Dance Classes in Greensboro NC

15 Top Dance Classes in Greensboro NC

Dance classes try to create a space where students can be themselves, explore new ideas, and share their passion for dance, making the “hard work” enjoyable.

Each dancer is expected to leave the studios ready for whatever lies ahead, whether it be a career as a professional dancer, a distinguished doctor, or a teacher.

In this article, we will be looking at some of the dance classes in Greensboro NC.

The List of Dance Classes in Greensboro NC

Here is a list of places where you can take dance classes in Greensboro NC: 

1. Triad Aerial Arts

The first and only aerial arts studio in Greensboro, North Carolina, Triad Aerial Arts offers private and group instruction in a variety of aerial disciplines, including aerial silks, lyra, trapeze, acro yoga, and more.

Additionally, they are experts in handstands, contortion training, flexibility, balance, and general choreography for dance and aerial art techniques. Since their pupils range in age from 4 to far over 70, people of all ages are welcome.

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2. Break’n Out Dance Studio

Break’N Out, offers one of the dance classes in Greensboro NC was established on the principle that dancing ought to be truly enjoyable for you while also posing growth and development opportunities for you as a person as well as a dancer.

They are fortunate to have instructors that have made dancing a significant part of their life and have years of dance and instructing expertise. The pupils find their teaching methods to be entertaining and instructive.

In addition to lessons for kids of all ages, the studio also provides classes for adults. For people who want to develop to the fullest extent of their abilities but need a little extra assistance, they also provide private courses and group sessions.

Additionally, they provide specialized choreography for teams of cheerleaders and dancers at all levels.

They are available to you if you require choreography or assistance with the first dance at your wedding. Whatever your dance needs may be, Break’N Out Dance Studio is prepared to assist you!

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3. Dance Project

The non-profit organization, Dance Project which offers dance classes in Greensboro NC, includes the NC Dance Festival, a tour of NC choreography that takes place throughout the state; The School, the community dance studio located in the Cultural Center; their Outreach Programming, which offers free and inexpensive classes and performances in public spaces; and The Van Dyke Dance Group, which performs and oversees the repertory of Jan Van Dyke, the founder of the Dance Project (1941-2015).

In order to achieve this, they have spent the last 30 years developing the modern dance community in North Carolina. They do this by giving artists, audiences, and students opportunities for education, performance, collaboration, and employment.

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4. Nan’s School of Dance

Each studio has a unique identity that stems from the philosophical foundation they teach from.

Nan’s School of Dance offers one of the dance classes in Greensboro NC uses kid-friendly techniques in a low-stress setting to help young people develop confidence by first teaching them the right technique.

Then, like stacking blocks, they keep pushing their bodies and minds to do things they never thought they could! All classes are instructed by experienced, mature teachers!

The studio strives to offer top-notch instruction at an affordable price. Technical skill in their chosen field is encouraged, but developing self-control, poise, and self-worth is their students’ main goal.

They provide top-notch teaching in ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, pointe, hip hop, praise & worship, Zumba, pound, preschool, and athletic training for all abilities from September through May.

To prevent injuries, the studios have cushioned, floating floors, mirrors, and barres made expressly for dance and athletics.

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5. Revamp Contemporary Dance Company

Revamp Contemporary Dance Company, one of the companies that offer dance classes in Greensboro NC,  is a cutting-edge company that prioritizes being a family-oriented studio and is committed to creatively meeting the educational needs of aspiring, seasoned, and casual dancers alike. Revamp is dedicated to providing the neighborhood with top-notch dance instruction.

Right on the edge of the city of Greensboro, North Carolina, Revamp Contemporary Dance Company provides a variety of dance classes for kids.

Their annual schedule also includes ballet, hip-hop, jazz, tap, HBCU band style, and acrobatic dance technique classes.

They specialize in contemporary dance technique classes for children ages 3 to 18.

They pay close attention to your child’s skill level, strengths, weaknesses, and interests right away to determine where they fit in and how they can support their development.

They are devoted to helping your youngster succeed and gain confidence. Your youngster can explore dance in a relaxed, judgment-free environment while also learning about themselves via expressive dance.

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6. Infinite Dance Studio, LLC

Dancers of all ages can receive quality dance instruction at the family-friendly Infinite Dance Studio, a studio where you can take dance classes in Greensboro NC.

They put an emphasis on developing the full person while maintaining a fun atmosphere and performing well. Everyone who enrolls in the dancing school joins the family!

The team’s mission is to advance high standards in dance education while forging enduring relationships with those they treat like family.

The dance classes emphasize developing the full person while providing a high-quality dance education.

At Infinite Dance Studio, they derive joy in having a welcoming setting where kids’ passion of dance can grow in a cheerful and creative atmosphere.

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7. Ultimate Kids – Home of Tumblebees

Sally Newton, a pioneer in developing youth sports, developed Tumblebees Gymnastics, which eventually became Ultimate Kids.

They were the first youth fitness and sports training center in Greensboro. Since then, thousands of kids from the Triad have taken part in various activities.

These kids have improved their physical and mental development while having fun and getting active.

Additionally, kids have gained valuable life skills about respecting themselves, their teammates, and coaches as well as winning and losing.

Building on the guiding principles Sally outlined, the program has developed and extended to include a team training gym, a leisure gymnastics facility, a preschool for learning, a dance studio, a rock climbing facility, and a ninja gym.

These facilities are all conveniently situated on their campus in Greensboro, off the new I-840 loop, on Downwind Road.

They changed its name to Ultimate Kids – Home of Tumblebees to more accurately reflect the wide range of fantastic programs they provide. Over 1,500 kids are now enrolled in sports programs at Ultimate Kids.

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8.Southeast School of Dance

At Southeast School of Dance is one of the places where you can take dance classes in Greensboro NC, they offer the best instruction possible in a fun setting.

To help dancers build a solid foundation, they place a significant emphasis on ballet technique. Students can explore their own creativity and grow as artists through the program.

Along with developing strong dancers, they also want to instill in the student’s traits that will serve them well in both their personal and professional lives. These traits include respect, discipline, and a strong work ethic.

They firmly believe that dance lessons are crucial for both boys AND girls! Inside and outside of the classroom, students cultivate a feeling of accountability, respect, a good self-image, and a strong work ethic. Beginning from age 2.5, they provide lessons in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Acro (a form of rhythmic gymnastics), Modern, and Hip Hop, as well as “Boys Only!” and Adult Dance Fitness classes

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9. Pink Cherry Pole & Dance Studio

In order to “Embrace” the community and “Empower” its clients to “Evolve” in their own fitness journeys through dance, fitness, and pole, these goals are at the core of Pink Cherry’s mission statement.

They try to encourage and think positively to assist the clients to be their “best” selves in their inviting studio.

Dance is therapeutic because it fosters self-worth, self-assurance, creativity, and self-discipline while having fun and getting in shape.

All persons can engage in the developing curriculum. No prior pole, fitness, or dance experience is necessary!

In addition to the extensive selection of classes, they also host private events. When you celebrate your birthday, ladies’ night out, bachelorette party, or bachelor party with Pink Cherry, your party will always be one to remember because quality matters.

On behalf of everyone at Pink Cherry Pole & Dance Studio, they would like to express their profound gratitude to their devoted patrons.

They promise to keep putting in a lot of effort to grow their friendship network, and certainly can’t wait to see what the future holds.

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10. Pole Play

Their goal at Pole Play is one of the places where you can take one of the dance classes in Greensboro NC is to support you in achieving realistic fitness objectives while enhancing your femininity, strength, and grace.

Ten 12-foot stainless steel Platinum Stage professional dancing poles with “spin-mode” are available in the roomy, stylish studio.

You’ll feel like a star thanks to the ambiance music, dance floor, and lights they have provided!

You can take a variety of lessons at Pole Play that are designed to help you advance quickly and securely.

Your foundation will be strengthened by progressive training, which will also get you ready for increasingly difficult routines.

Additionally, they provide yoga, flexibility training, and classes in exotic dance styles. Each of these workshops is a fantastic addition to your pole practice and will speed up your development.

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11. Upside Aerial Arts & Fitness

Why is training in circus arts becoming so popular? The activity is fantastic and seems more like play than exercise.

Playgrounds shouldn’t be restricted to young children. Even grownups need to have fun! They invite individuals of all ages, sizes, and fitness levels to dance, climb, play, and fly at Upside Aerial Arts & Fitness!

They provide classes in aerial and circus arts that build flexibility and strength while offering a fun, creative outlet.

They take great satisfaction in creating a friendly, encouraging, and non-competitive workplace. Aerial Silks, Lyra, Sling, Trapeze, Pole, and more are available!

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12. Pole Body & Arts

Through the practice of dance and movement, Pole Body & Arts offers one of the dance classes in Greensboro NC aims to create an environment that is welcoming and secure for their community.

Please feel free to attend courses and even compete! Everybody who wants to try pole dancing has their support. There is no weight restriction. At this studio, pole dancing is safe for all body types.

The biggest facility in the Carolinas, Pole Body & Arts, offers pole fitness courses in Charlotte. They welcome people of all genders and cater to people of all ages and body kinds.

They offer a place where people can develop their power, display a variety of beauty, and undergo personal transformation. In both the staff and owner teams, they represent adult entertainers.

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13. Bella Ballerina

They love tiny toes a lot at Bella Balerina, one of the dance classes in Greensboro, NC!  Watch your child’s joyous glow and giggle as the dance floor brings book adventures to life! Bella Ballerina courses are unlike any other since they are designed around storybooks and fairy tale themes, giving young ballerinas the flexibility to explore dance through movement, pleasure, and imagination.

Each lesson, whether it’s for the tiniest dancers or the large girls, is interesting, age-appropriate, fun, and energetic. When your child enters their space, they will be in amazement. A kid’s fantasy has come true!

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14. Damiana Dance

Since 2010, Daliana Dance has been offering dance classes in Greensboro NC has made a commitment to offering the top dance education that Greensboro has to offer.

From dance enthusiasts to seasoned professionals, these qualified, gifted instructors work with each and every student to help them improve their skills while igniting their enthusiasm for movement.

Dance is the discipline where artistry and athleticism collide, and Daliana Dance’s classes all follow this philosophy.

Students receive the kind of instruction that develops them into accomplished individuals who are ready to accomplish anything they set their minds to, not just good dancers.

It’s time to let their natural rhythms shine because each and every one of them already has one. Daliana Dance offers classes for every ability level that are enjoyable, challenging, and most all fulfilling.

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15. Dance Center of Greensboro

The Dance Center of Greensboro offers one of the dance classes in Greensboro NC and it provides technical classes in ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, lyrical, Broadway tap & jazz, leaps & turns, hip-hop, and tumbling/acrobatics, as well as preschool classes, adult programs, and kids’ combination classes.

By combining their expert teachers with their structured curricula, they provide dance education of the greatest caliber.

While teaching skills work, the teachers have professional dancing expertise, and their pupils have gone on professional corporations.

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It is believed that dance is a limitless form of expression that inspires people as it develops and thrives.

It is also believed that dancing enriches each of the hearts and souls, spreads joy, tells tales, teaches us essential life lessons, and most importantly, touches our lives.

The dance classes in Greensboro, NC can provide you with the enrichment that you require.

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