assistance for single mothers In Alabama

8 Best Assistance For Single Mothers In Alabama

Are you a single mother in Alabama needing financial assistance or a grant? Sometimes single mums experienced certain times when they could need a helping hand.

In Alabama, single mothers can get financial help, assistance, and grants to care for their kids. This is through various assistance programs provided by the government and various charity organizations throughout Alabama. 

Alabama provides various benefits programs and assistance for single mothers In Alabama from childcare, medical needs, food rentals, legal matters, paying house bills, doctor’s visits, senior services, Utilities, and so on. 

According to studies carried out in 2021by by the U.S. Census Bureau, 4 out of about 11 million single-parent families with children under 18, nearly 80 percent were headed by single mothers. Read on to see the assistance for single mothers In Alabama.

Assistance For Single Mothers In Alabama

In this section, I will list various organizations supporting single mothers in Alabama as well as the Assistance For Single Mothers In Alabama.

1. Alabama Medicaid 

Alabama Medicaid is the first on our list of assistance for single mothers In Alabama. It is owned by the State and Federal Government, is the largest medical and health-providing program in Alabama.

It provides medical care to single mothers, pregnant women, elderly disabled people and children from low-income families. To be eligible to receive the Alabama Medicaid assistance, the annual income of each family must be between these limits; 

For a family of one, their annual income must be between $1420. 

For a family of 2, the annual income should be between $1914. 

For a family of 3, the annual income should be between $2408 annually. Lastly, for a family of four, the annual income should be between $2902 annually. 

Only pregnant, pregnant women and single mothers with children between ages 0 to 18 are eligible for these benefits. 

Services provided by Medicaid include maternity, free checkups, dental care, mental health care prescription of medication, alcohol dependence treatment, and transportation for medical appointments.

For the application, see here. But if you want to apply for help in paying your Medicare premium for nursing

homes disabled or programs for the elderly, you will need to send an application to one of Medicaid’s 11 district offices. 

2. Supplemental nutrition assistance program (SNAP) 

SNAP is one of the assistance for single mothers In Alabama. It is a subsidiary of the Food Assistance Division to alleviate hunger and poverty and improve children’s nutrition and growth in Alabama. This program gives cash benefits to single mothers and their families depending on how many people are in the family. 

The United States Department of Agriculture(USDA) determines eligibility, and to know if you are eligible, there is an online eligibility site you should visit after you must have checked your eligibility, apply to their website

When you have been accepted, you will be given an Electronic Benefits Transfer Card (EBT card).

The card is preloaded monthly with cash and functions just like a debit card and can be used to purchase eligible food items from grocery stores.

The amount of money depends on how many people and children are in the family and your annual income. Single mothers with children below six years old automatically qualify for the P-EBT. No application is needed. 

3. Alabama Special Program For Women, Infants And Children (WIC)

This special Alabama project is one of the assistance for single mothers In Alabama that assists single mothers with infants, children and women. WIC provides healthy foods for families.

Eligible mothers receive coupons or vouchers for purchasing milk and other supplements for their children. 

The benefits may also include nutrition education, health care and free screening. WIC targets the following as eligible for the assistance; pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, mothers with babies less than six months postpartum mothers, and children less than five years old who meet the income requirements.

The nutritionist in the WIC clinic determines what the eligible mothers and children receive. You’ll be given a list of food items purchased with WIC vouchers. To Apply, visit their website or call 888-942-4673. 

4. Alabama unemployment insurance (UI) 

UI is a subsidiary of the Unemployment Compensation Division, which provides temporary financial assistance to single mothers who have been laid off or fired from work.

Eligible mothers can receive between $45 to $275 weekly, only for 14 weeks. 

You should visit their website to file your claim, or you can call 1-800-361-4524 or 1-866-234-5382 if you would like to know the status of an already existing claim. 

5. Alabama Family Assistance Program(FA) 

The family assistance program offers temporary financial assistance for single mothers, women in distress, women with kids below 18 years and mothers with infants.

This program offers financial assistance to mothers because their annual income is below average.

As part of the ways to help curb poverty and offer support, you must participate compulsorily in a work-related activity that would help you to support your family on your own. 

Alabama pays a maximum of $215 to a family of 3 monthly. You could either apply physically to the Department of Human Resources office in your area or, if you have the internet apply online at one.alabama. An interview will be scheduled physically or over the phone to determine your family’s eligibility. 

6. Alabama All Kids 

Alabama All Kids provides healthcare for kids below 19 years whose family incomes are below Medicaid income limits. The program covers 12 months; 

  • Doctor’s visits 
  • Immunization 
  • Dental Care 
  • Hospitalization substance abuse service 
  • Eye care 
  • Checkups. 

To be eligible, you must not have any insurance, including Medicaid or any other Institution. To apply and to know more, visit the Alabama Department of Health website or call 1-888-373-5437. 

7. Alabama Student Grant Program 

The Alabama Student Grants Program provides financial aid to single mothers that are students in Alabama Colleges and Universities. To be qualified for this grant, you must be enrolled at least half-time and be an Alabama resident.

This Grant is only available in the following 13 institutions; 

  • Amridge University 
  • Birmingham Southern College 
  • Concordia College 
  • Faulkner University 
  • Huntingdon College 
  • Judson College 
  • Miles College 
  • Oakwood University 
  • Samford University 
  • Spring Hill College 
  • Stillman College 
  • U.S. Sports Academy 
  • The University of Mobile. 

About $1200 is given yearly from this Grant program to eligible students. For more details, visit any universities or college financial aid offices listed above to apply, or you can go online to 

8. Alabama Low-Income Home Energy 

Assistance Program (LIHEAP) 

Alabama LIHEAP supports low-income single mothers throughout the state with payments for home heaters and home energy. Eligible single mothers and households must not exceed 150% of the federally established poverty level. Priority is given to single mothers with children under five, disabled people, and older people.

To apply, follow this link or call 800-392-8098. This is the last on our list of assistance for single mothers In Alabama.


To all single mothers in need, always remember that you are not alone in this struggle.

With the above organizations and Institutions always ready to help out, it should provide some sort of relief to all single mothers and others who are in need. What are your thoughts about this assistance for single mothers In Alabama?

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