20 Top Commercial Cleaning Companies in Toronto

Looking for exceptional Commercial Cleaning solutions for your business in Toronto? Getting a reliable and trustworthy commercial cleaning service is critical to your business.

That’s why we have prepared a detailed list of the Top 20 Commercial Cleaning Companies in Toronto, just for you. 

Hiring a professional cleaning company is the most reliable option to ensure your office stays consistently clean and well-maintained. 

Homes that prioritize cleanliness create a positive atmosphere for everyone living there. Nevertheless, keeping up with household chores can be quite overwhelming, and balancing professional responsibilities with duties at home is a constant struggle we all face.

Toronto is a city on the rise, constantly changing and moving quickly. During this growth, within the world of business, especially in a dynamic environment like Toronto, having a clean space for both customers and employees is essential.

As companies navigate the dynamic currents of modern commerce, the role of commercial cleaning companies arises as an essential pillar in ensuring not only a clean environment but also a productive and welcoming atmosphere.

Top 20 Commercial Cleaning Companies in Toronto

JAN-PRO Commercial Cleaning Services 

JAN-PRO Commercial Cleaning Company provides thorough Commercial, Janitorial and office Cleaning Services in Toronto for businesses or offices with fully trained janitorial cleaning service teams.

JAN-PRO delivers a full range of cleaning services and specialties which include:

Commercial cleaning, Upholstery and carpet cleaning, Floor stripping, Initial cleaning and move-out cleaning, Window cleaning, Spray buffing, Construction cleaning, Janitorial services, and more.

Visit the Website: https://jan-pro.ca/location/toronto-east/

Cleaning Matters Services 

Cleaning Matters, formally known as Decapolis Janitorial Services provides exceptional cleaning services in Toronto and GTA region. 

With the use of Eco-friendly cleaning products, along with plant-based products, services are designed to suit customers’ special needs.

They provide cleaning services to residential, commercial, industrial, and retail properties throughout the Ontario Region.

Visit the Website: Cleaning Matters Services.

WhiteRose Janitorial Services Ltd.

WhiteRose is a full-service janitorial company that specializes in providing commercial cleaning services for the Condominium, Retail, Commercial, and Industrial sectors for over 35 years.

Founded in 1986, White Rose has been one of Toronto’s Premier janitorial service providers for high-rise residential condominiums and Commercial facilities.

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With customized service and the use of environmentally-friendly products, they ensure healthy and safe conditions for teams and clients providing industry-leading services and exceptional client experiences.


Multi-Residential Janitorial, Superintendent Janitorial, and Commercial Janitorial.

Visit the Website: WhiteRose Janitorial Services Ltd.

MCA Group 

MCA Group is renowned for delivering Commercial & Office Cleaning Services in Toronto, founded in 1993. 

With experienced cleaners and the best equipment, services are cost-effective, and delivered with high-quality results, and professionalism to ensure a safe and clean environment for clients, employees, and customers. 

Specialty Cleaning Services 

Commercial / Office Cleaning, Building Maintenance/ Janitorial, Medical Office / Clinic Cleaning, Restaurant Cleaning, Retail Store / Mall Cleaning, Bank Cleaning, Hotel Cleaning, School Janitorial, Specialty / Custom Cleaning Services, Covid-19 Disinfection, and More.

Visit the Website: MCA Group.

Cleanit Janitorial Services 

Cleanit Janitorial Service Limited is a professional cleaning company that specializes in detailed office cleaning services in Toronto.

Services are delivered using well-behaved, cultured, and trained personnel with effective operational and health & safety procedures.

Services are mainly: – Janitorial Service, Residential Cleaning 

Hard Floor Cleaning & Treatment, Post Construction Cleaning (Building Clean up), and Post Renovation Cleaning.

Visit the Website: Cleanit Janitorial Services.

Focus Cleaning 

Focus Cleaning offers a range of commercial cleaning services and custom Janitorial Services with certified and well-trained staff in commercial building maintenance.

Focus Cleaning strives to provide the best cleaning service, for customer service and satisfaction ensuring a comfortable and clean environment for both workers and customers.

Visit the Website: Focus Cleaning.

Canadian Cleaning Company 

Canadian Cleaning Company has been delivering services in Toronto and the GTA since 2010. With committed staff providing confident and professional commercial cleaning services. 

They strive to deliver excellent service experience and grow partnerships with our clients.

Services include Commercial Cleaning,  Residential Cleaning,  Steam Cleaning,  Window Cleaning, and  Janitorial Services.

Visit the Website: Canadian Cleaning Company.

Clean My Premises 

Clean My Premises (CMP) delivers thorough commercial cleaning services, dedicated to property cleaning, security, and safety. 

Staff are experienced and competent in providing the best in professional commercial cleaning services. 

Commercial Services range from Warehouse Cleaning, Janitorial Cleaning, Office Cleaning, Building Cleaning, Clinic Cleaning, Institute Cleaning, Gym Cleaning, Restaurant Cleaning, and Residential Services.

Visit the Website: Clean My Premises.

KleanCare Cleaning Services 

Kleancare is a trusted, Residential and Commercial Cleaning services provider in the Greater Toronto Area with more than 7 years of experience.

Kleancare is dedicated to providing reliable, affordable, and professional residential and commercial cleaning services performing all types of professional cleaning tasks with Insured and trained staff.

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Visit the Website: KleanCare Cleaning Services.

Avid Commercial Cleaners 

Avid Commercial Cleaners is a Commercial Cleaning Company that provides cleaning services with a high focus on quality service.

AVID is committed to providing eco-friendly, innovative commercial cleaning services at a competitive rate with  a high focus on trust, hospitality, and quality service 

Services Include

Janitorial Services (Medical Offices, Retail Stores, Hotels), Work From Home Office Cleaning, Post Renovation, Post Construction, Moving In & Moving Our, Airbnb, Special Events / Occasions.

Visit the Website: Avid Commercial Cleaners.

Corporate Specialty Services Inc 

Founded in 1995, Corporate Specialty Services has delivered reliable cleaning services for businesses in the Greater Toronto Area with a reputation built on high quality, 

Services include: 

Carpet cleaning & maintenance programs, Furniture & upholstery cleaning, Glass cleaning, Housekeeping services, Janitorial services, Post-construction clean up, Specialty blinds & solar shades supply & cleaning, and Other specialty services

Visit the Website: Corporate Specialty Services Inc.

Pro-Clean Janitorial Services 

Pro-Clean Janitorial Services provides comprehensive, flexible, and fully-tailored janitorial services and professional cleaning services, to businesses and properties throughout the Greater Toronto Area and Southern Ontario.

Founded in n 1995, and with a 5-star reputation serving Toronto businesses, this company delivers superior cleaning solutions ranging from:

Commercial and Office Cleaning, Industry-Specific Cleaning Services, Condo & Commercial Day Porters, Maintenance & Janitorial Solutions, and Disinfection Services for COVID-19.

Visit the Website: Pro-Clean Janitorial Services.

Office Cleaners GTA 

GTA Office Cleaners delivers comprehensive commercial and office cleaning services using eco-friendly and toxin-free cleaning products to deliver custom cleaning solutions.

From offices to stores to medical centers, cleaning teams are bonded, insured, and experienced in providing the best commercial cleaning services offering friendly & meticulous service to commercial office cleaning clients.

Visit the Website: Office Cleaners GTA.

Dhyana Cleaning 

Dhyana Cleaning is a residential & commercial cleaning service provider for homes, condos, Commercial spaces, offices, and Airbnbs in Toronto. 

They are specialized in safety and sanitizing to help clients get the best eco-friendly cleaning products that are non-toxic, biodegradable, and certified by the EPA. 

Visit the Website: Dhyana Cleaning.

Super Clean Maid Services

Super Clean Maid Service offers professional janitorial services in Toronto, with a team of experienced and reliable cleaners. 

They offer a range of janitorial services customized to meet clients’ specific needs. 

Services range from Residential Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning, Post Construction Cleaning, Airbnb Cleaning, and more. 

Visit the Website: Super Clean Maid Services.

Great Commercial Cleaners 

Great Commercial Cleaners is a commercial cleaning company that has been delivering customized clean-up solutions across Toronto and other locations. 

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Services are offered with extensive experience across various industries and experience in delivering convenient cleaning meant for buildings, corporate structures, restaurants, and offices in Toronto.

Staff is trained, certified, registered, and insured to render services of all types, prioritizing customers’ needs. Services range from commercial Office Cleaning, Construction Cleaning, and Special Cleaning.

Visit the Website: Great Commercial Cleaners.

Arelli Cleaning

Arelli Cleaning delivers Professional Commercial Cleaning Services in Toronto tailored to the needs of individual businesses.

The company provides a flexible cleaning service with cleaning experts available to provide services based on the specific needs of each business. 

Arelli ensures a consistent and affordable commercial cleaning service based on sound cleaning industry standards, no matter the type or size of the facility. Services include Regular Commercial Cleaning and Specialty Commercial Cleaning.

Visit the Website: Arelli Cleaning.

Focus Cleaning

Focus Cleaning is a family-owned and operated cleaning Company in Toronto delivering professional office cleaning in Toronto since 2000.  

Focus Cleaning offers a robust suite of commercial cleaning services and custom Janitorial Services. 

Staff are certified and well-trained in commercial building maintenance, with experience in tailoring commercial cleaning products, techniques, and schedules to each customer’s needs.

Visit the Website: Focus Cleaning.

Madam Clean

Madam Clean delivers Office And Commercial Cleaning Services in Toronto & GTA. Services are delivered at any interval (daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly) when the office hours are not active, with quality and excellent performance. 

Services range from House Cleaning, Apartments Cleaning, Office and Commercial Cleaning, Real Estate and Pre-listing Cleaning, Quality Post Renovation Cleaning, Move In and Move Out Cleaning, and more. 

Visit the Website: Madam Clean.

Golden Lion Cleaning Services

Golden Lion Cleaning Services is an office cleaning company in Toronto providing top-rated Commercial Cleaning, Office Cleaning Services, Janitorial Services, and much more. 

With affordable rates and highly trained and professional staff services are customized to offer a better working environment for clients 

Visit the Website: Golden Lion Cleaning Services.


As Toronto’s commercial businesses continue to reach new heights, collaboration with experienced commercial cleaning companies remains necessary for sustainable growth. 

These companies are not merely custodians of cleanliness; they are strategic partners in fostering an environment where innovation, collaboration, and excellence can flourish. 

In a city where there are countless opportunities, maintaining a spotless and inviting workspace is not just a matter of aesthetics but an investment in the well-being of employees, the satisfaction of clients, and the overall success of businesses. 

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