Business Schools in Amsterdam

8 Top Business Schools in Amsterdam With Details

A business degree will help you gain a solid understanding of fundamental economic concepts, how global events impact markets, and how to evaluate a company’s financial health.

When you consider all of this, you can decide how to invest your money more wisely and eventually how to increase your return on investment.

This article provides a list of the best business schools in Amsterdam, where you will be trained thoroughly to become a professional in this field.

The List of Business Schools in Amsterdam

Below are the top business schools in Amsterdam.

United International Business Schools (UIBS), Amsterdam

Address: Weteringschans 28, 1017 SG Amsterdam, Netherlands

Their adaptable academic programs, which are based on the higher education system in the United States, let students select their courses depending on program prerequisites, prior coursework, present interests, and long-term goals.

Each academic year, there is a variety of starting dates available to students in the autumn, winter, spring, and summer. Their program structure and modular course design enable the best possible planning for postsecondary education.

On a quarterly basis, students may move between campuses with assurances of curriculum compatibility. Their academic calendar, which is structured on quarters, enables continuing study abroad experiences in both Europe and Asia. Below are the various programs offered here:

Undergraduate/Bachelor/BBA – Learn more

Graduate program – Learn more

Post Graduate program – Learn more

Professional Programs – Learn more

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Amsterdam Business School

Address: Plantage Muidergracht 12, 1018 TV Amsterdam, Netherlands

The University of Amsterdam, Economics, and Business (UvA) includes the Amsterdam Business School (ABS). The School is among the 1% of business schools worldwide that have received the Triple Crown certification.

The Amsterdam Business School seeks to foster innovative and entrepreneurial thinking in both teachers and students as well as the growth of a responsible, sustainable, and analytical approach.

The School is made up of a sizable number of extremely engaged researchers and students who study a variety of subjects. Below are links to their undergraduate, master’s and postgraduate programs.

Bachelor’s Program – Learn more.

Master’s Program – Learn more

MBA – Learn more

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InterCollege Business School B.V.

Address: Passeerdersgracht 23, 1016 XG Amsterdam, Netherlands

Their 4-year Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) program, which is entirely taught in English, is perfect for aspiring business executives. Boost your sense of entrepreneurship and get ready to change the way business is done with your original concepts.

Your ideas and talents will be put into action as an Inter College Business School (ICBS) student because this is the only way to apply value.

Your education will be supplemented in addition to the theoretical components through corporate visits, internships, educational travels, and seminars as these are all a part of the Inter College learning experience. Learn more.

Nyenrode Business Universiteit

Address: Passeerdersgracht 23, 1016 XG Amsterdam, Netherlands

They provide short-term and long-term programs in the areas of business, management, accounting, controlling, and fiscal law, together with rigorous academic courses in those areas. They also carry out scholarly research in these areas.

Bachelor’s degree programs – Learn more

Master degree programs – Learn more

Ph.D. programs – Learn more

MBA program – Learn more

Executive Education – Learn more

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Amsterdam School of International Business

Address: Fraijlemaborg 133, 1102 CV Amsterdam, Netherlands

Students who study applied sciences receive a global business education from the Amsterdam School of International Business. They serve as a global center for education where students may connect and learn while gaining the competencies necessary to succeed in the global labor market of the future.

With its carefully crafted programs, AMSIB equips you with the abilities and information necessary to thrive in the global labor market of the future or in the business world in general. Below are links to the various programs.

Bachelors – Learn more

Master’s – Learn more

AMSIB Majors – Learn more 

Global Exchange – Learn more

Minors – Learn more

Foundation Program – Learn more

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Luiss Business School Amsterdam Hub

Address: Nieuwe Herengracht 103, 1011 RZ Amsterdam, Netherlands

From one-year of Master of Science through Executive Education, Luiss Business School helps students at all levels advance professionally and personally. 

In order to cultivate a “can-do” mentality and to develop its students as creative leaders capable of leading change and influencing business decision-making, each program has been created to address a particular market demand or anticipate unique training needs.

Additionally, Luiss Business School creates highly tailored training services for businesses, assisting them in building human capital and adding value.

Masters of Science – Learn more

Executive Education – Learn more.

Euro College HBO & MBO Amsterdam

Address: Kabelweg 44, 1014 BB Amsterdam, Netherlands

Private school EuroCollege educates young adults with ambition. In Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Groningen, Rotterdam, Utrecht, and Zwolle, provide reputable courses in international business, entrepreneurship, finance, e-commerce, event & hotel management, and tourism.

Their curriculum focuses on mentality, mindset, and discipline. Students discover that perseverance pays off. Their programs are expedited processes with long days, strict deadlines, and individualized support. Below are the programs they offer.

International Business & Entrepreneurship – Learn more

International Business & Finance Management – Learn more

Hospitality & Event Management – Learn more

International Hotel & Hospitality Management – Learn more

International Tourism & Hospitality Management – Learn more

International Business & Sales – Learn more

E-commerce & Entrepreneurship – Learn more

Events & Hotel Management – Learn more

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IE Business School

Address: Kabelweg 44, 1014 BB Amsterdam, Netherlands

To help you get the most out of your time with them, IE Business School offers a range of programs in general management, marketing & communication, business technology & analytics, talent & leadership development, and finance. 

They provide a wide selection of programs in both full-time and part-time formats, including bachelor, master, MBAs, executive MBAs, and dual degree options, helping you set yourself on the path to your future.

Their programs adapt to your demands according to their personalized learning strategy, allowing you complete control over your educational process.

Bachelor’s degree programs – Learn more

Master degree programs – Learn more

MBAs & EMBAS – Learn more

Doctorates – Learn more

Certificates – Learn more

EXECED – Learn more

Faculty and Research – Learn more

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General Admission Requirements for Business Schools in Amsterdam

  • Send a Studielink registration request.

  • Send the school a comprehensive application.

  • You’ll be assessed by the admissions office to see if you match the standards.

  • In your enrollment checklist, choose the test date.

  • Study for the selection test and use the resources they will give you to get ready for it.

Why You Should Get Yourself a Business Degree

Here are some of the main benefits of studying business, including how it can give you access to a wide range of opportunities.

Improve Your Communication Abilities.

Writing a compelling report, giving a compelling proposal, or even just crafting the ideal email all require strong communication skills. You will collaborate with students from all over the world on a variety of difficult projects while you are studying business. 

Your perspectives and life experiences will diverge and sometimes even conflict. You must examine instances, respectfully address opposing viewpoints, and perfect the art of persuasion if you want to succeed.

Budgeting and Accounting

Poor financial management is a major factor in the failure of many excellent firms. Don’t allow financial concepts to deter you from launching your own business.

You will learn the fundamentals of accounting while studying business, giving you the confidence and tools you need to improve your company’s performance.

Project Administration

Do you need to oversee intricate projects or operational logistics? Your project management skills will be strengthened if you study for a business degree and work in the music industry, the military, or the not-for-profit sector. 

You’ll learn to prioritize resources and solve problems by using an analytical, economical approach by working on real-world company challenges. Additionally, you’ll use project management tools to organize your tasks and make sure you fulfill deadlines.

How Many Universities Are There In Amsterdam?

There are 7 universities in Amsterdam

Is Amsterdam University Good For Business?

The ranking of the Amsterdam Business School is excellent.

The university was ranked 65th overall and 2nd in the Netherlands in The Times Higher Education (THE) Ranking 2022.

According to QS World University Rankings, it is placed 87th in the world for Business & Management.

Does the Netherlands Have Good Business Schools?

Yes! University of Amsterdam, Maastricht University, and Tilburg University are a few of the top business schools in the Netherlands.

Is the University of Amsterdam Free?

One of the city’s two significant, publicly supported research universities, together with the University of Amsterdam, is the VU Amsterdam (UvA).

“Free University” is the literal translation of the Dutch term Vrije Universiteit.

Is Amsterdam Business School Accredited?

The AMBA, AACSB, and EQUIS accreditations give the Amsterdam Business School a place among a select few schools known as the “Triple Crown.” Only 14% of business schools/faculties worldwide (or around 1% of all those offering business programs) have been able to obtain this distinguished distinction.

What is the University of Amsterdam Known For?

The University of Amsterdam was ranked first in the world for communication science and media studies in the QS World University Rankings by Subject, 2022 edition.

The joint UvA-VU program in dentistry is ranked second worldwide.

What Is The Acceptance Rate For the University of Amsterdam?

Applications for admission to UG and PG programs at the University of Amsterdam are filed online using the Studielink portal.

Only the brightest students from throughout the world are admitted to UvA, which has an incredibly competitive admittance rate of about 4%.

Is the University of Amsterdam Expensive?

EU/EEA and Dutch students pay €4,418 annually. Non- EU/EEA students pay €13,300 annually.

Does the University of Amsterdam Teach in English?

The UvA provides one of the broadest selections of foreign Master’s study programs of any university in Europe, with 20 Bachelor’s programs taught in English.

This number includes many wholly original to the UvA and approximately 200 courses taught in English.

What GPA Do You Need To Get Into the University of Amsterdam?

In the Dutch educational system, AUC students typically have a secondary school GPA of 7.5.

To avoid giving too much weight to one bad exam, they consider marks across a longer period of time when evaluating applications.

They pay close attention to justifications for why official grade requirements are not reached.

What Language Is Spoken in Amsterdam?

Nearly everyone in the Netherlands speaks Dutch, which is the country’s official language.

Aruba, Bonaire, Belgium, Curaçao, Saba, Sint Eustatius, Sint Maarten, and Suriname all have official and widespread use of the Dutch language.

How Can International Students Study In Amsterdam?

Make sure you comply with the entrance requirements and the language requirements.

Consider a preparatory year.

Look for scholarships.

Accept your letter of offer, then get your enrollment confirmation.

Obtain a visa and a residency permit.

Does UVA Have An Undergraduate Business Program?

The Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degrees with majors in accounting, business administration, and economics are offered by the Department of Business and Economics.

Is Amsterdam An Expensive City?

If you decide to travel to this specific location, it can be pricey. It is impossible to save money by booking a luxury hotel for a week in Amsterdam, dining out every night, and covering the cost of everyone’s drinks at the bar.

How Long Does It Take To Get An Offer From the University of Amsterdam?

Four to six weeks after the UvA application deadline, the acceptance letter will be delivered directly to the student’s email address and home university coordinator.

Is the University of Amsterdam Difficult?

It’s not particularly difficult to enroll at the University of Amsterdam or any other Dutch university; the challenging thing is sticking with it.

Even if the most sought-after courses, like law and medicine, are more difficult and have more prerequisites, including admissions exams, everyone is given a chance.

Does the University of Amsterdam Accept International Students?

International students who have finished their senior secondary school can enroll in programs there that will prepare them for admittance into the University of Amsterdam’s undergraduate program.

The UFP is set at level 3, which corresponds to the UK’s A-level norm.

How Can I Get Admission To the University of Amsterdam?

To read the application details for a program, click on one of the linked links.

Check the eligibility criteria.

Submit a Studielink enrollment application.

Finish the application.

Pay your tuition (after admission)


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