10 Top Ballet Schools In France-Programs & Location

Searching for the top ballet schools in France? France has a rich history of ballet dancing and the establishment of ballet schools dating back to the 16th century. One of the major influences was the marriage of an Italian-born aristocrat Catherine de Medici to King Henry of France. This was the beginning of ballet dancing in France. 

In the 17th century, during the reign of King Louis the 14th, ballet dancing became popular in France because the king liked ballet dancing and was a good ballet dancer. This led to the establishment of the first ballet school in France, Academie Royale de Danse and Le Ballet de l’opéra. 

From the 16th century to the 20th century, there has been a huge growth in the ballet industry, from the modification of the ballet dance to the improvement in the style of dancing. There are three forms of ballet dancing, and they are:

  • Classical ballet dance 
  • Neoclassical ballet dance 
  • Contemporary ballet dance 

The List of Ballet Schools In France

If you love ballet dancing and are passionate about ballet like King Louis the 14th of France did, here is a list of the best 10 ballet schools in France. 

1. Paris Marais Dance School 

Studio of the Marais dance center, 

41 Rue de temple, 

75004, France. 

Paris Marais Dance School Ballet School in France is one of the top ballet schools in France that teaches neoclassical contemporary and graham ballet dance from four years old. The Paris Maris dance School offers different balance dance programs:

  • Amateur classes 
  • Internship Program 
  • Children ballet program 
  • Pro training ballet program. 

The school has dedicated and professional teachers that are compassionate and skilled, which ensures that they bring out the best in every ballet dancer. Apart from the above program, the school also takes classes in the following:  

  • Beginners ballet program 
  • Classical ballet technique 
  • Adaptive dance class
  • Pointe ballet class 
  • Repertory ballet class 
  • Tap and pre-ballet class 
  • Classical ballet course 
  • Ballet professional training 
  • Classical ballet lessons 
  • Contemporary ballet dance class 
  • Classical ballet neoclassical ballet 
  • Pas de deux ballet class 
  • Neoclassical ballet class 

Paris Paris dance school also offers scholarships to two boys between the ages of 15 to 21 years old. 

For more information, visit their website or call + 336 512 13730

2. The Janine Stanlowa International Dance Institute 

129 boulevard Haussmann, 

Entrance of the artist, 

23 Rue de la Baume, 



The Janine Stanlowa International Dance Institute is a dance school in France for children and adults and has a ballet school called The Young Ballet of Paris (Jeune Ballet de Paris). 

The Young Ballet of Paris was created as the ballet division of The Janine Stanlowa International Dance Institute to train young and aspiring ballet students in classical and contemporary ballet.

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This is one of the ballet schools in France where the students are trained to compete with international standards by allowing them to actively participate in the shows, french theatre, events, and galas under the direction of Isabella Stanlowa. She has been known to connect uniquely with her dancers. 

In doing these, it is believed that the student’s passion for ballet dancing is awoken, which motivates them to be extra dedicated and more artistic in their dancing skills. The Institute also holds master classes for her students, but this is available on request. 

For more information, visit the website or send them an email. You could also call + 33 145 62 3795 to speak directly with the instructors. 

3. Ballet Studio Marius 

Place pouyade, 

La rodé shopping centre,

83000 Toulon, 


Ballet Studio Marius is one of the ballet schools in France that teaches children ages three and above classical ballet dancing. In Ballet Studio,Marius students can choose classical ballet as a leisure activity or as professional ballet dancers. 

The leisure section is for children ages three years and above, while the professional section is for young adults and adults.

The professional section focuses more on classical ballet as its major dance because classical ballet dancing has been known to help students tone their bodies, properly build muscles and be flexible. Students in the professional section must take the Technical Aptitude Exam to be professional ballet teachers. 

The experience and training students acquire from Ballet Studio Marius qualifies them to join a ballet company or be admitted into an international dance school. 

For more information, visit their website or call + 336 8556118197

4. Ballet School Opéra National De Paris 

20, All de la Danse, 

92000 Nanterre, 


Ballet School Opéra National De Paris, the oldest and most preeminent ballet school in France, was established about 300 years ago. This is one of the ballet schools in France that offers admissions to children(girls and boys)and teaches them ballet till they are over 16 years old. 

Ballet School Opéra National De Paris is a good choice for students who want to excel in ballet dancing and acquire oral knowledge of ballet from these indigenous institutions. The ballet classes are taught on six levels; students must pass one level to move on to the next level. 

Furthermore, as part of the curriculum, the student is obligated to participate in the following events that take place on the stage of Palais Garnier every year; 

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● The ballet school démonstrations. 

● The ballet school’s annual show. 

● The “Defile” of the corps de ballet and the school. 

Visit their website or call + 3314 0018 000 for further information.

5. Nini Theilade Academy of Ballet(Jeune Ballet de Nini Theilade) 

9, Small Rue des Feuillants, 

69001 Lyon, 


Nini Theilade Academy of Ballet is one of the ballet schools in France that was established in 19 79 by Nini Theilade, a star dancer of the Ballet Russes de Monté Carlo but is under the leadership of Marié-Danielle Grimaud. 

Since the inception of Marié-Danielle Grimaud as the head of Nini Theilade Academy of Ballet in 1989, the academy has grown to be one of the top-rated ballet schools in France. 

The ballet academy is open to children ages four and above and adults of all ages to learn and become contemporary and classical ballet dancers. The academy has been regularly invited to perform in festivals, events, retirement homes, and shows. 

To see some of their ballet presentations, visit their website. For more information, please call + 33 478 305 6 86 or send them an email. 

6. Danse Passion Académie de Ballet 

23 Avenue des Desambrois, 



Danse Passion Académie de Ballet is one of the ballet schools in France that has existed for over 25 years. This Ballet School admits ballet lovers and children who have an interest in ballet dancing from the age of 3 and adults into their academy. 

Danse Passion Académie de Ballet offers classical and neoclassical ballet classes, amongst other dance classes. The school’s main aim is to help students from a tender age discover and nurture their ability in ballet dancing. 

Apart from discovering the abilities in ballet dancing, the academy also instills in her students moral values, such as self-confidence and discipline, making ballet dancing more fun. 

For further inquiries, visit their website or call +334939 20506. Also, you can leave them comments and questions on their email, and they will be more than happy to help.

7. Ballet Attitude Dance School 

8 Rue m’écœure, 

44000 Nantes, 


Ballet Attitude Dance School is one of the top ballet schools in France that teaches classical ballet dance in a renewed style and method. Ballet Attitude Dance School is open to children and working adults who love ballet and have no prior history of a medical condition. 

One of the spectacular things that make Ballet Attitude Dance school stand out is understanding how difficult life, work, and family can be and how this can take a toll on individuals. Therefore, the classes have been designed to provide a rest away from work. Ballet Attitude Dance School provides a relaxing environment for its students to warm up, dance, and actively participate in ballet without feeling stressed or tired. 

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Visit their website to apply, or call + 33 60716 0309 for further inquiries. 

8. L’école du Ballet 

20 Rue de Madagascar, 

13006 Marseille, 


L’école du Ballet is among the top ballet schools in France that offers classical ballet dance classes to children from ages four and adults. This class helps the students to be good dancers and masters in the act of ballet dancing. 

The classical ballet dance class helps its dancers have a good memory because classical ballet dancing involves the repetition of steps, movements, positions, and expressions. With a qualified team of experienced teachers, students can rest assured that they have a good grasp of ballet dancing. 

For more inquiries, visit our website or call + 33 4913 76470. 

9. Small Conservatory Dance Ballet School 

10 Rue de Châtelet, 

74240 Gaillard, 


Small Conservatory Dance Ballet School is a palace School in France that takes classical ballet dance classes on different levels for ages four and above. Students of this institution are known

for excelling in compétions and show performances. Over the years, many students from the Small Conservatory Dance Ballet School have won numerous awards in competitions and events. 

The school also awards a state dance teacher diploma (for students who would want to teach). Their teachers have a long and rich experience in dancing and are willing to groom the students to excel in their ballet careers. 

For more information, visit their website or call + 33 68838 4161. 

10. Academic Franco-Américaine de Danse de Paris 

39 Rue de Babylone, 

75007, France. 

Academic Franco-Américaine de Danse de Paris is among the known ballet schools in France that admit children ages four and above to learn classical ballet dance. Academic Franco-Américaine de Danse de Paris school is an American-French school that combines the French and American ballet dance methods to create a more simple, interesting and intriguing form of classical ballet dance. 

Furthermore, all the teachers of Academic Franco-Américaine de Danse de Paris are experienced and have danced on local and international stages. These teachers are there to guide every child to reach the zenith of ballet dancing. The school offers the following classes: 

  • Kids ballet class 
  • Adults ballet class 
  • Adults pointe class 

Private lessons are also available on request. 

For more information on how to book a private lesson or for enquiries, please visit the website or call + 336 86000 232.

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