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15 Best Dance Classes in Chicago & What They Offer

Hip hop, lyrical, freestyle, and fusion are a few examples of modern dance styles. These many dance forms update ballet while incorporating tap and jazz into the steps and choreography.

Below are institutions where you can find dance classes in Chicago that teach modern dance:

The List of Dance Classes in Chicago

1. Visceral Dance Center

Visceral Dance Center offers some of the modern dance classes in Chicago and is regarded as one of the best training facilities in the nation because of its welcoming atmosphere, outstanding faculty, and large space.

The Center makes dance easily accessible to everyone, from beginning dancers to seasoned professionals, and offers work-study and scholarships in addition to a wide variety of classes for kids and adults.

The professional teaching methods used by Visceral Dance Center’s professional teachers are among the most innovative and snipping.

The Center not only offers cutting-edge, best dance instruction, but it also provides famous performing arts companies with rehearsal, audition, and resident space facilities.

The Visceral Dance Center is dedicated to pushing artists to the limits of their abilities and upholds the greatest standards of respect for its pupils, teachers, and staff.

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2. Hubbard Street Dance

Hubbard Street Dance’s (offers some of the modern dance classes in Chicago) goal is to unite artists, audiences, and the arts to use the experience of dance to enliven, engage, instruct, and transform lives.

Hubbard Street has been one of the most innovative forces in contemporary dance for 45 years, bringing leading choreographers and works to Chicago and abroad.

Hubbard Street is a company that dancers strive to join and performance spaces all over the world are eager to welcome them because of their constantly changing repertory, created by today’s top choreographers. The main business has so far performed internationally in 19 nations and 44 US states.

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3. Joel Hall Dancers & Center

Professional dance created and performed by The Joel Hall Dancers, as well as The Center’s world-class teaching, enhance lives, shared culture, and the environment.

JHDC expands on its enduring principles of accessibility and diversity to provide movers from all backgrounds the same steadfast dedication to creativity, inquiry, self-expression, and progress.

JHDC rejects the notion that access to artistic programming of the highest caliber should be a privilege; rather, it is a fundamental right.

Additionally, this programming serves as a vehicle for developing creativity, fostering community, and having difficult but essential talks about how to effectively eradicate problems like racism, sexism, homophobia, and transphobia.

For more information, click here to check their website.  

4. Windy City Wedding Dance

Students like learning how to dance from Windy City Wedding Dance. You can take dance lessons in one of the three Chicago sites, in Lincoln Park, or on the border between Naperville and Aurora.

This group of dance instructors is fired up and eager to help their dancers at the beginning levels develop into strong performers.

Regardless of the objective, their team of experts can offer you support and professional assistance to help you achieve your dancing goals.

You may get ready for contests, social dancing events, and your first dance with Windy City Wedding Dance. The dancing community here is incredibly welcoming and will embrace you.

Both singles and couples can take ballroom dance classes. Don’t be shy about asking if you want to try an initial dance lesson. They wish to welcome their clients with incredible customer service and excellent dance lessons.

For more information, click here to check their website. 

5. Aloft Loft Circus Arts 

Aloft (which offers some of the modern dance classes in Chicago) is the finest aerial and circus arts training, teaching, and performing facility in Chicago. Located in a 112-year-old church in Chicago’s gorgeous Logan Square Neighborhood, Aloft boasts 6000 square feet of studio space, making it the third largest in America.

In safe, challenging, and enjoyable classes Aloft offers adult beginners (and kids, too) the chance to learn about aerial and circus disciplines.

It also offers professional performers a training space that satisfies their technical, creative, and developmental requirements.

You will face mental, physical, and emotional challenges during your classes at Aloft, but as your flexibility, muscular tone, and confidence increase, you’ll discover you’re receiving a workout unlike anything imaginable!

At Aloft, you’ll receive individualized and thorough training. You’ll spend more time in the air than on the ground in our small sessions, quickly gaining strength, confidence, and freedom.

For more information, click here to check their website. 

6. All About Dance

Since 2005, AAD’s founder Jessica Goldman has been inventing dance trends. Numerous lives have been impacted and touched by Jessica’s passion for dance.

She founded All About Dance to provide children with the chance to learn how to dance in a warm, friendly, and supportive environment that teaches them to be both amazing dancers and extraordinary people.

One person you will never forget is Jessica. She can fill any space with her boundless enthusiasm, love, and energy. Jessica’s aspirations are limitless, much like her love, and at All About Dance, they show kids that everything is achievable with passion, effort, and dedication.

They want to be a never-ending source of inspiration for dancers, motivating them to realize both their personal and professional potential.

For more information, click here to check their website. 

7. The Joffrey Ballet

The Joffrey Ballet offers modern dance classes in Chicago, which were classically trained to the greatest standards, and uses its Company Artists, broad repertory, Academy, and Community Engagement initiatives to express an inclusive perspective on dance that reflects the diversity of America.

One of the best dance groups and schools in the world today is the Joffrey Ballet. Chicago, Illinois-based Joffrey Ballet frequently presents The Nutcracker and other classical and modern ballets as part of its annual performance season at Lyric Opera House.

For more information, click here to check their website. 

8. Dance Forever

The best dancing fitness studio in Chicago is called Dance Forever. They offer a satisfying experience that is both physical and musical.

They think that dancing is the activity that releases the most endorphins, improves mood, and strengthens your body, mind, and spirit.

For more information, click here to check their website. 

9. Mad Shak Dance Company

Through the creation and staging of dance performances and other initiatives that provide the audience with a deeper understanding and appreciation of the creative process, Molly Shanahan / Mad Shak fosters creativity and collaboration.

Molly Shanahan / Mad Shak offers modern dance classes in Chicago, started to change the company’s paradigm in 2004 after celebrating the tenth anniversary of the business.

This allowed the organization to improve public engagement throughout the life cycle of projects and allowed Shanahan and collaborating artists to delve deeper into the creation of new work.

The company encourages Shanahan and the collaborating artists to conduct extensive research, take the risk of venturing he unc uncoated areas, and interact with the subject matter as freely as they can.

The maturation of a project can take several months to several years. Access to the creative process, according to Molly Shanahan and Mad Shak, encourages people to work in all kinds of professions, whether they are artistic or not.

For more information, click here to check their website. 

10. American Rhythm Center

The American Rhythm Center offers modern dance classes in Chicago, and is one of Chicago’s most diversified dance studios, housing over 30 resident partners and offering programs in American Tap, Afro-Fusion, Bollywood, Modern, Hip Hop, Capoeira, Yoga, and a range of Wellness/Fitness classes.

The ARC, which is housed on the third floor of the lovely Fine Arts Building, runs programs seven days a week for learners of all ages.

The ARC serves as an incubator and center for business growth for small and medium-sized businesses, as well as new and independent artists and businesses.

To foster organic economic growth and sustainability, the ARC centralizes the education programs, rehearsal spaces, and administrative offices of these separate groups while providing a variety of top-notch dance and wellness/fitness classes to the general public.

For more information, click here to check their website. 

11. The Dance Academy

Jazz, tap, ballet, pointe, hip-hop, contemporary, lyrical, salsa, merengue, and bachata are among the dance forms they teach. Ages three through adults can be in class at beginner through advanced levels.

They are commemorating 34 years in the dancing industry. Ten fully qualified teachers make up our workforce. For genuinely moving out, they provide two roomy, bright, and spacious studio apartments!

This instructional approach emphasizes enjoyment and self-control, and the learning atmosphere encourages everyone to have creative learning experiences.

The dancer in you will be inspired by their zeal and commitment! The Lil’ Starz is one of their performance groups. Dancers from 7 to 13 can join Lil’ Starz.

To register, students must have at least one normal class on their schedule. This ensemble delivers entertainment at fund-raising events, neighborhood festivals, senior living facilities, fashion shows, carnivals, and many other venues.

Dancers ages 8 to 12 and dancers ages 13 and up can compete in one of these two groups.

These teams take part in several contests in the Chicagoland region and give performances there all year long. To be accepted into competitive groups, dancers must perform in an audition.

For more information, call (773) 736-6677

12. Studio Three

Yoga, Interval, and Cycle are three distinct, high-end exercise studios that are all housed under one roof at Studio Three.

The versatility of all three disciplines allows them to be adapted to the degree of fitness of every person. One-of-a-kind boutique fitness paradise Studio Three integrates these top-tier disciplines so you may have a single membership and a sense of community.

You go to Studio Three to build your inner and outer selves. You may join one club and feel like a member of three by having Interval, Cycle, and Yoga all under one roof.

Anyone who attends Studio Three is an athlete, regardless of experience or skill level. While you exercise at the degree of intensity that is ideal for you, trained instructors will encourage and support you.

For more information, click here to check their website. 

13. Zen Yoga Garage

Zen Yoga Garage offers modern dance classes in Chicago, is a place for people who want more out of life, need a reminder to be present, and want to reconnect with their true selves. It is a yoga and fitness haven for urban fitness enthusiasts.

With a sharp edge, it’s hot and humid. While modern yoga is our primary focus, they also provide distinctive experiences in a range of health disciplines to support you in achieving all of your lifestyle objectives.

“The force of the postures, the dynamic feeling that comes with movement flow, and the philosophy that goes along with the rich history of yoga” are what unites all.

They are simply here to spread the benefits of yoga. To help you through each phase of your yoga journey, highly qualified instructors team up with their elegant spa-like studio.

Whether you are an experienced practitioner or are just starting, these soul mechanics invite you to discover the enjoyment, adaptability, and freedom that great yoga can offer.

For more information, click here to check their website. 

14. Design Dance

A community dance education organization, Design Dance expands K–12 students’ annual access to the arts. Through a commitment to collaboration, their program is constantly changing to provide high-quality dance education that aims to meet the needs of the communities they serve.

Their programming is intended to foster courage, connection, and self-awareness. No matter their level of proficiency, every student receives the tools they need to more effectively express themselves and convey stories through movement and performance.

In addition to employing movement to improve core curriculum learning objectives in science, literature, and social sciences, many Design Dance programs also feature arts integration.

For more information, click here to check their website. 

15. Glenwood Dance Studio

Nonprofit dance facility Glenwood Dance Studio is situated in Rogers Park’s Glenwood Arts District. The mission is to create a welcoming environment where people can teach, learn, practice, and perform a variety of dance forms.

Any race, ethnicity, size, level of fitness, gender expression, nationality, sexual preference, ability, religion, culture, subculture, political stance, identity, and self-identification are welcome.

To allow their students to learn about various styles of exercise, they provide a wide variety of drop-in programs for adults.

They make it a point to welcome dancers of all skill levels, and professional instructors are skilled at tailoring lessons to bring out the best in each student. They truly believe that anyone can dance with enough practice in any of their dance classes in Chicago.

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Taking Modern dance classes in Chicago has various benefits for the body and mind, it is aerobic training that allows you to enhance power and endurance and improve breathing.

This discipline, when practiced, strengthens the abdominal muscles, controls heart rate, and completely trains the body, making it much more toned and flexible.

The dance classes in Chicago mentioned above enable their students to take advantage of these potential benefits.

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