Dance Classes in Baton Rouge

15 Top Dance Classes in Baton Rouge With Details

A pleasant and inexpensive hobby that has numerous advantages is dancing. It provides low-impact cardio and strength training for physical fitness, as well as emotional, social, and mental benefits (people hardly ever get through a session without laughing), as well as friendship opportunities!

The List of Dance Classes in Baton Rouge

Here’s a list of dance classes in Baton Rouge:

1. Winter Dance Company

For people aged 12 months and above, Winter Dance Company, a company that offers dance classes in Baton Rouge, offers professional and reasonably priced dance instruction.

Each dancer should have a favorable experience with the components of dance, such as creativity, performance quality, style, and musicality.

Their skilled staff places a priority on the dancer’s complete development through instruction, dance instruction, and exhibition opportunities.

The Winter Dance Company is committed to providing inexpensive dance instruction in Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas.

They provide classes in ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop, liturgical/mime, cheerleading, lyricism, and contemporary in both private and group settings.

Through an annual dance recital, as well as community initiatives, events, shows, and performances, WDC will offer a venue for dancers to use and display their talents. WDC provides a range of educational options to its pupils.

They can best meet their particular needs and help them achieve their overall dance aims and goals by providing them with a variety of options.

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2. Ric Seeling Dance Studio

By contributing their instruction and dance routines talents to initiatives like Dancing with Big Buddy, St. Joseph’s Hospice, Dance to the Eagle Beat, and various Mardi Gras balls, Ric Seeling Dance Studio, a studio that offers dance classes in Baton Rouge, has increased the public’s awareness of ballroom dancing.

They also regularly instructed in high schools and middle schools like St. Thomas More Middle School and Central High School.

The studio currently provides dances every Friday night, Teen lessons, group classes five evenings a week, and much more!

The instructors include Brad Petrie, James Heath, Tom Chenevert, Ruby Felder, and Yvonne Pecoul in addition to Ric and Melanie. They are incredibly skilled and passionate about what they do. 

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3. TC Dance International of Baton Rouge

Since 1970,  TC Dance International of Baton Rouge, one of the schools that offers dance classes in Baton Rouge and have been teaching ballroom dancing, where they have helped hundreds of learners become dancers.

Along with lessons, they also host at least one club party or another comparable social event each week. This enables you to put what you’ve learned into practice while dancing with your pals!

They offer individualized dance instruction that covers foxtrot, tango, rumbas, waltzes, cha-chas, salsas, east and west coast swings, merengue, country western, cajun, and many other dances.

To fine-tune your dancing abilities, professional instructors will work with you in a level-appropriate manner. This is where you will have the most fun dancing, regardless of your schedule or personal dancing objectives.

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4. Evolve 26

The goal of Evolve 26, one of the dance studios that offer dance classes in Baton Rouge is to provide dancers with a disciplined, honest, passionate, and secure atmosphere where they can develop their skills in the art of dance.

Dancers can work to evolve and discover their originality as artists in the environment that Evolve 26 offers. Every person that enters Evolve 26 is urged to “Believe in Yourself.”

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5. Young Passion Dancing Dolls

For many years, Young Passion Dancing Dolls, one of the studios that dance classes in Bato Rouge, have offered bachata training that has won numerous awards.

Its chic, well-equipped studios at Young Passion Dancing Dolls are home to some of the best instructors in the Baton Rouge region, who provide beginner, intermediate, and advanced bachata lessons.

For individuals who want to try out different styles of bachata for the first time, they also offer trial sessions.

They have several places in our swanky studio that are designed for various styles of dance. The ballet studios have mirrors and barres to help dancers hone their technique, while our modern and jazz studios have specially designed non-slip surfaces to guard against accidents.

Additionally, there is a large changing space with immaculate showers on the property, as well as a snack bar and lounge for their exclusive members.

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6. For The Love of Dance 

For The Love of Dance, a non-profit organization that offers dance classes in Baton Rouge and that creates visual depictions of everyday situations and the differences people all encounter. it is founded on reality and is inspired by it.

The Love of Dance works to benefit the community by inspiring and empowering people to expand their horizons of creativity, Possibility, confidence, and physique through dance.

They practice contemporary/modern, jazz, and lyrical dance forms, although they’re not limited to those.

Every year for the community, FTLD performs several performances based on scenarios with a theme. Annually, workshops are also provided to aid in the development and promotion of the arts. ​

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7. RAVE Performing Arts Company

RAVE Performing Arts Company, a company that offers dance classes in Baton Rouge which was founded in the summer of 2015, has quickly gained a reputation for providing top-notch classical training in a friendly environment.

They are pleased to provide high-quality instruction and performance opportunities in ballet, pointe, tap, jazz, contemporary/modern/lyrical, hip-hop, musical theatre, voice, and acro for both children and adults.

These programs are overseen by a faculty of qualified instructors who hold college degrees in dance and theatre or have received collegiate training, as well as national certifications in dance education, and continue their professional training.

Students that participate regularly receive intensive-based training from award-winning choreographers because the studio they attend is the only one in Central offering a competitive program. Interested? We are situated inside the 13517 and 13519 Hooper Road areas.

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8. Jean Leigh Academy of Dance

The Dianna Jones-founded and Summer Bonnecaze-led national award-winning Company gives dancers the chance to pursue more rigorous training with an emphasis on getting them ready for professional careers in dance.

Only those who audition are accepted into The Company. Depending on age, aptitude, potential, and general work ethic, the Director places students into different divisions.

The studio hosts open auditions once a year in May. Once accepted, dancers can take part in any or all of the premium programs.

The age, level, and participation in one or more of these programs of the dancer are taken into consideration when determining the requirements.

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9. Dance therapy 

A 1000+ square foot enrichment center called Dance therapy, one of the dance classes in Baton Rouge is outfitted to cater to the community’s dance needs.

To address the lack of accessibility to the arts, Dance therapy was founded in August 2017. Afterschool activities, adult health, Zumba, and a specialized team-building service have all been added since then.

The mission is to assist both adolescents and adults in developing better coping mechanisms, boosting self-esteem, enhancing body image, achieving physical objectives, and improving overall well-being.

Dance therapy practices the idea that physical activity is a healthy form of expression.

Dancers and non-dancers alike may unwind, have a good time, and learn interesting choreography at the weekly dance sessions offered by DANCE tHerAPPY. This has been shown to boost self-confidence, and self-esteem, promote positive self-expression, reduce stress, and enhance general well-being.

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10. Odyssey Academy of Dance

The Tri-Parish Ballet’s home studio, Odyssey Academy of Dance, an academy that offers dance classes in Baton Rouge, was founded in 1998.

Younger dancers can choose from our pre-ballet combo program, pointe, ballet technique, jazz, tap, tumbling, hip-hop, and more! They are the home of a competition team that has won awards.

For individuals who are not interested in the competitive side of dance but still want to improve and get better as dancers, they also have a fantastic recreation program.

At Odyssey Academy of Dancing, they make it a priority to ensure that kids understand the true significance of dance. Instead of focusing solely on winning prestigious awards, they encourage kids to perform their best and make the most of their talents.

They promote competition as a positive learning experience. The same mentality is encouraged in their recreation programs, where they give the students the chance to take pride in who they are as people and in how far they have come in developing their abilities.

When the kids leave the stage after their recital or competition knowing they gave it their all and are pleased with their performance, they consider the dancing session a success.

Dancers at the studio have the chance to socialize and make new friends. Dancers are taught the value of perseverance in their craft and the advantages of repetition to obtain desired results. This teaches kids that perseverance will ultimately pay off, whether it be in dancing or other areas of their lives.

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11. Indulge in Fitness

As of February 2015, Indulge Fitness, a studio that offers dance classes in Baton Rouge was a limited liability business, making it the first studio in Baton Rouge to provide classes in aerial silks and pole fitness.

Their passion is to motivate others to overcome physical and mental challenges by boosting self-esteem, building flexibility and strength, and having fun. Begin your journey together with them right away!

Pole dancing, aerial silks, aerial hoops (Lyra), and flexible classes are all available at Indulge Fitness. Beginner-Friendly Classes (no experience required). Attending classes helps you develop your flexibility and strength.

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12. Of Moving Colors (OMC) Productions 

A modern dance-theatre company called Of Moving Colors (OMC) is one of the companies that dance classes in Baton Rouge and is committed to producing outstanding shows and community-based dance events that uplift, inform, and stimulate.

To strengthen the legitimacy of the dance profession in Louisiana, OMC is equally devoted to providing deserving opportunities to dancers in our community in the form of master courses, guest residencies, and paid jobs.

Lisa Hooks Murray established In the Company of Dancers (ITCOD) in 1987 to make modern dance accessible to as many people as possible through both educational initiatives and significant productions. Garland Goodwin Wilson was named the Company’s artistic director in 1998. COD and Of Moving Colors Productions, Wilson’s joint venture, underwent a merger (OMC).

OMC considers the integration of the arts to be a vital component of any city’s culture. Through significant productions and outreach initiatives, OMC brings together dance, theatre, live music, and the visual arts every year.

Top-tier guest artists are also brought in by OMC for master workshops, choreography, and unique initiatives for communities and schools.

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13. Tari’s School of Dance

There are five age-appropriate groups in Tari’s Company: Peewee, Mini, Junior, Teen, and Senior, which range in age from 6 to 18. After submitting an audition during the summer session, dancers were invited to join the company.

During a two-week company intensive in July, they receive technique and competition choreography coaching from outside experts.

The dancers compete at numerous dance conventions and contests throughout the year, where they are recognized with numerous awards.

They participate in and compete at events including the LA Dance Magic (LADM) Convention, Hollywood Vibe Convention, and Nuvo Dance Convention.

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14. Dancers’ Workshop

Since 1973, The Dancers’ Workshop offers dance classes in Baton Rouge and has been educating dancers in Baton Rouge, and they serve as the official training ground for the Baton Rouge Ballet Theatre.

Numerous dancers have graduated from their curriculum. Others have gone on to distinguished careers with renowned dance companies, even on Broadway, while many have simply done it for the love of dance.

Each lesson is progressively paced, technique-based, and developmentally appropriate. They promise to give you the best possible dancing instruction at an affordable price. You will enjoy dancing as much as they do.

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15. Revolution Dance Company

Under the direction of Carrie Nunez Webb, the Revolution Dance Company debuted in 2007. The school places a strong emphasis on each dancer’s technique, encouraging the student to reach their full potential in any topic they choose to study.

RDC has two sizable dancing rooms that have windows that allow parents to watch. Raised wood floors and Marley flooring are provided in each room.

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The goal of the dance classes in Baton Rouge is to make dance enjoyable while giving students an excellent dance education. ensuring that every dancer receives the best possible artistic training.

The dance instructors in the listed schools/studios/companies take great delight in guiding each dancer to realize their best potential while enhancing self-assurance, grace, and poise.

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