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15 Top Dance Classes in Albuquerque & Their Details

Dance has a remarkable ability to cure our bodies, brains, and souls, particularly for adult dancers who frequently have to balance work, families, and stress.

Dance practice offers a very special time and space for the mind to quiet and the heart to expand through focus, purpose, self-inquiry, performance, and interaction, whether one is finding dance for the first time or returning to it after a long absence.

It is never too late to include these blessings in your life because they naturally tone the body and mind.

The List of Dance Classes in Albuquerque

Here’s a list of dance classes in Albuquerque:

1. Maple Street Dance Space

Maple Street Dance Space, one of the dance classes in Albuquerque was founded in 2004 and is the home of Dancing The Magick and Ballet-Afrique Original Contemporary Dance.

It lauds the vitality, elegance, and esteem developed through the training and self-expression of dance, as well as other forms of movement and awareness, especially as they relate to society, a sense of belonging, diversity, and ultimately, connection through dance!

They are a multi-award-winning dance studio where independent teachers and artists hire studio space to teach classes in their distinctive dance and movement forms or to create, rehearse, and even perform their Work.

As a result, the studio hosts a wide range of instructors, lessons, performances, and other unique events that help to develop, nourish, and inspire the students.

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2. Enchantment Dancing

Only the passion for teaching dance to the students surpasses their love of dancing at Enchantment Dancing.

No matter your level of experience, the teachers at Enchantment Dancing will customize your dancing lessons to match your needs and guide you toward your objectives in a fun and instructional way.

Their guiding principle is to follow your passion and accomplish what you love with honesty and integrity. Get in touch for inspiring ballroom dance classes.

Chip and the Enchantment Dancing team have received training and certification from Dfromand ISTD curricula. They receive ongoing training to keep their skills honed and their teaching strategies efficient.

By doing this, they deliver excellent ballroom instruction that can only be found at Enchantment Dancing. Enchantment Dancing has received the “Top Studio in the USA” award at the People’s Choice Dancesport Championship time and time again thanks to their commitment to their craft.

By assisting their students in discovering the love of dance and developing their talents and passions, Chip and the Enchantment Dancing staff hope to make a good contribution to the community and improve the lives of their students.

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3. Magnify Dance Center

The goal at Magnify Dance Center is to encourage students to reach their greatest potential by offering thorough dance instruction, educational programs, and performance possibilities founded on a solid foundation of classical ballet.

By maintaining artistic integrity, they hope to encourage students’ abilities, self-confidence, and character growth and have a good impact on society.

The goal is to become New Mexico’s top pre-professional training institution for both classical ballet and modern dance. Each member of their faculty is motivated by the desire to help their dancers succeed by imparting the knowledge and attitude needed.

They hope that all graduates continue to be passionate dance supporters and dancers by joining dance companies and collegiate dance programs.

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4. RNA Dance

A dance company called RNA Dance, one of the many dance classes in Albuquerque, strives to enhance the look and feel of bachata.

Established more than five years ago, their organization has more than 200 members who participate in all bachata disciplines and range in age and ability (modern, traditional, sensual, or fusion).

“I am an artist that believes in a well-rounded appreciation and study of the arts. I have studied bachata and salsa dance in addition to learning how to play instruments (guitar, bass, bongos, etc.) and drawing. I go by the DJ name DJ Reni G and have Dj-ed in (Phoenix, Denver, Dallas, Houston and Albuquerque). I also believe that the overall appreciation of arts and music support a healthy creative environment for my craft and voice in dance. I have been teaching dance full-time (over 40+ hours per week) for over 5 and a half years. I am passionate about hot yoga and physical and spiritual fitness.” The owner. 

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5. VIIIZON Academy

At VIIIZON Academy, one of the dance classes in Albuquerque, they take great satisfaction in the success of their students both in the studio and in everyday life.

By establishing a new performing arts culture, professional job standards, and training requirements, they engage with their community.

At VIIIZON Academy, they place a strong emphasis on a holistic approach to education, making sure that children are ready intellectually, emotionally, and physically to reach their full potential.

Building self-assurance, commitment, and enthusiasm for one’s chosen profession are the objectives. simply dedication to oneself! So get ready to express yourself! 

They feel privileged to be a part of Albuquerque’s community as it expands and prospers. For this year, they have got big ideas!

This year, a reputable performance firm, VIIIZON, will introduce a new feature! This group will consist of local professionals and aspiring artists. The company will occasionally play, tour, and put on performances.

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6. Ballet Repertory Theatre Of New Mexico 

The Academy has been offering the best professional ballet instruction in the Albuquerque region for more than 30 years.

Creating an environment that is demanding, regimented, and rigorous while still being secure, healthy, and nurturing is always the aim.

They are thrilled about the next season and are eager to share their dedication to high-quality dance education with you.

Having been established in 1989, the Ballet Repertory Theatre of New Mexico is now regarded as one of the top dance organizations in the region.

With great popularity comes great responsibility, including the need to develop talented young dancers for the professional stage and spread the value of dance in society.

Ballet Repertory Theatre treats every student with the respect and cares they need to achieve these objectives. Ballet Repertory Theatre expects students to put forth their best effort in return. Dancers must begin their physical and mental preparation early.

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7. Fusion Academy

For middle and high school students, Fusion Academy provides both full-time and part-time academic programs.

When students feel seen, heard, and recognized, their engagement and interest in learning rise. Outside of the classroom, they can foster social development through the Homework Café, clubs, student gatherings, outings, and other activities.

Fusion Academy offers both full-time and part-time programs so that students can complete their education.

The sessions are one-to-one, with one student and one teacher in each classroom, and they are entirely tailored to each student’s learning preferences, interests, and strong points. Students attend their lessons at the time of day that works best for them because schedules are personalized.

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8. The Albuquerque Square Dance Center

The top dancing hall in New Mexico and the entire country is the Albuquerque Square Dance Center. In the hall, which has a floating hardwood floor, dancers explore square dance, round dance, ballroom, country and western, and contra dance. There is dancing there almost every night of the week. They also let other dance companies use the space.

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9. AMFlamenco Dance Company

The passion and fire of flamenco come to life every night at Tablao Flamenco Albuquerque as you take in the art form in its most secluded, dramatic location in the center of Old Town Albuquerque.

The Tablao Flamenco presents a dynamic schedule of performances, featuring top performers from Spain and the United States. The lineup of artists is world-class.

Tablao Flamenco offers a sensory adventure you won’t soon forget. Dinner performances on Fridays and Saturdays include thrilling performances and a special meal prepared by Hotel Albuquerque’s Chef Gilbert Aragon.

The nonprofit National Institute of Flamenco and Heritage Hotels & Resorts have collaborated to establish Tablao Flamenco Albuquerque through a special collaboration based on cultural preservation. The National Institute of Flamenco receives funding from the table for the preservation, promotion, and improvement of this art form. 

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10. Kids Love to Dance

After discovering how many kids missed out on dance and gymnastics since there were no practical and reliable arts in the school’s curriculum, Pamela Turman founded Kids Love to Dance, one of the dance classes in Albuquerque in 1985. She also wants a movement curriculum that is equally enjoyable for males and girls!

She has painstakingly worked to make the program engaging, age-appropriate, and simply enjoyable for all toddlers for the past 30 years.

She has a strong network in the dance community and has developed an unrivaled team of knowledgeable and compassionate trainers.

She currently has the most recognized and forward-thinking program in the industry with a superb curriculum that combines flexibility, strength building, song, rhythm, dance, and gymnastics.

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11. Dimensions School of Dance (Westside)

The primary focus of their work is dance. Kids, Core, Fitness, Allstars, and Next make up four of the five programs (Dimensions 5) that are available at the facility.

They have dance courses every week during the academic year. The Dimension School of Dance, one of the many dance classes in Albuquerque, thinks this curriculum-based, award-winning program offers more benefit, fun, skill development, and connections than any other dance program in Rio Rancho and Albuquerque. 

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12. Elite Dance & Theatre

The top performing arts organization in New Mexico for producing original theatre and grooming professionals is Elite Dance & Theatre, one of the dance classes in Albuquerque.

The technique is the cornerstone of all art forms, and artistry is emphasized in elite training. They offer unmatched creative and professional theatre productions.

Elite is not merely a location. It is an organization of artists dedicated to developing, performing, and teaching dance theatre. They practice for improvement and growth.

To pass on their artistic talent to the next generation, they educate. They produce interesting and timely stuff. To tell their stories, people perform.

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13. Isalang Studios

A studio with a focus on belly dancing that provides both experienced dancers and brand-new students with an in-depth, personalized, technique-based learning environment as well as cost-effective alternatives to rent space and sound equipment.

The goal is to increase performance possibilities for students of all skill levels within the neighborhood by elevating knowledge of the body’s capabilities through “isolation,” the fundamental belly dance technique.

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14. Black Widow Pole Arts 

Pole dancing and sensual movement classes are available at Black Widow Pole Arts, one of the dance classes in Albuquerque for all skill levels and preferences.

This stunning studio and encouraging staff of instructors will create a setting for enjoyable learning and risk-free exploration.

Their goal is to offer pole dancing and sensual movement-focused dance workshops, to build a community of people who live sexy, healthy lifestyles and to instruct students on how to develop and fine-tune their energy, move intentionally and clearly, and create healthy limits using movement and breathing.

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15. Bombshell Fitness

Their goal is to offer individuals of all ages, sizes, and backgrounds a secure, enjoyable, and creative method to exercise.

Through the art of Pole Fitness, they hope to inspire both men and women to be braver and stronger. With a focus on pole fitness, Bombshell Fitness, one of the dance classes in Albuquerque, provides a range of sessions for students at all skill levels.

Other than pole dancing, Bombshell Fitness provides a variety of group fitness programs, including Booty Boot Camp, Pole Conditioning, Chair Vixen, Flirty Flex, and Twerkshop.

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Years of diligent study have yielded the development of discipline, strength, and stamina as well as the attainment of grace in the movement.

Although few dancers will pursue a professional dancing career, the discipline and focus they gain in dance courses will help them for the rest of their life, no matter what they choose to do.

The dance classes in Albuquerque listed above can help them gain this focus. 

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