11 Best Dance Schools in Toronto & What They Offer

In the dance schools in Toronto, you will be taught that there are different types of dancing to choose from. In this article, we will not just be looking at the dance schools in Toronto, we will also be looking at the benefits of dance lessons.

It is no news that being active keeps us all healthy and dance has been proven to be an excellent activity for boys and girls; it’s very physical and is excellent at expanding your children’s seemingly endless energy.

Dance teaches spatial awareness, it teaches body confidence and nurtures creativity and emotional expression.

Dance also is incredibly fun and the shared experience of dance develops lasting friendships among the children and even adults.

Dance can be done at any time, once a week or more, and we encourage students to try as many styles as they are interested in.

The Benefits of Dance Lessons

  • Manage Your Weight
  • Reduce Your Stress
  • Improve Your Brain
  • Recover from Injuries
  • Tone Your Muscles
  • Socialize

Manage Your Weight

If you have always wanted to lose weight but don’t really like the gym, dance lessons is an excellent way to burn calories.

Reduce Your Stress

Canadians are more stressed now than they have ever been before. As you know, stress has a number of bad side effects. They include:

  • Chest pain
  • Low energy
  • Insomnia
  • Headaches
  • Chest pain
  • Inability to focus
  • Pessimism
  • And more

Dance lessons are a great way to reduce your stress. This is because learning a skill like this will keep you completely engaged and present at the moment.

Improve Your Brain

Dancing is the only physical that reduces every chance od dementia. Dancing allows you to make use of different parts of your brain simultaneously.

As we age, the volume of our hippocampus lose. Throught dancing, this can be prevented while your mind is kept sharp, preventing dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other neurological disorders.

Recover from Injuries

Many people do not like to work out when they have an injury. It is actually worse when you don’t get to work out. Particularly if you have had a back injury.

By communicating well with your instructors, you can focus on recovering from your injury while learning a new skill and still getting exercise.

Tone Your Muscles

Through dance, you get to use every muscle group. Trying different types of dance navigates a wide variety of tempos and movements and in turn you get to build that killer body.


A lot of times we get so wrapped up around work that we get to forget to get out and meet people. Dance lessons are particularly great if you work at home. Through a dance class, you can meet different people, spanning many different backgrounds who share the same passion as you do.

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The List of Dance Schools in Toronto

  • The School of Toronto Dance Theatre
  • Canada’s National Ballet School
  • Creative Childrens Dance Centre
  • Bayview School of Ballet
  • Metro Movement Dance Studio
  • Toronto Dance Industry
  • Sean Boutilier Academy of Dance
  • Leaside Dance School
  • Martha Hicks School of Ballet
  • St. Clair Dance Collective
  • The Underground Dance Centre

The School of Toronto Dance Theatre

  • 80 Winchester Street
    Toronto, ON M4X 1B2

The School of Toronto Dance Theatre was established in the year 1968. This is school is a national leader in performing arts training.

In this school, they train creative people to perform, choreograph, and teach.

Their professional training programs can build, flourish, and create their own features and a new vision for the art form and all of their students can share the joy and benefits of movement.

They foster innovation in their students, so that they can be innovators of the future. A strong dance foundation creates endless possibilities.

As a student in this professional training program, you will experience a supportive and progressive learning environment. You will experience a concentration on studio practices.

Students also go through workshops, intensives, and challenging technical training with national and international guest artists and thinkers. Apply here.

Canada’s National Ballet School

Canada’s National Ballet School is one of the dance schools in Toronto where excellence, access and inclusion fuels their belief in the transformative power of dance to change lives for the better.

This school was established in the year 1959 by Betty Oliphant and Celia Franca. This school is one of the world’s foremost training institutions for aspiring young dancers and teachers.

They attract students from different parts of the country and the world at large. It is the only ballet school in North America that provides elite dance training, academic instruction and residential care on the same campus.

Through their part-time ballet programs, NBS is sharing dance with more than 400 boys and girls who are aged from 6 to 17 years. Their adult ballet community also thrives on the same teaching theories and evolving practices as those of their professional training programs.

They also offer community dance programs that empower school teachers and community programmers in using dance to enhance kids’ fundamental movement skills, inspire creativity, and improve mental and emotional well-being. Apply now.

Creative Children Dance Centre

At Creative Childrens Dance Centre, young children are introduced to the foundations of movement and music in a creative and playful environment.

Students learn coordination, balance, musicality, body, and spacial awareness are just a few things that can be achieved in this dance school.

Their classes are designed to inspire and intrigue young movers in order to help them develop skills for future movement classes. Classes are limited to 12 students.

Their classical ballet class has so much to offer a young dancer; posture, grace, and musicality are just a few of its many benefits.

There are modern dance classes as well that promote physical expression and the relationship between sound and music to movement. Find out about their classes.

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Bayview School of Ballet

Bayview School of Ballet is one of the dance schools in Toronto that offers the following:

Creative Movement | Pre-Ballet: This class explores rhythm and movement while developing awareness of posture and basic ballet exercises.

Ballet: There are elementary, intermediate and advanced level ballet classes.

Pointe: Students take this class when the student has developed the necessary strength in their body, legs, and feet. In this class, students can develop classical techniques on pointe.

Their Jazz classes will develop their ability to interpret contemporary rhythms and dance forms. Find out more about their classes.

Metro Movement Dance Studio

This is one of the studios or dance schools in Toronto where no matter your experience or skill level, dancers come to Metro to become better performers with stronger techniques.

Metro Movement first opened its doors in January of 1989, under the ownership of Stelio Calagias and Eileen Birk at 190 Richmond Street. 

At the time the studio was shared with The National Ballet of Canada because Stelio had close connections with the company. 

However, in June of 1997, Metro Movement moved to 833 Broadview Ave where they have been to date and was run by Stelio and Eileen for 26 years until they decided it was time for a lifestyle change and “retired” (not a thing for Stelio…he is still teaching!!) to Nelson, BC.

In 2015, Kalie Hunter and Phil Nero took over ownership of Metro Movement and although they re-branded, they aspired to keep the essence and the philosophy of the studio. 

Kalie had been teaching at Metro for about 8 years by this point and it was home to her in Toronto, alongside many other dancers. Check out their classes.

Toronto Dance Industry

At Toronto Dance Industry, adults choose from Jazz, Tap, Ballet, and Lyrical.

Their Adult Classes make it easy for adults to take some time out from their busy schedules to have some fun and make new friends.

It is an excellent means of fun and fitness with year end recital performances.

Jazz/Tap combo class is available for beginner Adults. 16 students maximum per class. There are so many other classes offered.

There are recreational hip-hop classes, recreational jazz classes, recreational tap classes and so much more. Visit their website to find out more.

Sean Boutilier Academy of Dance

Sean Boutilier Academy of Dance is one of the dance schools in Toronto that was established in 1983.

The Academy offers classes in ballet, jazz, lyrical, tap, contemporary, acrobatics, hip-hop, pointe, and musical theatre.

They have over 35 years in the industry and is recognized as one of the top dance schools in the country.

Want to learn more about all that Sean Boutilier Academy of Dance has to offer?

Visit their website.

Leaside Dance School

Leaside Dance School is one of the dance schools in Toronto that provides a high-quality dance education in a local, neighborhood setting.

They have been proudly serving neighborhoods like Leaside, Lawrence Park, Davisville, East York, and North York since 2010.

They emphasize personal development, musicality, and exercise, in a fun and supportive environment.

Their students are nurtured in a non-competitive atmosphere where the primary focus is learning the art of dance.

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Student’s performance skills are developed over the year, culminating in their year end recital.

Students are assured of personal attention, especially through their smaller class sizes and qualified teachers and assistants.

They offer classes at Lawrence Park Community Church. The building is fully accessible and features a very comfortable waiting area as well as free parking.

Check out their dancing programs.

Martha Hicks School of Ballet

Martha Hicks School of Ballet is one of the dance schools in Toronto that was opened in the year 1992. The school began with one venue and just about sixty students.

Over the years, it has grown to be one of the largest and most reputable dance schools in Toronto.

MHSB’s main location has professional studio space that is equipped with barres, mirrors and state-of-the-art sprung floors.

MHSB also provides over a thousand aspiring young dancers with superb training in an energetic and caring environment.

Their teachers come from many diverse and professional backgrounds and in many of their classes, their instructors usually have a trained assistant. Check out their dance classes.

St. Clair Dance Collective

St. Clair Dance Collective is one of the award-winning community dance studio or dance schools in Toronto for kids and adults that is fun, flexible, and affordable.

They provide a non-competitive environment providing In-Studio, Outdoor, Virtual & Private dance programs. Visit their website.

The Underground Dance Centre

The Underground Dance Centre is one of the dance schools in Toronto that helps its students experience the world’s best dance classes for any experience level. There are online and offline classes. Book a class.


How Much Do Dance Classes Cost?

If you are interested in dance lessons, we have picked out some of the best dance schools in Toronto for you to choose from. Below is an estimate of dance workshops.

Please note that they are just estimates. Find out the actual price from any school you choose.

  • Workshop Trial: $23.00
  • Introduction Level I: $253.00 for 11 sessions
  • Introduction Level I: $276.00 for 12 sessions
  • Introduction Level II: $276.00 for 12 sessions
  • Introduction Level II: $234.00 for 12 sessions
  • Introduction Level III: $234.00 for 12 sessions

Why are dancers so clumsy?

Nerve compression can happen in the lower body as well during dance, especially in dancers whose legs are strong.

This can result in loss of sensation and motor control, or clumsiness.


If you feel like you are not getting enough fun in your life, taking a dance class from any of these dance schools in Toronto can be a great emotional outlet as you will be able to use your body’s movements to reflect your feelings.

While you need dedication in these dance schools in Toronto, you will be surrounded by cheerful and artistic people who will make your lessons rewarding and pleasurable.

If you have suggestions on any of the dance schools in Toronto listed above, please comment below.

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