23 Top Dance Classes in Greenwich & Their Details

Greenwich, CT, has plenty of popular attractions and fun activities to enjoy, especially if you’re looking to get fit and have fun at the same time!

From restaurants to dog parks and luxury spas, there are so many things to see and do in Greenwich.

But did you know that it’s also home to 15 awesome dance classes that can help you burn calories and get moving? Here are the 8 best dance classes in Greenwich!

The List of Institutions Offering Dance Classes in Greenwich

Angelina Jandolo Dance – GreenwichGreenwich

Angelina Jandolo’s dance studio offers a variety of classes for people of all ages and skill levels.

For those looking to learn the basics, there are classes for children as well as adults.

There are also options for those who want to take their dance skills to the next level, with pointe and partner dancing classes available.

From beginners to advanced dancers, Angelina Jandolo has a class that will suit you.

Roos Academy of Performing Arts – GREENWICH

Roos Academy of Performing Arts is a professional performing arts school teaching children and adults of all ages the art of dance.

Founded in 1971, Roos Academy has been a leader in the performing arts industry for over 45 years.

As one of the only schools to offer training for both professional and recreational dancers, Roos Academy offers over 15 different types of dance classes to suit every need.

From ballet to jazz and hip hop, no matter what you’re looking for there is something at Roos that will get you moving.

From ballerinas to breakdancers, their classes provide an enriching experience as well as a safe environment that encourages self-expression.

Check out their website today for more information about everything they have to offer!

Ceroc Greenwich

Ceroc dance is a modern dance technique that is easy to learn, fun, and energetic.

It’s the perfect way to get your body moving and make new friends.

The classes are led by qualified teachers who will help you learn the basics in an informal yet structured environment.

In addition to dancing skills, these classes also offer a great cardio workout and an opportunity for socializing.

If you’re looking for one of the best ways to keep fit while having lots of fun, then this is the class for you!

Nimble Dance Company Ltd

Nimble Dance Company is a dance studio located on Greenwich Town Hall Square.

They offer classes for adults and children from beginners to advanced dancers with various styles including jazz, ballet, modern, tap, hip hop, and more.

The company also offers classes for all levels of experience with welcoming instructors who will help you progress at your own pace.

There are beginner classes like jazz fusion and rhythmic movement as well as intermediate ones like West African dance.

For those who want to keep up their cardio fitness, there are two series called ‘Zumba’ and ‘Cardio Funk.’

If you’re looking for something a little bit different then look no further than Nimble Dance Company LtdLtd-you won’t regret it!

Trinity Laban Dance Faculty

Trinity Laban Dance Faculty teaches a wide variety of dance styles, providing an all-around education that is perfect for dancers of all ages and levels.

Laban’s teaching staff is composed of some of the most respected contemporary dance artists and experts from around the world.

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Students are encouraged to develop their own ideas about movement, combining Laban’s methodology with their own personal style.

Laban offers traditional ballet classes, contemporary classes, hip-hop classes, and more.

Check out Laban’s website or give them a call at 020 8741 2700 to find out more.

David Stinson Theatre School

David Stinson Theatre School is the perfect place to learn how to dance.

It’s a multicultural, family-oriented, and inclusive school with a range of classes from ballet and tap to West African dance.

They also offer folk, hip-hop, ballroom, salsa, and more. The studio has been teaching dance for over 40 years and its students have gone on to be successful dancers, choreographers, and performers around the world.

Students enjoy coming here because they are always learning new skills, meeting new people, and having fun. Plus, you’ll get great work out too!

Creative Generation Dance

Creative Generation Dance is a dance studio that offers classes to students of all ages and levels.

They offer professional instruction and a variety of styles like ballet, jazz, hip-hop, tap, and more.

Creative Generation Dance not only teaches students how to dance but gives them a chance to learn about music theory as well.

This one-of-class-a-day is perfect for the beginner dancer or someone who wants to get back into it.

Students will start with basic steps, then move on to more advanced moves over time.

Creative Generation Dance has been open since 1985 and they pride themselves on teaching discipline through movement.

This school is located at 100 West Putnam Avenue, Greenwich, CT 06830.

What are you waiting for? go take a lesson today!

Angelina Jandolo Dance – Blackheath

Angelina Jandolo Dance is a dance school that has been delivering excellence to its students for over 25 years.

They offer a variety of classes and workshops, including ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, and hip-hop.

They also have a summer holiday program that is open to all abilities and ages.

Children are welcome as soon as they are able to take their first steps without support.

Angelina Jandolo Dance can be found on the corner of Plaistow Road and Church Road, Blackheath SE3 7BZ.

ECD – European College of Dance

European College of Dance is a popular dance school with classes for both kids and adults.

They offer ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, hip-hop, and more. ECD has been teaching people how to dance for over 30 years.

Their instructors are all graduates from the Royal Academy of Dance or the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing and they’re all experts on their specific styles.

Their lessons are available at four levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced, and professional so no matter your level there’s something for you here!

Swing & Jazz Dance Classes

Getting into dancing is easy, and there’s no better time to start than right now.

Here are the top eight dance classes that will get you moving:

• Broadway Ballroom Dance Class: This class teaches ballroom and Latin dances such as cha-cha, tango, waltz, foxtrot, and mambo. The instructor for this class has been teaching for over twenty years and holds a black belt in karate.

• Salsa & Bachata Classes: These classes focus on learning Latin-style moves from around the world including Cuba, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Bolivia, and more.

The teacher is a certified salsa instructor with over fifteen years of experience who has taught at many international venues including the Hollywood Palladium.

Diddi dance kids dance classes Bexley & Dartford

If you are looking for a new way to work out, Diddi Dance is the place for you. With classes for adults and kids, this studio has something for everyone.

They offer courses from beginner to advanced, so no matter what your skill level is, you can find a class that suits your needs.

Diddi Dance also offers dance-based fitness classes like Zumba and Cardio Funk.

Their instructors have experience working with everything from dancers to those just trying to lose weight.

The best part about their classes? You don’t need any previous experience or equipment–just come dressed and ready to get moving!

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Academy Performing Arts

The Academy of Performing Arts is a dance school that offers classes for youth and adults.

They offer many different styles of dance like Hip Hop, Ballet, Jazz, Tap, and more.

They are located at 146 W. Putnam Ave., Greenwich CT 06830. If you have never been to a dance class before or need a refresher course this is where you should go!

The studio has amazing instructors and an incredible atmosphere.

The Academy’s goal is to teach its students the fundamentals of dance while also providing them with opportunities to develop as performers.

The Academy helps you create your own unique style by teaching both technique and creativity; these teachers know how to make it fun for everyone!

Salsa Tropical London – Private Lessons

If you want to learn the basics of salsa and how to dance it, then this is the place for you.

The classes are very interactive and will give you a good foundation on which to build.

It’s also great for those who want to know how to dance but don’t have much experience with it.

If you’re looking for something more than just learning the basics, then they can help with that too.

They offer social nights where you’ll get to practice what you’ve learned while having fun and meeting new people. These events happen every month at local bars and nightclubs so they’re easy to find.

Rumba London – Group Lessons Lessons: Want to perfect your Rumba moves? Head over here for some group lessons that cover the ins and outs of this popular dance style.

Gravity Dance Academy

Gravity Dance Academy is committed to teaching an inclusive dance community that welcomes dancers of all levels and backgrounds, with special attention to supporting people with disabilities.

They offer classes for adults and children ages three years old and up, as well as a popular monthly dance party.

Their innovative approach can help you or your child develop skills for both socializing and self-expression. For the most dedicated students, they have competition teams available throughout the year.

Lyric Dance School

With a variety of classes for kids and adults, Lyric offers a space for everyone to develop their dance skills.

They specialize in ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop, and acrobatics.

Their team is dedicated to helping students increase physical strength, improve coordination and flexibility, build self-confidence and have fun while doing it.

For $80/month, members can enjoy 15 classes per month with the option to sign up for unlimited classes if desired.

With locations in Stamford and Darien, this studio welcomes students of all levels.

For those new to the art world or just looking to take things up a notch, they offer beginning-level courses as well as ones designed specifically for pre-professional dancers as they would see on Broadway or at the Met Opera House.

Anna Fiorentini Stage & the City For Adults

Anna Fiorentini Stage & the City For Adults is a private studio that offers a variety of dance classes to adults and teens.

They offer ballet, jazz, hip-hop, and modern and contemporary dance.

The classes are taught by professional instructors who have danced with companies such as Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, New York City Ballet, Martha Graham Company, and more.

In addition to the physical benefits of these dance classes, they also bring an artistic quality to your life that you may not have considered before.

Dorothy Marshall Dance Studios

Dorothy Marshall dance studio is a dance studio that offers instruction to children, teens, and adults.

The studio strives to help students develop their dance skills while building self-esteem and getting in touch with their bodies.

A wide variety of classes are offered, including ballet, tap, modern, lyrical, and hip hop.

There are two levels of each class offered: beginner or intermediate. Dancesport Academy Dancesport Academy teaches the sport of ballroom dancing for beginners through advanced dancers.

It offers private lessons as well as group lessons for singles, couples, and triples. All levels are welcome from beginners who have never danced before to professional dancers who want to brush up on their moves before an upcoming competition.

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Chisenhale Dance Space

Dancing is a fun way to get your blood flowing and break a sweat without even realizing you’re doing it.

Space Chisenhale Dance Space is one of the best dance studios in Greenwich, Connecticut.

They offer classes for all levels of experience, from beginner to advanced. Chisenhale Dance Space offers classes in Jazz, Hip Hop, Ballet, Contemporary/Lyrical, and more.

They also offer workshops throughout the year with guest instructors who come to teach their signature style at the studio.

Stagecoach Performing Arts Greenwich

Stagecoach’s Summer Camps are the perfect way to introduce your child to the world of dance, theater, and music.

They offer a variety of camps throughout the summer for all ages and interests.

Their camps have small class sizes with experienced instructors. A typical day includes a 45-minute session in each area: ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop, etc.

After lunch (included), there is an additional 45-minute session focusing on a different area or activity.

Creative arts projects and field trips round out our weeklong program while developing confidence and self-esteem!

For those not looking to join their camp this summer, they have classes year-round at The Stagecoach School of Performing Arts located at 9 Old Mill Road in Greenwich.

Susan Murray Irish Dancing Academy

Susan Murray Irish Dancing Academy is a premier dance school for all ages and levels.

They teach traditional and modern Irish dancing, as well as other types of folk and world dance.

With classes for children and adults, they have a class that will suit your needs.

They offer private lessons, group classes, and workshops to help you learn the basics or refine your skills. You can even take one of their intensive workshops to learn more advanced moves!

Deborah Day Theatre School Trust

They teach children and adults contemporary, lyrical, ballet, and tap dance as well as musical theatre.

A professional ensemble of teachers provides a wide range of classes to suit your needs.

Whether you want to learn just for fun or to pursue a career in the performing arts, we can give you the skills and confidence to achieve your goals.

Their studios are fully equipped with mirrors, barres, and sound systems which provide a supportive environment for all levels of dancers. There is always room to grow at Deborah Day Theatre School Trust.

Adore Dance London

Adore Dance London is a fun, friendly dance studio located in South East London.

They offer affordable and accessible dance classes for all ages and abilities.

The classes are designed to get you on your feet, dancing, moving, and enjoying your life while meeting new people and feeling good.

Dance is an excellent way to socialize, make friends and meet people of different ages and backgrounds.

Classes are open to children aged 3 years upwards as well as adults of any age or ability so everyone can join the party at Adore Dance London.

The Pauline Quirke Academy of Performing Arts Greenwich

The Pauline Quirke Academy of Performing Arts is a performing arts school for children aged 3-19yrs old and is one of the most prestigious art schools in the United States.

The academy was founded by award-winning actor, director, producer, and choreographer Pauline Quirke who has been teaching acting and dance since 1978.

Students are taught to love every aspect of theatre, from singing and dancing to performing on stage.

They teach an eclectic range of classes such as ballet, tap, jazz, and contemporary dance.

They have their own theater which they use for performances with productions including West Side Story.

There is an opportunity to take courses at this academy outside the U.S. if you happen to be traveling there soon – whether it’s London or Paris!


If you want to get moving and have some fun while doing so, check out the top 23 dance classes that are offered in Greenwich.

Whether you’re looking for something to supplement your workout routine or just want a new hobby, these dance classes in Greenwich are great place to start with.

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