27 Best Luxury Retirement Communities in United States

If you are drawing close to retirement or retired, chances are you want to live in a community where you can relax and enjoy the fruits of your years of labor and service. A retirement community gives you just that.

However, there are several communities that you can choose from.

Therefore, we have decided to make this article to list and shed light on the best luxury retirement communities in United States.

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About Retirement Communities

A retirement community is basically a housing complex that looks just like the residential community you live in. However, it is completely for retirees who either can take care of themselves or require assistance from home care agencies. Activities to ensure you stay busy and fit are provided in these communities and there is room for socialization with other retirees.

Some key facts about retirement communities are it is age restricted; you must be retired to live there; most retirement communities provide shared services or amenities.

A retirement community gives you a sense of community and belonging especially if you feel out of place where you live right now. You can interact with people who get and understand you, people who share similar experiences with you and these communities provide access to healthcare and essential services required for aged persons.

Some people decide to move into retirement communities even though they are not very old, it completely depends on you as a person. A large portion of people in retirement communities are between 75-84.

It is important to note that you cannot take your entire family with you. These communities are essentially for adults who do not require daily care, so if you have family members who require daily care, it would be best to go for another type of living arrangement like a nursing home or assisted living facility.

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Costs, Pros and Cons of Living in Retirement Communities

Retirement communities are not free, which means you must pay for it. The cost of each community varies and is largely dependent on factors like the amenities, location, level of care provided, etc. It is important to bear in mind that although you must pay for this, it can sometimes be cheaper than living by yourself in a regular apartment.

Some benefits of living in retirement communities include:

  • Ensures family members have peace of mind concerning their well-being.
  • Can sometimes be less expensive than living by yourself in a regular community.
  • You are provided with several activities and amenities.
  • You have access to healthcare.
  • It provides you with a sense of belonging.

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Some cons of living in retirement communities include:

  • Might be expensive especially if you go for the luxurious ones.

  • May not be the right place for you, as some people do better in regular communities.

  • You might feel isolated as family members cannot move in with you.

  • It might not feel as lively as your regular community.

  • It might be difficult for you to make new friends if you are introverted.

Best Luxury Retirement Communities in United States

Below are some of the best luxury retirement communities in United States that you should consider if you want this type of living arrangement for yourself.

The Preserve at SaddleBrooke, Tucson, Arizona

The price range for apartments in this community ranges from (700-1M+) $. They provide move-in ready homes that range from 2-4 beds, 2-3.5 baths, 2-3 car garage.  

This community boasts of high-end homes, world-class amenities, and a luxurious lifestyle. You will be able to enjoy the beauty of Arizona and several other activities that are provided in this community. Find more information here.

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The Residences at Turner Hill, Ipswich, Massachusetts

This community is peaceful and has over 93 units of buildings surrounded by acres of forestland. You will be able to enjoy the warmth and privacy provided by this community. 

Features in these apartments include cathedral ceilings, an open-concept floor plan with lots of windows, and recessed lighting. Oak wood is used for the floor, you have access to an in-unit laundry, 2-car garage, modern kitchen with granite counters, and breakfast bar. Find more information here.

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Atria West 86, New York City

This community has been around for more than 20 years, and they have provided an artistic and cultural setting for retirees in New York. The least apartment in this community goes for 8100$ per month. 

Some of the features include a Hudson River view on the upper west side, exquisite chef meals that can be had at any of their 3 dining venues, a fitness center, a rooftop terrace where you can enjoy your cocktails, etc. Find more information here.

The Villages, The Villages, Florida

This is a collection of retirement neighborhoods in Florida. It is located between two coastlines, theme parks, and ports of travel. Upon arrival, you get to notice each neighborhood and their unique features. 

Some recreational activities you will find here include cycling, adventure sports, racket sports, relaxation and fitness, swimming, water sports, etc.

They provide entertainment options for you including performances from well-known musicians, Broadway musicals, local talent, and bands. Find more information here.

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Del Webb at Lake Oconee, Greensboro, Georgia

There is a wide range of activities to enjoy in this community. From golf clubs to book clubs, anything you fancy, you probably will find here. They give you the option to create a personalized home design that is conducive for your style and budget.

This community also provides you with an avenue for social connection. People there engage in dancing, dinner parties, clubs, art, etc. You can find people with common interests to make this community even more fun for you. Find more information here.

The Ritz-Carlton Residences at Lake Las Vegas, Henderson, Nevada

This community is very sophisticated and luxurious with sun-soaked penthouses that have distinct architectural design. Some of the services available to homeowners include reservations, valet parking, in-residence dining, newspaper, and package delivery. Find more information here.

The Lodge at Pebble Beach, Pebble Beach, California

This has been a favorite destination since 1919 and some of the features you will enjoy here include golfing, foods ranging from authentic Italian and Hawaiian fusion to steak and seafood, spa, a private beach, and a tennis club. Find more information here.

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WindsorMeade Williamsburg 

This is an active senior living community, and they provide a combination of convenience and comfort, stimulation and serenity, activity, and access.

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You’ll have access to their nursing services as well once you become a resident. Find more information here.

The Admiral at the Lake

This community has acres of stunning parkland and scenic city views that you can enjoy.

They provide you with the security of life care and access to their skilled nursing services, memory support, and assisted living facilities. Find more information here.

The Clare

This community provides beautifully designed spaces and high-quality service and amenities. You will be able to experience the retail, entertainment, cultural culinary, and medical destinations of downtown Chicago. Find more information here.


This community has won several awards as one of the best retirement communities there is. They offer tons of recreational activities and a naturally beautiful environment. Find more information here.

Chateau on the Green

This community is close to retail stores, medical facilities, and other local conveniences. There are multiple drug stores within a mile and there is the Oklahoma Heart Hospital South and multiple churches close to this community. Find more information here.


This is a diversified community that offers an active lifestyle for residents and people-centered continuing care for memory support and assisted living. Find more information here.

The Heritage Tradition 

This community is a blend of comfort, elegance, social connections, cultural and educational opportunities. You get to enjoy delicious meals, a fully equipped fitness center, etc. Find more information here.

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The Fountains at Millbrook

They provide assisted living, independent living, and cottage living. They ensure you get a variety of sensational chef-prepared menus. Find more information here.

RiverWoods Exeter

This community provides you with house maintenance, housekeeping, fitness classes, indoor pools, naturally beautiful scenery, and restaurant-styled meals. Find more information here.

Red Hat Village 

This residential community gives you an opportunity to own a property in a beachside suburb. The environment provides a laidback coastal lifestyle. Find more information here.

Other Retirement Communities Can Be Found in the Table Below: 

The Quarry at La QuintaFind more information here
Sun City Anthem at Merrill RanchFind more information here
The Villages at West NeckFind more information here
Traditions of America at CranberryFind more information here
The PeninsulaFind more information here
On Top of the WorldFind more information here
Carolina TraceFind more information here
Pelican BayFind more information here
Leisure WorldFind more information here
Laguna Woods VillageFind more information here

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