Best International Nursing Recruitment Agencies in UK

16 Best International Nursing Recruitment Agencies in UK

In this article, we will be looking at best international nursing recruitment agencies in UK and more.

You’ve undoubtedly realized by now that you require outside assistance in filling a job vacancy.

You need to find candidates as fast as possible for a specific role, but your HR team is busy managing several duties at once.

Particularly for enterprises, time is of the essence! After all, without a member, you can’t operate fully.

There’s no need to panic because recruitment firms can help with that. Your dedicated staff will support you throughout the hiring process.

They’ll make sure to successfully oversee this crucial talent acquisition procedure.

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Let’s first clarify what we mean by a recruitment agency before moving on. Simply put, it’s a company that serves as a liaison between companies and employees.

They are external recruiters who collaborate with various organizations to find, evaluate, and hire applicants who are suitable for the company and, obviously, the role.

They are the ideal people to contact, particularly if your own recruiters are busy and don’t have time to find top personnel.

Because these companies work hard to find the top applicants, doing this is a terrific idea. They only receive the commission after their indicated prospect joins.

Reasons for Using Best International Nursing Recruitment Agencies in UK

Here are the top 3 reasons to work with a recruitment agency to summarize the aforementioned argument.

  • It Aids In Attracting Talent To Industries With High Demand.

People frequently work with recruiting firms to find help for difficult-to-fill positions. There may not be a time constraint at all, but rather an intense rivalry for particular spots.

This is particularly applicable to senior-level roles or industries with high demand, such as technology, digital marketing, hospitality, etc. Many businesses are competing for the finest of the best, and doing so requires exceptional skills.

Such recruitment agencies train their recruiters to effectively negotiate and persuade candidates to join. Additionally, their growing expertise in the subject aids in their continual improvement.

  • It Enables You To Develop Outstanding Talent

Due to their greater sourcing capabilities and undivided attention, they go above and beyond to find individuals on many platforms and properly screen them.

They make sure that only the candidates who would be appropriate for your organization would go through, whether it be through phone interviews, assessment tests, or other methods.

Only qualified candidates who can adapt to the goals and objectives of your firm will be hired after they have eliminated those who are the wrong fit.

In addition, and this ties into the previous argument, they can make sure that qualified prospects are properly and slowly screened given the time they save.

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  • Ultimately The Business Saves Time.

According to a crucial analysis by SHRM, the typical period to fill a position is 42 days. Working with recruitment agencies will help you shorten the time it takes to find the talent your business requires.

Dedicated recruiters will use their extensive network and resume database to locate the ideal candidate for the position as quickly and successfully as feasible.

In addition to sourcing, they will manage the bulk of the labor-intensive steps in the hiring process, such as screening and preliminary interviews.

You can also cut costs in a number of areas, including posting job advertisements, paying for overtime, paying for training, and more.

How to Best Work With a Recruitment Agency

In this section of the article, we clearly state some the best steps an organization should take when dealing with recruitment agencies.

  • Focus Your Search On Agencies Who Meet Your Criteria.

This is undoubtedly the most crucial stage and will aid you in completing the other steps later on.

What kind of recruitment agency do you need first and foremost? A staffing agency is the greatest choice whether it’s a temporary or contract employee.

How about senior-level managers? The best in that field are headhunting firms.

If you’re seeking full-time staff, you should go for a standard recruiting firm. You must keep in mind that there are specialty agencies as well.

This recruitment firm has the advantage over more general ones in finding highly trained individuals who are true experts in their industries.

Why? Because they are aware of the skills gaps in the market and provide people who are most suited for such specialized roles, they assist in filling vacancies more quickly.

  • Explicitly State Your Hiring Requirements

Explicitly defining your company’s requirements is the second stage in choosing the ideal recruitment firm. In order for them to understand what kind of talent you require, it is preferable if you are as clear as you can about this.

Make a plan before calling them. Are you only looking to fill one position? Or are they numerous? What role are you trying to fill? Is this a permanent or contract position? Is it managerial or entry-level? What sort of prior experience are you looking for from them?

These fundamental inquiries will enable businesses to accurately and precisely direct you to the right people. Don’t be shy about discussing your business either.

There are many things to go through; it may seem monotonous to go into such detail, but you better believe that it is required if you are sincere about getting the greatest products on the market.

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  • Query the Employment Agency

Don’t be afraid to interview the hiring company as if they were the candidate. In the subsequent phase, you gave them the chance to learn more about your business. It’s now your turn to enquire further about them.

You might inquire about the following things:

  • How long has the company been in operation?
  • Who have you so far worked for?
  • How long does it often take you to uncover talented individuals?
  • What is the procedure for hiring?

You’ll be able to tell right away whether or not they can meet your needs from all of these. Consider such questions and look into their history more. This will also show how well-prepared and professional they are.

  • View The Recruiting Process

Knowing how their recruiters operate is different than simply inquiring about the agency. Verifying the staff’s experience is the fourth step in selecting the best recruitment agency. There are numerous approaches you can take.

You can speak with them personally and find out how they operate. How do they pre-screen applicants? Is it carried out in person, online, or over the phone?

You can also inquire about their hiring process. Searching actively on websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and others is permitted. Because you are aware that there are people looking for work there, this is effective. But keep in mind that they only make up a small fraction of the talent market.

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  • Ensure The Price Is Reasonable.

Although firms undoubtedly already know this, it’s nevertheless vital to emphasize. Once you’ve determined that they meet the aforementioned requirements, see if you can afford to hire them.

This is an important stage to think about. You already know they can give you top-notch talent, so the only thing left to do is talk about the financials.

Discuss this with your hiring team and bosses. Does it seem worthwhile? Is the price still reasonable? How quickly must the position be filled? Your choice may be influenced by this.

The List of Best International Nursing Recruitment Agencies in UK

Without further ado, let us take a look at the top international nursing recruitment agencies in UK:

Drake Medox UK

Find out more information here.

Kate Cowhig International Healthcare Recruitment

Find out more information here.

MSI International

Find out more information here.

The Flame Lily Healthcare

Find out more information here.

WESolutions Nursing Recruitment

Find out more information here.

MSI Group

Find out more information here.

MMA Healthcare Recruitment

Find out more information here.

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Find out more information here.

Nursing Personnel

Find out more information here.

Neptune International Recruitments Services

Find out more information here.

NEU Professionals

Find out more information here.

MEDCREW Healthcare

Find out more information here.

Cromwell Medical Staffing

Find out more information here.

IPT Care Healthcare Recruitment Agency

Find out more information here.

Pearls Recruitment

Find out more information here.

Vostek Ltd

Find out more information here.

What Is The Best Nursing Agency To Work For UK?

The largest nursing agency in the UK, Ambition24Hours, provides a variety of flexible staffing and hiring options for agency nurses and care assistants.

Is UK Still Recruiting Overseas Nurses?

The NHS has traditionally profited from hiring nurses from abroad and from foreign nurses moving to England to live and work.

In accordance with the NHS People Plan, hiring people from outside the UK is a key component of the workforce supply strategy of NHS organizations.

How Do I Apply For International Nursing In UK?

The Nursing and Midwifery Council requires professional registration from nurses and midwives who have received their training abroad but wish to practice in the UK.

In order to be registered, applicants must pass a two-part competency test called the Test of Competence (TOC).

How Do I Get A UK Working Visa For Nursing?

  • Be a licensed physician, registered nurse, health care provider, or adult social care worker.

  • Employment in a social or health care position that qualifies.

  • Work for a UK-based firm that has received home office approval.

  • An official “certificate of sponsorship” from your business that details the position you have been offered in the UK

Does NHS Hire Foreigners?

If you are a doctor or international medical graduate who is not a citizen of the EEA, you can apply for and accept a position in a training position that might be sponsored by a skilled worker visa.

On the NHS Jobs website, you may learn more about these employment opportunities.

What Is The Age Limit For Nurses In UK?

I’m happy to say that there is no maximum age to begin nurse training, therefore your age is not a barrier.

However, before embarking on a protracted and difficult voyage, you must take a lot of factors into account.

How Much Are International Nurses Paid In UK?

The average nurse pay in the UK is 4,541 GBP per month, or around 54,500 GBP annually.

In addition, a professional nurse may earn between 28,300 and 83,300 GBP annually.

This annual average pay includes a number of benefits, including transportation, housing, and other allowances.

What Type Of Nurse Is Most In Demand UK?

The most in-demand nurses in the UK are pediatric nurses, who offer excellent care to both children and their parents while assisting them in understanding the medical issues affecting their child or children.

They are among the best-paid nursing specializations in the UK, earning an average of £64,598 per year.

Can Nurses Get PR in UK?

You are eligible to apply for permanent residency after five years of residence in the UK. Nurses from other countries who wish to work in the UK must apply for a Tier 2 Visa. 

Is It Too Late To Attend Nursing At 40?

Don’t lose heart! When we inform you that nursing students are typically older than ordinary college students, you will put any concerns about being “too old” to attend school to rest: At community colleges, ADN nursing students range in age from 26 to 40. The typical age of BSN students is in their early to mid-20s.

Which Is Better For Nurses UK or Australia?

Due to the higher cost of living, nurses working in London may receive an additional 20% of their pay. Australia: The average yearly pay for nurses in Australia is $65,000 (£39,201); however, salaries can vary widely depending on region and industry.

Can Nurses Enter UK Without IELTS?

The NMC will only accept the Academic IELTS test, and in order to apply to become a nurse in the UK, candidates must receive an overall IELTS score of 7.0 as well as a reading, writing, speaking, and listening score of 7.0. Applicants who fall short of the required mark will be disqualified.

Which Type Of Nurse Has The Highest Salary In UK?

With enough years of experience, Band 5 nurses can make up to £32,934 each year (over 4 years). Band 6 has a beginning salary of £33,706 and a maximum income of £40,588.

Salary ranges get more complicated for those in Band 8 and beyond, with Band 7 earnings starting well above £40,000 annually.

Do Employers Check Qualifications UK?

Your employer may request documentation of your credentials if you are applying for a position that requires specific training, education, or licenses.

If they are performing these checks and intend to maintain copies of any pertinent documents on file, they should let you know.

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