15 Top Dance Classes in Jacksonville Florida

Dance uses a variety of stretching techniques to promote a range of motion, flexibility, and muscle suppleness.

Pole dancing, yoga, and other common functional activities can all be improved by engaging in safe and effective dynamic, active, passive, and static stretching techniques, among others.

The advantages of dancing are unparalleled. There are dance classes in Jacksonville Florida here for you if you want to make new friends, acquire more self-confidence, rekindle your relationship with your significant other, or feel a feeling of accomplishment with dance.

The List of Dance Classes in Jacksonville Florida

Here’s a list of dance classes in Jacksonville, Florida: 

1. Bittersweet Studios

The first co-ed alternative aerial arts fitness studio in Jacksonville, Bittersweet Studios welcomes patrons of all shapes and sizes.

Strength training, aerobics, dance, and special education in aerial arts are among the fitness alternatives they provide.

They provide pole fitness, aerial silks, aerial hammock yoga, Lyra/hoop, trapeze, flexibility, acrobatics, and bungee fitness as part of our aerial arts programs.

Every year, they conduct a number of specialized seminars with experts in the field, as well as a winter/summer camp for our budding aerialists.

The only aerial arts performance and entertainment company in Jacksonville, BSweet Entertainment, is also based in Bittersweet.

The studio has more than 4200 square feet of area for training on poles, aerial silks, aerial Lyra, hoop, yoga, bungee, and trapeze, as well as acro and dance. They can provide a special encounter with intimacy for personal fitness needs.

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2. Studio Exotic

Pole fitness, sensual pole, silks, Lyra, yoga, fitness, pilates, stretching, personal training, private courses, specialty seminars, parties, open house performances, and more are all available at Studio Exotic, one of the dance classes in Jacksonville, Florida.

The instructors are passionate dancers whose main goal is to use the art and passion of dancing and fitness to help you better your body and mind.

You’ll undergo a physical alteration in addition to a cerebral awakening. You’ll be able to develop self-confidence and trust.

The owner of Lala wants to improve the unfavorable reputation that pole dancing has in the neighborhood and promote the business.

Lala is demonstrating to the globe on a daily basis that Studio Exotic is a pleasant, upbeat stage to develop on.

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3. Alt Fit Jax

They support leading an enjoyable, exciting, grateful, and judgment-free life. At ALT FIT JAX, one of the dance classes in Jacksonville, Florida, these emotions shape the culture and inform the fundamental principles and methods.

The main goal is to assist clients in changing how they view exercise and pushing themselves to new heights.

In order to assist all of their clients in achieving better bodies and minds, they provide a variety of services, programs, and workshops.

The classes they offer range in difficulty from basic to intermediate levels. Additionally, they provide a variety of exotic dance styles, including belly dancing, heel dancing, yoga, etc.

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4. DivaDance® Jacksonville

A little about who they are: Although DivaDance, one of the dance classes in Jacksonville, Florida only recently started franchising, they have long been dedicated to fostering community and boosting self-esteem.

DivaDance is steadfastly committed to providing all adults with a safe environment, empowerment, and inclusiveness.

Due to the fact that they provide many styles of choreography in their lessons, events, and programs, they also happen to enjoy themselves a lot.

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The adult dance courses at DivaDance were designed to boost your self-assurance and enable you to slay your cardio (while having fun!) Sweaty, relaxing, and sexy!

You’ll learn new dance moves to your favorite pop songs, both modern and vintage!

They also have some pretty amazing parties, so it’s not only classes. Your squad will adore DivaDance®, whether it’s for a birthday or bachelorette party.

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5. The Dance Shack

Think about taking someone you’ve never met (or being taken) out onto the floor and rocking their world!

That ought to be possible for everyone! And since they specialize in educating those who have never danced before, they are the ideal dance studio to show you how!

Dancing is good for anything, whether it’s parties, clubs, beach festivals, cruises, weddings, or even just listening to music at home.

This is real dancing that you can do to any music, anywhere, at any time. Forget Dancing with the Stars. For a Latin night, salsa. Swing for a local pub.

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6. Bravo School of Dance

Bravo, one of the dance classes in Jacksonville, Florida was founded in 2006 with the intention of providing high-quality dance instruction in a fun learning environment where students may express their love of dance and develop their abilities to the fullest.

The dedicated staff at Bravo encourages students to feel a genuine sense of self-worth while teaching the dance discipline.

They all share a positive outlook and a passion for dance and creative expression.

Three dance studios and a spacious open lobby with always-open viewing windows are available at Bravo’s location.

From age 3 to adult, they have classes for students of all skill levels. Bravo provides a wide range of classes, taught by highly skilled and highly-qualified instructors, for everyone from leisure dancers just starting out to seasoned competitors.

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7. Dynamics Dance Inc.

In 1984, Dynamics Dance Inc. one of the dance classes in Jacksonville, Florida was established. For dancers of all ages, the staff works hard to provide a safe and pleasant learning environment.

They put a lot of effort into helping young dancers improve their talent, technique, composure, stage presence, and general confidence.

Numerous dancers from DDI have gone on to pursue professional careers in dance and received scholarships as a result of their dancing.

Every dancer can find a home at Dynamics Dance Inc., where programs start at the preschool level and run all the way up to Pre-Professional levels.

Visit here for additional details.

8. Fred Astaire Dance Studio Jacksonville

Considered to be the most skilled dancer of all time, Fred Astaire intended to open a chain of studios under his name to guarantee that his methods would be preserved and disseminated to the public.

The selection of dance education methods and curricula was greatly influenced by Astaire.

Fred Astaire took his extraordinary talent from the glitz of Hollywood and onto the dance floors of the United States and the rest of the globe with the launch of the first Fred Astaire Studio on Park Avenue in New York City.

When people consider a dancing legend, Fred Astaire is the first to spring to mind because of his profound influence on the world.

They take tremendous pride in the rich dancing history that dates back to 1947 when the dance master himself,  Fred Astaire, co-founded the company.

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9. Indulgence Dance Studio

At Indulgence, one of the dance classes in Jacksonville, Florida, members move in a unique way. They welcome all levels of dancing in the following genres: Hip Hop, Lyrical, Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Majorette and much more.

They are devoted to providing Jacksonville, Florida, with high-quality, reasonably priced dance instruction. The Jacksonville region is home to a large number of dance studios. But they make sure that my dancers are trained in perfect form. Most significantly, learning is enjoyable. Join today to experience the Indulgence lifestyle!

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10. Studio 360 Pole Fitness, dance and gym

At Studio 360, one of the numerous dance classes in Jacksonville, Florida, there’s a fun way to build your self-confidence, bring out your sexual side, and get in shape.

These Training Classes are for you if you’re ready to tackle total-body exercise in a group fitness setting but want a more social, fitness-focused experience that includes elements of pole fitness and dancing.

Using an innovative combination of HIIT training, strength and conditioning, and bodyweight exercises, they are proud to train women of all ages, shapes, and sizes.

They’ll have you perspiring and obtaining Jacksonville’s best workout in no time.

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11. Iron X Fitness (Pole)

When you enter through the doors, they have engaging classes of all kinds to meet your needs.

You can discover lessons on our program that include anything from fitness to twerk to sensuous dance.

They take pride in providing a wide range of programs, including Flexh workshops like Iron Handstands or Stretch and Flex.

As of 2020, Iron X has expanded into further aeLyra disciplines, such as aerial yoga and Lyra.

Every lesson is planned with dedicated students in mind, with the goal of helping you achieve things you never believed were possible.

Iron X Fitness is housed in a freestanding building in the center of Sarasota. However, they are more than just a structure.

The 1,200 square foot room has been transformed into an aerial environment that serves as many people’s second home, retreat, and happy spot.

The lessons provide a lively, upbeat, friendly, and high energy atmosphere.

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12. The World of Dance & Talent LLC

They are overjoyed that you are thinking about enrolling your child in dancing lessons at The World of Dance & Talent LLC, one of the dance classes in Jacksonville, Florida. You are a part of the TWDT family once you apply.

They take teaching duties seriously at TWDT and are proud of their dedication to giving their students the greatest dancing education in Jacksonville.

The courses are expertly and carefully created for every age and level. The studio is run to maintain order and safety for all families and employees.

The students will be able to showcase all of their hard work at the yearly recital, and the audience will get a sense of what TWDT is all about.

The promise to you and the kids is to devote themselves to the future of today’s dancers in order to make a Positive Impact on them.

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13. Silver Dance Studio 

Come to Silver Dance Studio, one of the many dance classes in Jacksonville, Florida and you’ll be astonished at how quickly you master the steps to all the social dances, including Foxtrot, Tango, Waltz, and Salsa.

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It makes no difference how old you are or how skilled you are. Anyone can take pleasure in this great experience, regardless of age.

Discover what you have been missing by joining and getting started right away at Silver Dance Studio.

Father-Daughter dances, wedding dances, and occasion-specific choreography. The most significant dance of your life should not be missed.

Learn classic wedding dances like the Waltz and Viennese Waltz or something hotter like Salsa or Rock and Roll by coming to this class.

They have created over 100 wedding dance routines.

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14. Barbara Thompson School-Dance

The Barbara Thompson School of Dance, one of the dance classes in Jacksonville, Florida, has won accolades for over 50 years.

The Barbara Thompson School of Dance (BTSD) focuses on ballet, pointe, tap, jazz, lyrical, musical theatre, gymnastics, and hip-hop.

Paige and Amanda Thompson and Barbara Thompson are also co-directors.

The holistic approach to dance offered at BTSD focuses on health, self-esteem, and teamwork, regardless of whether a dancer is recreational or competitive.

This effective method of instruction helps dancers of all levels and has contributed to the studio’s long history of success.

For beginner and experienced dancers of all ages—including kids, teens, and adults—BTSD provides a wide variety of classes.

Many dancers who received college scholarships and went on to perform professionally were trained by BTSD.

Numerous dancers from the BTSD have gone on to pursue professional careers in a variety of settings, including television commercials, music videos, industrial shows, national and international dance companies, cruise line and theme park entertainment, Broadway musicals, and dance performances at the Grammys and the Oscars.

A number of dancers trained by BTSD are now performing on tour with performers like Madonna, Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, Nelly Furtado, and Cirque du Soleil.

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15. Absolute Dance Studio

The best place in Jacksonville to learn Latin and ballroom dances is Absolute Dance Studio, one of the dance classes in Jacksonville, Florida.

Come and experience the welcoming environment where you will receive the city’s most enjoyable and thrilling dancing classes from our highly qualified instructors.

They take giving dancing classes seriously because the club’s members are their top priority.

They follow the three-point teaching system and provide a wide variety of social dances.

They employ a variety of techniques to help you become the greatest dancer you can be in the shortest period of time, including practice parties, private lessons, and group sessions.

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Attending dance classes is a fabulous adventure full of enjoyment where the journey itself is just as enjoyable as the final destination.

With the help of the numerous dance classes in Jacksonville, Florida, stop watching life from the sidelines and get on the dance floor. Do you have suggestions about these dance classes in Jacksonville Florida? Please leave a comment below.

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