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7 Top Circus Schools in Montreal & Their Details

Are you in Montreal and in search of schools that offer more than just places to learn acrobatics and performance? Then Circus Schools in Montreal are the right choice. 

Circus Schools in Montreal are hubs of creativity, fostering a new generation of talented circus artists who captivate audiences with their extraordinary skills. Find out more below. 

Nestled in the heart of Canada’s Quebec province, Montreal is renowned for its rich artistic scene, and the emergence of circus schools here adds an exciting and dynamic dimension to that reputation. 

Montreal stands as the epicenter of circus arts in North America, boasting the presence of renowned institutions like the National Circus School and world-famous circus companies like Cirque du Soleil. 

Circus schools in Montreal have become a captivating and integral part of the city’s cultural fabric. 

The Circus

Circus is a unique art form that encompasses beauty, meaning, self-expression, and social commentary, setting it apart from dance, theater, and other creative expressions. 

It possesses its own rich history, training techniques, physical language, and capabilities, all of which convey a distinctive sense of power.

Circus is accessible to individuals of any age, background, or physical ability, combining creative physicality and performance. It is a powerful vehicle for these positive changes.

The circus also promotes community, uniting people through its playful and physical nature. Both circus art and practice serve as valuable avenues for the formation of a civil society, offering unique opportunities for individuals to come together, and bridging gaps of class, ethnicity, and gender.

Programs Circus Schools in Montreal Offer

Montreal’s circus schools offer a diverse range of programs and training opportunities. 

Established institutions like the National Circus School of Montreal provide rigorous training in disciplines such as aerial arts, juggling, and clowning, nurturing the skills and talents of aspiring circus performers. 

These schools attract students not only from across Canada but from all over the world, creating a vibrant and multicultural community of circus enthusiasts.

The circus arts are deeply intertwined with Montreal’s history, dating back to the famous Cirque du Soleil’s humble beginnings in the city. 

This legacy has given rise to a thriving circus culture, with many graduates of these schools going on to join professional circus troupes, performing in renowned shows that continue to draw global acclaim.

In addition to cultivating talent, circus schools contribute to the local economy by attracting tourists who flock to Montreal to witness the magic of circus performances. 

This influx of visitors bolsters the city’s reputation as a cultural hotspot, benefiting not only the schools themselves but also the surrounding businesses and tourism industry.

List of 7 Top Circus Schools in Montreal

  • National Circus School (École Nationale de Cirque)
  • Studio CirQus 
  • Verdun Circus School 
  • Cité des arts du cirque 
  • Flip ~ Circus School
  • Château de Cirque 
  • Cirque Éloize

National Circus School (École Nationale de Cirque)

The National Circus School (École Nationale de Cirque or ENC), founded in 1981, has been a prominent institution for over four decades, playing a pivotal role in training and nurturing new talents in the realm of circus arts. 

Notably renowned on a global scale, ÉNC is committed not only to producing exceptional circus artists but also to advancing research and innovation in the circus arts field. 

Each year, ÉNC welcomes more than 150 students from various regions of Canada and across the world. The school equips these individuals with the necessary skills, offering a variety of programs, including preparatory training, the Circus and High School Studies program, and postsecondary programs leading to a college diploma. 

A dedicated and experienced teaching staff, comprising more than 80 qualified trainers, advisors, and artists from various artistic domains, ensures personalized training and caters to the individual learning pace of each student.

For those interested in becoming circus arts educators, the school offers a dedicated training program to acquire the skills necessary to share the joy of circus with people of all ages. 

Contact Info: 

Visit the Website:

Phone: 514 982-0859


Address: École nationale de chèque 8181, avenue du Cirque, Montréal (Qc), H1Z 4N9

Studio CirQus 

Studio CirQus, located in Montreal, offers an exceptional experience for individuals interested in Aerial Silks and circus arts. 

Alissa, the studio’s instructor, has garnered high praise for her attentive, passionate, and informative teaching style. Students, whether beginners or professionals have found their sessions to be a magical journey of acrobatic transformation. 

The skills acquired in just one session have left participants beaming with pride, making the drive to the studio from the Monteregie region well worth it. 

Alissa’s energetic and knowledgeable approach, along with her jovial personality, ensures a fun and comprehensive learning experience. Studio CirQus is highly recommended for those seeking the best aerial arts experience in the city.

Contact Info: 

Visit the Website:

Phone: (514) 709-8639 / (514) 709-8639

Verdun Circus School 

The Verdun Circus School, established in 1988 as a non-profit organization, is committed to introducing circus arts to people of all ages and backgrounds while contributing to the community’s social and economic well-being. 

Offering a comprehensive training program customized to individual needs, the school aspires to be a leader in teaching circus arts. 

Their offerings include basic and specialized courses, introductory workshops, summer day camps, and captivating shows, all conducted on a fully equipped track suitable for participants of all ages. 

The school remains dedicated to making circus arts accessible, fostering personal and collective development, and increasing awareness of this evolving form of expression within the community.

Recognized by the Ministry of Culture and Communications of Quebec, the school collaborates with the National Circus School to offer the Preparatory Program for Professional Studies. 

Contact Info: 

Visit the Website:

Phone: 514 768-5812


Address: Verdun Circus School, 5190, boul. LaSalle, Verdun ( Quebec ) 

Cité des arts du cirque 

Cité des Arts du Cirque in Montreal is a unique and dedicated hub for contemporary circuses. It houses institutions like the National Circus School, Cirque du Soleil’s international headquarters, and La TOHU, a specialized circus presenter. 

Together, they form a cluster for training, production, and performance. Within this center, you’ll find extensive training, research, and creation studios, along with spaces for showcasing circus arts. 

Cité des Arts du Cirque welcomes around 2,000 people daily for various circus-related activities and entertains approximately 135,000 spectators annually. It’s a significant part of Montreal’s vibrant circus community.

Since its inception, it has played a crucial role in making Montreal a global leader in circus arts, contributing to the incredible growth of Quebec’s circus scene.

Contact Info: 

Visit the Website:

Phone: 1 888 376-8648 


Address: 2345, rue Jarry Est, Montréal, Québec H1Z 4P3

FLip Circus School 

FLiP Circus School, located in Ste-Adèle, Quebec, offers a variety of circus programs for children and adults. Their instructors have over 20 years of experience in circus arts and provide both introductory and more intense classes. 

They have a preparatory program for those looking to enter the National Circus School in Montreal or pursue a career in the circus.

At FLiP, participants can explore different circus disciplines, including trampoline, aerials, juggling, ground acrobatics, unicycle, German wheel, and hand-to-hand. 

They offer recreational classes for children as young as 4 years old, with one-hour sessions that include short workshops in various circus disciplines, ending with a circus demonstration.

The school is based in a beautifully renovated church and aims to make the circus arts accessible to individuals of all abilities, providing a fun and exciting learning experience.

Contact Info: 

Visit the Website:


Address: 1364 Ch. Pierre Péladeau, Ste-Adèle, Québec, Canada, J8B 1Z4

Château de Cirque 

Chateau de Cirque offers unique circus classes for people of all fitness levels. They provide a range of circus disciplines, including flying trapeze, silk, Lyra, rope, Chinese pole, straps, static trapeze, flexibility, and hand-to-hand. 

These classes help build body strength and endurance, and instructors use exercises on circus apparatus to help participants progress. 

Students don’t need a circus background to join, as the classes can be adapted for various fitness levels. They also offer advanced and private classes.

The specific classes include Advanced Aerial Silks for complex acrobatic and choreographic sequences, Dance Trapeze for acrobatic movements and sequences, Acro for floor exercises and acrobatics to improve physical strength and agility, and Chinese Pole, a discipline focused on strength, endurance, and flexibility on a metal pole.

Contact Info: 

Visit the Website:


Address: 6956 St-Denis, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Cirque Éloize

Cirque Éloize, a prominent figure in Quebec’s cultural scene for three decades, offers open studios at the Dalhousie Station to the circus community, thanks to the support of various organizations. 

Their facilities prioritize artists’ safety and comply with public health guidelines.

Cirque Éloize is known for its innovative approach, blending circus arts with music, dance, technology, and theater to captivate audiences seeking meaningful entertainment. 

Their original productions have delighted over 5 million spectators in more than 600 cities worldwide, and they’ve participated in prestigious festivals. 

Located in the historic Gare Dalhousie in Old Montreal, Cirque Éloize’s head office and creative studio serve as a hub for their multidisciplinary productions, making it a driving force in the world of contemporary circus.

Contact Info: 

Visit the Website:


Circus schools in Montreal have become a symbol of the city’s artistic diversity and commitment to nurturing extraordinary talents. 

These schools offer a platform for individuals to develop their unique circus skills and embark on exciting careers in the performing arts. 

Furthermore, they enrich Montreal’s cultural landscape, drawing in audiences from near and far, while supporting local businesses and the broader tourism industry. 

As Montreal continues to be a global circus hub, these schools will play an essential role in shaping the future of this captivating art form. Check out the 9 Top Circus Schools in London and the Top 10 Careers In Art That Pay Well.

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