feeling inspired to create thanks to the two classrooms and open workshop area that are furnished with well-chosen tools and supplies ideal for a variety of art projects.

 For both new and experienced students who want to learn a new skill or discover a hidden talent, their professors offer a welcoming and compassionate environment.

Abrakadoodle Studios

Abrakadoodle is all about creativity for kids, and since its founding in 2002, it has provided more than one million kids in schools, community centers, and Abrakadoodle art studios for kids all over the world with the best visual arts classes for kids, summer art camps, holiday art camps, art parties, and art events!

The ideas, intellectual property, technology, and most importantly, smart people, will power the knowledge economy of the future. 

According to research, children who are exposed to the arts grow to have a unique capacity for creative thought, innovation, and the creation of intellectual capital.

Prepare your kid for success in a world where being smart matters.

Centre Stage School Of The Arts

Peter Hodgson and Alison Tompkins established the Centre Stage School of the Arts in 1999 with the goal of fostering a setting where kids may utilize theatre to explore both the imaginary and actual worlds. 

Since then, the school has grown into a complete performing arts center, offering innovative programs for infants and toddlers as well as drama, performance acting, musical theater, dance, music, and art and craft for kids of all ages as well as adults!

The school’s courses, which have undergone extensive study and development, are offered by qualified experts who mix arts education with firsthand, practical experience in theatre, television, and cinema. 

The welcoming atmosphere and the staff’s continual commitment to go above and beyond for the children are what make the school so enjoyable.

Singapore Visual Arts Centre

The Visual Arts Centre, a premier arts recreation facility supported by the National Parks Board, is located in Singapore and features a professional art studio with a variety of art courses for training and workshops, as well as changing exhibitions, art activities, and programs that are open to the public for free. 

All ages can enjoy the arts in a really unique and memorable way thanks to the stunning and distinctive atmosphere of the Visual Arts Centre, which welcomes you to enjoy art in a tranquil garden oasis.

The Visual Arts Centre was constructed by the Urban Redevelopment Authority of Singapore and is situated in the center of the Dhoby Ghaut Arts & Heritage zone, a popular tourist destination for soaking in Singapore’s artistic and cultural environment. 

NAFA( Nayang Academy Of Fine Arts )


You will engage in a practice-led curriculum that embraces a modern practice that draws on their cultural history in order to foster your critical thinking and creative attitudes.


You can obtain valuable perspective and exposure to cutting-edge concepts and breakthroughs through NAFA’s international programs.


Your learning will be motivated by their committed staff of experts and professionals, who will assist you in developing the leadership skills necessary to succeed in your sector.


They provide real-world learning experiences via industrial attachments, internships, community service initiatives, and teaching methodologies through a strong network of reputable partners in the creative industries.

Artz Graine Studio Of Kreative Artz

Artz Graine Studio Of Kreative Artz encourages participants to explore their own originality and self-expression via their learning journey by emphasizing self-exploration in their seminars.

 This is due to their sincere conviction that each person possesses a talent that is just waiting to be discovered.


The goal of Artz Graine is to inspire and enable everyone to embrace the development and progress of the visual arts and to realize their artistic potential.


Their goal is to help each person embrace the goodness of art so they can pursue a healthy lifestyle and enhance their general well-being. They try to instill the values of art in them so that they may become a part of it and it can become a part of them.

Artify Studio

Artify Studio, which opened in 2014, provides a variety of art services, including kid’s art classes, adult art classes, corporate team-building exercises, and community outreach initiatives.

Nowadays, success and productivity go hand in hand. For them, making art serves as a reminder to live in the present.

They don’t believe in “thinking beyond the box” because they aren’t constrained by one in the first place. 

Art Jamming Singapore

Art jammers can unwind and revitalize themselves at The Fun Empire through therapeutic art jamming! 

They organize a lively and colorful Art Jamming event where everyone has the opportunity to produce original pieces of art!

Their Art Jamming courses provide canvasses, a comfortable setting, and unlimited use of acrylic paints, brushes, and other specialized tools—everything you need for a stress-free painting session!

Let your imagination soar and your creativity soar! No education or prior experience is necessary; all you need to have a good time is a combination of imagination, curiosity, and playfulness! 

NUT School Of Art, Design, Media

One of Singapore’s top universities is NUT. What many people are unaware of is that the university is also known for its challenging ADM courses. There is more to this historically Asian university than meets the eye.

University reputation should be the least of your worries because NUT is renowned for its academic rigor. I wouldn’t worry too much about the ADM course since it has already been around for ten years.

The School Of Arts(SOTA)

The School of the Arts, or SOTA for short, is the only pre-tertiary arts school in Singapore with a six-year combined academic and artistic program. 

It is one of Singapore’s top art institutions.

Additionally, it provides specialized instruction in the fields of dance, film, literature, music, theater, and visual arts. 

Each course is specifically created to help students learn about and master the arts in all of its forms.

The University Of Hong Kong(HKU)

HKU produces the ‘Most Employable University Graduates in Hong Kong’ and is 10th in producing ‘Most Employable University Graduates in the World’.

University Of Melbourne

Having a 5-star rating for annual tuition costs of the University of Melbourne.

It is a public university. In addition to using student loans and scholarships, there are other options for paying for tuition and living expenses.

Furthermore, it is advised that students look into fellowships and scholarships.

3dsense Media School

The best 3D animation school in the nation is the 3dsense Media School. The institute has worked to advance digital arts in Asia since its founding and offers top-notch educational programs to support emerging talent in this field.

It offers short-term training in clay sculpting, action script creation, digital sculpting, and other topics in addition to diploma courses in digital visual effects and animations.

Artplus (ART+)

A variety of imaginative art programs and seminars are offered by the art enrichment school ART+ to students of all ages, from young children to adults.

They provide customized team-building activities for businesses, birthday parties, and art events for schools. 

They offer a wide range of different art services and goods as well. Additionally, they are conveniently close to the Punggol MRT.

Art Speaks Studio Ltd

Being imaginative and having lots of energy are traits that children naturally have. 

All parents may be proud of the great artwork produced by young children thanks to Art Speaks Studio‘s specially designed programs, which take advantage of their talents and energy. 

Students will get the opportunity to experiment with various facets of arts and crafts in a calm and encouraging setting while being guided by their committed teachers in a loving and pleasant manner.

The Butterfly Art Studio

The Butterfly Art Studio is an art enrichment program in Singapore that attempts to cultivate children’s innate artistic abilities and interests in between 4 and 12 year olds. 

Butterfly Art Studio has grown to be among the most well-known and prestigious businesses for the enrichment of children’s art since its founding in 2013.

Classical Realism SG(CRSG)

Admission is available to kids, teens, and adults at Classical Realism SG, also known as CRSG, one of Singapore’s most renowned art institutions.

They provide you with in-depth training based on their centralized curriculum in order to help you develop your abilities and realize your expressive and artistic goals.

CANVASS Art Studio

The boutique and cutting-edge CANVASS Art Studio offers a welcoming workspace where participants can explore and test ideas, go on a self-discovery journey, and develop confidence through art and creative play.

Art Boot Camp Ltd

According to Art Boot Camp, social development is a crucial component of cognitive development. 

As a result, the space has been designed and set up to encourage encounters, exchanges, and conversations between children and adults as well as relationships and interactions between facilitators and their clients.

Jewelry Design And Management International School

It is a distinctive international school that offers management and jewelry design programs.

JDMIS offers certificate programs in design and management studies that lead to diplomas and advanced diplomas.

 We also provide a variety of quick “modular” courses for learners who want to pick up a new skill while still using it to advance in their longer Certificate & Diploma programs.

Glasgow School Of Arts

Although it originated in the UK, the Glasgow School of Art Singapore is an independent, specialist art school with a different location in Singapore.

Numerous undergraduate degree programs in areas such as architecture, communication design, digital culture, fashion design, fine art photography, interior design, painting & printmaking, product design, product design engineering, sculpture & environmental art, silversmithing & jewelry, and textile design make it possible to draw in large numbers of motivated art students from around the globe.


It is an education company with headquarters in Singapore, and its students gain knowledge of manga350 (comic) drawing methods and digital illustration skills that can be used for both professional and leisure activities.

Their curriculum is appropriate for students of any age or ability level.

They are committed to creating a welcoming environment where people can be who they really are, one that is centered around shared passions, common interests, and recreational activities.

The FZD School Of Design

The FZD seeks to offer a top-notch education for conceptual design. It was founded and established in 2009 by industry veteran Feng Zhu, whose extensive experience in both video game and feature film design makes him one of the most sought-after Entertainment Designers in the world.

FZD have trained both professionals and students through our programs, enabling them to succeed in the entertainment design field. 

With a focus on a wide range of design topics, including video games, feature films, theme park designs, consumer goods, toys, TV commercials, and set designs, we strive to develop our students into elite designers with a broad range of skills. We also want them to graduate with outstanding portfolios

Which art school in Singapore is the best?

Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Nanyang Academy, and the National University of Singapore are the top three institutions that provide programs in the arts.

Is there a school of art in Singapore?

With six-year integrated art and academic curriculum, The School of the Arts (SOTA) is Singapore’s first and only pre-tertiary specialized art school.

Is NAFA difficult to join?

The school is not cutthroat; instead, success is determined by talent. Do not attend if you are only there for the sake of the diploma because the NAFA diploma is not something to be taken lightly. Every course sees a high rate of dropouts, and you don’t want to be a part of it.

Tuition Costs Yearly?

The typical monthly living expenses for students in Singapore range from SGD 2,000 to SGD 12,000 per month (INR 1,07,806 to INR 6,46,838). Both graduate and postgraduate students fall within this guessed range.

Are art degrees worthwhile?

Despite the negative stereotypes attached to art majors, earning a degree in fine arts can be a great way to acquire and polish the studio techniques required to pursue a career as a professional artist. Students can learn useful skills and surround themselves with like-minded people because of the program’s setting and length.


Singapore is a great place to study art, and there are plenty of schools to choose from. If you’re looking for a school that offers a well-rounded education with a focus on creativity, then look no further than Singapore’s top art schools. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about these great options for studying art in Singapore. 

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