Best Places To Live In Sydney For Young Adults

10 Best Places To Live In Sydney For Young Adults

The cost of living may not be the lowest, but it isn’t the most costly either, and with the help of this guide, you can identify the finest areas to live in Sydney.

You’ve arrived at the ideal location if you’re looking for the top neighborhoods in this thriving city that you’ll consider home.

Sydney, the oldest, biggest, and busiest city in Australia, draws a lot of visitors from abroad every year for a particular cause. 

Furthermore, Sydney is a thriving, energetic city with a variety of districts and suburbs, each having its own distinct personality and recreational opportunities. 

Thus, Sydney offers something for every individual, from the renowned Opera House and glittering harbor to the pristine beaches and beautiful parks. 

You will encounter a diverse range of people, cultures, and experiences after you relocate to Sydney. Numerous work prospects, first-rate educational institutions, an abundance of dining establishments, and, of course, some of the world’s best beaches will all be available to you.

So, where in Sydney should I move to? It might be difficult to know where to begin when deciding on the ideal spot to reside.

Therefore, let us assist you in selecting the Best Places To Live In Sydney For Young Adults.

What Is The Cost Of Living In Sydney?

Without rent, the monthly cost of living for a single individual in Sydney, Australia, is $947 USD or $1495 AUD.

Due to the fact that Sydney is such a big metropolis, your home expenses will vary greatly depending on the neighborhood you choose, whether you decide to buy or rent. 

Generally speaking, either living downtown or in the inner city will ultimately cost you a bit more.  Additionally, the price decreases the further south and west you travel from the city.

10 Best Places To Live In Sydney For Young Adults

Sydney has areas where you may live cheaply while yet enjoying amazing amenities including superb dining and outdoor activities.

Here are the best places to live in Sydney.

1. Newtown

One of the best places for young adults to live is Newton. This city is ever changing with lots of great areas and culture. 

Additionally, this place boasts many restaurants, bars, bookshops and music venues.

Newtown is one of Sydney’s most eclectic suburbs thanks to its vibrant street art, cheap eats, buzzing pubs, and vintage fashion.

The studio apartment prices start at around AU$670,000 and 3-bedroom townhouses, at around  AU$1.6 million.  Also, rent starts at AU$ 430 per week for a studio or from AU$1,100 per week for a townhouse.

2. Kirribilli and Cremorne

Consider Kirribilli and Cermorne if you enjoy shopping at exclusive boutiques, going to private movies, and dining. 

Young workers might visit here in their free time or as a base to explore the city. 

Kirribilli is a lovely spot to raise a family, provided that money is not an issue. It’s a treasure since it’s brimming with adorable cafés and excellent delicatessens and has gorgeous harbor vistas. 

It is, however, rather expensive. Although there are some properties that are less expensive, the median cost of a house in the region is AU$ 3,821,700.

3. Westmead

With a little more flexibility than a life in the city center, this city establishes a name for itself and is advantageous for young professionals. In Westmead, you can expect to see some hemp clothing traces and a nice ethnic diversity.

To get into the city or to Parramatta, it takes no more than 40 minutes. An excellent public school and a sizable hospital are both conveniently located nearby.

Starting at AU$450 per week, a neat two-bedroom apartment is available. For about AU$500 per week, however, there are wonderful three-bedroom apartments with balconies. There are times when a family home sells for less than 1.5 million.

4. Mosman

Mosman, a wealthy neighborhood of Sydney’s lower North Shore, is well-known for its stunning beaches, which are great for swimming, surfing, and other water activities. Mosman is the ideal location if you enjoy being outside.

Balmoral Beach, which is situated on the eastern edge of the neighborhood, is the most well-known beach in Mosman. The clean, tranquil waves and fine, white sand of this beach make it a well-liked location for swimming and tanning.

Obelisk Beach and Chinamans Beach are only two of the lesser beaches that can be found in the suburb. These beaches are well-liked by locals looking to avoid the throng because they are less populated than Balmoral Beach.

Along with its lovely beaches, Mosman is also home to a number of charming parks and reserves, such as Clifton Gardens and Georges Head, which provide incredible scenery of the harbor and the surrounding city. 

Additionally, because Mosman is so close to Sydney’s downtown, homeowners are able to explore all the city’s amenities and attractions while having easy access to the tranquility of their opulent homes.

5. Terrey Hills

Anyone looking to live quietly outside of town should consider this location. 

Kuring-Gai Chase National Park borders Terrey Hills on two sides, making it a true haven for outdoor enthusiasts. This area offers a variety of activities, including a twenty-one-kilometer horseback riding track and a hike to several fascinating waterfalls.

Additionally, it just takes 20 minutes by car or 40 minutes by rail to go to the central business center if you work there or just want to visit for the day.


 Young folks who are creative find it to be a sought-after location.This hip inner-city neighborhood offers a wealth of things to do and see. Darlinghurst has lower than average criminal activity and violent illicit activity rates for Sydney.

7. Darling Harbour

This is also one of the best places for young adults.

The central city, where Darling Harbour is situated, is an exorbitantly costly area to live. It’s best to look into surrounding inner-city suburbs if you enjoy clubbing because they might not be as expensive.

8. Seaforth

A suburb of Sydney, Australia’s Northern Beaches is called Seaforth. It is well-known for its laid-back coastal lifestyle and a well-liked vacation spot for both families and business travelers.

Seaforth has a selection of upscale residences, including roomy homes for families, contemporary flats, and waterfront houses with amazing scenery.  A lot of these houses have elegant features like swimming pools, outside entertaining spaces, and modern kitchens.

The “Hill” neighborhood in Seaforth, which has some of the most prestigious residences in the suburb, is one of the most highly desirable areas. Classic and contemporary homes may be found on The Hill, all of which are situated on sizable, lush lots with panoramic views of the neighborhood.

Seaforth is renowned for its beautiful residences as well as its attractive beaches, such as North Curl Curl Beach and Dee Why Beach, which provide a variety of water sports and leisure activities. In addition, there are several parks in the neighborhood, including Seaforth Park, which has a recreation area, picnic spots, and a well-liked dog park.

9. Potts point 

Potts Point is a bustling neighborhood that is close to Sydney’s central business district by foot. The neighborhood’s diversified population includes pensioners, students, and gorgeous art deco apartment structures that are situated adjacent to newly refurbished terrace homes.

There are numerous eateries for every flavor squeezed into this neighborhood, including sandwich shops and bar food as well as Italian, Mediterranean, Thai, Japanese, Modern Australian, Vietnamese, Chinese, Vegetarian, French, and Mexican restaurants.

Kings Cross, the sleazy hub of Sydney’s nightlife for many years with a variety of bars, clubs, and adult organizations, is also located in Potts Point. 

Therefore, if you enjoy trying out different cuisines, Potts Point is for you.

10. The Rocks

 This place is located in the inner-city neighborhood that is tucked up against the Harbour Bridge. In recognition of its rich past, it is a well-liked tourist destination with a variety of taverns and restaurants designed to attract as many visitors as possible. Having said that, it is an excellent place to make your home.

Is Sydney secure? 

With crime rates lower than those of New York, London, and Paris, Sydney is the safest city in Australia. Theft, assault, and corruption rates are all low. 

Which Sydney neighborhoods are the worst to live in?

Despite the fact that there are places that are best to live in, there are also the worst places in Sydney. Some of these areas with relatively high crime rates include Blacktown, Liverpool, and Mount Druitt.

Nevertheless, The majority of inhabitants are simply going about their daily lives, however tourists should be careful of theft or violence. 

Is Sydney Well-Connected?

Sydney is a wonderful place to begin whether you’re traveling domestically or abroad because Australia is a fairly huge country.

The most convenient way to travel domestically or internationally is via air.  Sydney’s airport features significant intercontinental terminals as well as a regular schedule of local flights.

Sydney has train connections to the majority of the country’s largest cities, such as Canberra, Brisbane, and Adelaide.

The vast and well-maintained road network in Australia makes driving typically inexpensive and uncomplicated. Just make sure that your car is in top condition and that you are familiar with emergency procedures. 

Is Sydney Pricey? 

Sydney isn’t the priciest city in the entire world, however, it can be difficult on a budget.  In general, it is considered to be the most costly city in Oceania and Australia.


You will have an abundance of enjoyable things to do if you decide to live and study in Sydney. You’d be able to explore the vibrant city’s parks, pubs, cafes, and amusement districts. You can count on finding a range of intriguing cultural activities on a monthly basis. 

Sydney has a vast population and is a centrally located city, thus there is no shortage of employment opportunities there. In fact, this city is rated as the fifth-best in the world. Check out the Top 10 Mortgage Brokers in Sydney.

So which city suits your style?

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