18 Best Dance Classes in Dublin-Websites & What They Offer

Dance classes are a lot of fun and in addition to that they also: help you lose weight, boost memory, make you more flexible, increase your energy, help your heart, reduce depression, reduce stress, help you make friends, get you active, and give you more confidence.

The exposure to the arts supports their self-esteem and confidence and develops in them a lifelong love for the arts and for theatre, film, and visual art.

The List of Dance Classes in Dublin

Are you in search of dance classes in Dublin? Find below a few you might find helpful.

1. Dublin City Ballet School

Rebecca O’Brien Taylor started the Dublin City Ballet School in 2017. Dublin, Ireland has a ballet school that welcomes everyone.

They make every effort to have a class that is appropriate for dancers of all ages and abilities.

They contend that ballet is accessible to all people and can be learned at any age.

They provide both children and adults with a range of weekly ballet lessons, including their specially designed adapted dance program for youngsters with special needs.

For more information, visit their website here

2. The Metropolitan School of Dance

Since its founding in 1945 by its patron Patricia Joan McCarthy, the Metropolitan School of Dance offers dance classes in Dublin, has offered classical ballet training for all ages, from Pre-Primary through Advanced 2 and Pre-Professional.

From toddlers to young people, The Metropolitan School of Dance offers a superb curriculum of imaginative and artistic ballet training.

They provide the finest caliber of classical ballet instruction in a welcoming and supportive setting.

Training in classical ballet fosters and enhances the development of one’s core, flexibility, coordination, poise, and musicality.

The thrill of taking part in school performances at Belvedere College’s O’Reilly Theatre is enjoyed by the students.

For more information, visit their website here

3. Fly Dance Studio

Drop-in classes and courses are offered daily in the evenings (Mon-Fri) at Fly Dance Studio you will receive dance classes in Dublin by top-tier Irish instructors.

For beginners to professionals, they offer a vast range and variety of classes in various styles. (13+).

They have something on their program for everyone, whether you want to learn a new talent and advance your training or maintain health and exercise in a fun and energizing dance session.

For more information, visit their website here.

4. South Dublin Dance Academy 

In a welcoming and comfortable setting, SDDA offers dance classes in Dublin that seek to promote dance enjoyment.

Six days a week, they provide a variety of lessons in Ballet, Pointe, Tap, Lyrical/Contemporary, Jazz, Gymnastic Dance, Hip Hop, and Musical Theatre in addition to their own scheduled program.

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Students are encouraged to take I.D.T.A exams because they have a 100% pass record and have received numerous awards at competitions.

Many of their students went on to pursue careers as professional dancers after being accepted into dance institutions.

The Annual Showcase is open to all students, and participation is encouraged.

They provide training up to a major level in all I.D.T.A. courses and serve people from the age of 3 to adults.

For more information, visit their website here

5. Kate Buckey School Of Dance

In Rathfarnham, Dundrum, and Knocklyon in South Dublin, the Kate Buckey School of Dance offers some of the dance classes in Dublin that offer ballet, modern jazz, hip-hop, and tap dance lessons for children as young as 3 years old.

They will use rigorous teaching methods to help each dancer realize their full potential.

Boys and girls of all skill levels and abilities are welcome in the classes. They want to instill a love of dance in the students.

Students participate in performances, demonstrations, YouTube videos, and RAD and ISTD dance examinations throughout the year, which gives them a purpose, enhances their technical and artistic abilities and boosts their confidence.

To provide each student in their dancing courses with a high-quality education, they keep their classes small.

For more information, visit their website here.

6. Encorps

In 2003, Cliona and Niamh O Brien launched Encores. Children and young people are taught classical ballet, modern dance, contemporary ballet, and hip-hop by Encorps as well as other popular dance classes in Dublin.

Under the leadership of Cliona O Brien, RAD teaching diploma, AISTD Licentiate, the dance school, with its joyful environment, offers a professional and encouraging approach with a high standard of training.

Encorps is a variety of dance styles performed by kids and teenagers throughout Dublin.

Daily dance sessions are held in locations in Dundrum, Ballycullen, Lucan, Sandyford, and Blackrock in addition to their purpose-built Tallaght studio.

For more information, visit their website here.

7. The College of Dance

The College of Dance offers some of the dance classes in Dublin. It was established in 1990 and is today acknowledged as Ireland’s top dance institution, offering full-time, foundation-level instruction in professional dance and performing arts.

Graduates have gone on to study at some of the most famous international conservatoires for dance and theatre studies and have been awarded scholarships to do so. Graduates are employed in these fields all across the world.

The College’s two-year program gives students who want to become professional dancers the intensive and engaging education they need in all areas of dance studies.

This instruction is given in a setting where the instructors, who are all seasoned, actively employed professional dancers and/or choreographers, develop and direct each student’s talents.

For more information, click here to visit their website.

8. The Odette School of Ballet

Emma Mahony, a Royal Academy of Dance-registered ballet teacher, established the Odette School of Ballet, a school that offers some of the popular dance classes in Dublin.

In Dublin 13, the ballet school is situated in Bayside and Baldoyle. Children, teenagers, and adults can take classical ballet lessons there. Students will have the chance to take part in performances, exams, and other fun activities like field trips to the theatre.

They also provide adult Barre fitness programs as well as Lyrical Dance classes for kids and teenagers.

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Additionally, they have a special older students’ ballet class called Silver Swans ballet, which is a dance program for those over 55.

The Odette School of Ballet takes pleasure in providing ballet instruction that helps and inspires students to enjoy movement.

For more information, contact them via email: [email protected]

9. Dance Ireland

Dance Ireland offers dance classes in Dublin and is Ireland’s national dance development organization.

Through commissioning, advice clinics, advocacy work, and local, national, and worldwide networking opportunities, they support the work of their members and the dance sector.

Their youth dancing partnerships, public engagement initiatives, and training and residency programs for professional dance artists all contribute to the growth of dance as an art form, a popular pastime, and a means of advancing one’s career.

For more information, click here to visit their website. 

10. CoisCéim

The name CoisCéim, which is pronounced “Kush Came,” is derived from the Irish term meaning footstep. We have been presenting highly original work to audiences of all sizes, onstage, in films, and off-site for 25 years.

They are firmly rooted in the Irish psyche. Their performing style is unusual, modern, and energetic with a keen appreciation for the commonplace.

David Bolger, the artistic director, uses a variety of dance forms to express feelings and narratives that are pertinent to the environments in which people live.

For more information, click here to visit their website. 

11. NPAS

Ireland’s National Performing Arts School is in Dublin. Students in the school range in age from 2 to 22.

There are acting, singing, and dance classes offered. The Olympia Theatre hosts a performance every two years. Jill Doyle and Eamon Farrell are in charge of the NPAS.

More importantly, every child who attends this school has happy and treasured memories of their time there.

Many of their former students have gone on to have very successful careers in music, theatre, film, and television.

Being renowned is not the goal of the school, however, it has occasionally come as a by-effect of attending NPAS.

Everyone is welcome to attend NPAS. The school tries to foster a personal and unique appreciation of the Arts by using singing, dancing, and acting rather than training kids and teenagers to be singers, dancers, or actors.

For more information, visit 

12. Darcy Dance School

Children and young adults can take ballet classes at Darcy Dance School for both leisure and professional training.

They also offer adult ballet and pilates courses, along with contemporary, jazz, and lyrical dance classes for teenagers and young adults.

For more information, check here.

13. Infinity Baila Studios

To expand the Latin Dancing scene in Dublin, Angelica founded Infinity Baila Studios in 2017.

Her main strategy was to take the dancing to the people. Angelica has been described as a fun instructor who is easy to learn from, patient, passionate, and constantly smiling after a few years of teaching in Dublin and over ten years of teaching in Venezuela.

They provide classes in salsa and bachata. Technique and the many Latin dance genres, particularly Salsa, are covered in separate classes.

For more information, visit

 14. Debbie Allen Dance School

In Dublin 14, in the neighborhood of Dundrum, are the Debbie Allen Dance School Studios. Every teacher has undergone a Garda check and is fully qualified.

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For students ages 3 12 and older, the school offers ballet, contemporary, and tap training.

Classes are given in a welcoming environment that fosters confidence and a love of dance.

If students so want, they may register for the RAD and ISTD exams.

Exams are encouraged because they offer students an objective. Exams help students develop their technical and artistic skills and boost their confidence.

They offer enjoyable dance lessons for young people of all ages. Ballet and modern/jazz lessons are offered. Also prevalent at the institution are “vocational” students.

For more information, click here to visit their website.

15. Pop Dance 

Pop dance offers you the best in the business with welcoming, enthusiastic, skilled, and knowledgeable dance instructors from all over the world.

Providing you with awesome Pop dance lessons, events, and workshops as well as other types of dance, fitness, and well-being.

For more information, click here to visit their website 

16. Carolyn Academy of Irish Dance and Music

The married teaching duo of Stephen and Caitlin Carolan is successful.

The Carolan Academy of Irish Dance and Music’s directors and founders are the same.

Both of the principal teachers are qualified by CLRG, the Irish Dancing Commission in Dublin, and are previous champions of the sport.

Lessons in Irish dancing and music are available at the Carolan Academy for students of all ages.

The emphasis is on supporting the unique goals and aspirations of each student.

The school provides a supportive and encouraging learning atmosphere that emphasizes development and growth.

Dancers are given the chance to compete and are urged to develop their abilities and confidence.

For more information, click here to visit their website. 

17. Irish Modern Dance Theatre 

One of the most innovative and adaptable dance companies now active in Ireland was founded in 1991 by performer and choreographer John Scott.

Using a variety of casts, including skilled Irish and international dancers, African and Middle Eastern migrants, and torture survivors, the Dublin-based ensemble Scott and worldwide guest choreographers produce original dance pieces.

They are known for their intelligent, sincere, and humane works including “Lear,” Inventions,” Actions,” and “Fall and Recover.”

Their work transcends disciplines, challenges perceptions of dance and dancers, and develops novel approaches to examining current topics.

The Arts Council strategically funds the Irish Modern Dance Theatre.

For more information, click here to visit their website. 

18. Chester School of Dance

From Pre-School to Advanced levels, Chester School of Dance, a beginner dance class in Dublin offers classes in Classical Ballet & Theatre craft, Modern & Hip Hop Dance, Arco, Contemporary & Lyrical Dance, Musical Theatre & Tap Dancing.

Classes are held at 7 locations in Dublin and Meath from Monday through Saturday.

For more information, click here to visit their website. 

The schools above are proud and confident about the professionalism they have to offer dance classes in Dublin. 

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