Dance Classes in Kansas City

15 Top Dance Classes in Kansas City to Take

Participating in physical activities that involve dancing transforms you whether you’re an adult or a child.

Moving your body to the beat of the music can change your life, resulting in improved emotional, social, and physical health.

The List of Dance Classes in Kansas City

Here’s a list of some dance classes in Kansas City that can bring about transformation in  your life:

1. Pole Worx 

Pole Worx, one of the dance classes in Kansas City began in a modest studio more than 16 years ago and has expanded along with the pole training industry.

We are the original pole fitness and dance studio in the area, located in Kansas City, Missouri. Pole dancing is now a global sport.

Every one of their classes is a fantastic way to exercise without even realizing it. Numerous students consider the studio to be their home.

They create a sense of community so that the pupils enjoy attending class. They wouldn’t want to miss seeing one of their friends master a brand-new move!

Let others help you on your way to graceful lines, steel-like abs, inversions, and flexibility.

All of the lecturers are committed professionals who are enthusiastic about advancing their studio into a habitat where you can achieve your goals.

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2. Dance Fit Flow

A community as incredibly uplifting as Dance Fit Flow, one of the many dance classes in Kansas City. You are welcome here no matter your background or degree of experience.

All the while giving you high fives and hugs, their amiable instructors will encourage and support you.

The first dance studio of its kind exclusively for adults is called Dance Fit Flow.

Every lesson, from ballet and tap to hip-hop and tap, is made to help you feel strong, confident, and powerful. Women run and operate Dance Fit Flow in your community!

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3. The Stiletto Gym

The Stiletto Gym, one of the dance classes in Kansas City is a top-notch fitness and wellness shop that was specially created to motivate the lady in you to get in shape and feel amazing.

They provide a wide choice of feminine, yet very effective fitness programs and parties to make working out joyful and exciting.

The Stiletto Gym guarantees to provide you with the most “Exertaining” Experience possible! Through our fitness programs and “Celebrate Sexy” parties, they specialize in giving you a place where you may feel like the “Vixen” you’ve always wanted to be.

They have you covered whether you are celebrating a bachelorette party, a birthday girl, or just need to cheer up a buddy (or yourself) or get “back on the market.”

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4. Empire Dance Academy

Their primary goals are to inspire others and encourage their creativity. They provide the best drop-in lessons in hip-hop, contemporary, jazz, jazz funk, musical theatre, ballet, heels, and more, as well as the best mentorship/training programs in the city.

They have developed into Kansas City’s most sought-after dance studio and the industry leader in dance instruction by putting together the most famous choreographers and instructors in the region under one roof.

They are home to E2 Dance Company, The Empire Young Artists Program, That’s Entertainment KC, The Empire Experience, and more, in addition to providing weekly dance lessons and presenting workshops with guest artists from LA, NY, and other countries.

Their enduring commitment to the Kansas City arts community, cutting-edge dance facility, and location in the heart of the city. 

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5. The Pulse Performing Arts Center

Ages 3 to 18 can take dance lessons in the ImPulse, Show Team, and Competition programs at the Pulse Performing Arts Center, one of the dance classes in Kansas City.

Parents and dancers pick The Pulse because of their instructors, programs, and customer support, and these factors have helped us win the KMBC-TV A-List Awards’ title of Best Dance Studio in Kansas City!

These instructors are each compassionate mentors with their dance degrees and professional performing experience.

Every single one of their instructors works with dancers in one of the three programs (ImPulse, Show Team, and Competition) and infuses the classroom with the enthusiasm and energy that the parents adore.

Dance vocabulary, dance technique, and numerous dance combinations are taught to students of all ages and skill levels.

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6. Tippi Toes Kansas City

In a happy, upbeat, and caring environment, Tippi Toes Dance Company, one of the dance classes in Kansas City gladly offers dance courses to kids and toddlers so they can enjoy movement, self-expression, and dance.

Dance classes are specially made to help kids build their motor skills and body awareness while also boosting their self-esteem.

The social and developmental progress of students who take Tippi Toes Dance Company® dance classes is remarkably impacted.

The dance lessons inspire and foster imagination, critical thinking, and the development of both cognitive and creative talents thanks to their original music and choreography.

Their original song has also appeared in the top twenty of the Billboard Kids Chart.

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7. The Break Center

The Break Center is a real breakdance school that supports today’s young, enthusiastic, creative, and expressive youngsters.

Your child can express their creativity and gain confidence via breakdancing. They provide knowledge of expressiveness, balance, rhythm, timing, and how to obey commands.

They teach the fundamentals of top rocking—upright dancing, down rocking or footwork, dancing on the ground, and freezing, which is performed at the conclusion of a set or sporadically throughout a routine to impart more individual creativity and style.

They teach these skills to everyone from toddlers to adults. They’ll focus on advanced footwork, style, and repertoire for breakdancers with skill.

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8. City In Motion School of Dance

Established in 1985, City in Motion Dance Theater, one of the dance classes in Kansas City has maintained a consistent presence in the Kansas City dance scene.

A Modern Night at the Folly, the group’s annual spring concert, and Dance in the Park are the three major concerts the organization puts on each year. The troupe performs at more dance events throughout the year.

No matter your fitness level or age, City in Motion has accessible dance for you!

They continue doing dance outreach while the School looks for a permanent home! Let them introduce your neighborhood, institution, or group to some of Kansas City’s top teachers!

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9. Ibsen Dance Theatre

Susie & Van Ibsen started the Ibsen Dance Theatre, one of the dance classes in Kansas City in 1983.

The best dance, theater, and voice instruction in Northland are provided by IDT. a friendly environment for kids of all ages.

Instead of student helpers, all classes are taught by instructors with backgrounds in respective fields and relevant professional experience.

Ibsen Dance Theatre works hard to provide top-notch instruction in all forms of performing arts. While maintaining the studio’s affordability, accessibility, and organization, they take delight in their recitals and other performances.

They are confident that you will find the program, setting, faculty, class size, and price to be unmatched.

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10. Lorna’s Studio of Dance

Starting at the age of 2, they offer instruction in tap, ballet, lyrical, tumbling, jazz, and hip-hop.

There is no maximum age. All classes are instructed by qualified, experienced adults.

For performances, costumes are always age- and style-appropriate and modest. The music is always of high quality.

The studio offers intimate classes with individualized coaching that is tailored to each student’s needs. Instruction is based on each student’s progress individually.

Before fully grasping the details of basic techniques, he or she is never advanced.

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11. Ice Studios School of Dance

An emphasis is placed on leading a healthy lifestyle via exercise and an appropriate diet at this nonprofit dancing studio- Ice Studios School of Dance, one of the numerous dance classes in Kansas City, which provides professional dance classes to students of various ages and physical abilities.

Isha Williams, best known by her stage name “Ice,” inspired it in 2008 with her commercial success and artistic abilities.

Dance showcases and parent participation in the urban core, where Ice served as the program supervisor and choreographer for numerous school and community programs (KCMSD/Afterschool), inspired her to open a dance studio.

Their objective is to offer a creative environment that combines dance, theater, and physical fitness with themes, music, and a curriculum that are inspiring.

They work to mold young people’s bodies and brains to lead happy, healthy lifestyles.

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12. Ovation Dance Academy

ODA is conveniently situated in Mission, Kansas, a wonderful town. They have a huge selection of dancing lessons for people of all ages and skill levels.

Because they think every performer deserves a standing ovation, the class was given the name Ovation!

Their instructors care about fostering an atmosphere where performers are free to learn, develop, and explore!

At Ovation Dance Academy, they work hard to give every student the resources they need to be successful. Each child has a different learning style and capability, which they recognize and acknowledge.

Instead of setting goals for the entire class, they are tailored to each child.

They want every child to leave with a sense of assurance that they were able to achieve their best and accomplish their particular goals.

Miss Alex has spent her entire life pursuing her ambition of opening Ovation Dance Academy, and she delights in imparting her skills and enthusiasm to every one of her pupils.

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13. Luzicka Ballet

The Luzicka Ballet, one of the many dance classes in Kansas City which was established in 2012 by Hannah and Luke Luzicka, focuses on teaching classical ballet.

The Luzicka School of Ballet is owned and run by Hannah and Luke Luzicka.

They established Luzicka Ballet to impart their expertise to a newer generation of dancers after spending their entire lives engaged in classical ballet.

“The best way to understand the capabilities of your body is to practice classical ballet. There is no end to what you may accomplish if you have a strong foundation in classical dance.”

They strive to give their students the best classical ballet education possible while also instilling in them the qualities of strength, flexibility, artistry, and self control.

They are building on the Vaganova Syllabus, a Russian style of ballet technique.

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14. Walters Dance Center

With over 40 years of experience, Walters, one of the dance classes in Kansas City offers both group and private dance instruction in ballroom, latin, swing, country, salsa, tango, and wedding dancing.

In addition to being the home of several National Dance Champions, they have taught social dancing to tens of thousands of individuals.

You’ve come to the perfect location if you want to learn how to dance. You won’t ever feel under any pressure to make a purchase because of the fantastic laid-back culture and lack of contracts or programs. 

Look into their group classes if your objective is to learn to socially dance.

Partners are not necessary in class because they alternate! Then you may put your new knowledge to use at their weekly Saturday night dance, which always draws a large crowd.

The best dancing floor in town is here. Private sessions are the best option if you want to learn more quickly.

They have one of the best groups of dance instructors in the area, with many of them having competed at the national level in the past or present. (Since each of the instructors is self-employed, their rates differ.)

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15. LE Dance Company

The goal is to teach dance to students so they become versatile, technically adept, and develop a passion for performing.

Although the core of dance training is good instruction, LE Dance Company, one of the dance classes in Kansas City,  offer “more than just teaching dance.”

Only a few of the character traits that can be developed via the study of dance include positive self-esteem, discipline that translates to life skills, and respect for oneself and others.

Students interested in learning dance moves and cultivating a passion for dance should enroll in one of the recreational dance classes.

Your child will be engaged by exceptional teachers while learning in a secure and enjoyable setting.

For dancers of all ages, they provide a wide range of levels and genres.

For pupils that are interested in dancing competitively, there is LE Dance Company.

The only way to get a spot on the company team is to audition. The size of the group will depend on how many students audition and their ages.

The final deciding criteria for placement in any organization is a student’s ability level.

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Dance is exercise, therefore it has similar physical advantages to other cardio activities. The dance classes in Kansas City listed above can assist you in achieving these advantages.

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