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10 Top Dance Classes in Indianapolis to Get Started

Dance has a lot of benefits. If it’s not to have fun, it is to entertain or keep fit. Dancing for me is a way of relaxing and just having fun but the only thing lacking is I am a terrible dancer.

In order for me to enjoy the art of dancing, I had to find a way to get better so I could practice those sexy and amazing moves I see on the v and that’s where dance classes came in for me.

You see, regardless of whether you are good at dance or not, you need dance classes to keep you on your toes and make you better.

Asides from that, sharing the moments while dancing with people you call friends or family gives an amazing feeling and that’s what dance classes offer.

Either way, if you are looking to brush up your dance skills and you stay in Indianapolis then you should check out the list of institutions offering dance classes in Indianapolis below.

Institutions Offering Dance classes in Indianapolis 

DanceWorks Indy

This is strictly for the adults in the house. Being an adult is quite a lot of work and sometimes we need to relax and unwind.

Dance has proven to be one of the ways in which we can unwind and what makes it even more interesting is dancing with your people DanceWork has created just the right platform for this.

With their amazing dance classes in Indianapolis, you are sure to have the time of your life. 

Their dance classes are in different styles such as Ballet, Tap, Contemporary and Modern, Jazz, Hip Hop, Heels and my favorite, Twerk dance. Visit their website here to sign up for their classes or contact (317) 603 – 4986 for more inquiries.

Address: 537 Ohio St. Suite 100 Indianapolis, IN 46204 

The Dance Refinery

Known as Indianapolis’s premier dance school having been in the game for over 46 years, The Dance Refinery has provided a platform for their students to explore their passions with experienced professional instructors who equip them with the opportunity to practice their artistic passion in dance.  

The Dance Refinery prides itself in a large number of courses they have and its state of the art facilities. For more information about this school, visit here or call 317-881-1905.

Address: 8335 Shelby St. Indianapolis, IN, 46227

Indianapolis Movement Arts 

This is a non-profits arts organization whose aim is to support and connect the Indianapolis community through the dance movement.

The Indianapolis Movement Arts believe everyone can dance and are therefore committed to creating a safe space for the Indianapolis community.

They offer weekly dance classes for adults of all levels and skill interests. 

If you’d love to be a part of this amazing movement, visit their website here or pay them a visit a 4011 N. Pennsylvania street in Basile Opera Center.

Five-star dance studios

If you are looking for a place to polish your ballroom dancing skills then you should check this out.

For over 45 years, Five stars dance studio has been committed to providing the best ballroom dancing education that Indianapolis has to offer.

Experienced and certified instructors who work closely with each student to help them develop their pole dancing skills.

It doesn’t matter if you are married, preparing for a wedding, or single, Five Stars dance studio brags to be the best ballroom dance class for you

Click here to learn more about this dance studio.

Starlight ballroom

Another amazing place to polish your ballroom dance skills would be Starlight ballroom. Fondly called the home of Indianapolis Ballroom Dance lessons, starlight ballroom dance school is dedicated to teaching ballroom dance lessons, competitive ballroom dancing, wedding dance lessons, and salsa dancing.

With over 60 years of experience, you are guaranteed to get the best quality instruction in Indianapolis. Their ballroom dance lessons are designed to fit every student’s needs and level.

For more inquiries, click here

Address: 5720 Guion RD Indianapolis, IN 46254 

Scott Dance Studio 

With a beautiful facility that offers a friendly, comfortable atmosphere, located in the Broad Ripple area of Indianapolis the Scott Dance Studio.

They have been in the industry for over 40 years teaching individuals like you the art of dancing. They offer classes to adults of both beginner level to advanced levels.

Their dance classes are on styles like Bolero, Cha cha, Foxtrot, Jive, Mambo, Merengue, Night club slow dance, Paso Doble, Salsa, Swing, Tango, and lots more.

Their teaching methods consist of two main lesson paths which includes the Comprehensive approach in which the students follows the syllabus of the dance studio and then the Custom approach in which the student picks a specific dance that they desire to learn.

For more information, click here.

Address: 6162 Hillside Avenue Indianapolis, IN 46220

We have come to the end of this list and I’d suggest you get your dance outfits and head out to one of the studios above, meeting your new dance family and having the time of your life while getting fit.

Pole dance classes in Indianapolis

Pole dancing is one form of dance that causes excitement to run through my veins.

It involves moving your body in different ways around a pole. The amazing thing is that it’s not just for fun but it has numerous health benefits and it also helps you bring out your inner sexiness.

Pole dancing is not limited to women or adults only as it can be practiced by both males and females/adults and young people.

The number of pole dance classes in Indianapolis is readily increasing and so are your options. From beginner pole dance classes to private parties. 

We have compiled a list if you are in Indianapolis and you are in search of a place to test out your pole dance skills or even to try out pole dancing for the first time

In Indianapolis, you are sure to find great studios with amazing professional instructors who will push you to become the best dancer you can be while having fun at the same time.

Let’s get right into it. 


Get all your fitness goals ready and find your way to DID Fit as that’s where your fitness goals become a reality.

This pole fitness class in Indianapolis boasts the facilities to turn your pole dance goals into a reality.

With different classes to pick from and amazing instructors, you’re bound to get the right fit for you. Doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or you are at the advanced level.

Whatever your goal is, DID Fit would help you achieve it. 

Reviews on DID Fit have been amazing as all the students have attested to their hospitality and quality teachings.

There are different membership packages for DID Fit which are; 

  • New student package( 4 lessons plus 1 for you or a friend) – $79

  • Bronze membership ( 10 classes) – $125/ per month/ 3 months

  • Silver membership ( 15 classes) – $ 185/ per month/ 3 months

  • Gold membership ( unlimited classes) – $ 225/ per month/ 3 months

They also offer private lessons at $40 for old students and $50 for new students

Click here to Get started

Address: 5545v West Raymond St. Ste. F Indianapolis, Indiana 46241

Chrome Fitness

Fall in love with pole fitness by attending the amazing pole dance classes held by Chrome fitness in Indianapolis.

Not only would you be taught the art of pole dance, but you’d also be able to master the skill, sensuality, and power that comes with it. 

They have a special program designed for beginners so you can learn the basics and know how to handle yourself on the pole. That is not even all, they also have 6 special programs depending on your skills. 

Chrome fitness doesn’t only seek to see you grow in your dance skill, they are also concerned about your personal well-being and have organized classes to help you improve in that aspect. That’s quite a bonus! 

Reviewers have said that this is probably the best place to upgrade your skill level and get a confidence boost while being part of a community that loves to see you grow. 

The cost of their classes are as follows;

  • 4 classes per month – $110

  • 8 classes per month – $150

  • 12 classes per month – $180

  • 16 classes per month – $ 200 

If you are interested in learning more about Chrome Fitness, click here.

Ambition Group Fitness

If you are going for a touch of the exotic art of dancing then Ambition group fitness is the right place to go.

With exotic classes ranging from twerk dance classes to pole dance classes right in the heart of Indianapolis, Ambition Group Fitness is bound to give you a thrilling dance experience. 

Their program includes basic beginner movements for beginners who want to enjoy pole workout without the need to dance.

Asides from this, they have a special conditioning class where you can learn all the activities needed off and on a pole, so your body can give its all when it’s time for dance.

Lastly, you also have the dance classes where all the skills you have would be combined to test you. I always love a good challenge, Don’t you?

The good news about this is it’s quite affordable to be a member of this group. 

Take a look at the cost of the classes below;

  • Pole Trix1 – $12

  • Pole Trix 2 – $12

  • Pole conditioning – $12

  • Pole Dance – $ 15

They also have a bonus offer where you can bring along your best friend for just $8 more!

Head on to their website here or visit them at 2920 E. Washington Street Indianapolis, IN 46201 for further inquiries. 

Nexxus Movement

Nexxus Movement is an inclusive pole fitness community-based in Indianapolis. Nexxus is all about showing up for yourself and your center.

They have pole dance classes for all levels ranging from beginners to advanced. There’s a lot to say about this community but I don’t think I’d do justice to it so I feel you should check it out yourself. 

United Pole Arts

The priority of the United Pole arts dance classes in Indianapolis is to get you in shape so your weight doesn’t crush you when you get on the pole.

That is why their first program focuses on endurance and strengthening your muscles as well as working on your motor skills and flexibility. 

Reviewers have been gushing over the attention gotten from the staff there and talk about how the staffs enthusiasm makes them eager to learn more.

The cost of their classes are as follow;

  • Registration fee -$35

  • Pole Basics – $75

  • Pole Intermediate – $95

  • Private Pole Party – $280 

For more information, visit their website here.

Address: 2759 W Morthland Dr, Valparaiso, IN 46385, Estados Unidos

Wild Orchid

All that you desire in a beginner pole dance class can be found at Wild Orchid. They have a series called Pole Dance 101, where they go deep into the fundamentals of pole dancing.

Reviewers say that they have top notch staff that is there to hold your hand in every step of your pole dance journey.

Many have also reported that the welcoming environment there helped them to overcome their insecurities.

Below is the cost of the pole dance classes at Wild Orchid;

  • Pole Dance 101 series – $79

  • 1-hour private classes – $60

  • Open Studio – $12

  • Aerial 6 months membership – $144  per month

For more information on Wild Orchid, click here.

Address: 418 S College Ave, Bloomington, IN 47403, Estados Unidos

Well, there you have it, pole dance classes in Indianapolis, Indiana!

Now get your pole fitness outfit together and head out to your new pole fitness class to meet your new family and get that body working!

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