15 Best Culinary Schools in Paris: Employment Outlook

It’s no surprise that many aspiring chefs dream of attending culinary schools in Paris to learn from the best and enhance their culinary skills. Culinary schools in Paris offer an exceptional education that combines practical experience with theoretical knowledge.

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From traditional French cuisine to innovative techniques, these schools provide a diverse range of courses to cater to every culinary interest.

The List of Culinary Schools in Paris

In this article, we will explore some of the best culinary schools in Paris and what they have to offer.

Le Cordon Bleu

One of the most renowned culinary schools in Paris is Le Cordon Bleu. Founded in 1895, this school has a rich history of training chefs and hospitality professionals to the highest standard. The name “Le Cordon Bleu” comes from the blue ribbon that was awarded to knights by the Order of the Holy Spirit, a symbol of excellence and prestige. The school has since expanded to include locations in over 20 countries, but its original Parisian location remains the flagship institution. Find more information here.

La Cuisine Paris

Another popular culinary school in Paris is La Cuisine Paris, which was founded in 2007. This school focuses on French cuisine and provides a variety of courses and classes that cater to all levels of experience, from beginner to advanced. The school’s location, in the heart of the Marais district, allows students to immerse themselves in the local food culture while learning to cook traditional French dishes. Find more information here.

École Lenôtre

École Lenôtre is another renowned culinary institution in Paris, founded by Gaston Lenôtre in 1957. Lenôtre was a pastry chef who became famous for his exquisite desserts, and his school specializes in pastry and bakery arts. The school also offers classes in cuisine and hospitality management, making it a well-rounded culinary institution. Find more information here.


Gastronomicom is a relatively new culinary school in Paris, founded in 2004. The school’s philosophy is centered around the idea that a cuisine is an art form that should be both innovative and respectful of tradition. Gastronomicom offers courses in French and international cuisine, as well as pastry arts and wine studies. Find more information here.

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Le Gargantua Cooking School

Le Gargantua Cooking School is a unique culinary institution founded in 2017 by chef Nicolas Lebec. The school’s focus is on sustainable and eco-friendly cooking, and students learn to prepare dishes using locally sourced ingredients. The school offers a range of courses, from one-day workshops to longer-term programs, and has quickly gained a reputation as a leader in sustainable cuisine. Find more information here.

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ChefsSquare, formerly known as L’Atelier des Sens, was founded in 2004 by Fabrice and Delphine Benezit. The school is in the heart of Paris and offers a variety of cooking classes, from beginner to advanced levels, with a focus on French cuisine. ChefsSquare also offers specialized classes, such as pastry-making and wine-tasting. Find more information here.

La Source Food School

La Source Food School was founded in 2016 by Amandine Chaignot, a former executive chef at The Ritz Paris. The school’s mission is to provide students with a unique and inspiring learning experience, with a curriculum that emphasizes sustainable cooking and ethical food practices. The school offers a range of classes, including plant-based cuisine, bread-making, and cheese-making. Find more information here.

Ferrandi Paris

Ferrandi Paris was founded in 1920 and is one of the oldest culinary schools in Paris. The school is named after Eugene Ferrandi, a renowned pastry chef in the early 20th century. Ferrandi Paris offers a range of culinary programs, from professional training to short-term classes for amateurs. The school is known for its rigorous training and has produced many successful chefs over the years. Find more information here.

Alain Ducasse Formation

Alain Ducasse Formation, founded by Alain Ducasse in 1999, is a culinary school that offers training programs for professional chefs and amateurs alike. The school has locations in Paris, London, and other cities around the world. Alain Ducasse Formation’s curriculum is designed to teach students the skills necessary to work in a professional kitchen, with a focus on French cuisine and the use of local and seasonal ingredients. Find more information here.

Les Coulisses du Chef

Les Coulisses du Chef is a Parisian culinary school that was founded in 2006. It is in the 18th arrondissement and is run by chef Thierry Burlot. The school specializes in providing hands-on cooking classes to amateur chefs of all levels. Find more information here.

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Institut Paul Bocuse

Institut Paul Bocuse was founded in 1990 and is named after the renowned chef Paul Bocuse. The school is in the town of Ecully, which is about 5 miles from the city center of Lyon. Although not technically in Paris, the school is still a popular destination for aspiring chefs looking to learn from some of the best in the business. Find more information here.

Ecole des Trois Ponts

Ecole des Trois Ponts is a culinary school that was established in 1995 in the village of Roanne, which is about an hour’s drive from Lyon. The school is in a renovated 19th-century mansion and is run by chef Michel Troisgros. The school’s focus is on French cuisine, with an emphasis on using locally sourced ingredients. Find more information here.

La Varenne Cooking School

La Varenne Cooking School was founded in 1975 by the cookbook author Anne Willan. The school is in the heart of Paris and is known for its rigorous training program that covers everything from classic French cooking techniques to modern culinary innovations. Find more information here.

L’atelier des Chefs

L’atelier des Chefs is a cooking school that was established in 2004. The school has three locations in Paris and specializes in providing fast and fun cooking classes to amateur chefs. The classes are designed to be hands-on and are taught by professional chefs. Find more information here.

Ecole Ritz Escoffier

Ecole Ritz Escoffier was founded in 1988 and is located within the Ritz Paris Hotel. The school is named after Auguste Escoffier and is known for its comprehensive culinary program that covers everything from basic cooking techniques to advanced pastry making. The school is also home to a professional culinary arts program that has trained many of the world’s top chefs. Find more information here.

How Much Do Chefs Make in Paris?

Paris, the culinary capital of the world, is renowned for its exceptional cuisine, which draws millions of tourists every year. With a wealth of Michelin-starred restaurants, brasseries, cafes, and bistros, Paris is also a hub for culinary professionals, particularly chefs. But, how much do chefs earn in Paris? Let’s take a closer look.

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First and foremost, it is important to understand that the salary of a chef in Paris varies significantly depending on various factors such as the type of restaurant, the level of experience, and the level of responsibility. Generally, chefs in Paris are paid hourly wages that range from €10 to €25 per hour.

For instance, entry-level chefs in Paris typically earn around €10 to €15 per hour. These chefs usually work in small cafes, bistros, and brasseries and have limited experience in the culinary industry. However, with experience and skill development, chefs can earn a higher salary.

In mid-range restaurants, such as those that are Michelin-starred or have a high reputation, the salary of a chef can range from €25,000 to €50,000 per year. These chefs have more experience, culinary skills, and knowledge of ingredients and are responsible for creating innovative dishes that appeal to diners. Additionally, the top chefs in Paris can earn up to €100,000 or more per year. These chefs work in some of the most prestigious restaurants in the city and have international recognition for their culinary skills.

It is also important to note that some chefs in Paris, particularly those who own or manage their own restaurants, may earn a higher income. According to a study conducted by Les Echos, the average income of a restaurant owner in Paris is around €110,000 per year. However, this income is subject to fluctuations based on various factors, including the success of the restaurant and the number of diners.

Apart from salary, chefs in Paris also receive additional benefits such as health insurance, paid vacation, and bonuses. These benefits may vary depending on the restaurant and the chef’s level of experience.

In conclusion, the salary of a chef in Paris varies depending on various factors. Generally, entry-level chefs in Paris earn around €10 to €15 per hour, while mid-level chefs can earn €25,000 to €50,000 per year. Top chefs in Paris can earn up to €100,000 or more per year, while restaurant owners may earn an average income of €110,000 per year. With the right skills, experience, and culinary expertise, a career as a chef in Paris can be rewarding and lucrative.

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