Best Cosmetology Schools in the United States

20 Best Cosmetology Schools in the United States

The ideal moment to enter the cosmetology industry may be right now. The number of jobs for hairdressers, hairstylists, and cosmetologists is predicted to increase by 19% between 2020 and 2030, which makes sense given that influencers are demonstrating what is possible and there is a greater understanding of the demands of skin, nails, and hair health.

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Cosmetologists perform procedures, apply cosmetics, and provide direction and advice regarding the cosmetic care of the hair, skin, and nails. The term “cosmetology” refers to a wide range of aesthetic services and professions, many of which can lead to specialized occupations in and of itself.

In this article, we look at the best cosmetology schools in the United State.

You can provide a variety of services to clients if you become a licensed cosmetologist, including:

  • Esthetics and skincare

Skincare is the field of esthetics. Consider esthetician school programs and work toward obtaining an esthetician license in your state if you only want to concentrate on providing skincare services.

However, your cosmetology school will provide you the versatility you need by instructing you in the fundamentals of treatments like exfoliation, skin conditioning, wrinkle reduction, facials, tanning, skin detox, masks, or anti-aging procedures.

  • Haircutting and Style

Hair must be styled by being trimmed, shaped, texturized, colored, bleached, curled, tinted, and treated. Usually, a cosmetology program devotes the most total hours to hair design.

  • Nail Services

You can conduct pedicures, manicures, and other treatments for the nails and cuticles if you have a cosmetology license. Some cosmetologists may perform nail art, such as applying gels and acrylics and creating nail jewelry.

Attending a nail tech program, which has fewer hours than a full-fledged cosmetology program, is the best option for anyone interested in becoming a nail technician who simply provides nail treatments.

  • Makeup

Cosmetologists can apply makeup, including makeup for special occasions and events (think photoshoots, weddings, proms, or fashion shows). To accomplish special effects on performers, certain people might collaborate with film or theater directors.

A cosmetology program will teach you enough fundamentals to be able to combine makeup application with other beauty services for clients, but specializing as a makeup artist (MUA) may require specialized instruction with advanced methods from a makeup academy.

  • Various Services

You can provide more specialized services because cosmetology is a “umbrella” licensure. Permanent makeup, electrology, and hair braiding are among professions that are becoming more and more popular. However, you might discover that you require more training or certification for them.

Best Cosmetology Schools in the United States

Below are some of the best cosmetology schools in the United States. Links are provided to their websites, so you can learn more about the structure of their programs and tuition.

Hollywood Institute

Graduating students go on to become informed professionals in the sector, which has enhanced their reputation over time. Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers consistently develops future business leaders through interesting and practical educational opportunities. Find more information here.

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American Beauty Schools

Aspiring professionals in the beauty industry have an opportunity at American Beauty Schools’ beauty school in Miami, Florida. For you to move your interests from the vanity table to your very own salon chair, they offer the necessary instruction. Find more information here.

American Beauty Institute

This school is situated in the heart of the Asian neighborhood in midtown Manhattan at 30 West 32nd Street, 4th Floor. Three classrooms and the administrative offices make up the school’s around 2500 square feet of space.

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The setting was designed specifically to create a salon-like ambiance that will inspire an actual working environment. Find more information here.

International Institute of Cosmetology

Through this cosmetology school, you’ll go from being a creative, eager learner to a licensed hair professional who is self-assured and prepared to start a career. They provide the best possible hands-on instruction.

They combine technical instruction with soft skill development to guarantee that you not only pass your state board exam, but also flourish in this field. Find more information here.

Celebrity School of Beauty – Hialeah

You can use your skills to create a profession that you are enthusiastic about at Celebrity School of Beauty! Celebrity education will inspire and drive you to achieve your goals! They take pleasure in the history and culture that laid the groundwork for the achievement of their students. Find more information here.

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Tricoci University of Beauty Culture Rockford

They provide a range of courses in many fields, such as cosmetology, esthetics, barbering, and nail technology. You can learn the essentials and receive the direction you need to make your ambitions a reality with hands-on training and committed educators.

To ensure your long-term success in the beauty industry, Tricoci is prepared through support you at every stage of your education, from your first courses to your passing of state tests. Find more information here.

International College of Cosmetology

Their cosmetology, esthetics, and manicure programs combine cutting-edge instruction and practical experience with in-depth State Board test preparation. They differ from other experts in the beauty industry because of the way their programs are created to engage students and help them grow their talents. Find more information here.

Kenneth Shuler School of Cosmetology

Their fully qualified instructors collaborate closely with you as you hone your abilities and acquire practical experience in the classroom and student salon.

To have a long and prosperous career in the beauty or wellness sectors, you will be given the greatest education, training, and business acumen at Kenneth Shuler School of Cosmetology, which is committed to educating the future generation of beauty gurus. Find more information here.

Tri-State Cosmetology Institute

The El Paso beauty sector benefits greatly from Tri-State Cosmetology Institute’s contribution to promising futures. They have been devoted to their community since 1931 and are a locally operated beauty school.

The meticulous consideration and instruction they give in the chosen curriculum, whether it be as a manicurist, operator (cosmetologist), or esthetician, demonstrate their dedication to pupils. Find more information here.

Portland Beauty School

Portland Beauty School was established with the goal of producing the business world’s most prosperous entrepreneurs. In their core classroom training, you’ll begin by learning the foundational skills for your new vocation. From there, in their exclusive clinic experience, you’ll graduate to expressing your creativity. Find more information here.

Other best cosmetology schools in the United State are listed in the table below:

Schilling-Douglas School of Hair DesignWebsite
Tennessee School of BeautyWebsite
Douglas J Aveda InstituteWebsite
Shore Beauty SchoolWebsite
Celebrity School of Beauty – MiamiWebsite
Empire Beauty SchoolWebsite
Aveda Institute MarylandWebsite
Mandalyn AcademyWebsite
Douglas J Aveda InstituteWebsite
Evergreen Beauty CollegeWebsite

How Much Does It Cost to Study Cosmetology in the USA?

The price of attending a recognized cosmetology school can range from $5,000 to $15,000. Additionally, programs do get more costly, with elite programs reportedly costing between $10,000 and $20,000. However, costs are influenced by much more than just tuition. Look into the cosmetology programs offered by the schools!

What Degree is Best for Cosmetology?

A cosmetology associate degree in applied science (AAS) program teaches students how to take care of their skin, hair, and nails properly. In most circumstances, obtaining a cosmetology license necessitates having a degree from an approved institution.

Do You Make Good Money as a Cosmetologist?

As of 2021, the average yearly wage for cosmetologists was $35,990 ($17.30 per hour). The median annual wage for cosmetologists in the 10th percentile was $20,860, while the median annual compensation for cosmetologists in the 90th percentile was $59,070.

Is Being a Cosmetologist Worth It?

You can enjoy your career as a cosmetologist. It is possible for cosmetology professionals to interact with a diverse range of people. With their clients and coworkers, many cosmetologists form enduring interpersonal relationships. Cosmetology is a vocational skill and an art.

Can You Make 6 Figures as a Cosmetologist?

Unbelievable as it may seem, it is entirely feasible to earn six figures as a hairstylist. It is doable, but it will require a lot of effort, self-control, and resolve. There are many hairdressers earning six figures today who aren’t famous or employed by expensive stores.

What’s the Hardest Part About Cosmetology?

Although applying makeup sounds like it should be rather simple, most beauty experts, educators, and students concur that it is one of the most difficult courses to complete. If hair color and style are more your style, it can be stressful and a test of your patience.

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