Cheapest Nursing Schools in UK for International Students

20 Cheapest Nursing Schools in UK for International Students

The United Kingdom has a distinctive medical past, and its universities have long contributed to the development of nursing practice.

Because of this, it is a great place to start if you want a promising career in the industry.

This article provides a list of the cheapest nursing schools in UK for international students.

The UK has some of the top universities for nursing programs. However, in England and the UK as a whole, it might be difficult to gain acceptance into these programs.

Because of this, only applicants with stellar academic records are accepted. To thrive in this career, soft skills like communication, empathy and a cooperative attitude are equally important.

Cheapest Nursing Schools in UK for International Students

In this section, we take a look at the list of cheapest nursing schools in UK for international students. The partnership between universities and hospitals is quite strong throughout the United Kingdom.

This can be quite helpful for you as a nursing student. This is due to the opportunity you will have to put theory into practice in a clinical context.

It will enable you to gain confidence in your work responsibilities right away.

The area is renowned for having cutting-edge medical technology. You will be able to learn from the top professionals in the field from the staff at UK universities, who are at the forefront of contemporary medicine.

You can graduate from a nursing program in the UK with the abilities, information, and life experience necessary to succeed in your desired position.

University of Edinburgh

Tuition Fee: £32,200 – BN program

They provide undergraduate and graduate degree programs in addition to courses for continuous professional development.

The undergraduate curriculum lasts four years and results in a Bachelor of Nursing degree and nursing registration (adult branch).

Additionally, there are numerous postgraduate degree programs, ranging from PhD to taught MSc/Diplomas.

  • Undergraduate program – learn more.

  • Postgraduate taught programs – learn more.

  • Postgraduate research programs – learn more.

Find out more information here.

University of Glasgow

Tuition Fee: £27,930 – BN program

The four-year BN (Hons) curriculum leads to a professional degree. The learning takes place in both academic and practical settings equally.

The University of Glasgow’s Bachelor of Nursing (Honors) program consistently ranks at the top of the league tables for universities.

For 2022, nursing at UofG is ranked second in the UK in the Complete University Guide, second in the UK in The Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide, and third in the UK for nursing & midwifery in the Guardian University Guide.

  • Bachelor of Nursing (Honors) – learn more

  • MSc Advanced Nursing Science – learn more

Find out more information here.

University of Liverpool

Tuition Fee: £25,450

You will have ample opportunity to refine your practical abilities thanks to the School of Health and Life Sciences, which has resources including a virtual reality teaching suite, an imaging facility, and a variety of clinical practice rooms to support simulated teaching. 

In your first year, you will study the theory and practice of nursing. All students will complete a four-week experience to get a taste of working with patients in an acute setting before moving on to two more placements, one lasting seven weeks and the other ten.

Find out more information here.

University of Manchester

Tuition Fee: £25,000 – BN Program

Study nursing at a university that is ranked fifth in the world and second in the UK (QS World University Rankings 2021). At the conclusion of the three years of study, you are qualified to register with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) and get a degree.

Through practice learning with trusts that provide specialized services, as well as the chance to participate in a learning experience in a new context within the UK or overseas, you can get experience in several clinical fields.

Find out more information here.

Ulster University

Tuition Fee: £ 15,360 – BN Program

This distinguished nursing school is ranked first in Ireland and seventh in the UK. The faculty and staff at this nursing school work hard to provide the highest caliber of instruction at all levels, including postgraduate. Develop the skills and information you need to launch your nursing career with access to top-notch facilities, outstanding instruction, and practical experience.

  • Undergraduate students – learn more

  • Postgraduate Nursing Courses – learn more.

  • Short Nursing Courses – learn more.

  • Online Nursing Courses – learn more.

  • Nursing-related PhD opportunities – learn more.

Find out more information here.

University of Nottingham

Tuition Fee: £27,200

The faculty of medicine and health sciences offer an adult nursing bachelor’s degree that spans 3 years. To allow you flexibility in your future career, you’ll learn how to provide care for adults with a variety of needs in a variety of settings.

You will learn to provide for the medical requirements and personal well-being of adult patients through skilled instruction and encouraging supervision.

As you advance in your clinical training, they support your creativity, critical thinking, and leadership qualities.

You’ll be equipped to handle any difficulties you may encounter as a working nurse or healthcare executive.

Find out more information here.

Middlesex University

Tuition Fee: £15,100

They provide a 3 years full-time course in Adult nursing program that begins every September.

The course, which was created in collaboration with NHS trusts, will require you to spend 50% of your time on placements at one of their partner hospitals.

You’ll gain the fundamental nursing knowledge required to provide appropriate care for adult patients in a real-world setting.

You’ll hone your interpersonal, caregiving, and communication skills while showcasing your commitment to improving the lives of others.

Find out more information here.

University of Birmingham

Tuition Fee: £34,280 – BN Programs

You can experience nursing and healthcare in a variety of settings at the center of one of the UK’s largest healthcare regions by enrolling in nursing at Birmingham.

Along with physicians, pharmacists, and physiotherapists, you will engage in inter-professional learning experiences that will adequately prepare you for your position in the interdisciplinary healthcare teams of today.

  • Undergraduate courses in Nursing – learn more

  • Postgraduate courses in Nursing and Midwifery – learn more

Find out more information here.

Coventry University

Tuition Fee: £19,850

With the help of their courses, you will be able to assess the needs of children from infancy through adulthood, build effective care plans for them, and provide that care.

When providing treatment, you will take into account their physical requirements, mental health, and overall welfare and recognize the value of evidence-informed practice, compassion, and caring.

  • Undergraduate courses – learn more

  • Postgraduate courses – learn more

Find out more information here.

Swansea University

Tuition Fee: £ 18,500 – BN Program

You will have the knowledge and expertise necessary to begin a fulfilling career in this multifaceted and vital field of adult nursing after completing this degree program, which is accredited internationally.

You will gain knowledge of the holistic requirements of people from early adulthood to old age throughout the course of this carefully integrated, three-year BSc curriculum, as well as the professional skills necessary to deliver high-quality nursing care in a variety of clinical and community settings.

Your ability to assess, organize, provide, and evaluate evidence-based treatment to advance the health and well-being of individuals with acute and chronic diseases will grow as you advance.

Postgraduate course – learn more

Find out more information here.

Other cheap nursing schools in the UK can be found in the table below:

School and LinksTuition for International Students
Teesside University Find out more information here.£14,000
Glasgow Caledonian University Find out more information here.£13,000
King’s College London Find out more information here.£23,160
The University of Dundee. Find out more information here.£ 20,900
Sheffield Hallam University Find out more information here.£17,860
The University of Cumbria. Find out more information here.£16,000
The University of Leeds. Find out more information here.£27,500
The University of Bradford. Find out more information here.£22,980
The University of Wolverhampton. Find out more information here.£13450
Kingston University Find out more information here.£16,500
Cheapest Nursing Schools in UK for International Students

General Admission Requirements for Nursing Schools UK

In the UK, nursing is an extremely competitive field. Because of this, it’s crucial to highlight stellar academic credentials while applying. Additionally, candidates for UK nursing programs must possess the necessary personality to handle challenging tasks in the future.

Communication, reading, numeracy, and a spirit of cooperation are some of the abilities that are required. Continue reading to find out the prerequisites for a nursing course in the UK.

  • A Level Prerequisites: English language, ABB.

  • IELTS score of 7.0 overall with no component receiving a score of less than 6.0

  • International Baccalaureate: a minimum of 30 points

UK Nursing Schools Admission Process

Follow the following steps when applying to any of the schools listed above:

  • Visit the appropriate university’s webpage.

  • Look at the prerequisites and eligibility for the bachelor’s or master’s program.

  • Find the application form now, then click it.

  • Use your email address and phone number to register.

  • Register by providing your personal information.

  • Enter your academic background and attach any necessary documents. These can be copies of your passport, official transcripts, LORs, SOPs, IELTS test results, or other appropriate credentials.

  • Submit your application after paying the application cost.

  • By logging into your registered account, you may track your application form.

  • If chosen, a virtual interview will be scheduled for you.

  • Students who have been chosen may continue with their visa applications.

Can I Work and Study Nursing in UK?

International students at UK institutions are allowed to work 20 hours per week during the academic year and full-time during breaks.

The majority of nursing programs span four years, during which time students study a wide range of nursing-related topics.

Which Nursing Course Is Best in UK?

The Florence Nightingale Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery at King’s College London was the first nursing school in the history of the profession and is currently recognized as the top nursing faculty in the UK and second in the world.

Can International Nurses Get PR in the UK?

You are eligible to apply for permanent residency after five years of residence in the UK. Nurses from other countries who wish to work in the UK must apply for a Tier 2 Visa.

Which Type Of Nursing Pays More in the UK?

Pediatric Nurse. They are among the best-paid nursing specializations in the UK, earning an average of £64,598 per year.

Can an International Student Get a Job in the UK Easily?

Yes, after completing their master’s degrees, international students do find employment in the UK.

You can find a suitable job through a variety of methods, including networking, career centers, recruiting firms, internet job search engines, job fairs, etc.

Can I Become A Nurse In 2 Years UK?

Two years are required to complete nursing associate programs, but if you want to be a registered nurse afterward, you’ll need to pursue either the degree apprenticeship or a level 6 nursing degree for an additional two years.

What Type of Visa Do I Need to be a Nurse UK?

A health and care worker visa enables medical professionals to travel to or remain in the UK to work in adult social care for NHS, or one of its suppliers.

Is IELTS Accepted in the UK for Nurses?

It is necessary for nurses and midwives who want to work in the UK to get an IELTS score of at least 7.0 overall.

However, in addition to 7.0 scores in the Reading, Listening, and Speaking areas of the exam, a 6.5 score in the Writing component will also be recognized.

How Many Hours Do Nurses Work a Week UK?

For NHS nurses and other professionals, a typical full-time work week is 37.5 hours. For those who are curious about how many hours a part-time nurse works, in either industry, part-time nurses will work fewer than 30 hours per week.

Which Is Better for Nurses UK or US?

In general, US nurses have a lot more freedom than UK nurses. The licensure of nurse practitioners is not handled by a separate agency.

The pay in the UK is appallingly low, as was already established. A band 5 nurse’s starting salary is about $28,000. Check out the 32 Best International Nursing Recruitment Agencies in USA.

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