Christian Schools in Australia 

59 Top Christian Schools in Australia & Their Details

Given the multitude of Christian schools in Australia, parents often find it challenging to choose the one for their children.

Christian Schools in Australia inculcate Values and nurturing Minds and are a fitting choice to meet behavioral objectives. Explore Christian Schools in Australia, where education meets faith and excellence.

Australia, known for its diverse educational landscape, is home to a vibrant community of Christian schools that offer unique opportunities for students and families seeking faith-based education.

These institutions, spread across the country, combine academic excellence with spiritual guidance, fostering a well-rounded educational experience. 

Christian schools in Australia play a vital role in the emotional, personal, and intellectual development of students. Christian schools in Australia are often established by both Roman Catholic and Pentecostal denominations and have evolved significantly since the 19th century. 

They adhere to the national curriculum and offer quality education from primary to senior secondary levels. Christian schools are communities characterized by grace, faith, and shared values. 

Students’ growth within these schools occurs in a communal setting, fostering a sense of belonging and mutual respect. 

These schools prioritize the integration of Biblical faith, values, and beliefs into their curriculum, practices, and overall culture.

Why Christian Schooling?

The primary mission of a Christian school is to nurture the holistic development of each child, recognizing their unique needs while highlighting the significance of addressing students’ social, emotional, spiritual, and physical growth, 

As a parent, some reasons why you should pick a Christian school for your child include: 

  • Spiritual Growth: Christian education’s goal is to nurture both the academic and spiritual growth of every child. Christian schools strive to equip students to lead meaningful and impactful lives, benefiting their families, communities, and the global community.
  • Character Building: While knowledge is valuable, qualities such as resilience and humility are equally essential and can benefit a student throughout their lifetime. Students graduate with the capacity to empathize, and comprehend the difficulties of social interactions, push boundaries in pursuit of their goals, and face challenges with bravery.
  • Leadership Skills and Community Engagement: Students are guided to discover their purpose through following Jesus and utilizing their talents to aid others. Inspired by Jesus’ servant leadership, Christian schools cultivate a robust culture of mission and service, both domestically and internationally. These schools prepare students to become engaged citizens, locally and globally. 

Eligibility Requirements For Admission To Christian Schools in Australia

Parents and their children must satisfy certain criteria when applying to Christian schools in Australia. Eligibility requirements vary depending on the specific Christian school and the child’s grade level. 

Students are expected to meet these requirements, which may involve taking a written test aligned with their intended grade level.

Christian schools in Australia offer a curriculum encompassing eight learning areas, including English, languages other than English, Mathematics, Social and Environmental Studies, Science, Arts, Technology, Personal Development, and Health and Physical Education. 

These areas are typically part of the curriculum for schools providing secondary education. In the case of Christian schools offering senior secondary education, they may also offer specialized programs in specific areas of study.

10 Top Christian Schools in Australia: 

  • Christian Schools Australia
  • Torrens Valley Christian School
  • Australian Christian College 
  • Northern Beaches Christian School 
  • Carnarvon Christian School
  • Foundation Christian College
  • St Andrews Christian College
  • Covenant Christian School Sydney 
  • Swan Christian College 
  • Regents Park Christian School

Christian Schools Australia

Christian Schools Australia (CSA) is the largest association of Christian schools in Australia, encompassing over 180 member schools. 

These schools collectively educate approximately 75,000 students and provide employment opportunities for more than 11,000 staff members.

Established in 2002, CSA is dedicated to promoting Christ-centered educational excellence. They fulfill their mission by advocating for the needs of Christian schools at both national and global levels. 

CSA offers extensive support, resources, and professional development opportunities to its member schools.

Operating as a self-governing entity, CSA adheres to the principles of policy governance. They are registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) and are led by a National Council.  

Contact Info: 

Visit the Website: 

Phone: 1300 321 272


Address: Christian Schools Australia, PO Box 3069

Unit 14, Level 1, 22-30 Franklin St, Manuka ACT 2603

Torrens Valley Christian School

Torrens Valley Christian School, founded in 1980, emerged from the vision of local Christian parents who aimed to establish a nurturing school community deeply rooted in biblical principles. 

The school values a strong partnership with parents, viewing it as an extension of the education and Christian upbringing that takes place at home.

This multi-denominational, co-educational institution hosts around 600 students from Reception to Year 12, offering an authentic Christian education in a caring and stimulating atmosphere. 

Torrens Valley Christian School emphasizes a biblical worldview, nurturing both personal growth and academic achievement within a safe and loving environment.

Contact Info:

 Visit the Website: 

Phone: 0881262200

Address: Torrens Valley Christian School, 1227 Grand Junction Road, Hope Valley SA 5090

 Australian Christian College 

Australian Christian College (ACC) is a network of 12 schools across 5 states in Australia, providing both on-campus and distance education. They have a presence in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia, and Tasmania.

ACC, a non-denominational, not-for-profit Christian education organization, is dedicated to nurturing every student spiritually, academically, socially, and physically to help them reach their full potential and become positive influencers in the world. 

They prioritize excellence in education with the belief that students should be “well known, well-loved, and well taught” by their dedicated and trained Christian staff.

Their vision revolves around establishing a solid Biblical foundation in each student’s life, fostering a personal relationship with Jesus Christ for every student, and supporting each student’s success. 

Contact Info: 

Visit the Website: 

Northern Beaches Christian School 

Northern Beaches Christian School (NBCS), founded in 1981 in Mona Vale, owes its existence to a dedicated group of parents associated with the Northern Beaches Christian Centre church. 

This independent co-ed school offers education from Kindergarten to Year 12, fostering a Christian community that prioritizes learning, growth, well-being, connection, and belonging. 

NBCS instills a lifelong passion for learning and hope for the future in its students through its Vision, Mission, and Values.

With world-class facilities, the school promotes a positive learning environment, responsible technology use, effective communication, and a nurturing Christian community. 

Contact Info: 

Visit the Website: 

Phone: (02) 9450 1311


Address: PO Box 230, Terrey Hills NSW 2084 Australia 

Carnarvon Christian School

Carnarvon Christian School, a non-denominational Christian institution, offers Christ-centered education, welcoming all children into its school community. 

They highly value individuality, encouraging students to think, express themselves, and explore freely in a safe, respectful environment. The school is dedicated to safeguarding children’s welfare and expects staff and volunteers to share this commitment. 

In collaboration with families, Carnarvon Christian School strives to provide a comprehensive education guided by God’s Word, nurturing positive relationships and students’ talents as they progress toward Christian maturity.

Contact Info: 

Visit website:

Phone: (08) 9941 4533


Address: 6701/30 Babbage Island Rd, Morgantown WA 6701

Foundation Christian College

Foundation Christian College places a strong emphasis on Christ-centered education, aiming to help students fulfill their God-given potential. 

This commitment is reflected in the diverse educational, developmental, and extension opportunities offered to students from Kindergarten through Year 12.

Notably, the school operates on a single campus with a double-stream structure, and in some cases, a triple-stream structure for certain year groups, ensuring a high degree of continuity and consistency throughout the students’ academic journey.   

Contact Info:

Visit the website: 

Phone: (08) 9586 5444


Address: 115 Waldron Blvd, Greenfields WA 6210

St Andrews Christian College

St Andrews Christian College’s mission is to educate students with biblical truth, equipping them with skills and motivation to serve God and be a positive Christian influence worldwide. 

They provide a secure, nurturing learning environment that fosters love, service, and purpose. The school values grace, acceptance, truth, justice, and mercy in teaching students to love and serve others.

Supporting parents as primary educators, the school strives for educational excellence across academic, spiritual, emotional, physical, social, and cultural aspects. 

They aim to become a leading provider of Christian education while maintaining a commitment to academic excellence.

Contact Info: 

Visit the Website: 

Phone: +61 3 8847 8300


Address: St Andrews Christian College, 130 Tyner Road, Wantirna South VIC 3152

Covenant Christian School Sydney 

Founded in 1964, Covenant Christian School was created by devoted Christian parents who strongly believed in their responsibility to nurture their children in Christian teachings.

Their vision was to establish a school that offered a thorough and high-standard education, delivered by Christian educators, with Christ as the central focus. 

The institution now provides education from Prep to Year 12 and boasts a student body of more than 900 individuals. These students benefit from the expertise of passionate Christian teachers and a highly qualified leadership team.

At Covenant Christian School, the curriculum is designed with a Christ-centered worldview, with a commitment that their Vision and Mission serve as the cornerstone of all activities and interactions within the school community.

Contact Info: 

Visit the Website:

Phone: +61284594200


Address: Covenant Christian School, 212 Forest Way, Belrose, NSW, 2085

 Swan Christian College

Swan Christian College, a Kindergarten to Year 12 co-educational school with over 1500 students, consists of four sub-schools: Junior School, Senior School,  Swanonline, and Swan Trade Training Centre.

The leadership team and staff at Swan Christian College are dedicated to offering various opportunities and pathways for students’ success, whether in training, employment, or service. 

They foster a culture of excellence and achievement while prioritizing the holistic well-being of each child, encompassing physical, emotional, social, mental, and spiritual needs. 

Additionally, the school emphasizes collaboration with parents to help each child reach their full potential, regardless of their chosen path.

Contact Info: 

Visit the Website: 

Phone: (08) 9374 8300


Address: Swan Christian College, 381 Great Northern Hwy

Middle Swan, Western Australia 6056

Regents Park Christian School

Regents Park Christian School (RPCS) is a Sydney-based co-educational private school that provides a nurturing environment for students to explore, learn, and excel in their areas of interest from Kindergarten to Year 12. 

RPCS offers a comprehensive curriculum, encompassing academics, sports, science, and the arts, with a strong commitment to the well-being and growth of both students and their families. 

The school integrates the teachings of Jesus into every facet of a student’s educational journey, fostering personal growth and self-discovery.

Contact Info:

Visit the Website: 

Phone: 0296445144


Address: Regent Park Christian School, 59 Regent Street, Regents Park, NSW 2143

Other Christian Schools in Australia 

This list is from The Australian Association of Christian Schools (AACS).

The Australian Association of Christian Schools (AACS) was established in 1985, uniting Christian Community Schools and Christian Parent Controlled Schools. 

It has since expanded to include various Christian school groups and independent schools across Australia. 

AACS, now a charitable public company, is dedicated to fostering Christian education accessibility and growth, with over 100 member schools nationwide and approximately 42,000 enrolled students.

AACS represents Christian schools in all states and territories across Australia. Below is a list of member schools categorically with direct links to their websites. 

Christian Education National (CEN)

Covenant Christian School: 
Emmaus Christian School: 
Son Centre Christian College: 
Carinya Christian School – Gunnedah: 
Calderwood Christian School: 
Maranatha Christian School:
Carinya Christian School – Tamworth: 
Dubbo Christian School: 
Deniliquin Christian School: 
Heritage Christian School: 

Christian Community Ministries (CCM)

Endeavour Christian College:
Warwick Christian College:
Blakes Crossing Christian College: 
Livingstone Christian College: 
Staines Memorial College: 
Whitsunday Christian College:
Dalby Christian College: 
Chinchilla Christian College: 
Cornerstone Christian College: 
The Lakes Christian College: 
Seaview Christian College: 
Groves Christian College: 

Pacific Hills Group of Christian Schools (PHCS)

Pacific Brook Christian School: 
Pacific Gulgangali Jarjums: 
Pacific Hope School: 
Pacific Coast Christian School: 
Valley Hope School: 
Pacific Hills Christian School: 
Pacific Valley Christian School: 
New Hope School: 

St Philip’s Christian College Education Foundation (SPCCEF)

St Philip’s Christian College DALE Cessnock Campus: 
St Philip’s Christian College DALE Waratah Campus: 
St Philip’s Christian College Newcastle: 
St Philip’s Christian College DALE Port Stephens Campus: 
St Philip’s Christian College Cessnock Campus: 
St Philip’s Christian College DALE Gosford Campus: 
St Philip’s Christian College Gosford Campus: 
St Philip’s Christian College Port Stephens: 

Independent Christian Schools

Oxley Christian College: 
St Paul’s Grammar School:
Southern Cross Baptist Church Christian School:
Heathdale Christian College:
Olivet Christian College: 
Hills Christian Community School: 
Hunter Christian School: 
John Calvin School Albany: 
John Calvin School Launceston: 
Redeemer Baptist School: 
Sherwood Hills Christian School: 


Christian schools in Australia serve as integral pillars of the nation’s educational system, offering students a nurturing environment that blends academic rigor with spiritual growth. 

These schools contribute to the rich tapestry of Australian education by instilling values, fostering community engagement, and preparing students to excel academically and morally. 

As they continue to evolve and adapt to changing educational landscapes, Christian schools in Australia remain steadfast in their commitment to shaping responsible, compassionate, and well-educated individuals who can make meaningful contributions to society.

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